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Overview has a consumer rating of 2.99 stars from 98 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. also ranks 11th among Contractors sites. The most common issues with are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers.

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Positive highlights

  • Convertible Heating & Air Conditioning installed our new furnace recently.
  • Mark came to the house (a very professional and caring young man) and determined where the problem was.

Critical highlights

  • I registered my company with HomeStars from more than 3 & half years.
  • Disgruntled employees are able to pose as customers and leave negative reviews (the investigation link is for show).
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Top Positive Review

“Carpet Cleaning”

Wayne B.

I had Oscar from Home Depot 126th Ave. S.E, Calgary, AB over to clean my carpets on 08/27/19. Oscar was on time, did a fantastic job. Very nice guy to deal with, very friendly and knowledgeable. Recommended and will use again inf the future.

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Top Critical Review

“False advertising, they protect criminal...”

Bob C.

Buyer beware when using Homestars. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. The credentials contractors provide on HomeStars is NOT 100% ACCURATE. Contractors said to be Better Business Bureau accreddited ARE NOT ALL BBB members. HomeStars also knowingly keeps up contractor posts for companies that are fraudulent. One company in particular has been sued by several national banks and home owners, and has fled. His company website has been removed, his company registration has been revoked and removed, he fled his leased home and took his leased truck. Several people have posted about this individual, and HomeStars has made an effort to REMOVE those posts WARNING OTHERS not to get ripped off by this guy. All of my posts also warning others were removed and I was 'reminded of HomeStars stringent and honest and holier than though guidelines' when posting. They also state confidentiality reasons in preventing users from contacting each other in hopes of coordinating efforts to sue the jerk who ran off with all our money, to PROTECT the 'criminal' err I mean the contractor and other users and their identity. I'm sure they'll come back with a bunch of stuff about how I tried to post my email so the other person could contact me or how I basically said that the guy did not finish our project, never took out a permit, had us unknowingly sign a fake contract, and then took off with an unsafe structure with our money, using some fake excuse about his mother having cancer and dying (while he worked on several other projects and took their money too, before fleeing the city). His mother does not have cancer. But apparently HomeStars wants legal documents (none of their business) and other PROOF of our accusations before even CONSIDERING taking down an advertisement for a company that does not exist, portraying credentials that do not exist, and have deleted all the countless bad reviews that would have lowered his rating to a point where their own guidelines would have forced them to remove his profile. Until his paid subscription runs out HomeStars has no reason to remove a paying contractors ad from their site.

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1 review
1 helpful vote
September 28th, 2019
I started a small company. Joined Homestars on the promise of referrals. What a joke! You cannot get any referrals until you have had reviews!
Once I learnt that, I tried repeatedly to cancel. All I kept getting is that you are locked in for one year! As far as I am concerned, for a company that is all about "customer service", their ability to understand and assist the people that pay them is less than zero!

Tip for consumers: Avoid them if you are a new business!,,

1 review
5 helpful votes
April 17th, 2019
They make you invisible unless you pay them at minimum $250 plus per month. They literally won't let you request reviews, post photos or even your logo unless you pay that much.
On top of that, they advertise your competitors on your own page unless you pay that much.
And then if you want to delete the page you made for your own business, they refuse to remove it.
Absolutely disgusting business.
1 review
3 helpful votes
May 17th, 2019
After 6 months of being with paying $200 a month, we closed 1 small job for $300. Totally pathetic. They sell to as many contractors as they can in your category, thus the few leads that actually come thru get watered down more and more as companies join.
1 review
1 helpful vote
May 11th, 2019
This company is paid by contractors to advertise their services, therefore it is difficult to post honest, uncomplimentary reviews.
We had poor value from Drake + Khan design who subcontracted to workers whom they did not monitor for quality and the work took very long. There were problems with every area of work that will need to be redone in the near future. You will see glowing reviews for Drake+Khan only.
Home Stars is poor representation if you want consistently good work. Drake and Khan will say, "do not have record" on negative reviews.
1 review
3 helpful votes
February 5th, 2019
Home Star allows fake post when I complained about it they said that I opened the site.
Impossible I never heard of home star before they told me I can respond to the fake post.
I said that's not fare they should remove the fake post they told me I should of responded 1 year earlier how could i if I never new it exited?
If they allow not true comments then they are not an ethical company.
If they want to rectify this complaint they can remove the fake post for Canadian Salvaged Timber
when that is done then I would consider changing my comments Until then my comments stand.
4 reviews
15 helpful votes
August 27th, 2018
I dont get any results from home stars its as if they already have there go to companies and like to filter all the leads to them as they probably pay alot more for the service.

im sure if you got in with home stars from the grown up you would be praising them im sure those people are the only ones who really benefit.

since they got new owners its such a scam they no longer care about the small business and helping the little guy grow its all about making max profits and securing their bottom line clearly.

im not going to be that idiot anymore who is giving the CEO free money for nothing.
1 review
4 helpful votes
January 31st, 2019
Not happy at all. I have been trying to cancel my membership and they do not even respond. I'm forced to cancel my card. They do not produce nearly what they should considering the costs.
1 review
9 helpful votes
November 7th, 2018
Homestars is not the independent review portal it represents itself to be. The more a company pays them, the better their reviews. If the price is right, they'll squash poor reviews, post good ones or create amazing ones out of thin air. They are guilty of promoting unethical and criminal contractors.
1 review
3 helpful votes
November 9th, 2018
Homestars did not publish my negative review on
Convertible heating and Air Conditioning, who
promise to install Humidifier, but refuse to do so
1 review
9 helpful votes
June 26th, 2018
Bad experience they keep sending you bad leads all the time and made promises that they cant keep. Stay away and all you need for reviews is google and its efective and free.
1 review
17 helpful votes
February 24th, 2018
I'm a contractor listed on Homestars. I've just found that if a customer tries to contact me through their website, Homestars will automatically sell the lead onto my competition. The customer has to opt out to avoid getting calls from unknown contractors. They sent out a mass email stating that they didn't sell leads from paid profiles but they do and anybody can prove it.
1 review
3 helpful votes
April 9th, 2017
I had a small flooring job that would take $200 in materials and perhaps 4 hours labour. One Homestars contractor quoted me $2600 and another $3000!

Absolutely ridiculous quotes - I'd say they were 'go away' prices. If they don't want the small jobs why don't they just say so?
1 review
8 helpful votes
October 4th, 2016
i had a recent review posted with home stars regarding the bad practices of a local kitchen cabinet manufacturer,the review was removed completely by home stars, my guess is the paying company complained and to avoid losing income,home stars removed the review. its all about profits with this company. please don't waste your time writing or reading reviews with this company.
6 reviews
9 helpful votes
March 28th, 2015
I really don't put a lot of weight on any review based services online. They are all shady! Homestars actually pays people to add reviews wtihout any kind of verification. Trustedpros isn't any better. I like but they are new and there content is still growing.

Tip for consumers: Homestars can't be trusted. Word of mouth is best or just deal with the facts with a site like and use BBB. Somebody needs to figure out online review because right now they don't work.

2 reviews
1 helpful vote
May 26th, 2015
I am trying to find out a price for a mini escavator and the time that I waited was unbelieveable and then when they did answer it was the wrong department and then I got transfered and then i was told they don't rent them any more. Wow unbelievable.
1 review
5 helpful votes
February 6th, 2015
Customers need to go to the bbb to validate a contractor. stay clear of this site and trusted pro, both big scum and mis lead ppl
1 review
1 helpful vote
March 25th, 2015
Worse designer ever
2 reviews
12 helpful votes
May 12th, 2014
Some Cos have more than 1200 reviews with 10 score or almost 10 on

I figured out it is a shameless and pure scam after one of those Cos screwed me up. But has rejected my "bad" review!

Why does google put them on top of searches? Does pay google for participating in this scam?

It should be so easy for google to investigate and find out if and are 50% scam or 90% fraud!
1 review
7 helpful votes
June 3rd, 2014
the furnace guy had a perfect 10 score with glowing reviews. He overcharged us and didn't even know what he was doing. I couldn't wait to get him out of the house.
1 review
10 helpful votes
February 1st, 2014
Under the guise of doing good public service, Homestars has a vested self intrest dedicated to the bottom line. Homestars rarely verify if the customer is legit let alone if the neg comment is at all valid.Homestars will then contact the accussed bussines and offer their services for a fee.How convenient !
1 review
7 helpful votes
January 29th, 2014
Don't count on this website. Homestars will not post good reviews if you don't pay them and will not allow anybody to post good revies. It's a scam!!!!
Don't trust the contractors from this site either
1 review
7 helpful votes
December 17th, 2013
I was accused by Homestars emplyee that I was working for the contractor that I was posting review for. They removed my feedback after failed attempts to post (3 times). Had to submit the invoice to them with no results. I promised the contractor to post for him and now I feel so bad
1 review
9 helpful votes
July 31st, 2013
Total Fraud site....3 people I hired on there all turned out to be total b.s & you can't review them because it was a pre-sale??? I have good contacts in the media and will be exposing them shortly
1 review
9 helpful votes
February 14th, 2013 is a scam . Why? As an employee of a contactor listed on this site, Ive personally witnessed and participated in posting at least a 50 10 star reviews for my employer. All you need is a valid email. Most of the reviews on there are not actually satisfied customers but the companies themselves. Very misleading and in my opinion wrong.

*Its not a reliable place to find a contractor. Its better to ask friends or family for referrals.
1 review
6 helpful votes
November 27th, 2012
Yes, is biased. I tried to post a bad review for a company but denied it for various unspecified reasons. If a company pays to be a member there is a high probability that only the good reviews get posted.

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As a client of a contractor who has been on the listing for four years, I was very pleased with their work. I personally believe that a listed contractor should be listed for at least a year to see if he/she survives the scrutiny of the public before I hire them. Sorry to hear that you were defrauded 1500.00 by Hawthorne Kitchen Design, I don't know of them, but thanks for the warning.

By heath s.

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