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What made you choose SetSchedule over similar businesses?

asked by Martha C. on 4/11/19

13 Answers

I originally agreed to their system because they lied about how good it was.

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I was dumb enough to believe the positive reviews on this site were actual people. They are not. Total fraudulent company, they will take your money and leave you with 6 random names out of the phone book.

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I believed their BS that I could build my business, that they had good leads for my area. WRONG! Don't waste your money here! I sie up over 8 months ago and not received ANY leads that were good. This is a SCAM!

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Stupidity! I got conned into thinking they had good leads and would set appointments. Ha! Ha! To both. Don't do it!

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This company is ruthless and doesn't care who they hurt! I spent over $1000 because they Guaranteed me FOUR set appointments with 4 unique sellers. That was NINE months ago and I have received nothing but B. S. from them. Their reviews are all lies. REALTORS: Don't fall for their lame promises and lies.

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These people are SCAMS! Report them to the following so that enough complaints can trigger an investigation. This will protect us all so that WE don't get in trouble with the FTC for violating DNC laws.

File an official complaint on: https://www.bbb.org/us/ca/irvine/profile/real-estate-services/setschedule-1126-172013479/complaints

Call the Orange County Sheriff's Department at 714-647-7000 or 949-770-6011 to file a report.

As the complaints to the FTC rise, an investigation will be triggered. They can be sued and we can possibly even get a refund! Go here: https://www.ftc.gov/faq/consumer-protection/submit-consumer-complaint-ftc

Let's do this folks. Let's stop this evil company!

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I let the sales guy talk me into that the bad reviews were taken care of in the long run. Please save your money. Knocking doors is better then this company.

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Total bs this company is a rip off. Dont waste your money. I experienced it.

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Their sales rep completely misrepresented the product by claiming that the leads were vetted, legitimate, fresh and that agents across the country were experiencing great success. He said that I would be the first in the NY Metro area to use the platform, therefore having an advantage. He said I would receive 14 scheduled appointments with motivated sellers, replenishable leads, that AI and sophisticated algorithms would ensure that I only receive quality leads... What I found was that all the leads were previously rejected by other agents for either being fake, unresponsive, or never expressing any desire to anyone about purchasing or selling real estate. I requested a full refund in the amount of $1,640 multiple times, but was denied. I filed a merchant dispute, but now have to take it to arbitration which will cost thousands in legal fees to recoup my $1,640. Set Schedule is a complete scam and the owner and their entire management staff should be the subject of a criminal investigation that is ordered by the California Attorney General.

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FIling an FTC complaint to cancel my subscription and get my money back.
Total Scam. Even the " trainings" they "promised" to provide, the same every month. Just rerunning the same video.

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I thought what they claimed to provide would be a significant contribution to my efforts

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Very persistent and seemed to have a new approach. They indicated they had much more research than they do.

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Run like you have never run before - All their reviews are fake - I spoke with someone that reached out to me that use to work for the company and confirmed everything I said was correct.

I talked to Dhaman Gill finally after multiple attempts - I asked him about his fake facebook likes, his fake sitejabber reviews, and the list goes on and his response was that it is just marketing. I was honestly stunned, he knew I figured it out and didn't hide it.

BTW on SiteJabber they use to have a 4.8-star review and over 600 reviews. Read the 5 star reviews, they are so bad and fake its almost funny (if they didn't take my money it would be hilarious)

Its $1640 dollars down the drain. Sad, go buy RedX with a Dailer, Geo Leads, FSBO, and Expired for $1890 dollars for the year and you will get business.

A couple of other things, their CEO Roy Dekel has been barred from the securities industry, and this isn't something that happened 10 to 15 years ago and he just messed up, it was with in the last couple of years. The guy is a fraud.

The Remax in Minnesota that they love to claim has built their business through SetSchedule will never call me back. I spoke with the former #1 agent in Florida with Remax, she said to run from the program, I talked the #1 agent with Remax in Alabama, don't waste your money with that program, get RedX.

They love to claim they are associated with Remax but I have yet to find anyone that says they love SetSchedule and are associated with my Remax. BTW I have gone through three-points of contacts in 3 months, as I really tried to make the system work. I have had two people answer the phone after calling each contact 10 times. Two were old ladies, very sweet that said Honey I am going to die in my house.

What is funny is Mr. Gill tried to tell the company didn't have a yelp (red flag btw) especially when you don't have a google business and don't allow facebook reviews - Well... https://www.yelp.com/biz/setschedule-irvine

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