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1 review
3 helpful votes

I would not recommend this company at all. The idea that they are trying to sell is great, but they do not come through on their promise. Had several leads, but many of the leads either did not know who I was or why I was coming, or they never intended to sell. That is totally fine with me, but that is not what I signed up for or thought I was paying for.

Then to make matters worse when I finished my contract with the company I called them and notified them that I did not want to move forward or be contacted by them, they tried to get a commission from me on an appointment that I never went on and that I never met the seller. I ended up selling the property, but I represented the buyer. They sent me a letter demanding payment and stating that I was the listing agent when I was not. I sent them the documentation and they never responded after that. No apology or calls to follow up.

I would not recommend this company to anyone. It seems as though all they do is market to homeowners that have equity or have been in the property for a long time and send an agent over and the customer service is minimal.

Tip for consumers: When you sign up get an understanding of what a verified lead is from them.

1 review
3 helpful votes

They said they would lower the fee for me to $500 then charged me $750. Told me they do not offer refunds and kept apologizing. To this day I have not received one lead in my area. I was told when I called that they don't specify areas just a radius. Regardless I have gotten nothing viable. The One lead they gave me when I called said she did not want to seller her home and did not know why I was calling. They promised me leads and closings and took my money with no leads in return. Still waiting for my leads and it's been 16 months.

Tip for consumers: Save your money and do not give it to this company.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Please stay away from Setschedule ... they are clearly scammers ! They don't deliver what they promised. They claimed they have an office in Irvine I stopped at the office twice and they manager at the building told me they have an office but no one is there. Stay away from Setschedule and save your self headaches !

1 review
8 helpful votes
• Updated review

If SetSchedule has breached its contract with you, please file a complaint with the California Department of Real Estate, which holds the license for SetSchedule. Per the Attorney General's website: "If your complaint is not against a business that is regulated by another agency, then you may file a complaint with the Attorney General's Office." SetSchedule is regulated by the CA Department of Real Estate.

“STAY AWAY!!!!!”
• Previous review

I signed a 6-month contract with SetSchedule, which ended on August 21st. I was promised/contracted for 10 seller appointments and received 4. One was an 80+ year old lady whose nephew was her realtor and who had no idea why I showed up on her doorstep. Another was a 70+ year old who lived in an apartment and had nothing to sell.

I contacted the company to get a refund because they were in breach of contract. Left several messages and it took weeks for someone to get back to me. I finally spoke with a manager and was told that I would not get a refund because there was nothing in the contract that entitled me to a refund, even though they admitted that they only gave me 4 leads. I have filed complaints with the BBB and the Attorney General of California in an effort to get my money back, to no avail. I also reached out to the Inman author, who has also received several complaints.

A legitimate, customer-driven company will do everything it can to resolve issues and make sure its customers are happy. Not SetSchedule. They took $1,850 and provided nothing in return. Don't waste your money. If you've had a bad experience with this company, please file a complaint with the Califonia Department of Real Estate, the Federal Trade Commission, and the CA AG's office.

If you have had a similar experience, please contact me.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I'm a Real Estate Agent who paid SetSchedule up front in exchange for viable leads in which they would also take 30% of my Brokerage's commission on the back end. All the "leads" were Senior Citizens who said that they did not make the appointment except one who called (last paragraph).
SetSchedule advises agents to show up for the appointment and not to call, first (so the prospect can't easily cancel). The first time it happened I knocked at the door (a $1,000,000 property) and nobody answered. I waited for 20 minutes at which time an elderly woman opened the door. She said she had a doctor's appointment in 15 minutes and did not make this appointment. She did say she was going to move to a facility at some point but not now (did they get this list somehow?). We spoke for a few minutes. She liked me and then I left without showing her a presentation. Add the prep time, wait time and drive time and I'm in about 3 hours (and extremely disappointed after all the excitement about a $1M listing).
I thought this was a possible misunderstanding or that she didn't recall but then I got the second appointment for 2pm on a Saturday which is really bad as I had to change other plans to accommodate the time. I showed up and the man, also elderly, says that he did not make an appointment with anyone to see how much his home is worth. He's not interested. Once again I went home, time wasted, crushed as I'm trying to work.
I immediately sent an email to the rep who never responded. Then I get an email asking how my appointment went and I repeated my email. At this time my assessment is that they're calling on homes that were purchased 25+ years ago and owned by the same person. I started calling the folks instead of going after the first few. They told me they were called. It's apparent that they hire cold callers who are bonused or paid per appt made. One prospect who I called first was told that I was a buyer coming over. He said that he had no intention of selling but was curious at how much the offer would be.
I complained and I was told "we don't give refunds".

I went on one more: I arrived (another High $ property) at 11AM. The man is sitting in his car in the driveway waiting. He leads me through the back door and begins to tour me. While doing that, he says that his wife is asleep so I can't show that room. It was dark and quiet and I was uncomfortable. As I follow him up to the living room from the basement I can hear someone yelling. It's his wife and boy is she pissed. She screeches at me to get out so I grab my briefcase and head out the back door. This guy follows me to my car and blocks my car door, asking me if I would give him a CMA showing a lower property value since they are divorcing and he wants to keep the house.

This is a stinking, lying, thieving, unsafe company who just wants to get their hands on your wallet and doesn't care if you get chopped up in the process. Do not give SetSchedule your credit card #!

1 review
9 helpful votes

Rarely do I write reviews and it's even more seldom that I write bad reviews but this deserves 5 minutes of my time to save my fellow Realtors a few hundred/ thousand bucks. This company is a total SCAM.

They are crooks, frauds, and liars....and here is how you will be sold. A sales agent will call you and ask if you would be willing to pay a referral fee of 25% if you were given six quality listing appointments. Most agents would agree saying that's not a bad deal. Now would it you had to pay anywhere between 100-300 per listing appointment? Now you may be thinking, well I guess the commission will pay for the fee...WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. The deception is that these listing appointments are quality sellers and that couldn't be further from the truth.

The first "listing appointment" I accepted seemed to be promising. The house was valued at $600,000 so I accepted it and gave the owner a call to confirm our 2:30 appointment. The woman on the phone was extremely confused and said no one ever called her about her house and there was no appointment to speak of. I pushed my way in and said "let's just meet up so I can explain why I'm calling." When we met, the woman was slightly freaked out and extremely confused as to the nurture of the visit." I asked if she had thought of selling her home in the next six months, and she told me she planned to NEVER SELL. So after wasting about an hour of my time I left and contacted Set Schedule. Their amazing response rate suddenly went dead. I left emails and voicemails stating I wanted a refund and no one called back.

I figured I would give them the benefit of the doubt and accepted another "listing appointment" shortly thereafter. When I finally contacted the owner they had a suspiciously similar response to my call. What is this? Why are you calling? NO I don't want to sell my home.. etc Fortunately I screened this one over the phone but I would have been better off just dialing some random number in the phone book.

I contacted set schedule again and NOTHING. Finally, I was contacted by a customer service representative named Nathlie who initially got me started with the program. She said she would process my complaint but nothing happenedfor 5 months. Then out of the blue another agent from set schedule called to follow up with my complaint. He said Nathlie didn't work there, I explained the situation and they set another appointment to talk further about it. A woman called back (that sounded exactly like Nathlie) and said she couldn't refund me and that in the fine print it states these are only opportunities not leads even though I was promised over the phone quality listing appointments.

I was then deferred to another manager who was supposed to call me back at 1:00. NOTHING no phone call no follow up nothing.

A few days later I receive this automated response from the owner of the company saying my refund was declined saying, "A good rule of thumb, when taking on an opportunity, is to spend 2-3 months working and follow up on any referral. By spending more time, cultivating the relationship, I'm sure you'll realize, there's more to the process than a single call attempt to close." WHY would I spend months working a lead if they flat out told me they never want to sell??????

Just don't do it, your life will be better and you will save yourself time, money and a huge headache. These people are professional scam artists don't give them a dime.

2 reviews
13 helpful votes
• Updated review

Here is the information to go after SetSchedule:

I spoke with the attorney generals office. The more complaints will give us traction to have them look into this company. Also, you must file in CA even if you are out of state since SetSchedule is located in CA.

• Previous review

I signed up with SetSchedule on January 19, 2018 and purchased their "gold" membership which is supposed to provide me with 8 listing appointments within six months. After three months of calling and emailing SetSchedue to check in as to when I would have appointments scheduled for me, I finally got an appointment that SetSchedule made.
When I called to confirm the appointment, the elderly lady said she was not considering selling her house and was very upset and told me she planned on dying in her home.
I emailed SetSchedule that this was not a viable lead. They NEVER responded to my inquiries about why this elderly women was scheduled to meet me when it was clear she did not set this appointment.

SetSchedule did not meet their contract obligations with me. I signed a contract to be provided a service which did not happen. Each time I called, I was greeted by their call center which is located out of the country. They would listen to my concerns and tell me that it has been escalated and that someone would get back to me.
There is an updated article from Inman News written April 2018 about SetSchedule. I emailed the writer about my experience. He responded back that he receives at least 2 emails a week. I spoke with several other real estate agents that had the same thing happen to them who posted on Yelp.
Thinking of signing up? PLEASE call me or the other agents on this forum who can tell you our experiences. SetSchedule is not a legitimate service and they will take your money and disappear. I am a Realtor in San Jose CA.

3 reviews
13 helpful votes

I downloaded its app from our company email. Once I installed the app, I receive tons of notification of leads reminder per day. I paid for 6 leads. All fake leads except 1 lead that woman was in a hurry to tell me she is not interested to hire an agent. Not only did I wasted my valuable time to call and email these FAKE leads. I noticed whenever I take a new lead, the setschedule representative call me immediately with crappy phone signals. But it doesnt mean anything or any valuable information they provide! And it doesn't matter whatever feedback I provided them, every time I told them no one answers or reply that lead, I never heard back from them. WHAT THE HECK IS THE POINT OF CALLING YOUR CUSTOMERS??! No complaint or survey I provided in their app had ANY feedback ever. Zero. This is a $#*!TY SCAM company. All they want is your money! You will not only waste your time and money with them! STAY AWAY!

1 review
7 helpful votes

After a good sales pitch I fell for appointment/lead generation program for Realtors. I paid $1700 for a promise of 12 scheduled appointments with serious home sellers over the next 6 months (now they say it is a year, but that isn't what it says in the agreement).

As part of the program I would also receive leads of those not ready to make an appointment yet, but expressed interest in selling within a 15 mile radius of my desired location. This second part is what convinced me to give them a try. Unfortunately (9 months later now) I have never received an appointment and have only received a handful of leads that were not in Milwaukee's inner city. Of those 8 leads I accepted I was only ever able to reach one, who in the end decided not to sell.

SetSchedule also has lists of other potential sellers that you can download by zip code. I downloaded all the 28 names they offered in 53132 only to find that all but 2 had already sold over the previous 12 months.

Needless to say this is a scam. I have tried calling to get a refund, but they claim to not give refunds and besides my 12 months isn't up yet (it says 6 in the agreement). They say they will increase advertising in my area to deliver their commitment, but I haven't heard anything from them since my complaints (3 months now). Now they won't even return my phone calls.

Realtors. Stay away!! This is a SCAM!

Update - Visa refused my disputed charge with them. Seems Visa only gives you 2 months to dispute a charge which doesn't work when the service has 6 months to provide their service. My dispute was within 60 days of the contract expiration. SetSchedule says they have renewed my subscription for another 6 months to try and fill their obligation. I did receive 1 appointment from them shortly after this. An elderly lady who says she never requested any services and has no intention of selling. Outside of that one bogus lead I have yet to hear anything else from them in the 3 months since the original agreement expired.

1 review
7 helpful votes

Stay Away, Far, Far Away! Its not like I can't get my own listings..... but this seemed like a reasonable price for someone to nurture leads for you. HA HA HA HA. Been trying to get my money back. About to Contact Florida Attorney General. I have heard they may be able to help. The contract apparently has no 'OUT' for me and no timeline for them to actually deliver the leads I 'purchased'. Ten for ten were CRAP.

1 review
7 helpful votes

Yup, you heard it. BOGUS leads! Set Schedule is nothing more than a phone dialer that calls random people all over the country and when someone answers the phone Set Schedule considers this a lead and they patch it through to agents who are signed up on the platform.

A few years ago I signed up for the Gold or Platinum Membership or whatever bulls**t membership you want to call it for about $1,698.00 and I was promised at least 10 listing appointments with clients who have been pre-screened. I got nothing but rubbish leads. When you call the leads to setup an appointment the clients have no idea why you are even calling. One time I called someone and she said she was looking for a doctor not a real estate agent! A couple people I spoke to said they were going to file a lawsuit because Set Schedule was calling people on the DNC list using a phone dialer, which I guess is a major violation. I'm not really sure.

So anyway, the point is this: Don't bother with Set Schedule. Waste of time and money.

1 review
7 helpful votes

Its been several months, dozens of crap leads that when you call them the people have no idea why you are calling. Website is horrible, haven't been able to log on for over a week now. Sending me leads way outside my area after I told them the zip codes I work in. I have asked for a refund and of course they said no but had no problem taking my $700 bucks with the guarantee that I would get 4 listings within 6 months. I can't believe these people are still up and running.
I have made numerous complaints, same response, a manager will call you with-in 24 to 48 hrs. They don't know what the hell they are doing, I hate to say this, but Zillow Leads are better as well as my FB leads. Stay far away from Set Schedule, you will not be happy! All I want is my money back!

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