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I purchase tech support annually. This time the vendor distorted my computer and when I called him he never replied. He disappeared. Service was not even one month.
Pay pal closed the case because the jerk told them he did the work.
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Ina 10-02 13:53:21

we will win if you charge back

(Enough said )
1 review
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Bad experience,
I bought WOW 60000G for 32 USD on March.13.2012 and i have paid per PayPal.and i still waitig for my Gold.
They told me i need to send them/she (Linda) an ID ,i do not why....(they have already the money) anyhow i sent them my ID and Linda tolld me my picture on the ID looks false.....
so i am trying to get my money back throgh PayPal...and will see what will happen
2 reviews
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i like this website, i always buy from here. i hope you can buy too.
2 reviews
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why you say this website worse, i think this is good, because they always send me gold quickily.
1 review
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Very good company :) i got in live chat asked how much gold they had in stock they told me over 100k... i ordered 40,000 they got on within the allotted time and gave me the proper amount of gold! I think this company has turned its ways and is much better then all these reviews!
2 reviews
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STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE !!!!! they are the absolute worst gold sellers , they will say they have it avaliable, then they stop talking to you, finally they tell you that they do not even have the gold. they are rude, ignorant, and a company you do not want to use EVER! heres the convos / parts you want to read:
sorry my name changed, but their live chat is retarded
You are now chatting with 'Sandra'

Sandra: Hello, welcome to visit us, how may I help you today?

rob: checking avaliability of gold on draenor horde

Sandra: checking

rob: will pay for f2f 30k but i want it real soon please

Sandra: we have 60k now

rob: and if i pay now how fast can you give it to me?

rob: again paid extra for f2f

Sandra: in about 30-40mins

rob: so 40 tops?

Sandra: yes

rob: Your transaction ID for this payment is: 53C19413JA1083156

Sandra: checking

Sandra: May i know your character name in game ?

rob: oaktree

From Buyer - robert farmer
19/08/2011 11:43 BST

and 2 hours later i get this :

been online for 2 hours: 10 minutes

been online for 2 hours: 5 minutes

been online for 2 hours: right as guarenteed

Fanny: May i know your character name in game ?

been online for 2 hours: draenor horde Char: oaktree "no special chars" 30k gold 6 hours top when i paid, live chat in paypal dispute.

been online for 2 hours: ifyou answer fast and say goto game then can do now

been online for 2 hours: otherwise fix this, i am off

been online for 2 hours: your site is rude, ignorant and un trustworthy

Fanny: i can't fidn ur roder

been online for 2 hours: draenor horde Char: oaktree

been online for 2 hours: its not hard

been online for 2 hours: i am going bed, you have 3-4 hours is it? shame on paypal you promissed 40 minutes. you are nearly the worst site i have dealt with.... until i log on tomorrow, i guess

Fanny: sry , no stock atm, may u play game first, when we have stock, we will pm in game, if you offline, we will call u check back

been online for 2 hours: no i get money back in morning

been online for 2 hours: thank you for that post
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4 reviews
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Just pay with a credit card when using this company and nothing else. If they screw you file a chargeback.

This company apparently owns multiple companies and is based in China. They don't know the meaning of customer service for a reason.
1 review
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Ordered 10K from this site. They said they had it in stock. I logged into live chat 4 times a day to ask where my order is and 3 days later i got 4K. i talked to them again 4 times a day for over a month with no results. I filed a claim with PayPal and still no results I started getting e-mails saying that my WOW account was being investigated and to log on to the link attached to verify your account information. I looked into where these e-mails were coming from and they originated from a web hosting company in China. Power-level is also hosted by the same company. I filed complaints at every website i could find that is associated with Power-level. after a week of filing complaints i got the balance of my order. I will never do business with this company or any of its affiliates again
1 review
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Spoke to rep via chat, said gold was in stock. Needless to say 24 days later, still have not got what i paid for. Did how ever recieve my refund from paypal. Stay away!!
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suspect these people of being Keyloggers. Why? They require you to open the email they sent you, if you open it you are likely downloading the keylogger virus. To make sure you do this, they require you to reply to it.

Next, they require you to recieve a "code" sent to your phone. I believe they do this to infiltrate the advanced security established by Blizzard (the maker of WoW, who sends you a text with a code that you have to have to log into WoW, an added security feature) that way they can steal your code and log into your account and destroy everything you have. People really do this, and I think these are the ones who do it. Makes sense to me.

I want to show you what they did to me. I caught on REAL fast, I was weary of this website the instant I clicked the link.

You are now chatting with 'carries'

Me: Hello I am only wondering if the deliverer can place the gold I purhase, which will be 10k, in the Bank. I would feel much safer if you were able to do this, otherwise I may have to use another website.

carries: ok

which server and game sir

Me: Twisting Nethers, WoW

carries: ok


Me: Thank you. Alliance

carries: we have the gold in stock,u can buy it now ,and also it 100% safe

Me: Ok but is it able to be placed in the bank?

I would like the deliverer to place it in our guild bank, if that is possible...

carries: ok

if u choose the fast delivery ,we can deliver the gold iwthin 30min

Me: I don't need fast delivery.

I will be here, ready for the delivery.

Ok so if the gold is ready, can you have the deliverer know that I will be having them place it in the Guild Vault? IF SO i WILL PLACE MY PURCHASE NOW

sorry about the caps


sir ,u just place 10k?

Me: Thank you, my purchase will be made now, and the name will be ****** ****. The character name is ******.

carries:and it is up to u ,if u don't need the fast delivery ,just choose the normal mode

Me: ok thanks

one moment while I fill this form out

carries: ok

si r,u want as to put the gold on ur guild ?

Me: Yes

carries: and also ur char ****** is the president ?

Me: Yes

carries: ok

Me: If this works smoothly I will continue to buy 10k-40k every week

{{ What a joke that turned out to be }}

carries: we just sent a confirmation lette rto u

could uplz check ur email

Me: ok

I checked and replied.

carries: sir

could u plz email back ur phone number

Me: I believe I did...

carries: ok


sir,dont get ur email,could u plz sent the email to *****

Me: ok I will

I sent it

carries: ok


just sent the code to u

and if u get it,tell mehere

Me: ok

I don't see it yet

carries:************** ur phone number right

Me: Yes...

carries: just sent it again

check it

Me: ok thanks

***[[MY EMAIL ADDRESS]]*** right?

carries: we sent it to ur phone

{{why didn't she just send me the code here???}}

Me: oh it's a landline

I don't recieve email

or texts on my landline


Me: haha

carries: sir do you have a cell

{{I paused here... I was very cautious of my words now... why do I need to have a cell phone? nobody require that. At ALL!}}

carries: we need to sent a text to u

Me: why do you need to text me

I have no cell phone

carries:u can give us a phone number from ur friends or family ,and we sent the code to him ,when he get it,jus tell u ,could u lpz havea try ,thanks

Me:People I know don't even use cell phones it's a waste of money. I really don't have a cell phone and I don't understand why you require me to use one

{{I don't have one, it is a waste of money, and nobody around me had a cell phone on them that worked at the moment so it's not a lie. my friends email me, my family lives overseas.}}

carries: sir ,we need to sent a text with a code to u

if u can't borrow one ,i hae another way to confirm ur order

could u plz send us a picture of ur id card,driver license and credit card plzwe need to ensure u r the paypal acc holder. need to check if ur information is same with on that paypal acc.ucan take the picture by a phone camera or digital camera or website camera as .jpg

{{ I was shocked!!!!!!!!!! They want me to give personal information that I only entrust to PayPal... This is when I got on the phone with PayPal. I was baffled that anyone would do this and think they would get away with it!!! Outrageous!!!!!!}}

Me: You can ontact me here or on my email, not sure why that's a problem. can you confirm it by vouie and call it the number I sent you?


carries: ok

{{long wait... no call. I tried intimidation because I wanted this to work. I mean, this is a really good deal on gold!!}}

Me: I have now contacted PayPal they enure me that the transaction is complete. What is it you need to onfirm?

ensure* confirm*

carries: sir ,it is our confirmation step ,sent the email and we sent the code to ur phone

Me: Would you please confirm that the money has arrived?

carries: sir

i have told u right

borrow a phone which can get a text ,or sent a pic for ur cards ,thanks very much

{{That's business right there... getting snappy with a paid customer... so sad}}

Me: I understand what you say, but I will not send it to you because I feel it is unneccesary.

{{ long wait... but then I had an idea. I would send a picture with the important information blocked out, and a large watermark on the front stating VOID so they can't use it again}}

Me: I will send you a picture of my cards then.

carries: ok

thanks very much

and plz don't cover ur name and expire time and number

{{busted before I sent it... they must do lots of scams}}

Me: NO. I want a refund I will use another company. I will not let you take any more info, you have your money what more could you need. I gave you too much information and you want banking info. you want my cell phone number and I do not trust you not to sell it to another company. I want a refund. If you do not give me a refund I will have to report you and your website to PayPal and others. I spoke with PayPal and they advised me not to give you the information you are asking for, they said you are trying to take advantage of me and I will not let you do that. No other place in the internet asks for a "cell" or a picture of my personal identification cards. this is rediculous. If you can just deliver the gold, as you have already been payed, I will continue to use this service. If you refuse to deliver the gold, I want a refund. So which will it be? Gold or refund.

carries: ok ,i ill leave a message to the manager

Me: And how long will that take? I apologize for having to do this but there is no need for a confirmation.

carries: once the manager comes back ,we ill contact u ok

{{24 hours later I did NOT get any contact of any kind. I need this gold by tonight because I owe a friend. I messaged them back and they gave me a very similar run around... I don't hve time to copy the rest... basically I said the same thing, give me the gold or give me the refund. She said I was refunded, so I checked up with PayPal, and they said no such thing occured. I filed a complaint with them, they said this: LISTEN CLOSELY ALL YOU WHO GOT RIPPED OFF: Call PayPal and file a complaint. if enough complaints are filed, they will stop doing business with them. I am now going to contact Google and complain there too, I advise you all to do the same. if they lose thier advertising and they lose their secure money transfer, they will have a sever loss in "business" and hopefully those scammers will go home with empty pockets. I would sue them too but I don't sue people. too expensive. If someone has the money to spare, we should take these scammers out before they ruin the internet. Tey think they can get away with this because it's "virtual currency and goods" which are not covered by any of the agencies I know of, inluding PayPal. Well they should not be allowed to get away with this. Complain to the people that can make a difference, not here. I'm sure we have all the complaints we need.

Make a difference, eliminate the hackers, the cheaters and the thiefs from our online community. Call anyone who makes this campany who they are and tell them who they have been dealing with. Nobody wants to support a thief. If we get enough attention on these guys, The business will be invisible, they have to advertise themselves, convince you to trust them with your credit cards and at the same time make you feel safe. This is the best way to keep everyone safe from these sort of people
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They told me that I would receive my gold within 4 hours. Then they said 8 hours. Here i am 24 hours later and they are telling me "soon! soon! we will hurry for you". I asked for the manager and they said they SHE was on lunch break and when i asked when HE will be back they said HE will be back in 2 hours. Horrible customer service, no end result, and constantly LYING.
1 review
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Promised 45 min delivery for a small fee, (I only spent about £4 overall) and then refused to trade when i arrived, then said to put items on AH and refused to buy them in game, giving me 2 minutes to get from outlands to ratchet. Awful customer service, threaten them with paypal, or try tell them you will make a big order if they hurry up and you MIGHT get your gold. I would strongly advise taking your business elsewhere, i was told they had 112k on my server and they still have not delivered. Paypal dispute coming up! for one of "paypals top ten partners..." or some other bull$#*!..
1 review
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These people are awful. I filed a complaint with PayPal and notified these jerks that I had done so. They then turned around and actually threatened ME, the buyer. Said they would see to it that my WoW account was banned. After I told them to go for it, they tried to get me to settle for 5k, then 7k, less than I had purchased in order to "settle" my complaint. I turned around after 10 days of this (I contacted them every single day) and went to my bank and filled out an ACH form and got my money refunded to me. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.
1 review
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This is fraud company and i think that PayPal is supporting criminal activity by NOT closing this obvious fraud company down.

They are using the PayPal logos to convince buyers, they pretend that they are PayPal partners. PayPal won't do anything!!!

Gameest INT'L NETWORK SALES CO LTD they are the same company as JIANDAN INT'L NETWORK SALES CO LTD (Google it!)
1 review
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I ordered from them 3 months ago and have still not gotten anything I have opened a claim with paypal and they are currentlly refusing to respond.
1 review
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Insider tell you How to Deal With
-----You $#*!ed me up, I'll $#*! your secret.

Part one : Get to know them

1.,, is three main website of this company .
(3main website account for 98% of its sale, and wow gold sale account for 90% of the sale)
2. it's a vendor of online game gold and power level service .It acted like a middle man, buying gold and power level service from Chinese gold farmer then sell it aboard. Have a 40-70% profit for each trade.
3. It hired about 50 staff, include 20 representatives, 20 traders, other technical, accounting and management staff.
1) Representatives are only person talk with customers, through live chat.
They are mostly girls and do 3things: i) Chat you make a purchase and talk you give them more time ii) Help verify each trade include email, cell phone, and ID verification iii) Call you trade when gold ready, with a software skype.
2) Traders deal with domestic gold farmers, negotiate gold price and oversee each trade.
4. The company get their customer in 3ways.
1) They buying users data from hackers and send ad emails to customers to buy their gold.(I heard this from others, not quite sure. But consider about all the things, this could be 99% true .since this is the cheapest and easiest way to get large amount of target customer.)
2) They advertised in google, as the keyword "cheap gold" or "fast delivery gold", things like this. Each trade that coming from google need pay google money and it's not profitable .
3) Customers' friend.

Part two: Evils they have done
Treat you like god before purchase, and treat you as dog after get your money.

1. Get a fake unreachable number on the website and don't answer the software "skype" call, make the only contact you can get is live chat and email, where you never get a straight answer.
2. Won't deliver gold on time and won't refund either.
They promise 30mins delivery but actually only 5% of orders are finished in time, no compensate for delay. Order fully delivered mostly take days, weeks, and longest I have seen is 6 months!!
They nearly never refund, only refund happens because your order is small like few dollars and they have too many dispute record on their paypal account .
3. Reduce your gold supply, like only delivery 80k gold for a 100k order.
1) The gold delivery take up weeks, you are so desperate for your gold .They force you send a reduce-gold-supply-confirm mail, tell you either send the mail get the reduced gold or keep waiting for full amount.
2) You haven't checked up in their live chat for days, they suspend your rest gold supply considering that you forget your order or give up for the rest.
4. Call you trade at working time or midnight, and tell you different lies with unavailable gold when you actually get online as required.
5. Asking for 3 verifications for new order. And deny refund when you refuse provide it. Worst of all is they record your personal information in their database. Like "name, address, cell phone number, computer IP, other paypal information and sometimes your ID picture" They get it from you and their own hacker-like software.
6. Have deep connection with hackers, all their trade account was hacked from foreigners, their account is continuously being banned and they buy new ones from hacker, just 20-70yuan each, that's 2-7euros. See how cheap your months working account worth when being hacked!

Part three: How to fire back

1. Dispute to get your order quick., call your bank or call paypal can help.
If you want simple, dispute in paypal, every few days.
Dispute orders are listed as a top deliver priority, and traders are allowed purchase higher price gold from market make your order quicker delivered.
2. Make small orders each time. Can be both quick and safe.
Website listed price encourage you make large orders, It seems cheaper in that way and representative may tell you it's quicker, However, it's completely opposite.
3. When talk on live chat, try polite first and then be angry use suck, $#*! often.
The representatives judge the order emergency with your anger level.
4. Check on live chat every 3-4days so that they won't suspend your order, and don't waste too much time on them with each session if you get work to do.
5. Personally suggest you don't provide them ID picture. But mostly you get no choice they get your money and don't start the gold delivery until ID verification. :(
6. Don't open suspected web link and change your password after each trade.

[most damage of all]
7. Report their trade account each time, and their guild. That would end up their account being banned and guild gold taken by GM. They would lose few dollars to 1hundred dollars each time. This would do you no harm even you trade with them.

Guys, I try to make the article simple and short.
Please Spread this article as far as you can.
Let more gamer know this before make a purchase.
Have a nice day.
For further explanation please contact *****
1 review
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it took them 3weeks and a report from paypal and in the end i ogt 8k gold insead of the 10k i ordered
1 review
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This site will rip you off. i should have checked them out first I hope you do. Here is what happened to me As of now I still have not recived my gold
Please wait for a site operator to respond.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with 'windy'

Dreamkiler: I have waited for over 24 houres and all tine has passed I have also entered a dispute on with pay-pal I am requesting a refund of my money as you have not kept your word. You say things then you do not deliver. So how can I trust your company. I am also listing your company on a froud listing on the enternet. I want my gold or a refund.I have been waiting n game for hours.

windy: char name?

Dreamkiler: Dreamkiler

Dreamkiler: order #GDP*******0335

windy: checking,.sec

windy: Quel Thalas US-Alliance is your server?

Dreamkiler: no Quel"dorei alliance us

windy: sry , i see

windy: i just sent ur order info to our guys,hurried them 4 u ,can u tell me how long u can be on line?

Dreamkiler: This is what i was told 2 hours ago.

windy: sry

Dreamkiler: no sorry what do you intend to do

windy: we will hurry

Dreamkiler: then why are you always telling me different times do you have the gold you said you do our not. If not I am requesting a refund. Another company said 10 min i can have gold

Dreamkiler: you still there

Dreamkiler: hello?????????

windy: yes

Dreamkiler: what is answer?

windy: i will try my best hurry our guys 4 u

Dreamkiler: no you don't get it you keep telling me the same thing DO YOU HAVE THE GOLD YOU SAID YOU DI BEFORE I ORDERED??????

windy: The stock is changable and also we have lots of customers. We need to arrange the delivery one by one

Dreamkiler: then why tell me you have gold that is NOT honest I will keep myu dispute with pay-pal

Dreamkiler: How long to get my gold?????

windy: not sure

Dreamkiler: then i am requesting a refund

windy: i have no right

Dreamkiler: then get someone that has the right

Dreamkiler: Well answer

Dreamkiler: What kind of company are you when you will not even keep ypur word or answer chat?

Dreamkiler: ok i am posting a copy of this chat on the enternet
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I bought 20k gold and then waited and waited for 4 days. I got a call after I filled with pay pal then I called and called the number and started flirting with the girl. We built a good report and then she "Vivian" got the gold to me in about 30 minutes. LoL. Bad company but I still have her number ;)
1 review
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Another sucker scammed out of his money. I wish i had seen this site 1 minute before I ordered from them. I want to know what did Pay-pal do when you disputed them were you able to get your money back? DONT ORDER FROM THIS SITE!
1 review
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28 days I've been waiting and have only received 1300 out of 40,000 You can do business with this company if you like, but they will never refund you the money, their manager is never around, and all the reps do is lie lie and lie. I've actually renamed them to PowerScam...and they are good at what they do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Never buy gold on this website ! If you did, open a complain to paypal !

This is the only way to get your money back
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I placed an order with the above, and soon recieved the "confirmation email" :

Dear Customer,

We received your payment of "10.61GBP"for "GDP*******2291" ."World of Warcraft EU". "Azjol-Nerub-GB-Alliance" ."10000"

Please Email back and tell us your mobile phone number .
We will send a verification code(free of charge) to your mobile phone.
If your cell phone is not available at the moment, u can also use other people's phone.
Then please Email us the code that you received on your phone .
We will start your order when the last two steps finished.

Thank you!

I thought this was odd but as i use pay as u go i thought fine, and sent my mobile number.

After no reply for about 10mins i opened up live help :

Effy Will serve for you : )

Effy said:(22:07:53)
Hey,its effy here,(=^ ^=)


You said:(22:08:01)

i sent a email regarding a mobile number but no sessage sent to me, how long does it norm take?


in addition why do i even need to use a mobile phone? there was nothing mentioned before i ordered the gold mentioning a mobile phone

Effy said:(22:11:08)

You said:(22:11:13)

Effy said:(22:11:29)

Confirmation letter is sent to [*****]

plz check it and reply ur cell phone back

You said:(22:13:21)
i did

are you able to see my reply email with my number?

Effy said:(22:17:17)

You said:(22:19:31)
can you send the reply with the code i need to get the order? or ?

thanks, verification code recieved and i have sent it back on email. where do i need to collect it from?


Effy said:(22:29:14)
yes email us

You said:(22:29:45)
i have emailed the confirmation code to you. did you recieve my confirmation email with the verification code?

i sent the email 8mins ago. with the verification code.

why does the site offer dilivery within 30mins and i've been stuck in this chat for that long? are you even there?

hello you there?

have you revieved my verification code?

i sent it some time ago. and i've not been contacted in game or had an email back.


Effy said:(22:49:56)


email us thne we wil send u the code

You said:(22:50:57)
i have emailed you the verification code back and been told i will be contacted by email or in game, how long does this normally take?

baring in mind that the site says 30mins?

Exit ChatSend
[Shortcut Key:Enter]:Last message received at 22:50


I've now opened a dispute on paypal regarding this payment, I've been logged into wow and have a channel set to "whisper only" and have had nothing, I've not recieved an email for some time either. The support person is particually useless, and as u can see by their response times isnt of much help either..
I wonder if they've recieved the dispute email yet.

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This site is a scam. They also ask you for your driver's license information when you ask for a refund!!! Do not give it to them. They have phishing for personal information!!! On 11/10/2010, I emailed them regarding a $49 purchase: From: ( Sent: Wed 11/10/10 10:32 AM To: XXXXXX Send us a whole pic Regards From: XXXXXX Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2010 2:29 AM To: Subject: RE: Driver's License Picture What do you need my driver's license information for? From: Subject: RE: Driver's License Picture Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 01:27:36 +0800 Please send us a clear whole picture don't hide anything plz Regards Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2010 1:25 AM To: Subject: FW: Driver's License Picture Hi, I purchased 20K (+300 bonus) of Wow Gold for my character SolarMatrix on Trollbane Alliance US server. I have not received the Gold yet. I do not want this I want a refund for my payment back to my paypal account. Thanks. On 11/12/2010 on customer service chat on their website: You said:(23:31:18)hello i ordered 20k of gold for my character on trollbane server and i didn't recieve the gold. i'm requesting a refund. when will my refund be processed? windy said:(23:35:03)when the manager is here, he will refund u soon ,sir You said:(23:36:22)do you realize that you have over 40 complaints about people not getting their gold? when will i get my money back? i need a time frame windy said:(23:37:24)but im not sure , maybe 3hrs later You said:(23:47:40)your manager is never around why does he even run this business? i want my money back. windy said:(23:48:24)we have other business too and now is lunch time You said:(23:48:57)it can't be that hard to refund my money. i've had paypal refunds before and they do it immediately windy said:(23:49:49)cuz manager isnt here, so cant do it now, sry You said:(23:52:12)this is my 10th time contacting you regarding refunding my money i've paid over $49 and i want it all back windy said:(23:53:05)when the manager is here, he will refund u soon You said:(23:56:05)so he will be there in a couple of hours? windy said:(23:56:20)yes i think so You said:(23:56:43)i am documenting everything you are saying to me, so please don't lie to me Later on 11/12/2010: You said:(23:31:18)hello i ordered 20k of gold for my character "xxxxx" on trollbane server and i didn't recieve the gold. i'm requesting a refund. when will my refund be processed? windy said:(23:35:03)when the manager is here, he will refund u soon ,sir You said:(23:36:22)do you realize that you have over 40 complaints about people not getting their gold? when will i get my money back? i need a time frame windy said:(23:37:24)but im not sure , maybe 3hrs later You said:(23:47:40)your manager is never around why does he even run this business? i want my money back. windy said:(23:48:24)we have other business too and now is lunch time You said:(23:48:57)it can't be that hard to refund my money. i've had paypal refunds before and they do it immediately windy said:(23:49:49)cuz manager isnt here, so cant do it now, sry You said:(23:52:12)this is my 10th time contacting you regarding refunding my money i've paid over $49 and i want it all back windy said:(23:53:05)when the manager is here, he will refund u soon You said:(23:56:05)so he will be there in a couple of hours? windy said:(23:56:20)yes i think so You said:(23:56:43)i am documenting everything you are saying to me, so please don't lie to me windy said:(23:57:17)i dont You said:(00:00:22)i contacted you yesterday and spoke with rain, and she said that the refund hasn't been processed yet, and that it will be processed soon i've dealt with refunds before, and companies refund money the same day.. not like your company on paypal windy said:(00:01:46)sry ,sir You said:(00:02:02)when will my refund be issued? windy said:(00:02:04)bu ti can only leave the msg to our manager about ur refund im not sure, sry You said:(00:02:20)what's your manager's phone number windy said:(00:02:24)need wait he is here You said:(00:02:36)your phone number on the website is disconnected windy said:(00:02:39)i dont know, and he cant speak english too You said:(00:03:06)yes, he can... i read that he can speak english on the website, and that he calls people on the phone windy said:(00:03:57)who told u that ? You said:(00:03:59)tell him to refund my money this website windy said:(00:04:21)i told u , i will leave the msg to him You said:(00:04:26) how come i've been asking for my money back for 3 days now and no one has called me or refunded my money? windy said:(00:11:09)im not sure, sry the past 3 day i was on holiday You said:(00:15:47)i need my money by tomorrow windy said:(00:16:33)will be ok i think You said:(00:19:38)stop $#*!ing around and just refund my money how come you guys have over 40 bad reviews for refunding money??? Welcome to GDP DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT SERVICE CO., LTD. Rainy Will serve for you : ) Rainy said:(00:47:35)Abracadabra~xD You said:(00:47:42)i ordered 20k of gold for my character on trollbane server and i didn't recieve the gold. i'm requesting a refund. when will my refund be processed? Rainy said:(00:47:52)sec but u need to send us a pic with ur name and expired time on it You said:(00:49:06)no i'm not sending my driver's license information to you for you to scam my financial information for identity theft refund my money Rainy said:(00:50:03)but i dont have the right to refund u sir You said:(00:50:07)yes you do Rainy said:(00:50:08)only our manger You said:(00:50:20)when is your manager around? Rainy said:(00:50:31)not sure the time You said:(00:50:43)you said that yesterday and the day before that also his business will be failing, he is never around As you can see, they do not know much about the operation side of their business. When you ask for a refund, they ask you for a copy of your driver's license. They are getting funded by Paypal. What do they need your driver's license number for? I called Paypal customer service, and they advised not to give out my driver's license number to these people.

Judy said: nice day ,what can i do for u You said: hello. how fast you can deliver gold to eonar horde ? Judy said: sec Judy said: i will check for u Judy said: yes we have 190k in stock Judy said: and the delivery time depends on how much u want You said: i asked erlier today and you have 32k in stock. i make my order yesterday becuz some say it takes 30min max! so can i $#*!in have my golds now or do i report your sites to lie peoples and stole them moneys ? Judy said: the amount u ordered is too small Judy said: we cannot risky to use the gold Judy said: if u order another 40k Judy said: will get it in 30minutes You said: lol. i order 100000 Judy said: okay You said: so why you lie? Judy said: u ordered GDP11002021118283 欧服魔兽WOW Eonar-GB-Horde 10000 Judy said: thats 10000 Judy said: if u buy another 40000 You said: no i dont Judy said: we will give u 50000 together in 30minutes Judy said: i promise You said: like other noob promise deliver 10k in 30 min You said: so i want my moneys back now You said: so. golds or money ? Judy said: I apologize that our manager is not here at this moment, and i have no right to refund. You said: and seems like i am onlyone who has buy gold from your sites. cuz you didnt ask even charracter name! You said: yes seems im onlyone who use your sites because You said: sould read that before buy gold from your sites Judy said: ..... You said: and now you ask me to send more money ? You said: lol Judy said: we finish every order and top 10 partners with paypal Judy said: u can trust us You said: i cant. i want my gold now then You said: cant. You said: if you ever want that someone trust site like this you need to do what you promise. not lie and take executes to try get ppl understund why they dont have get them gold like you have say You said: 30min You said: why didnt first one say no i need to order 50k to get gold in 30 min ? and why you sell like 500g if you cant deliver cause it is too damn risky You said: and why you lie that you have over 100.oookg in stock and you cant deliver my 10k ?

By arto p.
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