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HomeStars.ca has a consumer rating of 3.2 stars from 114 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally satisfied with their purchases. HomeStars.ca also ranks 11th among Contractors sites. The most common issues with HomeStars.ca are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 36.4%
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Positive highlights

  • Convertible Heating & Air Conditioning installed our new furnace recently.
  • Call customer service and talk to Marina, I dare you to find a better product and price.

Critical highlights

  • The more a company pays them, the better their reviews.
  • Disgruntled employees are able to pose as customers and leave negative reviews (the investigation link is for show).
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Top Positive Review

“Very Happy With My New Bathroom Reno!”

Brenda M.

My out-dated 70's lime green bathroom needed to go, so I called a couple companies and decided to go with City Works. Their quote was fair, and also, I felt very comfortable with the Technicians who came out and took measurements, and gave me different options. The job was completed 3 days prior to their projected completion day, and the finished job is perfect! I am so happy with my new bathroom, and want to recommend City Works to everyone.

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Top Critical Review

“ARAZ contracting service”

Ali H.

Fake company just charged lots of money without giving the service, I have paid over $3000 without getting any job from them. never trust this App and company.

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company (42) reviews (38) work (39) 10 score (4) convertible heating (4) customer service (4) job (34) 2 years (3) bottom line (3) problem (8)
1 review
3 helpful votes
April 3rd, 2020
Fake company just charged lots of money without giving the service,
I have paid over $3000 without getting any job from them. never trust this App and company.
1 review
5 helpful votes
February 26th, 2020
Im using HomeStars for last 8 months... we have 11 reviews 10stars, my score is 97%... a small job Less that CAD2000.00.

I spent over Cad1500.0 alredy, abd got a job less tgat 2000.00.

In kijiji or letgo, I had spend 16.00 montly, and got tons of clients... in my google business same... im my website I had got minimum 5 clients week...

I still trying Homestars, and I will give a last chance... but 197.00 monthly and get nothing back? Doesn't make any sense
1 review
0 helpful votes
June 29th, 2020
My out-dated 70's lime green bathroom needed to go, so I called a couple companies and decided to go with City Works. Their quote was fair, and also, I felt very comfortable with the Technicians who came out and took measurements, and gave me different options. The job was completed 3 days prior to their projected completion day, and the finished job is perfect! I am so happy with my new bathroom, and want to recommend City Works to everyone.
1 review
0 helpful votes
July 15th, 2020
Concrete Replacement Experts did an excellent job on my driveway. They removed the old eroded concrete and poured new concrete in a very short period of time. I am very happy with their work. They also did did a great clean up after the job was done. Kudos to Rick and the crew. I would recommend CRE to anyone who is considering a concrete project. Wade was easy to talk to and gave me a very reasonable estimate for the job.
1 review
0 helpful votes
June 12th, 2020
Response to complaint posted by Homestars

This complaint is absolutely preposterous!

Homestars, you did not do your due diligence.

Did you request to see proof of payment or an existing contract between these "so-called" customers?

Certainly not, since no deposit was ever made to me or my company and I do not see any paperwork to support this claim.

Besides, the high temperature on March 25, 2019 was 0 degrees and the low was -4 degrees. I can guarantee you that we did not do any digging that day. The ground is still frozen with these temperatures.

I have been in this business since 1998 and I can assure you that we are an honest company and we finish the work that is contracted to us. Every project is put on contract, which also protects us and the consumer buying services from us. We would not be operating today if we behaved that way.

Like any existing business, I had to fire people who worked for me in the past. Some of those people, among them my own brother, would love to see our company fail, since they harbour a grudge against us and will stop at nothing to hurt our reputation.

I can certainly provide good references from previous customers and I am asking HomeStars to do their due diligence in the future. Failure to do so may lead to legal repercussions.


Owner of Mega InterlocKing.

Tip for consumers: Stay away from HomeStars all smoke and mirrors

1 review
3 helpful votes
March 25th, 2020
I believe Homestars web site over inflates contractor ratings by deleting bad reviews. I recently added a negative review for a contractor. Review stayed on the site for 1 day and then was deleted. Beware!!!!
1 review
3 helpful votes
March 9th, 2020
Don't bother using this, to me it is a scam, never got a decent job, and when signing up, they never told me it was a one year contract, I don't wanna use them no more, but they want to send me to collections, do not subscribe do yourself a favor......
1 review
0 helpful votes
May 23rd, 2020
I've been working with HomeStars for many years, and have been very happy with their customer service, and their ability to direct my company to be even more responsive to our clients. A very effective consumer protection site that oversees ALL companies that do work in homes. Gone are the days that an unscrupulous contractor can come into your home, and fail to do the work promised, or provide the service expected by the homeowner. Our company has thrived using HomeStars as a way to show potential customers what our past customers think of our Stain Protection, and customer service. Our account manager, Jameela Baird, is extremely professional, highly responsive, and always helpful in getting the right answers to make our Profile as consumer oriented as possible. I would suggest, however, the company add a category - or a subcategory - for Fabric Protection/Stain Prevention as almost ALL cleaning companies provide Fabric Protection as a large part of their services. This is a multimillion dollar industry that may be as big as cleaning, and in some niches, much bigger. Possibly a great way for HomeStars to add more companies that wish to be associated with their services!
I would strongly suggest to all homeowners that they use HomeStars, and look up the contractor, or company they plan to use before making a decision. Moreover, homeowners can also use the HomeStars site to get multiple companies to bid for their services. Don't gamble with the companies you bring into your home, trust HomeStars to provide you with the best service, for the most competitive price!
1 review
0 helpful votes
June 17th, 2020
I bought a Lennox EL16XC from Mersay Heating and Cooling. The salesman told me it was large, but should have made me aware that it was too large for the area it was going into. I told them it was unacceptable and was then told it could be changed for the EL XC13, which I agreed to and was told that they have one in stock. After taking out the old unit and them installing new coolant, I noticed that the new air conditioner was the Merit series 13ACX. Not something I wanted. Had they made we aware of this I would have cancelled the order. The model I wanted was on back order and could take anywhere from 3 to 10 weeks to get. So I had to settle for the Merit Series. Suffice to say that I am disappointed with my experience with Mersey.

Albert Elliott
1 review
0 helpful votes
June 18th, 2020
I recently had a bad experience with Homestars over a bad experience I had with a company.

I wrote a negative review about a company that had many obvious fake positive reviews.

Homestars demanded I show them proof I was a customer of this company which would obviously void my anonymity and possibly start a lawsuit.

I was forced to refuse and they would not publish my negative review.

Is this how a company should handle negative reviews.

Do they do this with positive reviews of course not because nobody objects.

I think Homestars has it wrong and should fix their policy.

They even have an option to choose anonymity
1 review
3 helpful votes
March 30th, 2020
They present their website as a place for people to leave comments and rate contractors, but what people don't understand is they completely manipulate those ratings by deleting negative reviews for their subscribers, and would you believe even deleting POSITIVE reviews of contractors who DONT SUBSCRIBE TO THEIR SERVICE! So they will call you harassing you to pay the $450 a month to be "verified" and if you don't they start harassing customers who left positive reviews on your company to email them invoices and pictures to prove that they did work for you. Avoid this website and trust google reviews only, if anything.
1 review
5 helpful votes
May 1st, 2020

Our reno company signed up with HomeStars services 2 years ago. When we signed up, they were extremely quick in taking our money. Fast forward 2 years later when we called in to cancel our subscription, HomeStars has been very unprofessional. We called in 3 months ago to cancel, and over and over again, we keep getting the same BS from their side. We literally spoke to a dozen representatives and managers, promising they would be taking care of the matter, but after 3 months, they are still charging our company credit card.

Today we had to resort to calling the VISA dispute department to file a case. It is beyond my hands now so we'll have to wait and see what happens from here.


HomeStars refunded the latest payment they charged us for, after VISA Dispute Department got in touch with them.
1 review
4 helpful votes
March 16th, 2018
I hired two companies based on glowing HomeStars reviews. Both of them were terrible. My bathroom renovators had to come back 6 times and things are still not fixed. The plumber overcharged me then did complete my plumbing up to code. I had to have it redone by another company who didn't have a great review but was amazing and reliable. I won't be using them again.
1 review
4 helpful votes
December 12th, 2019
I run a small snow removal company, they called saying they had several leads in our area but since they just launched here they didn't have any other companies on their site to give them to. My partner had heard of Homestars in Toronto and had heard good things so decided to give it a go. None of the leads we got were from before we signed up, we got very few in general and only one that we were actually able to take on. We've been trying to cancel for weeks and all they do is bounce us around from person to person and don't do anything. The also just charged us for another month when we have clearly wanted to cancel our membership.

For a company that is specifically made to help customers find good companies to work with, it's ironic how terrible of a company they are.
1 review
0 helpful votes
June 4th, 2020
I've used Homestars three times and it scored 100% every time by singling out the best in the trade. Homestars is the site I go to first because I trust what they list
1 review
20 helpful votes
February 24th, 2018
I'm a contractor listed on Homestars. I've just found that if a customer tries to contact me through their website, Homestars will automatically sell the lead onto my competition. The customer has to opt out to avoid getting calls from unknown contractors. They sent out a mass email stating that they didn't sell leads from paid profiles but they do and anybody can prove it.
1 review
7 helpful votes
December 27th, 2018
i have been a contractor with home stars for 7 years and have slowly watched their service diminish. Not only are contractors charged to be on the system, but also charged to access leads. this double dipping this is no good for hard working service providers.
the second major issue is with their review process, the management of this system is arbitrary and not as strong as they say it is, we have a mid 90% ranking and yet still we get false or extortionist reviews that are not pulled off after extensive work on our part proving the inaccuracy of the review, on the flip side we have reviews that are a 10 for work we did not even complete. We also have clients that honestly review us and the review is never added to the site and tried another review that was from a false customer and it was let on the site. I no longer have faith in their system to accurately represent our customers opinions of our work. Negative reviews from log ago are weighted to heavily and continue to affect out business dealing with new clients

I do not recommend at 600$ a month this is a good investment for starting business and exsisting business have to stay on our all the review equity built is gone.
1 review
4 helpful votes
May 11th, 2019
This company is paid by contractors to advertise their services, therefore it is difficult to post honest, uncomplimentary reviews.
We had poor value from Drake + Khan design who subcontracted to workers whom they did not monitor for quality and the work took very long. There were problems with every area of work that will need to be redone in the near future. You will see glowing reviews for Drake+Khan only.
Home Stars is poor representation if you want consistently good work. Drake and Khan will say, "do not have record" on negative reviews.
1 review
5 helpful votes
May 17th, 2019
After 6 months of being with homestars.ca paying $200 a month, we closed 1 small job for $300. Totally pathetic. They sell to as many contractors as they can in your category, thus the few leads that actually come thru get watered down more and more as companies join.
1 review
5 helpful votes
September 28th, 2019
I started a small company. Joined Homestars on the promise of referrals. What a joke! You cannot get any referrals until you have had reviews!
Once I learnt that, I tried repeatedly to cancel. All I kept getting is that you are locked in for one year! As far as I am concerned, for a company that is all about "customer service", their ability to understand and assist the people that pay them is less than zero!

Tip for consumers: Avoid them if you are a new business!,,

1 review
0 helpful votes
June 4th, 2020
We didn't think of hiring painters at first because we thought we could do the job ourselves. After hiring Wagg's, we're so glad we didn't do the job ourselves. Wagg's painters did an incredibly professional job. The result was magazine-worthy. They did everything from help select colours and paint-types to clean up.
They were also incredibly fast. If we had chosen to do it ourselves, it would have taken us weeks and we would have never been able to do the job as well as they did.
They also brought an impressive amount of materials, tools and equipment for the job. And we didn't give them an easy task. They had to do ceilings and walls, at times over stairways. They simply did it, efficiently, quickly and professionally.
The last thing we worried about was the price. But, taking into account the equipment and hours it would have taken us, they were very reasonably priced. Definitely a worth-while purchase. So much so that we hired them again for another painting job, decided to do this review and will hire them again for another job.
If you are considering painting an area of your home, we would highly recommend this team. Save yourself the headaches, the time and the mistakes and get this team do a very professional job
John T. and Grace S.
1 review
6 helpful votes
April 17th, 2019
They make you invisible unless you pay them at minimum $250 plus per month. They literally won't let you request reviews, post photos or even your logo unless you pay that much.
On top of that, they advertise your competitors on your own page unless you pay that much.
And then if you want to delete the page you made for your own business, they refuse to remove it.
Absolutely disgusting business.
1 review
0 helpful votes
May 25th, 2020
Empire Roofing company did an excellent job re-shingling my roof last weekend (May 16, 2020) They repaired the roof where needed and did an amazing job cleaning up after they were finished. I highly recommend this company
1 review
11 helpful votes
March 25th, 2018
We have been with them, paying, for 2 years. When we first started they were great. Now that they have been bought out they have been getting suckier and suckier. Not because their rates are sky rocketing. If I get $5 for every $1 I spend with them it's still works. It's their customer service that is frustrating me the most. Although, I did hear the them at a banquet stating that we (the contractors) are not their customers, it's the homeowners.

They no longer answer the phones when we call, it goes to voicemail. They refuse to communicate in the manner that is convenient to us when we need to speak with our rep directly. Disgruntled employees are able to pose as customers and leave negative reviews (the investigation link is for show). Job leads are not evenly distributed. We have a great rating (98%) and we know people with less ratings in our field and we compare notes. They are getting leads almost daily while we were not.

Honestly, Homestars was a crucial stepping stone to getting our business going. But with these new price changes, unfair distribution of leads, and poor customer service now, I could not recommend another company to sign up with them.

I used to be proud to be part of HS, but now I'm looking for an escape route. If things stayed the same and they raised their prices, fine, I wouldn't like it but we would manage.
5 reviews
10 helpful votes
May 24th, 2019
This company gives false information as to how they can excel your search engine on your company and bring you leads . We have been paying close to $300 a month Since May and Not once has a customer found our company by searching for a contractor in our industry or service we provide . They give so many lame excuses why it's not working but bottom line it simply did not work and they will not cancel our subscription . In fact last I heard
From this company was 3 months ago when I was promised they would begin a process to cancel our monthly fee and never heard from them since . They don't respond to emails or calls and we get the run around . Do not sign up with them, they will take your money gladly and give nothing in return also ,they don't screen reviews and allow people
Who have no proof of business with your company to make reviews as well. I have given them ample time to follow through and cancel this outrageous monthly cost .if it doesn't soon stop there will be legal ramifications coming their way

Q&A (8)


As a client of a contractor who has been on the listing for four years, I was very pleased with their work. I personally believe that a listed contractor should be listed for at least a year to see if he/she survives the scrutiny of the public before I hire them. Sorry to hear that you were defrauded 1500.00 by Hawthorne Kitchen Design, I don't know of them, but thanks for the warning.

By heath s.

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