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Grove has a consumer rating of 3.33 stars from 98 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Grove also ranks 1st among Cleaning Products sites.

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Positive highlights

  • I enjoy getting different scents for my cleaning supplies.
  • Great products at good prices and conveniently shipped to me at home.

Critical highlights

  • I placed a 23$ order to qualify for the Ms Meyers gift set (spend 20$ and get free gifts).
  • Contacted Customer Service; they responded with $20 credit on my next order.
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Top Positive Review

“Excellent in every way!”

Laura B.

Safe for the environment and sustainable products, with the convenience of shipping to my home, and I save money. Sign me up! AND ALL THESE PEOPLE giving them a 1-STAR RATING, complaining that Grove SNUCK IN ANOTHER ORDER THE NEXT MONTH' are pretty dumb! You sign up for a 3 month VIP membership, and it tells you that your orders will ship the same date each month, so IF YOU DON'T REMIND YOURSELF TO GO IN AND CHECK BEFORE NEXT MONTH SHIP'S OUT, Grove will assume you'll want the same stuff as the previous month AND they'll send products they think you'll like, or that are really popular with other customers, who have ordered similar items you've ordered. AND GROVE SENDS YOU AN EMAIL TO LET YOU KNOW YOUR NEXT ORDER IS ABOUT TO SHIP, as a reminder, so you can log in check your cart. THIS ISN'T ROCKET SCIENCE. They warn you about this when you sign up! There's no fine print' dumb dumbs. I gave them my $19.99 after 3 months because I LOVE THE PRODUCTS, I LOVE THE CONVENIENCE, and I LOVE EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT THIS COMPANY! All I need to do is check-in once a month to make sure they send me what I need and don't send me what I don't!

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Top Critical Review

“CAUTION. Very deceptive business practices.”

Doug H.

CAUTION. Very deceptive business practices. Difficult to cancel. Difficult to get returns/refunds. HAVE you ever NOT been cheated by a firm that uses (relies on) deceptive business practices. MY HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE with Grove: I entered my cc and it put me back to the order screen but changed what was in the cart. I looked at order history and saw it was blank. I went back to the cart and placed the order. Now my order history shows 2 orders and WORSE - I had to find in subscriptions (a completely separate page) that now I had a VIP membership to be charged on my credit card. I immediately contacted support via Chat (about the only way to talk to someone). They would NOT cancel the orders. NOPE - no chance of that depsite the orders being placed less than 5 minutes previously. They did email me one shipping label. When the boxes came I realized that I needed another shipping label so I went back to their CHAT box for support. I was sent another label - to a different location. I sent a chat back that the return addresses were different. Alas... I have to do other things - like work - instead of chat back and forth with a firm that has neverending excuses, incompetence and BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES.

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1 review
0 helpful votes
February 4th, 2020
First of all, they're always advertising "free" gifts. You have to spend a minimum to get these gifts. They are NOT free. Now, they're all about going natural and helping the environment but they're so wasteful with packaging of products and such. I do actually like the paper towels and sponges but everything else is just ok. Mrs. Meyers stuff you can get at Target. The prices with Grove aren't anything special and I see it all as a pretty big waste (though I suppose it is nice for those that don't get out to shop often). Now. Here's the part that has me convinced not to reorder. In order to get me "free gift" I purchased some items to meet that minimum. When purchasing it automatically signs you up to receive monthly shipments. It preloads your cart and keeps your credit card on hand. I'm so glad I checked because I canceled that auto ship THREE times before it actually canceled. Then, I got my shipment (which took forever btw) and was missing an item I paid for. When I sent an email about it, they did send me my item (again, took forever) but then said "we'll add a free gift to your cart to make up for it!" And guess what... That free gift they gave me for messing up my order comes with a 55 minimum. It's just a way to get you to keep spending. That right there says to me that it's all a big joke. Listen, buy from Grove if it's convenient and you like the products. But watch pricing and automatic shipments and make sure you're receiving your items. And don't fall for the "free" stuff. It's not free. Promise.

Tip for consumers: Seriously, don't fall for the "free" gifts and always check to make sure you got everything! Also, if you're subscribed to auto ship, check your cart often. If you unsubscribe, check that status repeatedly to make sure they actually cancel the auto ship and don't charge you!

Grove C. – Grove Rep
Thanks for the review, Steffany.

We've reviewed your communication and absolutely understand your frustration. It seems like you didn't receive all of the information about Grove and our services when you first signed up and we greatly apologize for this.

Having a Grove account comes with two completely customizable features, VIP Membership and scheduled recurring shipments, that can be used exclusively or combined to best meet your personal needs and preferences. These are optional and you are able to shop Grove without these, should you choose to.

As mentioned, there is a required $20 paid minimum on all first orders to redeem your free welcome bundle. We are so sorry if there was a miscommunication.

At Grove, we are always working on becoming more sustainable and reducing waste. Our packaging department does its best to pack your items using earth-friendly methods that will still get them to you safely. We are working to eliminate all plastic from our products and in the meantime are pushing for any plastic used to be post-consumer recycled, ocean plastic, or other innovative sustainable materials! We only pick plastic when it is a more vulnerable item. For safe shipping practices, all packages need to be secured so items inside the boxes do not shift while in transit. The paper packaging is also reusable and recyclable in many local municipalities.

We take all concerns and feedback on this matter very seriously, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know!

If there is anything else we can help you with, please reach out to us at and we would be happy to help get this taken care of for you.

Team Grove
1 review
3 helpful votes
October 24th, 2019
Many products they offer are not actually very environmentally friendly or safe, just marketed as such.
Grove C. – Grove Rep
We appreciate your quest for finding safe products for your body and for your home.

We offer a wide range of options on our site for people who are more environmentally conscious and want 100% all-natural products and those that are just trying to make more responsible choices in their homes. Each brand and product on the site lists what it does and does not include and we openly list all ingredients on the site. We focus on choosing brands that share our commitment to making products that are good for your family and for the planet.

If you would like some guidance in choosing the products that will be the best fit for you, please reach out to us at and we will be happy to assist.

Team Grove
1 review
7 helpful votes
June 1st, 2019
When I bought the first box and received it I was very happy.. then I realize they somehow snuck automatic payments in and they get more and more every shipment. They make it hard to cancel the subscription that I dont think I was informed I was even signing up for.. can't get ahold of a real person
Ryan V.
Hi Tracey,

Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I am sorry to hear about the frustration!

Just to clarify, Grove is a customizable auto-replenishment service. I would be happy to look into this further, and ensure you get a refund for anything you did not intend to order! Please reach out at and we can get any loose ends tied up for you!

1 review
3 helpful votes
March 5th, 2019
Well, I love the products from this company. I will no longer purchase any from their website. I was scheduled to receive a monthly subscription that was not delivered. I communicated with the company and learned I had to update my credit card information. I am still trying to figure out why would I have to update unchanged credit card information? I'll buy their products in-store, but no longer on their website.
22 reviews
21 helpful votes
October 26th, 2018
I started dealing with ePantry in December of 2014. So I was a pretty loyal customer. The folks you dealt with if you had problems were real people and very customer- service oriented. When they switched to Grove and promised that "only the name changed" they started really going downhill. Prices started to climb. One product was renamed as being better but the ingredient list was identical (if I recall it was a facial cream that first helped with fine lines and THEN was relabelled to help with firming - but the ingredients were exact).

The straw that broke the camel's back for me was the review process. I started noticing that *only* my good reviews were being published. Negative reviews were listed as "pending" for months. When I contacted them, it took at least 6 tries to get a solid answer. And now you are dealing with zendesk and not the original (great) owners. When I finally pressed harder, I was told that they "do not submit reviews if they have similar content to other reviews." So they are good with only 5 good reviews instead of 10? I highly doubt that. I then suggested that they were compromising their site by doing this and especially the integrity of the reviews. They didn't seem to care. I was told that one of my reviews was "rejected because of our strict product review guidelines and the reviewer felt as though there was not enough detailed content in the review. We look for rich content that will help customers make the right decision when purchasing products on our site."

I no longer have the faith in their products. Furthermore, I went to sites (e.g. Amazon) to compare reviews and Amazon would have (what I felt was) a truer mix of reviews and not just the glowing ones.

I have cancelled my monthly membership and will not go back. If you know exactly what you want and aren't the kind of person to try new things, then order your 7th Gen dishwasher soap from them. But when they try to lure you to a new product, be afraid. Be very afraid. My bottom line is: go elsewhere.
1 review
4 helpful votes
January 11th, 2018 really carries great products. However, the prices are almost always higher than Amazon or Target. Also, the site often has a lot of strange issues--for the last month, none of the images on the desktop site load. It's quite bizarre.

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Grove Collaborative is a legit company. We are a certified B Corporation and can be located in their online directory.

By Grove C.,
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Grove can be reached by phone Monday-Friday from 6:00AM-5:00PM PST at 1-844-GROVE75 (1-844-476-8375). We also accept texts and emails 24/7, at 650-667-7418 and

By Grove C.,
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Not sure of a phone number but they actually respond to emails.

By Steffany M.

Idk or care ..........................................................................,,..............................

By Shea K.

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