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Does not honor the 5 year warranty! I had pool re plastered Nov.2015, plaster turned black and pitted within 2 years. They won't come out to fix. I called them 20 times over the last 8 months. Secretary just keeps lying to me

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Columbus attempted to build us a MS Dynamic CRM. We commissioned Cambridge Online which was taken over by Columbus soon after we signed the contract with very little information about the take over! I found out 2 months after into the take over and purely by chance! We ended up with no CRM, £150,000+ poorer as a result of their shoddy work. What they built after 18 months wasn't fit for purposes. So much so that after 18 months of work we had to walk away with no CRM after our spend! What was also astonishing was how the UK staff that we were dealing with ducked and dived to shirk their responsibility. Their contract allows the customer to walk away which can only mean that they expect it!! They made promises verbally and no surprise that it wasn't included in their contract. Needless to say they couldn't deliver on their promises. Terrible service (I should say no service) and we were very badly treated by the senior manager. We felt almost bullied into walking away from the contract which was all there to protect their interest.

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Thirty-five minutes after I booked a flight using, and checking that they had a 24-hour cancellation/refund policy my son found another airline that suited us better. So I chose to cancel the flight made through When going to cancel the ticket, it said "assess the refund from the airline or accept refund given." Although it wouldn't have mattered which option I chose since I was under the assumption that I would be receiving 100% of my money back since I was cancelling well within the allotted twenty-four hours, I pressed assess the refund. I then received an email asking as to why I wanted to cancel my ticket and emailed back that I went with a different carrier. Couple days later I received another email stating that I would receive $102. I called customer service who told me that they could only give me $102. (Keep in mind this was 5 days later after the purchase of the ticket that I cancelled 35 minutes after purchase and 2 weeks before my flight). I am now out of $1433 because decided to go ahead and change my currency into Icelandic krona and buy the ticket through that country. When I called WOW Air, they said that since CHOSE to go through Iceland they could not honor their 100% refund policy and could only refund me the tax that was paid. They then said to go ahead and ask since I booked the flight with them to receive the refund through them. When I explained to what happened, the manager stayed on the line with me for well over four hours and was no help at all. Consistently yelling and arguing me about how I had accepted the terms of whatever the airline would refund me. However, NOWHERE was it stated that my USD currency would be changed into Icelandic currency and then proceed to buy the ticket. After several hours of her giving me the run around about checking to see about the refund, telling me that she had no control over it she proceeded to hang up the phone call, and never to call back with an update like she said she would. I am completely baffled that a company would act this way, even when I have gone out of my way to stay on the line with them for at least five hours. The most annoying part, after being out 1433 dollars, is that when you ask them any questions on the customer service line there is never a policy number or rule stated when asked for it. Their reasoning for everything is "no we won't do that", when you try to explain why you're frustrated and work out an agreement to do what would be best for everyone. They just repeat the same phrase they've told you over and over again. They've told me it so many times that I now know all of the companies supposed "policies". This company is absolutely disrespectful and a big scam.

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we have moved from a house to an apt. recently. we have been a city of chalotte consumer for some 28 years. I paid our house bill off on time. We just got another bill for the exact same amount yesterday. Called for clarification. I spoke to one of the RUDEST employees imaginable. Has no idea what she is talking about (a gaslighter) and then when I catch her in a lie, theres double talk get me out of trouble talk. THEN wants to know why did i call in the first place. Unbelievable conversation with an incredibly RUDE city of charlotte employee. I reported her on their website but should you encounter the same rudeness with ANY employee at that company, COMPLAIN to management.

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This started out as a great way to make companies sit up and pay attention if you had an issue. I came across it when I had a bad experience with a restaurant and couldn't find contact info for anyone not at the specific location. I wrote my letter, posted it to PF, and within days I got a call from the franchise owner, who more than made up for the bad evening. I stayed around because I enjoyed the back and forth among members in the comments section on each letter. If the letter was reasonable, there would be helpful commentary. If it was a ridiculous grab for freebies, fun snark would ensue. After a few years though, something changed. As someone else mentioned, it had a lot to do with the aforementioned "Mr. Helpful," a regular commentator who got appointed as a moderator. The new role apparently went to his head, because any comments not made by a member of his clique would be deleted at the drop of a hat if it didn't 100% agree with his "helpful" opinion. His circle of buddies were also permitted to attack other members, but if anyone not in the in-crowd stood up for themselves - delete. It got so ridiculous that after a few years of taking PF letters seriously, the CEO of the online retailer I worked for at the time announced that there would be no further responses to any communication from PF. It was no longer a service to be taken seriously, but a playground for trolls on a power trip. I see that it has now shut down. Kind of a shame - run appropriately, it could have been a valuable service for both businesses and consumers.

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7/2/18 - SCAM,RIPOFF,DO NOT USE - Nationwide Marijuana Doctors/Cards Scam $199- Nevada,Florida,LasVegas,Sarasota,Fort Myers.
DrGreenRelief takes your $199 for a medical marijuana card and closes there doors months later. This company*is a SCAM, RIPOFF,DO NOT USE. They will call you or have you call 8004208423. BUYER BEWARE OF THIS DRGREENRELIEF IN LAS VEGAS NEVADA AND NOW IN FORT MYERS, SARASOTA, ORLANDO, TAMPA FLORIDA. Will take your money and disappear.

Dr. Green Relief

7200 Smoke Ranch Road #120

Las Vegas, NV 89128

Dr. Green Relief

6800 Porto Fino Circle

Fort Myers, FL 33912

(239) 349-2999

Dr. Green Relief

3900 Clark Rd # B1,

Sarasota, FL 34233

(941) 444-0064 is a SCAM, RIPOFF,DO NOT USE. They will call you or have you call 8004208423. Nevada - California - Florida - New York - Puerto Rico.

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I had pre-paid for my June 23, 2018 one night Econo Lodge Paw Paw, MI reservation through on May 21, 2018. I felt comfortable that all was well with the reservation when I got a reminder email from Hotwire on June 21, 2018. I arrived at the Econo Lodge front desk just after 11:00 PM after a long day. I provided my ID and indicated that I had a one day prepaid reservation. A middle aged gentleman at the counter took my ID to check his computer and returned shortly to indicate that he had no record of my reservation in his system. I provided him electronic confirmation of my pre-paid reservation with confirmation number (5454408853).
The gentleman took my information and again indicated that the reservation was not showing up in his system that he had at the front desk. I asked if he had any contacts or phone numbers that he could call to get the problem resolved. He indicated that he didn't keep any of those numbers because they did not respond to him after typical business hours. I asked if he could call Hotwire to resolve the issue and he responded that he did not work for Hotwire. He further explained that Hotwire was very unreliable and that if it was up to him, Econo Lodge would not work with Hotwire. I asked the gentleman if he could call a Choice Hotels contact and he responded that they were just a third party booking company and were unfamiliar with the Econ Lodge Paw Paw operations.
Seeing that the gentleman at the front desk was unwilling to make any effort to get my issue resolved, I called myself. After locating my pre-paid reservation the Hotwire representative called and had a conversation with the gentleman at the front desk. At the Econo Lodge counter clerk's request, the Hotwire representative faxed the information that Hotwire had previously transmitted to the Econo Lodge on my pre-paid reservation.
After having the conversation with the Hotwire representative and getting a fax of the information that had been transmitted previously, the counter clerk would still not honor the pre-paid reservation. After working with the counter clerk and talking to the Hotwire representative for about 45 minutes, I concluded that I would not be getting a room at the Econo Lodge Paw Paw, MI.
After checking the other three hotels in Paw Paw, MI, I found that no rooms were available for that night in Paw Paw, MI. It appears the Econo Lodge counter clerk took it upon himself to re-sell my pre-paid room to another customer since I was arriving late. The clerk's negative comments about Hotwire also appeared to be an attempt by the clerk to provide additional cover for his claimed ignorance of the reservation.
After over 40 years of business and personal travel, I cannot say I have ever been treated so disrespectfully by a hotel counter clerk. Needless to say, I will not be making any reservations at any Econo Lodge hotels in the future.

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10 years ago and more, Planetfeedback was an effective tool for customer feedback. Apparently it lost staff, and what was left was a passive aggressive moderator who misnamed himself "Mr. Helpful", who ruthlessly disagreed with any commentator who wrote a comment online that did not support the complaint author 100%. The site interface was already dated before the decline in activity, and the site suffered a slow and agonizing death - the interface was never updated. A beloved and prolific contributor, Redheadwithglasses (Angela), died from cancer, and it was only a few years later that the site did as well.

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My husband went to make a $1,570.00 in his CITI BANK checking account at 8:00 AM on 3/23/18 through the ATM before heading to work. The ATM spit out a receipt saying "I'm sorry. Because of technical problems, I can't return your cash right now. This piece of paper doesnt specify the amount that was just deposited at the time. When he checked his account the account stated $0 dollars. He waited 2 more hours till the branch open to speak to the branch manager. During this time he had to miss work. When 10AM came around and the branch manager REINA HERNANDEZ arrived she simply told him that the branch has nothing to do with the ATM and that this happens often. Completely wipe her hands and wanted nothing to do with it. She didnt lift a finger to try and help. She went inside the bank and went on about her business; she didnt even provide my husband with the customer service number. My husband called the number on the back of the debit card where he was told he was going to have to wait 10 days and they couldnt do anything about it. I consider this THEFT from CITI BANK. NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE RESPOSIBILTY AND DO ANYTHING ABOUT RESOLVING THE PROBLEM. My husband told the branch (#518) "MANAGER" he was going to call the cops and she simply answered "okay called me when they get here" as my husband waited outside the branch. The police made a police report and recommended to my husband to file a CIVIL LAWSUIT against CITI BANK which we have already contacted our lawyer for this matter. Our bills are completely on hold due to this and we are being charged late fees. We have contacted every number we could find and search on the internet and everyone has given us the run around and told us that we have to wait 10 days and that an investigation has been open. As I did some research I read that a lot of other CITI BANK customers have had the same problem several times and no one has resolved their issue either. This is THE MOST UNPROFESSIVAL BANK AND INCOCIDERATED PEOPLE TO EVER TRUST WITH YOU HARD EARNED MONEY. As per the branch (#518) "MANAGER" REINA HERNANDEZ once I came to the branch to get an explanation why couldnt she just open the ATM and withdraw our money that was in LIMBO and we need ASAP to cover out due bills, she was the most UNPROFESSINAL BRANCH "MANAGER" we have ever dealt with. She refuse to help us with anything and actually threaten us with having to close our account. She just repeated that this happens all the time and she cant do anything about it. She mention that they have a company called BRINKS that comes once a month and she knows nothing else that she can do for us as she walked away smiling and got back to her personal call in her office. She said to me that she would have the cops drag me out of the branch (#518) if she had to. The NASTIEST person I have ever come across in my life. I thought MANAGERs are there to help the customer and see if they can reach a solution to the problem at hand. This woman didnt lift a pen to help instead made threats, claimed this happens all the time at this branch (#518) and she smiled to me and my family as she walked away. My husband spent an entire day trying to resolve this horrible matter with ZERO RESOLUTION. He had to miss work which means MORE MONEY LOSS DUE TO THIS HORRIBLE MATTER. Today is 3/28/18 WEDNESDAY and we still have not gotten our money back. Again this is THEFT from CITI BANK. We have called Customer service and we have been hung up on and given the run around over and over. We have yet to cover our pass due bills no one is willing to help. I have some family members that have CITI BANK and THEFT will be closing their accounts due to this DISASTER and DEFT.As I mention we have contacted our lawyer and will take this to court since we feel some one is go to answer for this MESS and THEFT.

10 reviews
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I always depended on planet feed back to reach who ever I was dealing with site jabber does nothing like what this site did to clear up things, so sad that it turned out like it did

6 reviews
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Once upon a time, this site was the place to go for leaving and obtaining consumer feedback. Then it apparently got sold by the original owners and slowly started going downhill. Today, it seems very few new postings, most of the helpful commentators have split for greener pastures and overall, just seems a ghost town. What happened?

150 reviews
1,508 helpful votes

Excellent review site which gives one the ability to either complain or compliment about a site, product or company. I enjoy the fact that there are levels of satisfaction that one can choose from when it comes to one rating how well a company is or a product is or a website is.

I like the fact that the site is very user friendly and the site also gives one the ability to mail one's complaint directly to the site or company so that the problem can be addressed by the company or site. One just needs to have the address of the company or site that one can attach to one's complaint so that the complaint can be sent to the offending company.

Topics that are hot topics can get to be in the planet feedback spotlight so that more opinions can be given on that particular topic.

This is an excellent site when it comes to consumer resolution of a consumer related issue.

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