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1 review
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Half of the classes are free classes anyways and you get charged for them if you miss them.
I would not recommend.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Classpass make it very easy to sign up, yet the cancellation process is hidden away. You have to confirm three days before your cycle expires, and even then you have to troll the site to find the link. Following this, you have to speak to a customer service rep on chat to explain why you want to cancel, while being offered 'lite' packages.
Downright scam. Their main income stream would be from members who forget to cancel or just can't be bothered given they make it so difficult.

1 review
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I contracted the flu and cancelled a class 11 hours before the scheduled start time. Because it was less than 12 hours class pass charged me a $15 cancellation fee. Shannon V & Gaelyn were unhelpful and didn't care to help me refund the charge. Rudest, most inconsiderate customer service reps I've ever experienced.

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I showed up for a 6:30am class, and the instructor didn't, so there was no class.. I contacted classpass, instead of being apologetic,they deleted my account and took all of my credits. I've been going back and forth w them for days trying to have my account credits restored. The reps are ill informed, & difficult to communicate effectively with as it's all through email. was looking forward to upping my membership next month because of the variety of classes, but if this issue isn't resolved today I'll permanently cease classpass. It's been a headache

1 review
1 helpful vote

Do NOT trust ClassPass. Their business model: scam new subscribers until they notice and quit.

Of course they don't provide a customer service phone number -- there would be too many valid claims and concerns. Here is my experience

1) I signed up for the 2 week free trial
2) Before the free trial expires, I try to set my membership to "ClassPass LITE" for $19/month but the website is conveniently down and I am forced to contact customer service.
3) Customer service (Gaelyn C.) personally confirms that my membership is set to $19/month beginning this cycle.
4) Despite the written confirmation I am charged $45.
5) I contact customer service only to be told that there is nothing to be done.

Despite my two friends who BOTH got charged $200 "accidentally" shortly after signing up following their free trials, I stupidly trusted the service. This has truly been a frustrating and horrible experience.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from this scheme.

1 review
0 helpful votes

When they wanna charge you. they do.
I cancelled my classpass when I still have 25 credits left and I was told I can not use those credits beginning next cycle, which is less than 24 hours.
And the customer service had the worst attitude. Simply "I don't care" thought out the whole conversation.
And often I found if you contact club directly, you might spend less for a class.

Once I signed up for a class but realized the date was wrong, i cancelled within 10 second after booking, $15 charged.

I just can not believe 2018, a start up company still has an attitude like a 90's teen movie.
I will never use classpass again unless they stop making bully rules.

1 review
0 helpful votes

While there are some positives, overall, I have had a negative experience with ClassPass. I like the variety of classes available, however, the customer service of ClassPass is very poor. They do not have a phone number and you have to go through a maze of prompts to send an email with questions or concerns. Both of the times I contacted the company, they were dismissive and robotic and did not resolve the issue at all. I am still trying to get out of my membership and would definitely not recommend signing up. Plus, the studios told me that they feel that ClassPass does not reimburse the participating studios at a fair rate.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Classpass is a scam! My friend signed me up for 2 months free membership, I forgot about it and tried cancelling after 2 months was over. They charged me $100 even when I didnt book or attend a single class. First I tried cancelling the membership - their site does not teach you anything abt how to go about cancelling and the app is designed in a way where it isnt easy to look for the unsubscribe' button as well. Had to google how to go about doing it. Then I tried looking for a contact online to ask them for a waiver, only to realise how smart it is for them to not have any contact no that I can call from my country. The only form of communication or feedback was via their email help portals, tried that x3 (once on the app itself, and two other times via my personal email) No reply or acknowledgement whatsoever. I guess they have SUCKED my money. This app is a scam - dont register or sign up because it is a trap. The least they can do is reply to feedback or queries or at least be contactable!!

1 review
0 helpful votes

ClassPass charge me over $1000 for 10 billing cycles which I notify them to cancel in the first month after free trial period end. This is a ponzi scheme. If they REALLY want to give you free trial, they wont ask you about your credit card number.

Avoid classpass at all cost. It is better for you to spend money on pornhub than this bloodsucking company.

1 review
0 helpful votes

It is impossible to cancel, the link from the cancel page is inactive, and they made me check 100s of photos to prove I'm not a robot, before I even get to the non-existent cancellation page. Trying to cancel now by submitting other unrelated requests as it's the only way to contact them.

Fiona Z.
1 review
0 helpful votes

Please don't register - This company will make you register once and never get out, i.e. keep charging fees but there's no way you can cancel your membership.

The cancellation process will first ask you to change plan, if you choose not to you have to clink on a link that get you to read their Help Centre Q&A on how to cancel your membership. Then it will link you back to your account and you will need to go through the above process again until you can actually contact them on a 'Contact Us' page. However, when you choose your message category to 'cancellation inquiry', you can't even type in message anymore. They will ask you to talk to their stuff from a chatbox on their home page. I've been waiting for their chatbox getting online whole day. It was just online, but only the 'manage my plan' option is available. 'Cancellation Inquiry' is still offline.

This is basically a trap - a company who's confident in their own services will never make the cancellation process this hard.

1 review
2 helpful votes

ClassPass charged me for two months of membership fees but never informed me that the subscription was activated so I never actually used the service. My friend had initially sent me a trial to join her at a class and when I arrived at the yoga studio I was told the trial was not activated. ClassPass refused to refund my money. They have no phone number and speaking to them via email will get you nowhere.

1 review
2 helpful votes

If there's one thing I hate about companies, it's when they try to hide things from you, especially cancellation or unsubscribe options. I have been trying to cancel my trial membership before getting charged, and they make it as impossible as they can. Super disappointed. STAY AWAY and get a membership at a place that actually values you.

1 review
0 helpful votes

They will not stop charging my cc, I cannot believe they are able to operate on iTunes and Google play. The 800 number on my CC statement goes nowhere. The cancellation link on their app is dead.

1 review
6 helpful votes

DO NOT ENROLL. After the first month, they started charging my card $110 a month without any notification. I contacted ClassPass to cancel my membership but they never actually did it and continued to charge my card. When I tried to contact customer service, they were incredibly demeaning, saying that I had agreed to their terms of service and cannot retroactively return my money. EVEN THOUGH I HAD ALREADY CANCELLED. I'm a college student who is struggling to pay tuition, rent and food and they took ZERO sympathy. It took talking to 3 reps for them to actually cancel my membership

1 review
1 helpful vote

I love ClassPass, but each time they add updates it seems to decrease the value for subscribers. I have been a subscriber paying $115/mo in Chicago for about 2 years AND I subscribe to the new ClassPass Live. Their recent update 3/2018 changed the credits rollover policy from up to 70 credits/mo to just 10 credits/mo. Not long after (4/2018), credit rates for Chicago classes also increased about 2 credits/class. Not only was the update poorly communicated (the email did not specify when the changes would take effect and their online policy change was updated over 6 weeks after the change took place), but I had previously been a "beta" user testing out app updates, and wasn't told whether or not the change would affect me. 2 months after the changes took place, I realized I had lost a total of 60 credits (roughly $100). I explained the confusion to a customer service person, who credited me 25 credits. Better than nothing... but - at what point should they consider the satisfaction of a loyal customer over the value of those extra 35 credits they refused to credit me? Them refusing to give me back the additional 35 credits may have cost them a monthly subscription.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Terrible money sucking company! They quietly charge your card without notification and if you try to cancel - they make you go through hoops for that - it doesn't go through, and when it does, it's too late and they will still charge you. It's disgusting how indifferent they are about charging people $65 a month without notifying them. If you are not good at keeping track of payments, DON'T SIGN UP FOR THE FREE PASSES. It's a ploy - taking advantage of people's busy lives. Definitely not customer friendly.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I bought a one time offer 5 classes for $35. Never had a chance to try it though, because the offer was limited and I didn't have time. However classpass charging me every month for $78 without any notifications through email. I don't check my bank account very often to go through each transaction, so I discovered it 3 months later. When I tried to contact the customer service, there is no phone line that you can talk and explain the issue. Only email. They sent me a sorry email, but unfortunately they can not refund me retroactively, and also not gonna give me any classes for the $234 I payed. They suggested to go on a lower package plan, and to continue to charge me basically. Also the cancellation fee is $78. I asked to show me the contract that I agreed to, they never response. I never been informed about the automatic subscription. They choose the package for me ( there is a cheaper options), they never informed me about my membership that I never used, at least the reminder for the customer. Ever! I had no idea that I'm subscribed to that scam. Also when I checked the account on my name , there was zero credit, after they charged me $78. The only thing I can do is to block this transaction through my bank account. Don't use it! Worst customer service ever!

1 review
2 helpful votes

These are the only guys that are providing this service, and they know it.

No direct customer support (email only), several-hour response time, 12hr cancellation policy (have fun with this if you have a busy/unpredictable life)...and then here come the fees.

I reserved a class and realized immediately that I made it for the same day and cancelled. I get it when the studios lose money and I have been fine with paying those fees, but it took me seconds to cancel and I highly doubt anyone lost anything (for an appt to sit in a massage chair). Eduardo, my customer service specialist, pretty much said weve done you enough favors.

Also, one of the favors that was extended was a waive from a fee that was incurred because the studio didnt check me in.

Think hard before signing up if you sometimes make mistakes and/or might have things come up in a 12h time span. You can cancel but will have to pay a hefty (you guessed it) FEE to sign back up.

I cant wait for the next company to do what theyre doing because, believe me, I will not think twice before switching.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I was a member of ClassPass from when it first began. In those 5+ years, it has changed its business model so many times and each evolution has made it more complicated and decreased its value. I went from having unlimited classes for a set price to unlimited classes at a higher price to limited classes at that same high price to limited classes at an even higher price. It got to the point where the price did not give me enough classes to sustain my active lifestyle. I joined a studio and moved my membership plan to 1 class a month at $15. Two weeks ago, ClassPass changed its model YET again to a credit system where $15 doesn't equal 1 class but 9 credits. The classes I've grown accustomed to taking don't equal 9 credits and I have to buy more credits. In one case, the class cost 14 credits and the additional 5 I needed to buy cost $11. This turns into $26 for one class. How does that work? What is the benefit of me using ClassPass to sign up instead of reaching out to the studio directly? IN FACT if I go to buy this class through the studio, it's $22! How does that make sense? The most frustrating issue is the customer service at ClassPass. Each time I voice feedback, I get robotic, formulaic responses that don't acknowledge what I am saying at all. They DO NOT CARE about the customer at all and it shows. When I went to cancel, I was sent canned responses about lowering to a discount rate and that they hoped to see me again soon with a smiley. There was no interest in my feedback or experience. And I was customer for over 5 years. Completely unacceptable.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I love classpass, a bit expensive but you can really get your moneys worth if you sign up for expensive classes. The rules of it with the cancellation policy for classes are straight forward and it actually helps me be motivated to go to a class that Id otherwise cancel or skip out on. I love the variation of classes. I usually stick to Pilates, spin, yoga and barre but there are allot more out there and different types. The caliber of classes and studios that you go to with this are much better than a regular gym and cheaper than memberships to the studios.

1 review
4 helpful votes

This whole thing is a scam!
My friend and I signed up for this in order to mix up our workouts and try various types of classes in the city. The system is terrible - for the first week I didn't have access to any classes at the studio I wanted yet my friend had access to all of them. After several days of waiting for a response from customer service, they finally "unlocked" the prerequisites that I needed for the studio, even though I had done many classes there in the past. I was finally able to sign up for classes, however I had wasted a whole week waiting for the classes to be accessible to me.

I also had the joys of experiencing sighing up for a class with Class Pass and then showing up to the studio, in which they had no record of me in the class. I was then turned away from the class or would have had to pay a $30 drop in. Such a waste of time driving across the city expecting to be signed up for a class and not have it work because of the system. They also do not have a number to call for these situations, so you have to wait for them to respond over emails for a few days.

They don't tell you that it is a credit system rather than the "10 classes" it is advertised as. Most classes are 4 credits, however many of them are actually 15 credits! We also found that one of us would sign up for a class for 4 credits, and the other one would have to pay 15 credits for the same class! It was like they figured out we wanted to do the class together and would charge one of us more for the class than the other.

Don't get sucked into the trial! It is a waste and such a hassle. Just pay the studios for classes or get a regular gym membership.

1 review
5 helpful votes

This place has the worst customer service on the planet. WARNING! If you are injured or feel hesitant to attend a class, if something comes up, or you miss the class due to bad MTA train service in NYC, you will get charged $20 every single time. I had to cancel two classes and they unknowingly charged my bank account $40.

I have now spent over an hour in a "chat" with a "human" total stranger regurgitating policy structure bull$#*! and trying to get the charges removed. I have had my account for less than 2 weeks and they refuse to waive fees.
They have recommended instead that I take restorative and calming classes and dot their sentences with exlamation marks! and smiley faces :) real obtuse and insulting customer service. Terrible

As well the format is time consuming unless you already know the studios and classes. you want to attend. There are not enough filters or search functions. Their cancellation fee policy is worse than a medical practitioners. Classpass is not worth your time unless you have a specific class in mind to go to.

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Sounds good, but like a typical credit card scam once you sign up for free intro or cancel your membership at any time, they keep banging your credit. No phone number to call, no response from email. More headache than it's worth.

2 reviews
7 helpful votes

Immediately started charging me to use the "Free" Pass. Of course no phone number to call, so I had to email them to stop charging me. Three months later and these Scumbags are still hitting my card... Filed a compliant with the BBB today.

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Impossible to cancel. They will suck all your money from credit card. This is the closest thing to Nigerian SCAM!

By i h.
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