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LiveAuctioneers has a consumer rating of 1.5 stars from 24 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. LiveAuctioneers also ranks 90th among Auction sites. The most common issues with LiveAuctioneers are around shipping times, which tend to take longer than expected by some customers.

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  • They allow people to create fake auction houses and sell fraudulent merchandise.
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Top Positive Review

“Best Kept Secret!”

Wasted T.

I LOVE THIS SITE FOR DEALS! I am a longtime customer of this website, and have purchased from quite a few of their auction houses. You do, however, have to find your own shipper.

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Top Critical Review


Ghassan H.

My 3 original authentic Art / paintings which I still own are reported sold on Live auctioneers & with ridiculous low prices.... who did that ? Why? As of date 3-22-2020 I am the sole owner since the 90"s !

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1 review
2 helpful votes
March 22nd, 2020
My 3 original authentic Art / paintings which I still own are reported sold on Live auctioneers & with ridiculous low prices.... who did that ? Why? As of date 3-22-2020 I am the sole owner since the 90"s !
1 review
0 helpful votes
April 26th, 2020
Their prices of Their coins up for bid is WAY out of bounds. Don't use the red Book prices, use the Grey sheet, much closer to what you get when u sell, plus they charge 25% over hammer price plus shipping. Go to your local coin store. Try and you will see what I am talking about.
1 review
3 helpful votes
February 25th, 2020
They take your belongings, and undersell them, and don't honor the reserves you may want to put on certain items. They are incompetent at paperwork, and simply don't keep records or have proof of sale. They don't communicate. Small claims court here we come.
1 review
0 helpful votes
May 21st, 2020
don't trust or do biz with either canuck auction or liveAuctioneers wouldn't return my call or email so unless you like bad biz and hidden charges there dishonest ,late on payments and charge extras and don't mail product till they feel like lie in adds what a joke
1 review
14 helpful votes
November 23rd, 2019
All you do is try to make accusers jump through ridiculous hoops and do the research for you. I gave simple validation of fraud proving steps and you refused to do that quipping..prove it.
Tony C. – LiveAuctioneers Rep
Hello Nancy,

As you might imagine, we take the integrity of the LiveAuctioneers platform extremely seriously and, so, investigate any report of fraudulent behavior. We have a zero fraud tolerance policy. If you could please send over the information that you have on this matter to info@liveauctioneers.com, one of our representatives will be able to assist with insuring that this matter is investigated. We look forward to hearing from you.

LiveAuctioneers Support Team
1 review
7 helpful votes
February 9th, 2020
I have carefully watched the bidding on this site, for various auctioneers that they represent. They keep relisting the same items again and again, because they don't sell. There was a print that had been "auctioned" several times before. Minimum bid was $1. I bid $10, and it showed the bid at $1, with 1 bid. My reserve bid was the $10 max bid I entered. Just before it closed, a "bid" came in at $250. After the close, it showed 1 bid at $250. Had this been a real auction, you would see 2 bids, my original one and then the "$250 bid", which of course was a sham, designed to make sure a minimum floor was established that they'd "sell" at. This exact same item will show up again in a few weeks (they don't even change the # out of # of the print, so you can tell it's the exact same print). Same thing happens in the live auctions. You go in and bid $100 on something, it shows it, and then the next bid is $1500. Who would just come in and bid $1500 on something with a $100 bid? A shill, that's who. With some of the auctioneers, if they don't get the price they want, they just post "Lot Passed" after the auction. No mention is made of a reserve. Stay away from these shysters - there are no deals to be had here.
1 review
16 helpful votes
December 15th, 2019
I just watched every single item sell for just under 50% of their low estimated value. Not on any planet at any auction could this happen naturally. They are artificially bidding the price up to 50% of the low estimate. So really it's a sale not an auction. So if you want to pay 50% of the low estimate go ahead otherwise move on. It's a scam.
2 reviews
7 helpful votes
February 26th, 2020
I LOVE THIS SITE FOR DEALS! I am a longtime customer of this website, and have purchased from quite a few of their auction houses. You do, however, have to find your own shipper.
1 review
2 helpful votes
March 3rd, 2020
they sell aliexpress goods and scammed you with the outragous shipping fee. all fakes goods. becareful with their hidden cost
1 review
12 helpful votes
October 22nd, 2019
I bought a lot of jade bangles from this auction house, all their Chinese certificates stated as Grade A but when the GIA results checked are all DYED, POLIMER IMPREGNATED.
All jade are fake, I lost huge amount of money and it's too late to claim my refund. The support center is helpless.
This auction house took away my faith.
Be aware!
1 review
8 helpful votes
January 21st, 2020
1 review
7 helpful votes
February 2nd, 2020
I Won a bid item for $100 but was told to pay $531/- to company in Pakistan .
Bank Name: Mcb Bank Limited Pakistan
Account Number: PK61 MUCB 0784 8567 9101 371

Super Auction Gallery
5 Street 2
illam Din Colony Wandala Road Shahdara
Lahore, Pakistan 54000
Invoice Details

Item Total: USD 100.00
Buyer's Premium: USD 20.00
Sub Total: USD 120.00
Sales Tax: USD 355.00
Shipping: USD 56.00
Total: USD 531.00
Balance Due: USD 531.00
Payment Details

This is absolutely ridiculous for the tax to be more than the intended purchase price. This is pure daylight robbery.
4 reviews
24 helpful votes
September 26th, 2019
Poor Customer Service that is if you ever receive help at all. The ONLY way to communicate with them is through email and they 9 times out of 10 they do not return you emails.
Just a horrible and frustrating way to do business
8 reviews
54 helpful votes
February 20th, 2019
I am a federal firearms license holder, a guy had me transfer a gun he won in auction from Kraftauctions through Liveauctioneers.com. Kraftauctions sent me the wrong gun. I call them and was told to ship it back & they will pay me! I sent them the receipt & they didn't even acknowledge receiving it. No reimbursement, ripped off! Then I informed Liveauctioneers.com & they said they would help but did nothing. Probably great to those who never had a problem but I can't trust them because I can't trust their sellers or their ability to make them come clean
1 review
13 helpful votes
September 7th, 2019
They allow people to create fake auction houses and sell fraudulent merchandise. Almost everything is fake.
1 review
13 helpful votes
June 16th, 2019
This website does not help its customers. It not even possible to find a help contact form or help email address on the site. One simply uses the info email address (after assuming it's the only way to do it when finished searched to no end) to move forward. They appear extremely untrustworthy. I have tried to close my account multiple times and each time I am told the account is closed, but after waiting a week or two, I login to the account, no problem. It still has all of my information on it and works fine. Customer service will reply and tell me it isn't open, it is closed. They are worthless and likely a scam to collect personal information. Beware.
1 review
10 helpful votes
October 31st, 2019
I won a lamp for 10.00 and after having to chase them down to find out what was going on after I paid teh 10.00 lamp became a 100.00 lamp with extra fees, taxes, shipping etc. I sell on Ebay all the time and if I sold someone something for 10.00 then charged them 100.00 Id be kicked off. Its all BS. Dont waste your time. Also, I won only 2 auctions after placing like 70 bids. I think if the amount is too low they bid themselves last minute so they dont have to sell the item at such a low price. Also I won one other auction and they said I didnt pay within thier time limit (a few days) so they cancelled the order and Im still trying to get my money back. The auction house blames the seller the seller blames the auction house and you get screwed.
1 review
10 helpful votes
September 21st, 2019
Don't waste your time. They say your high bid, then some one else wins at same bid. Send you nothing but junk emails.
2 reviews
18 helpful votes
July 20th, 2019
No vetting of the Auction Houses they allow to sell, Obvious Fakes being sold from Scam Auction Houses, with no employees listed or any physical address. CEO Phil Michaelson an obvious hypocrite look at his twitter page love the retweeted quote about "Honesty" All the while his business is trolling for new buyers for his auctions houses to rip them off. Phil is this what they teach you at Harvard (ethics 101 haha) , how unethical can these auction platforms be allowing this to go on? they make a percent off every bid that goes through them, good luck trying to recover your money when you buy a FAKE ITEM. If your going to buy something at an auction do not expect it to be authentic huge majority is not, its the 3rd largest scam out there and if you do go direct through the auction house not a platform, If the house does not have a physical address , name of persons working there, and only takes debit, cash or wire transfer, run away. Auction Platforms should be held accountable and there should be laws protecting consumers from the fraud they engage in , Where are all the Harvard Lawyers dealing with consumer law and protection???
3 reviews
1 helpful vote
July 16th, 2019
LiveAuctioneers is a live auctions marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of art, antiques, jewelry, and collectibles across the globe.

Broadcasting thousands of auctions in real time, the site allows unprecedented access to unique items in live bidding format.
2 reviews
24 helpful votes
March 20th, 2019
So I thought I would share several experiences with Liveauctioneers.com with you in hopes that those out there heed caution. First off, Liveauctioneers.com is a platform for auction houses, they do NOT personally run auctions, they just have a site that auction houses go through to do their auctions. I bid on several pieces of jewelry and an autographed guitar from the auction houses, 1st Asset Collections, IRS Liquidations, Federal Government Liquidation, US Auction Gallery and High End Memorabilia (none of these are true United States government run auction houses, it is JUST a name). Here is what I can tell you: The pieces of jewelry from 1st, IRS, US Auction and Federal were new. They have their "estimates" in the thousands and their certified appraisal for replacement in the thousands as well. Long story short, the estimates mean nothing, and their appraisals are done my a gemologist company that no jeweler or other gemologist has ever heard of and they aren't worth the piece of paper they are written on. Every single piece of jewelry that I purchased was of lower quality than what was stated in the listing. For example a ring that was "appraised for replacement" at $7K-8K, was worth $600. Three of the necklaces that I purchased were completely scratched (the auction house said I had unrealistic expectations of what I was receiving???). Some of the pieces that I received were not even the pieces that were in the photos. A lot of the times their descriptions for the quality of jewelry put a range on it. So it could be a near flawless diamond to an average diamond, and more or less you are going to be getting the average diamond. I purchased a 1 carat ring that was listed as a D (which is colorless) and SI (which is the affordable grade of diamonds, nice, but not overly expensive). It came back as a .9 carats, G (which is way lower) grade, and an I3 (which is as low as you can get for inclusions, or spots in the diamond). Lastly, I "won" a guitar signed by the Foo Fighters for $900. It was a cool looking guitar not like many autographed ones out there. It had been 17 days since I won and other than the invoice to pay within 24 hours, I did not receive any contact info about when my guitar would be arriving. I looked back at the listing and it said it could take up to 30 days! I also noticed on Liveauctioneers.com that the next week there were two auctions for the exact same guitar. The photos for the guitars were exactly the same as mine. Not one difference. Everybody's signature is always a little different, but these guitars were the same. How could this be? I contacted the auction house and asked why it takes so long for them to send it Fed Ex, did they even have the guitar?!?! They replied that they did NOT have the guitar and they "auction" off items for cheaper prices in the hopes that they will "sell" a couple of them and then go to another seller and get a discount for the quantity they are buying. So basically they are auctioning off something they do not have, and I don't know how they could get that exact same guitar with the exact same signatures from the Foo Fighters on 3 different guitars. Do they personally know the Foo Fighters and ask "hey, can you guys sign these 3 guitars real quick"? Completely shady.
So what did I do about all of this? I put up a F*&@ing stink about it to the auction houses, Liveauctioneers.com, and the BBB. You can check out my reviews there. In the end, I did get refunded by every single auction house, but after many emails and saying that I would not at all mind bringing legal action because of fraudulent and misleading practices (as I would easily win). Though they have a Buyer's Fee which is around 19-25%, so you are not going to get that back most of the time. Liveauctioneers.com and the BBB did help with mediating between the auction houses for resolution.

I do feel that Liveauctioneers.com is somewhat responsible for these auction houses and their practices and should do a better job at weeding out quality auction houses and questionable auction houses. The bad ones make the good ones look bad as well.

What did I learn? For what I have experienced it is the old saying if it is too good to be true, then it probably is. Make sure you read the entire listing description. Contact the auction house for any questions about quality and guarantee of the jewelry and refunds. Look up on the BBB and online for reviews on these auction houses, you won't find many good ones. Realize you are not able to handle and see the items up for bid personally, so you have no idea about the authenticity. If you want to buy something at auction, then I would say go to a live auction.

I hope this helps with your questions and concerns about Liveauctioneers.com. If you would like to contact me personally, please do so. If I can help out just one other person, then I have done my job.

2 reviews
12 helpful votes
November 6th, 2019
You can't trust the auctioneers or the reviews on this website, because the company allows them to engage in Review Manipulation and Feedback Extortion. You don't know if you are getting an honest auction house or a shady one. I ended up with two bad ones all in one week, and it was like pulling teeth to get any assistance. One of the auctioneers has been threatening me, stalking me, and took my private information and published it online outside of the website without my consent to retaliate for leaving him a bad review. I called, I sent them screenshots, I demanded and begged them for help, and they gave me a cold shoulder. I couldn't even get a response from them. Shocked and disgusted at the utter callousness of the LiveAuctioneers staff. They shelter shady auction houses who misuse and abuse your private information, who engage in questionable business practice on their site with impunity. I've been cyber-bullied by an auction house on their website "Lot14 Auctions", and when I complained about it instead of helping me they deleted my account and scapegoated my threat of a lawsuit against the auctioneer who was causing this. They shamefully told me I was "threatening" but my threat was that I would sue the auction for harassment and violating my privacy, which I have every right to do. It was the auction who sent me extortion emails and threats- very specific threats designed to get me to shut up about my bad experience there. The auctioneer threatened to wreck the business where I work if I didn't withdraw negative feedback for his business. LiveAuctioneers turned a blind eye to the auctioneer threatening the consumer, but if the customer responds to that by saying they will sue if he doesn't stop it, LA thinks the customer is "threatening". It's not only unethical- THIS IS ILLEGAL. IT'S FEEDBACK EXTORTION. All of the other websites have policies to protect consumers from this, but LA doesn't apparently. They let him get away with it. I sent them screen shots and they did nothing. Their staff told me the auctioneers were "vetted" but here is an auctioneer stalking me online, harassing me, following me to my workplace and trying to embarrass me to friends, coworkers, clients and customers of other businesses, telling strangers about my shopping habits. Does that sound like a "vetted" auctioneer to you? ANYONE would have threatened that auctionhouse with a lawsuit under those circumstances, and that I had an outburst at him with a couple of swear words is a big SO WHAT. They care more about their sensitive ears than the unethical and illegal business practices of the auction houses who sell there. They also told me my language violated their harassment policy, but they will not show anyone the actual policy. What kind of harassment policy covers swear words but does not protect the consumer from actual real-life harassment from the auctioneer? And then there's the other auction house who gave me damaged goods I had to leverage a creditcard chargeback to get a refund. There is a "dispute" process if you don't pay, but there is NO reporting mechanism for recourse against auctioneers who are engaging in far worse behavior than a couple of swear words. The website tells you to report policy violations or problems, but there is little to no actual way for consumers to do that. It also says they take your privacy seriously, but they didn't care about mine at all. Their "bidder support" phone number is ONE person's voicemail, and they never call back. If you get an email response in 3 days, it's lucky. I was left feeling as if I was forced to accept the damaged goods, because they can "dispute" it and keep me from bidding on other auctions. Or the auctioneer can just find your workplace and embarrass you into doing whatever they want. Consumers are defenseless, and the company lets them do it. There is a corporate culture of anti-buyer and pro-seller. Then on top of that, I kept telling them the whole time that auctioneer had never disputed the invoice, and it never said that on my account- I have pictures of this. It actually said "paid after 51 days and no disputes were filed" and then later AFTER "suspending" my bidding priveleges, they changed it to "past due, in dispute" but they claim they are not covering anything up... yeah right. They can't even get that right. And they don't think after all that a customer might just get so aggravated as to utter a couple of slurs? and that's grounds for suspension, but the auctioneer stalking you, actually threatening you with illegal behavior and illegally sharing your private information is not? What planet are these people on?!
Tony C. – LiveAuctioneers Rep
Hi Dan ,

We're sorry you feel this way. Our records show that our team, and the auction house, both attempted to work with you to solve the fulfillment issues you were having. Unfortunately, your language turned abusive and threatening, and this is the reason your account was closed.
3 reviews
22 helpful votes
December 3rd, 2018
I started to purchase from a couple of their auctioneers. I was always well treated and have been very happy with the companies they represent. A lot of great companies and good buys, but still be aware of the reputation of the actual company you will be dealing with. I truly enjoy using this site. Thanks live auctioneers.
1 review
0 helpful votes
May 25th, 2020
99% crap. Lots of fakes. Lots of lies. Ghost bidders. The overprice their estimates so you think you're getting something for below market value..NOT. Stay away! Tremendous shipping rip off

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good question i would say its not legit , they never answer back in my opinion there a front

By mike h.
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Hello, Thank you for reaching out. You can reach us at: info@liveauctioneers.com

By Tony C.,

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