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They have done everything to me as everyone else said. I wish I would have found Site Jabber earlier... Im filing a dispute in Paypal currently hopefully I can get my money back... If not I will call my credit card company.
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i took 2 weeks to get anything out of them after they told me they couldn't complete my purchase in the first place. This is the worst site to buy anything from. Please please please save your money or go else where
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After 4 days of me asking on the service if the gold is ready they tell me : ""***** says:
*we should contact you about 1 hour ago, but when we login to trade the gold we found our account get banned
and then they start ignoring me... stay away from this total crap!
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i ordered off of this site and it says delivery instantly 24/7. so i was like ok. ordered 5000 g and waited a few hours. didn't recieve anything so i contacted them. they said sorry, delivery times are from 30 min to 24 hours. so i said ok. next day still nothing. i call back. they say sorry again and tell me i will have it before the end of the day. next day still nothing. i contact the company again and they say that it still is not ready and I ask to cancel my order for a refund. they can't do that because it was late and their was no manager. ok how much longer till you will have the order ready. one day they say. ok how long until a manager is available to cancel the order. 5 DAYS!!!! is what they told me. so these people are ripping others off and have no supervision how is this legal.
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This website is horrible they will take there sweet ass time getting you the gold they will lie to you saying they have stock when they don't they will keep stalling and making excuses but i found a key if you threaten them with raising a dispute and getting your money back they will give you your gold sadly
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I have waited 5 days and gettin the same lies every time
Effy Will serve for you : )
Effy said:(21:14:27)
Hey,its effy here,what can i do for u ?its world cup day
You said:(21:14:38)
Yes, I have a question about gold
How long will it take to deliver gold too me?
If I ordered
Effy said:(21:15:59)
You said:(21:16:19)
Oh okay. Are you sure about that?
Effy said:(21:16:57)
yes,we will arrange the delivery in 30mins after u ordered
You said:(21:17:27)
Thats funny, I ordered 5000 gold 5 days ago and still haven't recieved it. I get blown off everytime I ask about it.
Effy said:(21:17:47)
ur char plz ?>
You said:(21:17:52)
Effy said:(21:18:43)
You said:(21:20:10)
Here's the deal. I ordered it for Bigwiggly, but my account with that char's prepaid is out. I want it delivered to my main.
Effy said:(21:20:55)
what is ur main?

You said:(21:21:01)
Effy said:(21:21:16)
same server right
Gurubashi US-Horde ?
You said:(21:22:08)
Just logged on
Effy said:(21:22:29)
okey ,but we need u send us an email
so we can delivery to ur main
send it to *****
You said:(21:23:31)
Just did
Effy said:(21:23:43)
You said:(21:24:05)
So what now?
Effy said:(21:24:37)
I am trying to contact workers to see if they hold some gold for you, hold on for a while.
You said:(21:26:22)
how long will it be?
Effy said:(21:28:30)
we will delivery it to u today
You said:(21:28:42)
And what time today?
Because, everytime I ask for it I get the same reply "1-3 hours" only for it too be another day that it wasn't delivered on that 30 minute wait you said you guys have earlier.
Effy said:(21:29:58)
in the afternoon
You said:(21:30:12)
It is past afternoon.
21:30- 12= 9:30. thats way past afternoon.
Effy said:(21:33:02)
its our morning time -_-
You said:(21:33:43)
Ah ha... and why does it take 5-6 days instead of 30 minute delivery?
From what I understood, you guys have gold instock already. I have had many of your people say our farmers are getting it. Who in the hell can farm 5000g in 30 minutes? I'm sorry, Faxmonkey or Hobbs isn't even that good.

She said that they would deliver to me afternoon their time which is 1-3 am our time in Midwest.

Effy said:(01:15:39)
Hey,its effy here,what can i do for u ?its world cup day
You said:(01:16:01)
Hi! I was wondering how long your delivery is
like, how long is the wait if you order usually?
Effy said:(01:18:48)
after u purchase we will arrange it after 30mins
You said:(01:19:53)
and is there a thing where you don't get it within 30 minutes you get a bonus.
Effy said:(01:22:09)
You said:(01:23:24)
okay. and what if I said I have been waiting for 5 days and i'm ready to file a dispute on paypal? Does that mean I get a hell of a bonus of my 5k that I ordered?
Or are you trying to scam some more people by lying to ACTUAL people?
Answer please?
Because on the next tab I have Paypal with claim a dispute.
Not afraid too hit it.
Effy said:(01:29:06)
ur char ?\
You said:(01:29:18)
Effy said:(01:29:25)
You said:(01:29:25)
remember that name?
Effy said:(01:29:35)
yes we do
You said:(01:30:12)
Good :) cause you will have to remember it!
I noticed you haven't answered my question yet though.
Effy said:(01:31:39)
which one?
You said:(01:32:44)
Are you trying to scam people who actually work for their currency?
you might want to take a look at this
review on your "company"
So its either you give me the gold you promise right now, or I click "dispute a claim" right now.
Effy said:(01:36:45)
no we are not
they will delivery u once they finished this delivery
okey ?
now ,the guy is delivery on Mal'Ganis-DE-Horde
and next will be u
You said:(01:37:46)
Ummm.. thats what you guys say everytime. but the fact of the matter is I'm american. not retarded.
If there is several sites talkin about this same experience that I am having with your company right now.
Effy said:(01:39:22)
30mins,okey ?
You said:(01:39:32)
Nope. Now.
Thats what you guys promise when I ordered it
5 days later
Effy said:(01:40:04)
they can't quit the delivery right now sir
u have to understands us
You said:(01:41:00)
I can't understand how you like to lie to hundreds of people to scam them. and not work for money in the respectable way.
In the bible, it says Liars have their place in the lake of fire.
So, its either you give me my gold and stop lying to me at this moment or get a nice disputed claim from Paypal. Which having a number of them already will lock your paypal account.
So say good bye to the money you scam people out of.
Any more lies you would like to through at me?
Effy said:(01:47:07)
Once the delivery is ready we will contact you in the first time via phone call or email.
You said:(01:49:27)
Have a nice day
Im puttin in the claim tonight
peace out.
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Rep said they had gold in stock, took my money, and then stopped talking to me. Their reps continued to tell me to wait, closed the chat without answering me, and blocked me from trying to talk to a representative again. BEWARE, DO NOT USE, BAD SITE.
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my pay-pal claim....

3 days ago i ordered and paid for 20,000 units of virtual currency for the game of World of Warcraft. The website advertising in the google search stated a 30 minute delivery. Before i ordered I logged onto their 24hr customer support chat where the representative repeated a 30 minute delivery.

It took 12 hours before 10,000 of the currency was delivered at which the deliverer logged off immediately. I returned to the support chat where i was told they rest was coming soon. Since then it has been 2.5 days of me logging into their support to be fed the same lies that it will be finished shortly.

Approx 1 hour ago I received a phone call stating my gold was ready so i logged into the game. The delivery person gave me 1600 then logged off immediately again.

This is not an isolated incident as the link below will take you to a review forum full of dozens of customers who have fallen to the same scam.

As much as I would like a refund for the remaining 8400 undelivered currency I would like this to be taken to the next level as this seller is obviously a scam.

I am also taking this to my the federal level as it breaches online consumer legislation.
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Ok, this is what happened for me. I ordered 60k gold from them for WoW! They told me they had 120k in stock and I thought they were telling the truth. I ordered it and the representative randomly goes offline. I get another representative and I start swearing and screaming at her. I also threated to make a fraudulence report and I also threatened to sue them for Fraud, phishing and scamming ;p. It worked! I was able to receive all of my 60k gold in 4 hours. But I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM!! I was scared Sh*tless that my credit card would be hacked but it did not happen. ONCE AGAIN! DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE EVER!!!
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I ordered 7000 gold from them over a month ago. Pretty much the same story as everyone else here. They told me they have 45k on mal'ganis horde and they'll deliver in under a hour. They lie to get you to order then if you're lucky, you might get half of what you ordered in few weeks or months. Best bet is to file a dispute with paypal, which i've done, but havent heard anything yet.

I have no idea how this company has not been shut down yet. This page on sitejabber has over 12,000 views and 100 reviews, all of which are 1/4 stars. I'm assuming everyone has filed a dispute with paypal, i mean how many does it take before they get shut down? We're a bunch of computer nerds who play wow, can't we find some way to shut down their site?
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i, ^ ^nice day, u've got cassie here. what can i do for u ?
You said:(7:42:07 AM CDT)
Hey My toon dkbeefer i didnt get my 10k and you guys say i did.
cassie said:(7:42:31 AM CDT)
i check for u
You said:(7:42:39 AM CDT)
The chat has been transfered to Samantha.
Samantha said:(7:43:28 AM CDT)
hi,let's smile everyday
You said:(7:43:33 AM CDT)
Samantha said:(7:43:43 AM CDT)
what's level of ur account ?
You said:(7:43:48 AM CDT)
Samantha said:(7:43:51 AM CDT)
and what's char class?
You said:(7:43:55 AM CDT)
Death Knight
Wait no. i was supposed to get 10k gold but i didnt my toons name is Dkbeefer
You have received the file:1.jpg(224676bytes)
Samantha Send file .jpg(204976bytes)for you, Accept ,or refuse
Did you photoshop that? i didnt get traded 10k
Samantha said:(7:45:55 AM CDT)
how photoshop
that's not u
who is that
You said:(7:46:10 AM CDT)
I don't know! I watn my gold :/
Samantha said:(7:46:24 AM CDT)
we completed ur order
You said:(7:46:28 AM CDT)
No you didnt
Samantha said:(7:48:02 AM CDT)
who is in game
who said thank you to us
You said:(7:48:13 AM CDT)
I don't know
Samantha said:(7:48:18 AM CDT)
and who told us he got gold in the email
i know , u are scammer
You said:(7:48:30 AM CDT)
I said i got phone call
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Similar to Mikal, I ordered 10,000 gold before reading this website, or doing any research (very stupid on my part). I read these reviews about 30 minutes after I placed the order, and started freaking the f*** out. I've never had such HORRIBLE customer service in my entire life. The phone number for their customer service doesn't even work, and the "LiveChat" off their website is a total waste of time. They tell you the same thing over and over again, "I've notified the workers, they will hurry" and more BS in between. About 2 days after I place the order and still no gold, or even any attempt to contact me, I filed a dispute with Moneybookers. Meanwhile this website continued to play the "run around" and totally ignore half the things I asked them. If you demand a refund, they will tell you "a manager needs to me in, try back tomorrow" (4 consecutive days I tried, and there was no manager, until I finally gave up. After about 4 more days of BS I finally got my money back. The only reason i received my money back was because the dispute with Moneybookers. I guess I got lucky. All these reviews I've read here are ALL SPOT ON.

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I just reported the site to the FBI consumer fraud unit. Easy to do. Anyone else get scammed? Do the same (just google 'internet fraud' and you'll find the reporting site. Eventually perhaps the site will be barred.
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I did not read this site until I placed my order for 10000 gold. I read the reviews just after placing my order unfortunatly. Once read I immediately got on the chat and asked for my gold. I got the same excues as everyone else. Oh they got banned on the way ect. I visited the live chat three times asking for my gold. I threatend a dispute with paypal and VISA. I went to bed with no gold :( The next morning I was at it again. I filed a dispute with papal no sense in waiting. About 5 minutes after i filed the dispute i got an email saying my gold was rdy to meet in ratchet. After three different characters logged on I got all of the gold I orderd. I took about 1 day total. I would try another site. but if you have to use them start hounding them right away.
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First thing; I DID get my gold. Second thing; it was an extremely frustrating and annoying process in GETTING that gold. The customer support reps were not knowledgeable of the English language and most of their responses are things they say every day. EG; We will hurry sir soon for you, I will check for to make sure have gold. You can tell they just use an online translator for everything you type and vice versa. Their site says instant delivery; bull$#*!. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT expect to get your gold within a day of ordering it. It took me over 24 hours to receive my gold. Also, they will try to give you part of your order. DO NOT accept it. By accepting it, PayPal will not side with you if you decide to open a claim against this seller. It means you have gotten part of your order and they know that so they try to trick you and say you will get the rest later. If they try to do that, just tell them you want all or none of it. I feel the only reason they gave me my gold as soon as they did is because I told them I was opening a dispute and escalating it to a claim with PayPal against them because in the end all they cared about was me closing the dispute. They didn't care about my happiness or any of that. They are selfish. I did get my gold, but it was a very complicated process. their first excuse was that their deliveryman got banned on the way to trade. I wouldn't doubt this because they use hacks inside the game to navigate their way across the world. Speedhacks and flight hacks. It's no surprise they get banned all the time. Two of them tried to trade me my gold one had 10400 and the other had 4600 ( I ordered 15,000 if that's any surprise). I told them I want it all in one trade or I will keep the dispute open. Sure enough a third person whispered me and said they have my whole 15,000. Only problem was they were in Ratchet and I had to walk a full five minutes from Orgrimmar to Ratchet. Point of the story; this company WILL bull$#*! around with you if you let them. Don't take any of their $#*! and they will get your order. USE THIS COMPANY AT YOUR OWN RISK. I BELIEVE I WAS FAR MORE FORTUNATE THAN MANY OTHER WHO HAVE BEEN SCAMMED BY THIS SITE. Thanks for taking your time to read this.
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I posted earler about how crappy this sight is but I forgot to add, the phone number that is listed for the customer service on their page is out of service. LOL go figgure. After speaking with Pay Pal today I tryed one more time to get my gold or a refund and incountered the same crap. I told them that this was thier last chance and that I had already filed a fraud complaint with Pay Pal. Long story short Pay Pal refunded my money and told me that the senior staff is meeting tonight and this issue is goung to be disscussed. I gave the person I spoke to this websight and told him to have the senior staff look at the reviews and how POWER-LEVEL.NET Was dragging their name through the mud. So, for all of you that posted here your cryes will be heard tonight (Hopefully).
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these folks will take your money and never deliver the product STAY AWAY
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My experiance with this site pretty much mirriors eveyone elses here. I ordered16k and they kept giving me the run around saying they were getting it together and after 40+ hours and filing complaints with, my bank, paypal, and I got my gold. Do yourself a favor and don't buy from this site.
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THIS SITE IS AWFUL! Terrible customer service if you can even call it that. They lie to you and tell you that your gold will be ready within 2 hours, then they say the account got banned on it's way to you. Then they tell you you're top priority, and will contact you by phone or mail shortly.
I waited 27 hours, and contacted them atleast 7 times, and after hearing their BS, they finally just stopped talking to me and answering my questions.
So I filed a complaint through paypal, and with in 15 minutes I get a call from telling me my gold is ready and to meet in Stormwind at the bank. I got the 10k gold, and 2 emails asking if I was satisfied and telling me they hope to continue business with me in the future! HAHAHA...I hope this site gets shut down. The only reason they delivered the gold is because I filed a complaint against them through paypal. Make sure to do that if you've purchased through them and haven't received your gold after 24 hours. If you have never purchased through them, then DON'T!!!!!!!

***UPDATE*** one day later, i got a message in game, that said my account would be suspended if I didn't go to a website that looked like a battle account site. I went there and it asked to verify my account email and if i was alliance or horde and also what my password was. Once I did that it said some message like "thanks, your account is restored" or something, but I noticed something... the wording was wrong, just like a chinese person wrote it. So i immediately changed my password!! I also heard from blizzard, this is how they get the majority of gold they sell is hacking accounts!!
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This is a pice of crap do ur self a favor and don't buy frm them.. If you do and you want ur product do what i did i copied this frm my paypal to show you

From Buyer - Mario 4/29/2010 02:28 PDT
I was promised my product in 30 mins now it has been over 24hrs and still nothing, i told you i was going to contact paypal if i did not recieve my product within 24 hrs. I want my money back so i can continue my business elswere or my product that i was promised.

From Buyer -Mario 4/29/2010 02:39 PDT
If you look on you can see that these guys rip ppl off all the time..I just wish i knew about this site before i bought it....I want my money back I WANT A REFUND...THE FULL AMOUNT

after i sent this to paypal 10 mins later i recieved a phone call frm some asian woman speaking in chinese i believe, then what sounded like a younger chinese woman picked up the phone and said for me to delete my paypal dispute...I said i would after I recieved my product, 5mins later a lvl 1 went to the sw bank and gave me the full ammount that i bought. If you want a good site to buy mmo gold go to I still havent deleted my dispute..these guys need to be shut down for good
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Most of these reviews are right on key. These people are trained to convince you they have what you want right away. I did business with this website and was fortunate enough that it turned out ok in the end. For my husband's birthday my son wanted to buy him "wow gold" and so we did. 100K worth. Did live chat first to be sure they had it in stock - because i was a little late on the birthday present buying thing and they said 30 mins - hours. Well 2 hours later it turned into 1-8 hours. 9 hours later it, again was 8 hours more. I was so frustrated I said the hell with it. I opened a paypal dispute immediately and told them I was reporting them for fruad. (Like that would really do anything) but I had at least hoped that the paypal dispute would land me some of my money back. I had to wait at least 7 days to escalate the dispute. On day 3, I got a game message from one of their players telling me they had 26k. I decided to gamble and take a chance on taking this as being given another promise that more would follow. Turns out that it did and I received all of my 100k on day 3. Mind you, that followed many threats and escalating them to fruad reports. I was promised "bonus gold" which I never received... was told by their customer service "maybe next time"... BAH> there won't be a "next time"
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As for the website design it looks professional but thats just a front. I ordered 2000 Gold yesterday evening and i am still waiting for it now, a day after. Don't be fooled by there about us page, where they clearly lie to their potential customers.

vilden Will serve for you : )
vilden said:(18:37:19)Hello,how can i help you
You said:(18:37:25)Heya! It's been over two hours already and im SLIGHTLY PISSED OFF
character name: ***********************
vilden said:(18:37:42)let me check
You said:(18:37:43)i have been waiting since YESTERDAY evening
vilden said:(18:41:15)i understand
we will hurry
You said:(18:41:20)According to your "About us" page on YOUR website "All items and currencies are delivered instantly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week." Why don't i have my gold already? Please explain
vilden said:(18:45:22)keep your phone on ,we will try to contact you before delivery asap
You said:(18:46:38)My phone has been on since yesterday evening
vilden said:(18:47:33)our accounts have some problem we can't logon
You said:(18:48:22)And that takes over 12 hours?
it doesn't even take 15 minutes to reset both the username and password, this is unacceptable
"Open a Dispute with Paypal and it will alert paypal and if enough people do it then it will lock their Paypal account." i might just do that
vilden said:(18:51:10)our accounts got banned so we can't logon
You said:(18:51:26)Then you should not be selling gold if they are banned should you?
On top of lying to your customers
im going to open a Paypal dispute. cya"
"All items and currencies are delivered instantly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

What a bunch of bull$#*!.

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This site is a scam. They also ask you for your driver's license information when you ask for a refund!!! Do not give it to them. They have phishing for personal information!!! On 11/10/2010, I emailed them regarding a $49 purchase: From: ( Sent: Wed 11/10/10 10:32 AM To: XXXXXX Send us a whole pic Regards From: XXXXXX Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2010 2:29 AM To: Subject: RE: Driver's License Picture What do you need my driver's license information for? From: Subject: RE: Driver's License Picture Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 01:27:36 +0800 Please send us a clear whole picture don't hide anything plz Regards Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2010 1:25 AM To: Subject: FW: Driver's License Picture Hi, I purchased 20K (+300 bonus) of Wow Gold for my character SolarMatrix on Trollbane Alliance US server. I have not received the Gold yet. I do not want this I want a refund for my payment back to my paypal account. Thanks. On 11/12/2010 on customer service chat on their website: You said:(23:31:18)hello i ordered 20k of gold for my character on trollbane server and i didn't recieve the gold. i'm requesting a refund. when will my refund be processed? windy said:(23:35:03)when the manager is here, he will refund u soon ,sir You said:(23:36:22)do you realize that you have over 40 complaints about people not getting their gold? when will i get my money back? i need a time frame windy said:(23:37:24)but im not sure , maybe 3hrs later You said:(23:47:40)your manager is never around why does he even run this business? i want my money back. windy said:(23:48:24)we have other business too and now is lunch time You said:(23:48:57)it can't be that hard to refund my money. i've had paypal refunds before and they do it immediately windy said:(23:49:49)cuz manager isnt here, so cant do it now, sry You said:(23:52:12)this is my 10th time contacting you regarding refunding my money i've paid over $49 and i want it all back windy said:(23:53:05)when the manager is here, he will refund u soon You said:(23:56:05)so he will be there in a couple of hours? windy said:(23:56:20)yes i think so You said:(23:56:43)i am documenting everything you are saying to me, so please don't lie to me Later on 11/12/2010: You said:(23:31:18)hello i ordered 20k of gold for my character "xxxxx" on trollbane server and i didn't recieve the gold. i'm requesting a refund. when will my refund be processed? windy said:(23:35:03)when the manager is here, he will refund u soon ,sir You said:(23:36:22)do you realize that you have over 40 complaints about people not getting their gold? when will i get my money back? i need a time frame windy said:(23:37:24)but im not sure , maybe 3hrs later You said:(23:47:40)your manager is never around why does he even run this business? i want my money back. windy said:(23:48:24)we have other business too and now is lunch time You said:(23:48:57)it can't be that hard to refund my money. i've had paypal refunds before and they do it immediately windy said:(23:49:49)cuz manager isnt here, so cant do it now, sry You said:(23:52:12)this is my 10th time contacting you regarding refunding my money i've paid over $49 and i want it all back windy said:(23:53:05)when the manager is here, he will refund u soon You said:(23:56:05)so he will be there in a couple of hours? windy said:(23:56:20)yes i think so You said:(23:56:43)i am documenting everything you are saying to me, so please don't lie to me windy said:(23:57:17)i dont You said:(00:00:22)i contacted you yesterday and spoke with rain, and she said that the refund hasn't been processed yet, and that it will be processed soon i've dealt with refunds before, and companies refund money the same day.. not like your company on paypal windy said:(00:01:46)sry ,sir You said:(00:02:02)when will my refund be issued? windy said:(00:02:04)bu ti can only leave the msg to our manager about ur refund im not sure, sry You said:(00:02:20)what's your manager's phone number windy said:(00:02:24)need wait he is here You said:(00:02:36)your phone number on the website is disconnected windy said:(00:02:39)i dont know, and he cant speak english too You said:(00:03:06)yes, he can... i read that he can speak english on the website, and that he calls people on the phone windy said:(00:03:57)who told u that ? You said:(00:03:59)tell him to refund my money this website windy said:(00:04:21)i told u , i will leave the msg to him You said:(00:04:26) how come i've been asking for my money back for 3 days now and no one has called me or refunded my money? windy said:(00:11:09)im not sure, sry the past 3 day i was on holiday You said:(00:15:47)i need my money by tomorrow windy said:(00:16:33)will be ok i think You said:(00:19:38)stop $#*!ing around and just refund my money how come you guys have over 40 bad reviews for refunding money??? Welcome to GDP DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT SERVICE CO., LTD. Rainy Will serve for you : ) Rainy said:(00:47:35)Abracadabra~xD You said:(00:47:42)i ordered 20k of gold for my character on trollbane server and i didn't recieve the gold. i'm requesting a refund. when will my refund be processed? Rainy said:(00:47:52)sec but u need to send us a pic with ur name and expired time on it You said:(00:49:06)no i'm not sending my driver's license information to you for you to scam my financial information for identity theft refund my money Rainy said:(00:50:03)but i dont have the right to refund u sir You said:(00:50:07)yes you do Rainy said:(00:50:08)only our manger You said:(00:50:20)when is your manager around? Rainy said:(00:50:31)not sure the time You said:(00:50:43)you said that yesterday and the day before that also his business will be failing, he is never around As you can see, they do not know much about the operation side of their business. When you ask for a refund, they ask you for a copy of your driver's license. They are getting funded by Paypal. What do they need your driver's license number for? I called Paypal customer service, and they advised not to give out my driver's license number to these people.

Judy said: nice day ,what can i do for u You said: hello. how fast you can deliver gold to eonar horde ? Judy said: sec Judy said: i will check for u Judy said: yes we have 190k in stock Judy said: and the delivery time depends on how much u want You said: i asked erlier today and you have 32k in stock. i make my order yesterday becuz some say it takes 30min max! so can i $#*!in have my golds now or do i report your sites to lie peoples and stole them moneys ? Judy said: the amount u ordered is too small Judy said: we cannot risky to use the gold Judy said: if u order another 40k Judy said: will get it in 30minutes You said: lol. i order 100000 Judy said: okay You said: so why you lie? Judy said: u ordered GDP11002021118283 欧服魔兽WOW Eonar-GB-Horde 10000 Judy said: thats 10000 Judy said: if u buy another 40000 You said: no i dont Judy said: we will give u 50000 together in 30minutes Judy said: i promise You said: like other noob promise deliver 10k in 30 min You said: so i want my moneys back now You said: so. golds or money ? Judy said: I apologize that our manager is not here at this moment, and i have no right to refund. You said: and seems like i am onlyone who has buy gold from your sites. cuz you didnt ask even charracter name! You said: yes seems im onlyone who use your sites because You said: sould read that before buy gold from your sites Judy said: ..... You said: and now you ask me to send more money ? You said: lol Judy said: we finish every order and top 10 partners with paypal Judy said: u can trust us You said: i cant. i want my gold now then You said: cant. You said: if you ever want that someone trust site like this you need to do what you promise. not lie and take executes to try get ppl understund why they dont have get them gold like you have say You said: 30min You said: why didnt first one say no i need to order 50k to get gold in 30 min ? and why you sell like 500g if you cant deliver cause it is too damn risky You said: and why you lie that you have over 100.oookg in stock and you cant deliver my 10k ?

By arto p.
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