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    Tree Hut Design

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Tree Hut Design has a consumer rating of 1.65 stars from 15 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Tree Hut Design ranks 190th among Watch sites.

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  • Honestly, I am so beyond disgusted in their customer service.
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“False Description of Watch”

Peggy K.

Purchased this watch as a Father's Day gift for my children to give their dad. No where on the company's site does it speak of the variation of the blue marble shades & grains. The watch I received is so cloudy it's almost difficult to see the bottom half of the watch & looks defective. Upon reaching out to Treehut, their response was to credit me $10 or send a pair of sunglasses which is not what I want. Basically told me too bad that's how the marble comes. Beware of this company! My watch on left

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1 review
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June 20th, 2020

Purchased this watch as a Father's Day gift for my children to give their dad. No where on the company's site does it speak of the variation of the blue marble shades & grains. The watch I received is so cloudy it's almost difficult to see the bottom half of the watch & looks defective.
Upon reaching out to Treehut, their response was to credit me $10 or send a pair of sunglasses which is not what I want. Basically told me too bad that's how the marble comes. Beware of this company! My watch on left

1 review
1 helpful vote
December 8th, 2020

Their web pages said 40% all store orders and when I tried to order two necklaces and sunglasses it was only for their watch's. After I called them on it they sent me a loyalty customer coupon for 20% off that still did not work on my items. When asked about that only watch's. So morale of article their advertised specials are complete fabrication of the actual truth.(false advertising)..

1 review
1 helpful vote
March 11th, 2021

Bought my husband a watch and I'm extremely disappointed. Watch is not as depicted on the website. When I called customer service they blamed the olive ash wood for not having pigmentation in the hour markings... hmm well on the website it clearly has the hour markings and the logo filled in with colour/stain. It's a nice watch otherwise but they failed in the most important part of the watch, the face! Offered $10 or I could send the watch back to them, have the markings filled in and then they send it back which I just don't trust them to do that fast enough. I'll have to spend the extra money now to have a local professional watch marker do it. Added photos for comparison.

Tip for consumers:
Research off site reviews, seems to be a lot of the same problems being reported and the reviews on the website don't seem genuine.

Products used:

1 review
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June 9th, 2021

Ordered a custom engraved box with the order, the box is nice but the engraving is squeezed in under the tree hut logo that is large, front and center. Disappointed with that. Watch face slightly cloudy looking otherwise it's not a bad watch so far

1 review
0 helpful votes
July 11th, 2020

Sent watch back to have links added. Still have not received it back after almost two months now! No such thing as honest business anymore! Please read reviews before ordering from Treehut!

1 review
0 helpful votes
August 10th, 2020

Ordered a watch as a gift, it has been late for a month and they are using Covid as an excuse. Even their carriers have said the shipment code does not exist. Support barely helps and will simply tell you "Keep waiting" after putting a "no delay guarantee" on their website.

1 review
0 helpful votes
April 23rd, 2021

They insisted I get an engraving when I didn't care about that and didn't let me know I couldn't return it then. Wasn't satisfied with how much I paid and the quality

1 review
0 helpful votes
June 29th, 2020

Purchased the north black ebony blue for a 20% discount through their "pay what you can" promo during COVID. Shipping took forever, similar to other customer's experiences. When it finally arrived I was pleasantly surprised with the appearance and uniqueness of the watch. I own several citizens and other watches in the $200-500 range, and while the overall appearance was cool, the quality and attention to detail just does not compare. Add to that a hairline internal crack in the acrylic crystal upon unboxing, and it is clear this watch will likely not stand the test of time (get it?). Another note is that I had to remove a few links, and unfortunately the watch was either just a little too loose or a little too tight. Not atypical of linked watches, but would be nice to have a fine adjustment in the clasp.

Ultimately I returned the watch, and actually included a repair request to see if they would repair the crystal and send it back. They never acknowledged the repair request, but did acknowledge receipt of the watch back on their end and said a full refund would be processed within 15-20 business days. In hindsight I actually decided a repair would not be worth it at this point anyways - would rather just get my money back. Anyways, that was over 25 business days ago and still no refund. Followed up again and customer service said I would be getting an email notification for the refund soon. We'll see...

Overall displeased with the quality and customer service. Don't get me wrong, some of their designs are pretty sleek, especially the higher priced options. But in the $200+ price range, you can definitely get something from a more reputable maker. Wooden watches are kind of a cheap novelty/fad anyways.

1 review
0 helpful votes
May 17th, 2021

So originally I bought a watch for my ex then returned it when we broke up and exchanged it for two other female watches and paid the difference. No problems, customer service was quick to respond. Today I got the watches and was a little disappointed with the quality. While I paid top dollar for the two watches the rose gold pink marble and the other one shown below, the metal holding them together is, let's be honest, pretty low quality metal. Maybe they just don't make watches like they used to? But this isn't real quality metal and just some thin plated aluminum, very easily bent. Also, while I appreciate the idea of wood products they are indeed used wood and therefore extremely light, and easily dried out and broken, you can never get it wet or wear it for extended periods. Unless you get a mostly metal band these watches are purely decorative because of the quality. One of the watches came with a glass cover and the other didn't have one which was disappointimg because I like to keep those on as long as possible. Also the pink marble one had intents in the wood straight of of the box. I'm not sure that's normal because of their process of making the wood but kinda also disappointing since I didn't put those dents there. The quality of the sparkle is probably not even cubic zirconia honestly it looks like even less quality than that as well as an aluminum played setting in the middle. For just over 200.00 for both it could have been a smarter purchase for me but I will try and not wear them too often so they don't break :(

Tip for consumers:
They are expensive but don't have the same quality as say a rolex

Products used:
I will decide to keep them if they have a warrenty on them.

1 review
1 helpful vote
May 15th, 2020

Placed order and couple of days later the track number says May 8th the label was made. 6 days later, they finally shipped it after I had told them via email I wanted to cancel the order.

A couple days prior, I contacted customer service via email. I explained to Cyndee (customer service rep), that the tracking number that was provided to me shows the label was created on the 8th of May and it has not been shipped. Cyndees' response was," Happy to assist. USPS doesn't have real-time tracking due to the current situation. Standard shipping takes 10 - 20 business days. Once your order reaches its destination city, you will receive a notification from the courier. Thank you for your patience.". That is clearly a lie. If an item/package has a barcode, it gets scanned and the information is updated into the system. I don't know how scanning a package during a pandemic affects a computer system. As I mentioned previously, I had responded in email to cancel my order on May 14th. Cyndee replied stating that the item has been sent out, and that it is too late.

To sum up things, a label was created for the item. Eventhough the label was made, the item will sit there fir several days before it is mailed out. Hence the delay or extended 10-14 day shipping window. Very misleading and dishonest. If you have an inquiry about shipping and you cannot get a straight answer, makes you wonder what else is misleading and will i have more difficulty with customer service.

1 review
1 helpful vote
October 1st, 2020

Honestly, I am so beyond disgusted in their customer service. I would never ever purchase from them again. Also, understand that they plant their reviews on their site. You have no way of leaving a review on their site so all the reviews you see are what they have put there. They blatantly lied to me. I was supposed to receive my watch for my husband between 8-12 business days. Well on Sept 21st I received notification that the package was pending b acceptance. By the end of the week, this status had not changed so I messaged saying the USPS stated this was an issue on their part. I asked what was going on. They told me USPS doesn't have real time tracking (1st lie). The day before I should be receiving my watch, the status still hadn't changed which was now Sept 29th. I messaged again, asking what was going on and that it is saying the package hasn't even been dropped off yet. They assured me it had been shipped (2nd lie). On the final day I was to receive my package, Sept 30th, the USPS tracker said that the package had been accepted and received at their location. Funny, they told me it had already been shipped and that USPS doesn't do real-time tracking. So I messaged again, telling them how disappointed I was in their service and how they flat out lied to me. They messaged me back blaming Covid for their lies. And USPS does have real-time tracking, because now that they finally sent my package, it's sending me updates in real-time of it actually moving. DO NOT ORDER here and expect your package within the timeframe they give you and do not expect quality customer service. Horrible company.

1 review
3 helpful votes
December 23rd, 2019

I placed an order of about NZ$200 for engraved gift box, watch and a spare strap. Even paid extra to get it shipped express with DHL.
The order was placed on 3rd Dec and by the 17th Dec the tracking number provided was still showing the package in San Francisco.
After email to customer care I received a response that the order was lost in shipping, and that a replacement would be sent out immediately. Two days later, after no response, I emailed again requesting status.
They send me another generic email stating that the order has been shipped, so when I check the tracking number it's the same tracking number as the first!
So I send another bunch of emails, which I get the same reply as the first time. Order was lost in shipping (great! Here we go again).
It is now the 24th and I still don't have the order and out of pocket $200.

Tip for consumers:

Products used:
Never received any products to use!

1 review
0 helpful votes
June 5th, 2020

I just received my order and while the watch itself is beautiful, I'm disappointed with the packaging.
First off, the gift box is ginormous. I was under the impression that it was fitted for 1 watch, but there is a weird extra slot for another, and the watch itself doesn't fit in the intended slot.
Upon opening the gift box, the watch was 1)not fastened to the small pillow 2) upside down (face down) and 3) there were cards that looked like they had been thrown inside.
Also, there is a tare in the pillow and the stuffing is falling out.
The watch looks horrendous in the box. I intended for this to be a gift for my fiancé on our wedding day, but I will not be giving it to him in this box. It's embarrassing and looks like something is missing. The watch doesn't even stay face up when in the box because it is so big. Imagine opening a gift from your bride on your wedding day and getting and upside down watch.


3 reviews
13 helpful votes
July 18th, 2019

Their customer service is TERRIBLE. I have been actively seeking a replacement band for my husband's watch that was given to him by our adult son. He loves that watch. It has been two months with two payments made to them thru PAYPAL - and they still can't get it right. They are all about this flowery peace love and understanding language - Yeah ok just send the freaking band!

18 reviews
9 helpful votes
December 27th, 2017

I went to this site and looked at several different watches. I was ordering for a friend who is allergic to all metal. I thought this would be the perfect gift. In the pictures I could see there were tiny screws in the back, but they were far enough in the wood they would not matter. I ordered a watch with an "all wood" band. When I received it I was very disappointed. The clasp of the watch was stainless steal. I emailed them and they told me I could have a refund if the watch could not be worn. Their response was prompt. I think it is false advertisement to say it is an "all wood" product when part of it is actually metal. I would not recommend them.

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The have a on line chat actually calling them was impossible to get anyone to answer the phone.

By Dawn D.
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