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Hate your ripped off. Paid for an hotel upgrade and when I got to punta cana the hotel had no record of it. Called cheap caribbean....they had to go through their phone logs. Confirmed they made a mistake 2 or 3 days later. By then we had been shuffled off to another part of the resort. Wasted hours trying to get it straightened out with Cheap C. Horrible customer service. Didn't get what we paid for, they didn't correct it, and in the end they offered a paltry sum to reimburse us. I go to all inclusives twice a year and never will use them again. When I pay for something I expect it to happen. Not get the run around or wait 2 days for an answer.

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Be aware from they are scammers !!!
After Irma storm when the hotel can't accept us at the day of the storm !
The Hotel and the Airline company confirm us full refund of our money and Stolen our money and won't refund us 0 money !
That's beacuse we paid through Cheapcaribean Site ,
Listen to me pepole there is allot of Good site as Expedia and Costco Travel,
Be aware from those scammers be aware from CHEAPCARIBEAN.COM , !!!
They will took your money and if something append not beacuse of you your money Lost ,
They took me almost 3000$ USD without refund nothing ,

1 review
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This is my second year in a row family of 15 people vacation booked via cheap but this time so much more disappointed than last year.
I always end up paying so much more in group rate than listed online price. This time I called to book 5 rooms for 14 people. They hold flight so we get accommodated in same flights with paying more than online listed price as there is no such a thing as group rates. We booked 4 rooms one at a time and made payments for each room as we booked.. As we got the last room left to booked, this agent tells me that all rooms are booked and only room available is with upgrade which would cost $160 per person more. They can hold the flights but not the rooms, agent knew before we started booking that I needed 5 rooms. I had no choice but to spend $800 more because other 4 rooms were booked already unless I leave my dad and kids behind who's room was the last one to be booked..... nice way to screw people up and make money. This will be my last trip through cheap I spoke with supervisor but they don't care, very poor customer service.

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Just because Cheap Caribbean has the best deals doesn't mean they only got cheap resort yes the super super cheap ones probably are ghetto . But the one you pay for that are amazing resort are worth it .... I notice that people on here probably don't buy travel insurance when they travel .. which is a clear indication that they are not very smart in general when it comes to spending money . Best experience ever .. amazing vacation to Cancun and Dominican Republic. I plan on making my trip to Jamaica soon :) thanks cheap Caribbean q

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My wife and I used cheap Caribbean after reading about the beaches in the Dominican Republic. We went to swim ,snorkel, and go to paradise island . Because of hurricane Matthew we couldn't do any of the 3 . The beach had a red flag every day that we were there . A red flag means no swimming for our own protection . We emailed cheap Caribbean n they told us that the Dominican Republic was f effected by the hurricane til I sent them a letter that the hotel sent to each room asking us to take in the patio furniture, to stay on resort , and to stay away from beach . After seeing this cheap Caribbean offered us $100 off a future trip . That is less than 1/10 of what we paid n comes to $10 per person per day that we weren't allowed to swim . I called cheap Caribbean when I got back and Melanie told me that I shoulda "read the fine print " . I just want them to do something to help me go back . Celebrity cruise is giving their guests 1/2 off a future cruise and $250 on board credit . They care more about repeat business than cheap Caribbean. I just wanna save you the frustration. Use a company that cares

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I have to admit I ended up having no problems with this website. I booked airfare + hotel in Mexico and was able to enjoy both. There were moments of anxiety because it was a little difficult to receive a boarding pass. If I had nothing but my CC emails to off of, they wouldn;t have meant much. Thankfully, united airlines also sent me an email, with a confirmation code I could use to get my boarding pass. This was my first time using CC, but I would use it again.

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COPYRIGHT BY RICHARD YANOWITZ 2016; no editing allowed without permission.

We spent 8 days (late Jan.-early Feb. 2016) here. Mixed experience. Mainly because of the music problem described below, we would not go back.

This review was rejected by both Cheap Caribbean (for obvious reasons) and Tripadvisor (because the content was supposedly about mixed, unrelated matters).


Since all criticism is autobiography (my favorite professorial quote from grad school), to help you judge what I say in your own life context, heres a bit on who we are: retired, mid-70s, healthy, active, grandparents, well-traveled (including a number of Caribbean trips), highly educated (which may skew some of our judgments), highly selective in entertainment and other cultural experiences. Since food tastes can be a function of what one is accustomed to, Ill note that we live in Connecticut near New Haven and occasionally eat in NYC.


After some web searching, we spoke with a Cheap Caribbean representative about an appealing Cancun resort package. When we said wed been to a different Cancun resort where we were inundated with loud music, he urged us to go instead to Dreams at Puerto Aventuras. We were reassured when he seemed to give us helpful information that he didnt have to (e.g., Cheap Caribbean owns Dreams), so we decided to trust him and book this trip.

A day or two later, I noticed that another site had exactly the same trip for $500 less. Too late to change. Be advised.

In retrospect, and in light of a parallel experience (salesperson establishes appearance of credibility, then quietly segues to marketing), I think we should have been more wary of the Cheap Caribbean agent. For one thing, he kind of tacked on a single transportation provision with no options at what may have been a high priceit turned out that the transportation was being provided by a company (AMStar) that is itself probably part of Cheap Caribbean (AMStar had an office embedded in the Dreams lobby and was the sole site source for day trips). We never thought to explore transportation alternatives (though as you'll see below, there turned out to be an unexpected benefit to the AMStar option).

Most importantly, we were totally misled (dare I say lied to?) about loud music, and that made a great deal of our stay a very difficult experience. More on that later.

Painful lesson: dont lose your critical faculties when lulled by a seemingly helpful voice.


We flew Aero México. It was new to us that charter flights still exist but as subsets of regular flights (I cant be sure if this reduced the cost at all, though I didnt get that impression when I looked at independent air fares) and providing frequent flier miles. We were frustrated that we couldn't book our seats ahead.

GOING: As it turned out, we had to arrive so early at JFK that there was virtually no line to check in and we zipped through security. We did end up having a long wait at the gate.

With a softened tone as if reporting a state secret, the Cheap Caribbean agent had informed us that Aero México was a rare airline that still provided meals. Indeed, we had a breakfast that was pretty typical airline foodacceptable but unimaginative and bland.

ARRIVING: This part of my report has nothing directly to do with Cheap Caribbean other than that our AMStar connection turned out to be hard to find. (Look for someone in a blue shirt wasnt especially helpful.)

After clearing customs and looking for AMStar, we were accosted by someone (of many) who wore what looked like an official badge. He cheerily lead us to a counter which we assumed was our AMStar contact.

Uh-uh. Like Cheap Caribbean (to which Im sure this particular booth had no connection), this agent established credibility by telling us where to pick up our ride and then gaving us seemingly useful local information. But before we knew it, she was promoting various local trips, at least one of which (all of them, for all I know) required a time-share-like (OH NO, THIS ISNT A TIME-SHARE! she insisted) visit that involved property hawking. Only 90 minutesits guaranteed in this document Im waving in your face! When we realized what was happening and demurred, an older (presumably supervisorial) co-worker came over. First: Hows she doing? Oh, we hurried to reassure lest we get our agent into trouble, just fine! But the 2nd person then tried to keep us engaged with ongoing questions (after all, we wouldn't want to be rude and not answer or walk away!) and answers. Once I understood what was happening, it took me a few variants, with increasing firmness, of, No more questions, please to get away.

These are very clever, trained people, todays travel salespeople.

And oh yes: our AMStar ride was nowhere near where we were told. We did finally find it. One other group had the first stop on the same shuttle, which added about half an hour to get to Dreams. Between the airport selling fiasco, the search and wait for our ride, and the longish shuttle (about 90 min.), we reached Dreams a couple of hours after we had expected (so much for the value of an early morning flight and early resort arrival)

LEAVING DREAMS: The mid-afternoon trip back to the Cancun airport was on a bus carrying many people who were flying home. Heres the one good thing about having the AMStar connection: The bus hit a humongous traffic jam (for just a few hundred yards the main road to the airport was having all but a single lane repaired midafternoon on a weekday), and the AMStar representative on the bus was frantically making phone calls to his colleague at the airport to help assure that no one would be in danger of missing a flight. I dont know if the following was routine, but upon arrival, several aides were there to help with our luggage and get us to the right ticket counter. What could have been an anxiety-producing and frustrating check-in process turned out to be extremely smooth.

The dinner on the return flight would have been typically bland, limited snack food (e.g., a tasteless cheese-and-something-else sandwich); as a dinner, it was the worst Ive ever had on an airplane.



All went ok, though the person who oriented us to the resort SEEMED to indicate hed be there for us the whole time and would meet us after lunch but never showed up. But perhaps we misunderstood.


With a single exception, staff were friendly, gracious, helpful. Our room was kept clean and neat. Waiters on the beach would ask if we wanted anything brought from the bar. We had little Spanish, but most staff spoke had more Englishenough for us to communicate.

We tried to keep in mind that the staff was probably poorly paid and evaluated by how well they blended into our background, while by the very virtue of being able to be there we were privileged white (there was slight diversity among guests) norteamericanos whom they had every right to resent; but they never showed this.

Incidentally, I assume tough economic conditions have a lot to do with the frequent and annoying (to us outsiders) sales techniques we encountered.


The view of the ocean was always spectacular. The bay/inlet has been developed so that the area close to shore always seems calmstrong waves may be a little beyond that, but some kind of structure breaks them when they approach the inlet.

Wading out to maybe chest height, you can clearly see many fish. A fair number of people were snorkeling. Braver souls went out beyond what I think of as the safe area. (Even on the best days, the yellow flag was out.)

Beaches were kept in excellent condition. Beach chairs were quickly reserved (covered with a towel) in the morning. There are no beach umbrellas but a fair number of unmovable equivalentsthatched-covering structures of various sizes. At one end of the beach were a few hammocks.


We were on the 5th floor (room 556). A mildly stocked fridge is included. We had a room with a couch that we largely used as a clothes-collecting surface. The bathroom was ample, as were the shower and bath towels. For some reason, a single hand towel holder (with two towels) is attached below the sinks, so you have to stoop over to use a towel.

Electric outlets are at a premiumavailable, but not in especially convenient places (except for bathroom outlets). If you want to plug things in at your bedside (notably tablet and smartphone chargers), you might want to bring a power strip, which I do whenever we travel. One side of the bed, however, did have 2 USB outlets (one didnt work but was quickly fixed when I reported it).

The rooms have flat screen TVs that didnt seem to have HD reception. I tried watching the Australian Open but the picture was lousy. I assume other TV reception was similar. The wifi was good enough that we could stream stuff on an ipad. If you like the resorts entertainment, though, you'll have little reason to need evening room entertainment.

A roomy balcony, with two sit-up chairs and a small table, was pleasant.

The elevators had perpetual TV ads, usually for the wedding services. Everywhere is a marketplace these days. (In the US, consider how college football bowl games have long since succumbed to adding sponsors names.)


Outdoor areas are riddled with loud loud loud music, usually including a powerful THUMP-THUMP-THUMPING bass. The beach area was the worst, but pools and bar areas often had their own loud music. The louder bass reached into our rooms even with balcony doors shut. If you dont mind this, you can skip this long section (though you might want to read about the AC problem under INTERLUDE).

I dont know if the Cancun tourist business community has conducted studies that show that this kind of rah-rah, seemingly unsubtle, Latin music is beloved by tourists, or if maybe young people dont mind it, or if we are just two old fogeys, or if most people would be happy without it, but my days (and to a lesser extent, my wifesher hearing is worse than mine) were often ruined by this noise; I also was getting headaches from it. (I like some Latin music, though probably not as much as I should; we rumba, cha-cha and tango.)

That first night I tossed and turned a lot, trying to figure out how to rescue thiser, dreamvacation from disaster. The next morning I spoke with the manager at the concierge desk and gently explained my dilemma, including the Cheap Caribbean agents promise that the music problem was exactly what would NOT happen. After suggesting some not-very-helpful options, she offered to give us one of the 4 cabanas, normally $35/day, for our stay. She also said shed ask people running the beach entertainment if they could turn the sound down some. She may well have done so.

I was dubious about the cabana, but we tried. The first day was great. I was totally surprised to discover that the (enjoyable) sound of the surf totally drowned out the loud music. I reported this happy fact at the end of the day, and we thought the problem was solved (though the cabana itself was not a terribly comfortable place to beIm not sure why people like them much less pay for them).

NOTE: At times accompanying the loud music were the loudest, most eardrum-piercing emcees shouting into sound systems turned up beyond my belief.

(In all this, I kept thinking of warnings back in the 60s about how my generation was going to have hearing losses from the volume of rock concerts.)

INTERLUDE: Late that same afternoon, our room was uncomfortably cold; the AC thermostat was apparently not working. I asked for help. Maintenance guys came up. (We had already reported one other, minor room problem that had been fixed.) They fiddled, they tried to soft-pedal the problem, they ignored my observations about the situation before they arrived, and they ended up setting the thermostat at 35 degrees Centigrade (98F), which kept the actual temperature in the low 20sC (high 60sF)chilly and not the kind of comfort service one expects, but manageable once we were under the covers. More on this below.

Because I didnt think the repair people were understanding me (and because I didnt understand the resolution of a 35C setting), I asked to see the same manager. Someone else at the concierge desk, saying the manager was busy, tried to explain away the problem but said the manager would call in roughly 20 minutes. No call ever came.

My guess? The problem had been miscommunicated to the manager so that I now appeared to be a high-maintenance, unreasonable guest. Or maybe that was the conclusion even without miscommunication. Or maybe something else never explained. In any event, this drained my brimming reservoir of good will towards the manager and made me feel I could no longer count on her help. Rather than make myself even more miserable, I resolved not to seek her out any more and to write off serious shortcomings like this. (I did, however, begin to compose this review in my head.)

RETURN TO CABANAS AND MUSIC: The next day, the surf was much quieter and did not overpower the music. As I had been surprised the previous day by the surfs sound suppression, now I was surprised to realize that the effect was apparently merely the temporary tail end of a strong storm just before our arrival.

Thanks to the previous nights fiasco about the AC, I forebore visiting the manager againperhaps a desirable outcome from her point of view.

At one point I did go to the bar close to our cabana and ask for the music to be turned down. This was the only time I had a bad experience with a staff member (not counting the AC repair people, who were at least always polite): the bartender clearly resented my request, and passively tried to ignore it, though when I wouldn't go away, he finally honored it. In fact, he turned the music off altogether; I noted that while this please me, turning it down was all Id asked; but maybe this largely well-designed resort did not have a volume control in the bar.

So we mainly hung out in or by the cabana the rest of the trip as our least bad option. For whatever reason, though, the nearby bar often played no music. Blissful times, those, providing a vacation value commensurate with what we had paid.

The cabana became decreasingly useful: strong winds would bring down the draperies on the roof and sides, and when they were up, lying down was often hotinsufficient breeze circulation. (Did I forget to mention that one of my limitations is the need to stay out of the sun?)

IS THIS AGISM? Are we the only older people bothered by such noise pollution? Do younger people like it? Does anyone have any idea? I do wonder whether (a) other older people are more reticent about asserting themselves so it appears we dont care and (b) management planning focuses on the large population of younger people, alone and in families, and never wonders (or cares?) about the effect on us old codgers.


Did you read above about the unsettable thermostat? Heres more. For a few days we coped with the chilliness, and then, three days before the end of our stay the room became uncomfortably hot to the extent we had a restless and often sleepless night. I steeled myself to re-visit the matter, though now I first went to the main desk rather than the nearby concierge. Lo: with almost no resistance, the person there switched our room to the 7th floor (more on this below). We didnt want to take the time and effort (more loss on our part), but we couldn't take the heat. The desk guy sent someone to help us, which mitigated the nuisance and waste of time.

4.7 WIFI

Pretty poor. You have to select different connections depending on where you are in the property. Once you've figured that out (we were given no guidelines and so in each location had to experiment with available connections), sometimes the right connection comes back when you return to that area, sometimes not. Sometimes the connection doesnt seem to work at all, sometimes very slowly. Remarkably disappointing.

When I complained about the noise, I also mentioned the wifi problem, though I said that I didnt expect they could do anything about it. The manager said shed have the system rebooted (or looked at?). After that, for a limited time, the system may have been faster.

Exception was on the 7th floor. See below.


There were lots of families with kids, and I suspect that if other matters I mention dont bother you, this is a great choice if you have kids. They were no problem to usbehaved appropriately for their ages, and certainly were no noisier than typical kids released into the outdoors. There WAS a RELATED noise problem: outdoor entertainment for the kids (which they seemed to groove on) often included the extra-loud music with game coordinators bellowing into microphones. I have no idea if the kids cared, but clearly resort management thought this enhanced their pleasure.

I also suspect that the food options were ideal for most kids.


The resort has two pools, both relatively shallow. One, designed especially for kids (with some especially shallow areas) but available to everyone, was heated to my comfort (Im a chicken when it comes to entering most swimming water, pools or oceans). Parents with kids seemed to have a great time, as did kids left to their own devices.

The other pool, on the way to the dolphin area (for a fee, you can swim with dolphins; for nothing, you can watch a brief dolphin show each day at 12:45) is restricted to adults. This one seemed unheated. You could swim up to a bar (for some reason, you could also do this in the kids pool). Adult (from youth through middle-age, so far as I could tell) loud voices, though limited to a small minority of participants, disturbed the supposedly adult ambiance in a way that kids noise in the other pool didnt. This pool is hidden from the sea, so its charms are anyway limited.

4.10 FOOD

The resort has several restaurants. Aside from a buffet-style option (open, along with a single other restaurant, for all meals,), each restaurant has a menu that doesnt change from day to day, so that while you have many overall choices, if your palate is limited, so will be your choices.

We found the buffet-style option (which changes its theme each nightItalian, BBQ, seafood, etc.) impressive to look at and extremely copious in food options but banal in flavors of most prepared items (there were also salad and fruit options). Not badjust not exciting. You could get reasonably good food cooked for youcrepes and omelets for breakfast, pastas and different meats in different styles at other meals. Bread was not a highlight (though it, too, looked impressive). Breakfast but not other meals had much fresh fruit.

Not being vegetarian or vegan, I cannot comment on corresponding offerings.

We particularly liked the food at the nominally seafood (it included non-seafood) Oceana (adults only, nice view of the dolphin pool, at least one night with live, pleasant music from a woodwind, and some tendency for long waits for seating) and the Italian Portofino (where they apparently think they're elevating the resort tone by requiring long pants on men). We didnt try the Japanese (Im not into sushi), but I suspect its pretty good. A specifically Mexican restaurant disappointed, but that was probably my failingits not my favorite cuisine. (Are you monitoring the rise in my fussy quotient?)

An outdoor cooking option (Barefoot Grill[?], next to the buffet-style restaurant) made pizza we quite enjoyed (limited toppings) and hamburgers that disappointed me (it was hard getting meat made rare throughout the resort); there were other options, too, like hot dogs and a variety of sandwich toppings.

We found some desserts we liked. You'll probably find others to your taste. I especially took to the apple strudel at a small option called the Café, across from the concierge desk.

On a couple of nights, a buffet dinner was set up on the beach, with pretty much the same limitations and virtues as the buffet-style restaurant. One night called itself Italian, the other Mexican; to us, there seemed minimal differences.

To eat on the beach, you had to put up with the usual loud music.

We arent big drinkers, so I have little to report about the booze other than that only two house wines (we do enjoy wine) were available with the all-inclusive meals. (All non-wine drinks were included.) We found the white unpalatable and the red passable enough to accompany a few meals. Any other wine required a significant extra cost: probably the cheapest wine was around $40 (yes, thats dollars, not pesos), and many choices were in high two-digit figures and several in triple digits. Caveat emptor.


Perhaps as a tradeoff, when we changed rooms as a result of the malfunctioning AC thermostat in our first room, we were moved to the 7th floor, the extra-fee location with some perks. Wed have preferred not to have to move at all, but since we did, I can give you my own comparison between this arrangement and lower floor rooms.

So far as I can tell, the main distinction of this floor is a bar that I suspect has much better hard liquor than other bars at the resortbut I didnt study the matter, and I have some concern for people who would spend significant extra money for such a feature. But if thats important to you, ask before you buy your package. There was also a wider selection of wines (6 or so?) that we didnt try, all from the same vineyard that produced the two house wines available in the restaurants.

Our new room was essentially identical to the previous one, with a few extra amenities in the fridge. Curiously, the mirror was splotched with wear (?) marksindeed, in small ways the resort was turning a bit shabby, though for the most part it still looked very good. You could get a limited but acceptable breakfast in a communal area on the floor; they also had limited afternoon snacks (not to our taste) and evening desserts that we didnt try along with round-the-clock coffee and tea.

Which reminds me: if you're fussy about your tea, bring some you like; the resort had limited selections.

The one enjoyable feature on the 7th floor was that each room seems to have its own wifi connection, and overall (though not totally) the wifi in our room was much better than elsewhere on the property.

Our judgment: if wed had to pay for the 7th floor room, it would not have been at all worth it. It certainly wasnt a tradeoff for the extended suffering it might have been intended to alleviate. We used its amenities mainly for an easy breakfast.

By the way: we stayed in a similar special, more expensive area in another Cancun resort. We didnt find it worth the money, either, but it provided more options.


This is probably at the level of similar resorts, often not to our taste; but as I said up front, were fussy in such matters. Excellent American magician with great stage presence one night. A very good Mexican magician another night with a totally different style; main problems: sexist treatment of the two able female assistants plus extremely loud music Some programs existed specifically for kids, including daytime games.

Three local tenors sang one night. Not Pavarotti et al., of course, but mostly pretty good and totally committed in their own right, though little of the music was operatic. This was at the adults-only pool. For the price of a bottle of wine (!), you could get a special table (and, I assume, eat dinner) nearest the singers. If it wasnt full (no restaurant took reservations, an intriguingly egalitarian and refreshing if sometimes frustrating policy), you could eat at the restaurant and listen from there. We found satisfactory chairs at only a slight angle to one side of the performance.

Frequent beach volleyball games occurred. Participants were of all abilities and ages and seemed to have fun. There are a pool table and 6-hold miniature golf course but no ping-pong table.

At ground level next to the desk that books dolphin programs is a posting of daily activities.


When asked, we had told the Cheap Caribbean booking agent our visit was linked to our birthdays. On our first day, while half-dressed and unpacking, we got a call from the front desk asking if they could send up some kind of birthday something-or-other. I asked for it to be done later.

We never heard about this again, but on our last night we found an iced bottle of champagne (same vineyard as the house wines but quite drinkable) and 4 chocolate-covered strawberries. There was no message, but we assume it was the birthday payoff. A fine gustatory experience it provided.


When we originally booked, we had the agent specify late checkout. On the day of our departure, we got a call after noon saying that every hour after 12 would cost an extra $15. We referred to our promised late checkout but thought wed be stuck. However, at the desk, they waived the extra cost as if we were getting a big favor.


Though the resort is all-inclusive, we should all remember that the staff probably works for low wages, and modest tipping is apparently welcomeIm guessing $1 at a time for small favors, though someone else may have a better idea.

If you want pesos, you can get them in the resortbut for a 10% commission. The local ATM only dispenses dollars. If you walk into town, where there are dual-money dispensing ATMs and many shops (where salespeople will bargain downwards if you just seem to be ready to walk off).

Tuesday nights have a couple of dozen or so vendors setting up carts and hawking various touristy wares.

We used none of the *D*I*S*C*O*U*N*T* coupons: they seemed carefully geared to bring corresponding prices down to expensive rather than outrageous. Near the end of our stay, my wife was approached to get an even steeper massage *D*I*S*C*O*U*N*T*, at first under the guise of upping the coupon value but finally just with decreasing prices. Our cabana was close to a massage area, where virtually no massages seemed to take place; this was presumably the real reason for the offers.


Many are offered, none are cheap. We took none. AMStar controlled this market at the resort. Soon after arrival, you had to go to their office to confirm your departure arrangements, which was a chance for them to hit you up with excursion proposals. I think we made it clear early on we werent interested, because we were left alone on this score.

I think prices for these excursions are expensive pretty much everywhere. We did encounter a travel shop just outside the resort (to the right, on the way towards town) we would have used because they were extremely pleasant and helpful when answering a few questions but didnt try to sell us anything.

We had previously visited Chichen Itza or we might have gone there on this trip. It takes up a full day. Id previously been to the closer, more compact Tulum a little down the coast. Wed been in Cancun and environs before; it might interest you if you've never been there, though its roughly an hour away.

Other reviews may provide some help in this area.

Tip for consumers: Some bottom lines: Cheap Caribbean guidance may turn out to be misleading too late to do anything about it. Dreams at Puerto Aventuras, with mixed service, may suit many people, especially younger adults and parents with children. Be very careful about whom you talk to and trust at the Cancun airport.

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I've used this site a few times...a cruise and an all inclusive resort to a different location. Fantastic deals I couldn't find anywhere else. Easy to compare prices and locations all in one spot. I would definitely recommend if you are planning a spring break trip or vacation.

7 reviews
3 helpful votes

My friends and I just used this site to book a cruise. Great deals and the customer reviews on all of the resorts were very helpful. Due to those candid and insightful reviews, we felt a cruise was more up our alley. We got a great deal, especially for booking for a holiday weekend.

1 review
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I booked a reservation to santo Domingo for three days. I paid 419.00 for a resort that it was not what I was looking for. There are two resorts starting with same name, so I got the wrong one. when I realized that I wanted to cancel or to be transfer to closer one where I could take my mother for mothers day. It was a nightmare. They refused to transfer me to another resort and cancel reservation they charge 50% off of what you pay. They offer what they do not have. They have resorts with poor quality services only. Transportation to the airport never showed up. A day before I called many times to follow transportation arrangements but it was a waste of energy and money. They did not care anymore after they got your money in their account.

10 reviews
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This place is just amazing for getting a deal on your vacation. I have no found many places that can really compete with their price

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