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400 - 1818 Cornwall Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6J 1C7, Canada
Tel: 1.877.263.9300

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1 review
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I received my first pair of lululemon leggings for Christmas. After the first wash they pilled up. When I tried to take them back to the store said that you cannot was lululemons with anything else and to buy a sweater shaver. For their cost they are definitely not worth the money and not great quality!

1 review
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I bought an item online. The next day I received a shipping notification from FedEx that included a delivery date. The date came and wentno item. I tracked my purchase only to find the item hadn't shipped. Customer Service tells me my item shipment looks great. Yet they have no answer when I explain the item hasn't shipped. Finally I'm
Told if the item doesn't show within 30 days I can file a claim for them to investigate. Nope. I'm disputing the charge with my credit card company. Other similar reviews show I'm not alone. Shame on you, Lululemon. A customer lost; a disgruntled basher gained.

1 review
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Tried emailing this company regarding the life time guarantee 2 times in a month , with no reply. Eventually tried texting them , finally got a hold of someone. I told them about my concerns and he said he'd start a return and it sounded like they weren't holding up how they should be. Ended up talking to 4 people in 2 days. Had to regive a lot of info , just to have the last person say the items couldn't be returned. Very time consuming. Lots of time wasted. Poor customer service.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Extremely disappointed! I spend SO much money here! I've only 1 time in my life have ever exchanged anything, not returned... exchanged.
And today, I tried to exchange, not return, a pair align capris because they were in the wrong sized shelf when I bought them, and they said they couldn't. Couple things, yes my fault for not double checking, and my fault for instinctively removing that back annoying tag that they allow to rip off but still.
They can send them back to corp or the manufacturer to sew the tag back on instead of "throwing them away" they said, because that tag was missing.
They should take a lesson from Nordstrom! I'm not a 1 time shopper either. Again, I buy everything there, have never returned and have only exchanged one time in my life.
Time to find a new brand. Athleta I hear is good as well as P'tula.

1 review
2 helpful votes

The first week of December, I ordered a $100 gift card for my niece for Christmas. Not only did it not arrive, LLL sent me an email asking me review my order. According to their own website, the package was eternally stuck in "waiting for pick up by carrier." Their customer service put me on hold for four minutes to confirm this, even though it took me less than 30 seconds to pull up my account on my end. She asked if an email replacement would work, to which I reluctantly agreed to only because if the very late date (it was already after Christmas). As we were getting off the phone she says "ok, you should have that in 3-5 business days." Seriously? It's already been 3 weeks and now you are basically adding another. I'm just so sad for my young niece.

Additionally, the day after Christmas I drove with my daughter to the closest town with a LLL to exchange one if the two pairs of leggings that she had received for Christmas. We were basically asked to leave immediately upon walking in. An employee stood at the door asking if people were buying, returning or exchanging. When we said exchanging, she strongly suggested that we come back another time as the line was over 20 minutes long. We decided to divide and conquer so I stood in line while she found a new item to purchase. We were out of there in under 10 minutes. They were busy yes, but I honestly suspect that it had more to do with keeping their end if year sales higher! It was a very strange experience, no one has ever asked me to not come into their store before.

My daughters and nieces are all on the LLL bandwagon (one is an athlete ranked among the top 10 in the world in her sport), I'm going to talk to them about this experience and encourage a new work out brand! Gym Shark anyone???

1 review
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If you are not young, cute and in shape, don't expect to be waited on.....three sales staff completely ignored me to help the young cuties who walked in with was like I was invisible....will never shop here again for my grandkids!!

1 review
2 helpful votes

Terrible customer service and terrible company to deal with! Placed order and your computer system failed to process it but took my money out of the account and now I have to wait 3 to 10 business days to get my money released back to me! Never offered anything for my trouble and inconvenience of being without my money. Now I won't hsve my money until the week before Christmas and will be too late to order without NOW paying for shipping. Don't even know if the jacket will be in stock by that time! If it wasn't on my daughters list I would never buy from this company again! Terrible, terrible customer service and I will Be glad to tell everyone I know and on social media how terrible this company is!

1 review
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My daughter was instructed By store employees to register for the Sweat Collective online. We live over an hour away from a Lululemon and it would be convenient for her to purchase at home. She is 14 and teaches 4 dance classes a week. She spoke to an online employee at length, they had her fill out all kinds of information and was told she would be enrolled within a week. The week is here and her membership online AND in store was revoked because of her age. Online members must be 18. That information was never shared before... but I can understand if that is a term. However, I was told that we would have to go into a store and reapply to reinstate her membership there. What?? She has been a member for over a year. She has already brought in proof of employment and applied. They should have taken care of it. I asked 5 times to speak to a supervisor or manager and was refused. The employee was a broken record of useless information. My daughter did everything that was asked of her and now is being punished. Terrible customer service!! TERRIBLE!!

1 review
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We recently stopped in Vaughan mills lululemon to get comfy pants for my daughter to travel home in after her surgery at Toronto sick kids I bought a pair each for my three sons my daughter that had the surgery couldn't decide on a pair and the staff comped one pair so she could have both
It made her day she really needed some good luck to come her way and it did starting at lululemon

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I have purchased many Yoga mats different thicknesses and have never been happy with any of them. Lots of different issues ie:- no grip or to thick for balance poses. I recently purchased a 5mm reversible yoga mat from lululemon and am in love. It is awesome I wash it with warm soapy water and it cleans up as good as new. Thickness is perfect. My husband is happy I can stop wasting my money and doesn't understand there is a difference lol

1 review
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Absolutely the best shirt Ive ever bought. I was out in the sun in 100 degree weather all day and didnt sweat a drop. I actually had people coming up and feeling my shirt because they couldnt believe it. Of course I also had lululemon shorts and underwear on. Still not one drop of sweat showing. If I wouldnt have been wearing the clothes I would of never believed it. It took me a while to switch to lululemon but I wont wear anything else now. Thanks lululemon keep up the good work and good clothing

1 review
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I juust tried to exchange a number and they did not do it because it was missing the hygienic plastic. When i bought it didnt have any!!!!! The girl treated me like a trash at the park royal location. I paid 140 for something ugly and small and that i can not even exchange. Waste of $$$$$$$

1 review
4 helpful votes

Yes Lu Lu Lemon had a recall on their hoodies made between 2008 and 2014 the drawstring was made from elastic like materials and a metal piece at the end causing injury to people in the face It was not a very good attempt at getting the word out there just how bad the injury could be caused by the drawstring! I myself was injured in 2009 but truly thought it was a freak accident yea my eye was injured and bad!! I was not aware until I heard about the recall that my injury was a result of the mistake made when manufacturing the drawstring string !! Mistakes happen yes, but take responsibility for it and take it seriously. I reported it yup they offered $550.00 gift certificate I was told my injury was the worse report and to by their own Resolution Team to taktit legal I did but lost due to a limitation act . You must respond with in 2 years of the injury!! Today I have permanent eye damage for life yes and they dont care . Worse part is another woman was hurt in the eye about 8 weeks ago and what are doing her? Not much they have replied we did what was necessary by Canada Health these jackets are still out there please beware if you get hurt you will suffer and they will do nothing . I am aftone will show up in a Consignment Store and could possibly be bought by a Mother for a young child as they fit small ! So Lu Lu Lemon what if a small child losses an eye will you care then

3 reviews
6 helpful votes

Its hard to believe the hype with lululemon isn't true. Yes, the designs are somewhat fashionable. But the practicality of the stitching is not price-worthy for active wear that is supposed to be resilient for physical activity. When I received my order, three out of the six items stitches were fraying/separating. I would check it twice and only buy what you really gravitate towards..

1 review
2 helpful votes

have spent over $2500 dollars within the last 2 months and probable $3500 within the last year at lululemon and love the Grand Ave. Store great people always helpful and feel good walking out of there! I went to Edina/Galleria today and as always SNOBS!!!!! except Kelly the woman that helped me try stuff on. but the lady that rang me up threw my purchases in the bag no folding busy talking to her friend and could barley say a word to me then I get home and she forgot to take the security tag off of one of my items!!!!! Really I don't have time to return again but will need to but it was so obvious I was an inconvenience to the woman ringing me up that she couldn't wait to have me go away. Love the selection at the store but hope that the St. Paul store can expand so that I don't have to go back to the SNOBISH Galleria store....I have been on lululemon passion for a year but this totally put a SOUR taste in my brain!

1 review
2 helpful votes

I had a gift card that I used online. The order went through and I threw the gift card away because I thought I would never need it as I used up all the funds. A week later when I realized I never received the package, I called their customer support and they couldn't find my order. So basically I lost it. How unfortunate :(
I used to like Lululemon and got a lot of stuff from them until today. The good thing there are better brands out there, like Bandier! Try it! Great quality and people make compliments to me all the time when I wear BANDIER

1 review
8 helpful votes

Worst Customer Service I have ever experienced. I ordered 1 item and it never arrived. I have contacted lululemon multiple times via the Live Chat option. They refused to do anything until after the 7th shipping day even though FedEx notified me on the 5th shipping day the package was lost and they had issued a trace. Finally after the 7th shipping day lululemon said they were putting in a trace request with Fedex (This was already done on the 5th shipping day) and I would have to wait another 4 days for a resolution. I was also told by lululemon I would receive an email with the trace information immediately, which I still don't have. I ordered the item as a Christmas gift which I'm obviously not receiving and have to figure something else out.
Customer Service should have offered to re-ship the item or a refund and dealt with the missing package on their own. Either have it sent back to them if found or deal with the insurance claim if not found. Instead they make the customer deal with the problem. As of now I have no gift and no refund and am still waiting to hear something about the trace. I will NEVER give a dime to this company again!

1 review
3 helpful votes

I was a loyal customer all till today. After being o. The phone back & forth. I discovered they are a non hassle free company. I spend thousand of dollars with this company. In top of that recommending this company to many friends. However the store I shop with. Has a pair of box it out tights on sale. But didn't have a size 4. But online do. She stated I Gould called them. And they should give me price adjustment. Didn't know it would be a big HASSLE. After they lady telling me that she will be able to help me . Get my item. Still ran into a bumpy road. Reminder I was on the phone back & forth trying to find this tights. Still didn't get a chance to purchase my tights. She stated that her hands was tide and I can just purchase for regular price . Once they come call them back and she came make the adjustment. Reminder I just had spoke with someone previously. Calm back and Rebecca sattad hat she WILL be able to help. Me. She said let me place you on a brief hold. So now I'm excited thinking I'm going to get my tights. Nope. Very disappointment once again. A company that I have spent thousand of dollars with. Can even give me a discount code to accommodate to a loyal customer. I guess gym shark here I come. I can spend money and this one time they had to accommaidate me ended up a bloody mess. Now I'm super sad & upset. To the I cancel workout. I guess my coins & loyalty doesn't mean anything to you guys. That being said duces.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I bought a LULULEMON Yoga Mat and I had an asthma attack! The first night, I kept the yoga mat in my bedroom by thinking that I will have a nice stretch in the morning. I woke up with the difficulty to breath and I was coughing a lot. I was not sure if it was really the strong smell of the chemicals from the LULULEMON Yoga Mat but every time that I was getting closer to it, I was heavily reacting to it. When I read about the chemicals used for this yoga mat, I figured out that their chemicals used are toxic and can dangerous for your health.
I went immediately to the store to share my experience and I had a hard time to get my refund! I still cannot believe that the lady told me that with the time, the strong smell of rubber will get away! She did not understand that it is not about just a smell but a product that can be dangerous for your health!

Tonight, I have pain in the lungs and strong headaches, the smell is still a bit in my bedroom and I have to wash the towel that I put on the mat. The towel smells like the disgusting tire of a car!
I was never born asthmatic, there are a new study that say: asthma and allergies have increased in the developed world during the last 30 years. The companies want to promote nice new products by using strong chemicals to make the product to look good but bad for our health and it just makes us sicker!

Please look for a hypo-allergenic Yoga Mat instead and please do not encourage the products using dangerous chemicals!

1 review
3 helpful votes

I'm debating returning the item I just bought because of how terrible I felt at the store today. I have never felt less valued as a customer. The employee who was tending to me seemed half present when she was with me. First of all she got the wrong size when I had already told her my size. But worst of all was how she just didn't seem to care. She knocked on my door and asked me how I was doing really fast like it was her responsibility and she wanted to leave. I said "it's going well" and I am not lying when I say she very sarcastically said "okay that's greaaaat." When I was checking out I had to wait for her to finish talking to her employee friends about something that wasn't related to work. When she came to me you could tell she was wanting to go back to her coworkers. I felt disrespected and the hype about "lululemon being worth the price" has worn off. I don't want to find out for myself if it's worth it or not. I'm disappointed that there isn't an option to leave a review on experience to lululemon directly. (At least I didn't see it on the receipt which is usually the case in Canada.) Lululemon just lost a customer, Victoria's Secret is enough for me.

1 review
2 helpful votes

A size 12 is XL??!! Omg they're horribly expensive.. The best is FABLETICS! They are the most skin loving.. Fit right way cheaper awesome wear!

8 reviews
3 helpful votes

Extremely comfortable clothing. Most comfortable workout clothes I own, however very expensive. Great quality, although I have had to return a pair or two because the stitching comes undone. They replace them or reimburse you. Very flattering clothes, would recommend. Make sure you wash with care (cold water, inside out, air dry). This ensures the fabric maintains its great condition. I follow these instructions, however sometimes the stitching comes loose, but as mentioned they will replace/reimburse you if this occurs. Great company.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I hv got a pair of lululemon black wonder under crops and a simply bare tank in purple. They share the same quality blunder ----- turning water from clarity to black and purple respectively! No warm water or softener added which I follow the cleaning direction strictly! In fact, the black wonder under crops I got by gift card for their last running tights which got holes on thighs after several washes.

They cost over 120 us dollars but they don't worth at all for color discoloration:(. Even clothes less than 10 dollars (or even 1 dollar) won't fade like this upon washing.

The return policy is also a disaster when their staff gave harsh words to protect their company by all means; and their courier company service is also a nightmare which I have waited for almost a day to find out that they didn't have placed the delivery order. Seldom do they refund for their quality issues clothes!

Don't consider buying their stuff again!

1 review
1 helpful vote

We were leaving the country and my husband wanted another pair of ABC pants for the plane ride but didn't have to time go to Seattle. ( we live on an island) I called and they were extra nice by taking my credit card number over the phone and shipped them out immediately. Unfortunately, the pants did not fit since he gained weight since we bought the last pair. I called the store and talked to Justin who understood and immediately sent me a return label so I put them in the mail to get a refund.
It was absolutely delightful to deal with people who actually care, are professional and do what they say they are going to do. I will try again, but have my husband on hand to get the right pants! Thanks Lululemon!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I called the Lululemon warehouse after having two pairs of my Wunder Under pants rip at the seams. The ladies I talked to on the phone were more than helpful. Within 24 hours they sent me shipping info to send my pants back to the warehouse, and then received a gift card worth $222.00 to use towards new pants. It look about 3 weeks for this whole process to happen, and my brand new Lulus were just delivered! The customer service was impeccable and I'll definitely shop there again! Thank you, Lululemon!

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