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85 reviews
2250 Lakeside Boulevard
Richardson, Texas 98006, USA
Tel: 1-800-778-7879
2017 Customer choice award

85 Reviews From Our Community


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1 review
0 helpful votes

i have nothing but trouble with this company most of my calls go right to voice mail half the time i do not get my messages i have called them many times to get the problem fixes and alls it does is screws it up more now i do not get my lte light at the top of my phone i'm so sick of this place

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have had 2 lines with Metro PCS for 5 months, and for the past 4 months, I have had nothing but issues trying to pay my bill. I clicked on the link in the reminder text, tried to pay online and through their app and I get a message that the card is invalid. The first time this happened I had JUST paid other bills through other online bill pays and thought perhaps I had miscalculated my money. Nope. Balance is exactly where it should be. So I go into a store, where you have to pay an additional fee to be able to pay a bill in person and their in-store systems take the card payment, no problem. The associates in store were kind enough to call customer service and have them refund the $3 fee and 'open a ticket' to investigate the issue. Month 2, same issue. Go into to store and after explaining the issue AGAIN, I was informed that the company knew of the issue and were trying to fix it, that I was not the only one experiencing the issue. Month 3 , SAME ISSUE. Go to store, pay bill along with fee, call customer service and FORCE them to refund this month's and LAST month's inconvenience fee (they argued against refunding the previous month's because I opted NOT to call since I was told the company knew about the issue and were working on it. I made the terrible mistake of cutting them some slack and giving them the benefit of the doubt.)
Month 4...SAME ISSUE AGAIN. ONCE AGAIN have to argue with 'customer service' that it in fact NOT the card or the bank, as I have made a gas purchase and paid 2 bills online already with no issues. I was told the only option was to open a ticket and wait 72 hours for it to resolve. I was also informed that they see a previous ticket had been marked as resolved. OBVIOUSLY NOT, as I have had to waste 45 minutes of my day on the phone REPEATEDLY telling you that the issue is STILL not the card or the bank and that if I walk into a store there won't be an issue other than me having to waste MORE time calling 'customer service' to get a $3 fee refunded because YOUR online systems are fouled up.

bottom line: if you enjoy the feeling of constantly banging your head against a wall and wasting your time, by all means go with MetroPCS. I however will be switching to another provider that can get their acts together from day one.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Metro pcs has offered great customer service for the first two years i have had them imo. One of the best services offered imo is the My metro app and how convenient it makes it to pay my bill and if needed i have the option to get a 48 hr extension of full services. The services which for two years if needing the extension, i pay my bill in full shortly after getting the extension and everyones interest are covered. Now starting this month i find out that if i need the courtesy restore until i can pay my bill that the talk and text will be restored but not the internet services. The internet service is about 80% of why i pay my bill. Its kind of petty at first thought. Anyway it was conveniet in the event i made a mistake and was not on top of my bill payment. This month being out of town on vaca til friday and not having payed my bill in advance this is a real headache since i was to rely on there service. Im a 2 year customer with no debt with them and i purchased all my products from there store and will have no internet for the next couple days atleast until im home. Then argueing im paying a full bill for services im not able to use is another headache. Imo they now have made the corp swing of pushing there expenses of business onto there customer instead of offering a customer service which extends there service. That philosophy is what pushes me away. Ive been down that road with big companys before. Usually i walk away and find another way to meet my needs.

1 review
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I made a visit to the MetroPCS on 1334 E Apache Blvd Tempe Az 85281. Magali helped me with my decision on which phone to get. And helped me activate a phone for my daughter. She did a good job keeping a good conversation going while she was working on my phone. Great customer service Magali thank you so much.

1 review
1 helpful vote

For the price you really can't beat Metro PCS, HOWEVER I am in Ohio and travel between Dayton area and Akron and had very spotty service. In my home there was no consistency of whether I would get an incoming call. If I was near a big city i.e. Chicago then it was exceptional, but I just couldn't get a consistent signal in anywhere from Dayton area all the way to Akron. Lots of dropped calls and Emergency call only. I gave them six months and tried to fix and still not good so I can't recommend them for anywhere in the areas of Ohio I was traveling through.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I switched from sprint who i was with for over 3 yrs. Not 100% happy with sprint so i was checking around at my options. I was told if i switched to metro i could keep my number and after i made my second payment i would recieve a visa gift card for $100. I had planned to upgrade my phone when i got the card. After making my 3rd payment i asked about it. The girl was very nice and helpped me through the process. I was given a tracking number and i recieved a text that said i would recieve it in i think it wad 10-12 weeks. 3days later i got an email saying i didn't quallify. I feel like they didn't keep their end of our deal. Service is great but they got me. Not good business.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Phone works good until you get about two weeks from paying bill then everything slows down and hard to access anything, pay for unlimited everything and still stimied accessing info , considering switching phone services, absolutely frustrated with this service!

1 review
4 helpful votes

For everyone who's around to read this review,
In order to fully understand you need to check out my Facebook page as its public under Stephanie Whitman and you'll see the post that began at all! It Chronicles the horrible experience I had with Metro PCS and their salespeople!


So I'm sure some of you have seen the post I put on Facebook about the #Metro ordeal that I've been going through since May 4th of last month? And if you haven't you could check it out on my feed because it's public.
Well......,...let me tell you what's going on with that. As soon as I posted that long post chronicling everything that happened from the minute I walked into the #MetroPCS store till that day I posted. (It included everything on how the salesperaon, #PEDRO FROM THE #MtPENN #METROPCS #STORE tricked me, lied to me, sold me a broken phone, and when I went back the very next day to return the phone tells me that he did an upgrade without my approval or even telling me that he was doing an upgrade and said because of that he cannot return or exchange the phone.)
Well the very next day I got a response from the #MetroTeam saying how sorry they were and that they were going to fix this problem and that yes it was wrong what he did to me and they agree with me a wholeheartedly. (And I have all the messages to prove it.)
Now mind you that was over a month ago okay? MY monthly bill is due again. Now I pay my fee and I'm not able to even use the phone so what sense does that make? And every time I ask them, " what's going on?", "Look just give me my money back I'll give you the phone" , "you even told me what he did was wrong and that this sale was shiesty AT THE VERY LEAST" and there was nothing right about the way he went about selling me the phone and that I should be able to give the phone back and get my money back" these are all comments that they have made to me and I have made to them. Believe me I have them all saved in my messenger account..
And every time I check in with them after a few days of waiting they're repeatedly telli me how "grateful they are for my patience, just a few more days"! l guess what my PATIENCE has RUN OUT.
The only thing that they were ever willing to do was to offer me 2 "Courtesy" phones which were older than the previous phone I owned. THE TWO PHONES THEY OFFERED ME CAME OUT IN 2016 AND 2015! My previous phone was LG K20 Plus. AND CAME OUT IN 2017, the two phones they offered me where made two years prior to that! No mention of returning my money....nothing!
So I had to turn it down. I'm not going to spend #$153 on a #phone that's #ancient.
So what I'm asking all my Facebook friends and people that don't even know me to do is to just hit the like button on this post and show #MetroPCS A #MULTIMILLION-DOLLAR #,CORPORATION, that the average person can make a difference! Let them know that this won't be tolerated!! ! I mean seriously $153 return out of the billions of dollars they make??? IS THAT REALLY GOING TO PUT A DENT IN THEIR POCKET BY DOING THE RIGHT THING? So I asked you pleaae show this company that they can no longer treat people any old way they want to and take money from people that really don't have any money to begin with. Just a like, share or comment whatever you want to do, or whatever you can do would be greatly appreciated. The more people who like this post... the more it shows #MetroPCS that they cannot get away with things like this!


1 review
2 helpful votes

I am absolutely furious with this horrendous phone company. You may think that because its so much cheaper its a good deal but its not, because you are affectively giving them money and receiving nothing in return. I called and worked with three separate customer service agents trying to get my phone set up for a trip to Europe. They told me the best international plan they had for Europe did not give me calling, but free unlimited texting with my unlimited data plan I already had in place. Little did I know and as they completely failed to explain, metro pcs literally has 0 service or reception in Europe. Im not exaggerating where I mean its just really really weak, they literally have no service here, which you would think at least one of the three customer service agents I asked about a European international plan might mention. That unlimited texting plan I got got? it means I can send texts when Im connected to WiFi. Wow gee thanks!! Thats super $#*!ing useful!! Oh wait no one I know is a $#*!ing scrub without an iPhone and So iMessage is the only thing I use anyway. And even if they didnt have iMessage there are about a billion apps that let you talk for free with WiFi. This not only meant that I had no ability to contact people, it meant that I was stranded in foreign countries where I did not speak the language with no ability to contact people for help, get directions anywhere, or look up important information. I felt extremely unsafe many times. Metro PCS completely ruined my vacation which I had been planning for months. Horrible, manipulative, deceptive phone company. Absolute joke.

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

When I got MetroPCS seven years ago there weren't many reviews so I took a chance because it was so cheap I'm so glad I did 7 years later I'm a happy customer, I used to have Sprint probably the worst company in the world with their overcharges and phony bills up charges get rid of them get MetroPCS you will be very happy

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Me gusta metros tiene buen servicio gracias soy costumbre de metro de los recomiendo a todos las personas gue tengan teléfono móvil

23 reviews
10 helpful votes

I have been a customer with Metro PCS for over three years now. No major issues have occurred within this time frame. The cell phone service is great in my present location. However, I have been to rural areas just to have no signal. Thus, one should check with Metro PCS for coverage in the area prior to purchasing phone and plans. Anyhow, customer service line via chat or phone will solve everyday problems with ease. Phones themselves are dependable and affordable. Obviously some will perform better than others. Prepaid cell phones plans are also affordable. Metro PCS in some cases will allow two day extensions for prepaid customers who are unable to pay their bill on time. Furthermore, exclusive deals for new customers are presented on a regular basis. I would like to see deals for existing customers such as free phone upgrades. Hints the four stars. Subtract that and I have no problems with Metro PCS. As a cell phone service provider, Metro PCS has been excellent.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Hello .I'm a new customer at Metro PCS ,i was looking for a good quality camera but didn't want an iphone .The phone that i bought first time didn't meet my needs so when i returned it 2 days later , sales man named Hector or Erie blv ,Syracuse was very polite and spent his time explaining to me about other phones and i finally got the one i'm satisfied with which fit my budget and needs .I appreciate good communication between a customer and a sales person .Thanks Hector .From K.S

3 reviews
3 helpful votes

I recieved a notification from Metro pcs to do a update. So I clicked updated after a while my screen was black. It's getting dark outside and it's raining. I got dressed an went to one of the local stores the only thing they wanted to do is sale me another phone. I explained that the phone was working fine until I did the update. I asked can you restore my phone to 4 pm, before I click the update. The clerk suggested that I go to the Corporate office, so I did. More trying to sale me a phone. I had the clerk to activate my old phone, so she did. Clerk said that my phone was too old and it did not activate. I told her, well I guess I want have a phone. I was not about to make a emotional purchase. So I'm driving down the street and I decided to try my old phone that clerk said would not work. I turned the phone on & made a call and it works. This 3g phone is driving me crazy, very slow loading. Luckily a friend gave me a phone, because Cricket was looking very good to me. Free phone, $40 a month, $5 discount a month for auto pay & if you are switching providers another $10 credit.

1 review
1 helpful vote

My experience with their local representatives on the South Side of Tallahassee Florida was horrible. The manager was rude and downright nasty. I bought a phone was placed on the wrong plan and *611 had to fix that issue, I later find out the phone I was sold is on recall. I have had to buy 4 chargers in less than 6 months. Not only is your customer service horrible but your product is a piece of junk. If there was a number before 0 that would be the rating. 1 is too high

5 reviews
13 helpful votes

My family and I had been customers of Metro PCS for over 10 years when they just started. The only way that you can have them take you seriously is if you complain to the FCC. They provide their unsatisfied, frustrated customers with a free upgrade and some credits to ease the frustration. Fast forward two years after our complaint, we still experienced unreliable service, dropped calls, no signal, no incoming/outgoing texts, etc. There are known for using deceptive business tactics to avoid being fined for scamming many customers. Their corporate office enjoys lying to the FCC and only helping their customers until the case is closed. As paying customers, it is disturbing to tolerate unreliable, poor service and to deal with a carrier who could not care less. Fortunately, we switched to a carrier that values customer loyalty. The fact that there are so many negative reviews online for Metro PCS speaks volumes.

5 reviews
3 helpful votes

First of all when I signed up the contract was in Somalian!! WHAT!!! AND WHEN I STOPPED PAYING THEY THREATNED ME WITH ARBITRATION!!! I THOUGHT THIS WAS PRE_PAY!!!!!!!!!!

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

I like the price but the quality was not very effective as there were too many dropped calls in my area.

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Hello my name is Alfreda Days I been with metro PC's since 2005 I watched this company customer service go down over the last couple of years since they started hiring all these foreigners who can't speak english and they sit in there little cubicles think when they accept a call from a customer where supposed to kiss there lazy ass just to get them to do there jobs I blame metro PC's your so money hungry to the point that you don't care how these people talk to your customer it was the working class like me who made you're company Rich I see you've forgotten it was the little people who was there when Merto PC's wasn't $#*! now you're riding on T Mobile no it's all about the Money soon as I get a chance I'm going to find a better company that will appreciate my business and a customer that pays there bill before the due date I can Honestly say I HATE METRO PC's NOW Alfreda Days

12 reviews
3 helpful votes

I have been a customer of every single mobile company out there at one time or another. It is a pity how the others give you a great plan and year after year the price goes up. However, my family and I have been with Metro PCS for almost 5 years and we are still paying the same price as we did when we start.with unlimited everything including 4G. We can upgrade our phones every 90 days and they have the latest phones and they do not cost an arm , two legs and a kidney to buy. MetroPCS customer for life

3 reviews
16 helpful votes

recently older phones just stopped working without any warning... could not do anything with my phone and lost many customers... went to metro and was told i needed to buy a newer phone as the older ones are no longer working... i was desperate so i said give me the lowest priced phone... they said there is a sale on phones for returning customers ...but i would have to pay 15 dollars to keep my number.... i said of course i need my number it is on my advertising.... then they said i had to pay the taxes on the whole bundle....i had no choice .,,,i need my phone and paid,,, they turned on the phone and i realized i can not see any buttons clearly as it was cheaply made.... i told the man this is junk i would never use this phoneWOULD
newer phone as the older ones are no longer working... i was desperate so i said give me the lowest priced phone... they said there is a sale on phones for returning customers ...but i would have to pay 15 dollars to keep my number.... i said of course i need my number it is on my advertising.... then they said i had to pay the taxes on the whole bundle....i had no choice .,,,i need my phone and paid,,, they turned on the phone and i realized i can not see any buttons clearly as it was cheaply made.... i told the man this is junk i to buy a new phone... but then buy another new phone and pay all the fees and taxes.... and i am out 287 dollars just to keep a phone working.....THIS IS ONE HELL OF A SCAM FOLKS.... THEY NEED TO BE PROSECUTED
suddenly while at work my phone i bought from metro pcs stopped working.... it would not do anything.... i could get no work done and so i had to go home and lost a full day and all the customers trying to reach me..... i get to the metro store and they say the older phones are being phased out and that i need to buy a newer phone... i was desperate so i said give me the lowest priced phone... they said there is a sale on phones for returning customers ...but i would have to pay 15 dollars to keep my number.... i said of course i need my number it is on my advertising.... then they said i had to pay the taxes on the whole bundle....i had no choice .,,,i need my phone and paid,,, they turned on the phone and i realized i can not see any buttons clearly as it was cheaply made.... i told the man this is junk i would never use this... he said to choose another phone that is better for me and i did.... the price was 99 dollars but instead he charged me 179 as he said i have to pay full price since i used the one time discount on the other phone...... i said but i did not leave the store,,,, i am standing in front of you now..... he said it only works one time....... then he said i had to pay the 15 dollar fee again to save my phone number and i had to pay the taxes on the whole bundle as well..... so i had a phone i paid for.... i lost that phone and the money as the company blocked its use.... then i had to buy a new phone which was i had to buy a better phone and then pay the fees and taxes ..... i am out 278 dollars just to get a phone that works from metro pcs..........THIS IS ONE HELL OF A SCAM .... THEY NEED TO BE PROSECUTED....

1 review
2 helpful votes

I wish I could give this company a negative 10. Customer service is garbage and no help at all, internet lol that's a joke in my town of 3,000. I have used metro PC's before for a long time and they were good well at Time they were. Now days I have nothing but internet problems and I complain to them and I get fed lies after lies all different, Customer service lol lucky to get someone who speaks good English other than that pure garbage and I have actually been hung up on alot. Today is June 7 2017 and today was the worst ever, to get a simple text out I had to restart my phone and yes I did this so much I lost count. I went on to there website to see if I can contact corporate about this and surprise surprise you can not reach corporate at all they don't have a email, address, or anything for you to contact corporate. I had enough of this, it has effected my job and my ability to get another job and they don't care so I'm giving up and moving to another company. Metro PCs has gone to the dumps and needs a major overhaul. PS.... I have told them they need more towers in my town and it's fallen on deaf ears cause all they care about is money.

11 reviews
12 helpful votes

I've been using this company since 2003. I wouldn't dream of going elsewhere. Only thing I dislike, and didn't give 5*, is they've charmed their policies on how often you can purchase a new phone. Other than that, I recommend this company to everyone. I have just as good service as sprint, for half the price.

41 reviews
50 helpful votes

First off, the cheap service is unlimited. I had great service when I first started doing business with MetroPCS. But, the quality of service has dropped. Now the 4g service is only available for a few days then it's back to slow Internet.
I'm also used to prepaid be just that. If I paid for 30 of service, I expect to get 30 days of service.
I walked in to the local metropcs store and they can't do a thing for me. They have no access to their own system. I can't resolve anything online or on the phone.
I'm fuming now! I've gotten responses from other companies who watch this site. I hope someone at MetroPCS care enough to help me resolve my problem.

3 reviews
7 helpful votes

THANKS MetroPCS for charging me an extra $20 for a car charger I did not want or need when I purchased a new phone the other day. Tried to return it at the store and the gal (Glenda) gave me the B.S. "Oh you can't return phone accessories that come with the phone." Who in their right mind would want a $20 car charger? That's a load of crap. Not to mention this was the same gal that basically yelled at my boyfriend for trying to get a different phone plan a few months ago. He walked up to her being perfectly nice and then she just started yelling, telling him "IT WOULD BE STUPID" to change his plan in the middle of the month. How is it okay to treat your customers like that?!

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