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24 reviews
55 Cyril Magnin St
San Francisco, CA 94101, USA
Tel: -2061114979
2018 Customer choice award

24 reviews with 1 star

1 review
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Adobe claims they have 24/7 support, well this past weekend July 26, 27, 28 I tried calling in to cancel 1 license on my adobe creative, and waited 2 hours on the 26, 6 hours on the 27, 2.5 hours on the 28 without ever speaking to anyone. You have to call in to cancel your license since you can't cancel online, which is really stupid, as you can add a license but not cancel. When I finally got a hold of someone, I was told there is no one from that department on the weekends, when I asked for a supervisor was told they don't have one on the weekends. While the rep was talking with me, she was also talking with another client, so much for customer service. When I called the corporate office this morning, got the same experience, could not speak with anyone but sent to the call center. I have never had this bad of experience before

1 review
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I tried to cancel with Adobe back in January. They make the process so difficult, because they don't want to lose customers. I had asked to have it cancelled back in January, but noticed I was still getting charged monthly fees. They offered me other options and asked me why I'm cancelling. I told them I cancelled back in January, but they would not reimburse me for months despite me not using the products. They actually charged me a "$33 cancellation fee"! I would not recommend this company if you like to keep your money.

1 review
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I am using adobe indesign to format a book, and as a novice indesign user, I have had to reach out to adobe for support at least three times. EVERY TIME has been a COMPLETE and TOTAL nightmare. Super long wait times, only customer service from India, which would be fine IF THEY UNDERSTOOD ANYTHING I was saying. Seriously had to re-explain myself about a thousand times, and one rep only sent me a link to a support page which I had READ and did not answer my question, and then proceeded to answer an entirely unrelated question. Once I shared my screen with a rep who refused to listen to what I was saying and completely destroyed my document, doing all kinds of crazy things that were completely unrelated to my issue and got angry when I used my mouse to message him and ask him to stop, trying to re-explain my issue AGAIN. I feel like I am the most patient person in the world, but my experiences with Adobe have been laughably horrendous. I would understand if it were a cheap product, but considering I am paying A LOT of money for this program, you would think they would use that money to pay a little more for a native English speaker. Technology is way too complicated without having to worry about being lost in translation...oh and I scheduled two phone calls, one which came the NEXT DAY and another that came before the scheduled time. Both left messages with such thick accents that neither I nor my husband could understand them (and both of us speak multiple languages and have a lot of experience understanding non-native English speakers). TERRIBLE experience.

3 reviews
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I upgraded my plan today, my credit card was charged and then I was told that I need to wait for 24 hours for them to 'review' my order. That alone raised a red flag and then I get an email telling me that my order was canceled even though my card has been charged. I tried to resolve this with their customer support. The representatives in the chat option have issues with functional literacy and kept transferring me from one person to another. I demanded to speak with the supervisor after this happened for the fourth time and have now been waiting for over half an hour to speak with this person. So lose all hope you who enter the hellhole of paid plans.

1 review
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If you are considering purchasing an Adobe product, DON'T! They're practices are are shady to say the least. Call center in India, adds charges for products you didn't sign up for, and outrageous hidden cancellation fees. Sure what they do is "legal", but their lack of transparency illustrates DECEPTION. You've been WARNED.

1 review
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Check your privacy, I never opted in for sharing my data for Machine Learning analysis (which is far worse than normal as it's probably collects all your data on the internet and then 'profile' you).
Subscription plan - unethical and sketchy.
Customer support - Indians that can only copy/paste after spending 10 minutes of researching Adobe website for correct info.

1 review
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The Adobe Cloud Subscription service is very expensive when you lease all their software that you have to pay an expensive monthly subscription fee. Plus their tech support is horrible. I finally found a better way to go with Adobe CS6 Master Collection. I got it from the below for a one time low price and they give great 24 hour tech support in English. See below.

If you want to avoid paying a monthly Subscription fee for Photoshop and other Adobe software see below. You can get all the best Adobe software now at a much reduced cost in the Adobe CS6 Master Collection for just $151.00. It downloads directly from Adobe and there is not any Monthly Adobe Cloud subscription fee. It comes with all Popular Adobe software like Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended; InDesign CS6; Illustrator CS6; After Effects CS6; Acrobat Pro; Dreamweaver CS6; Premier CS6; InCopy CS6 plus more, and as a Bonus lots of great Photoshop Plugins to make using Photoshop easier and much better. See it here.

1 review
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Felt like I was talking to computer bots in Swahili. Nobody knew anything and clueless to the point it was actually funny

1 review
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there is no email support functionality. finding a suitable support function is time consuming. the product itself is not great, no user friendly!! i would not recommend it to anyone! Locks clients into 12 month contracts - probably because they do not want clients to cancel once they realise how $#*! it is.

1 review
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I spent years working on a website that within months disappeared because they decided it wasn't worth it for them. They decided they weren't going to host the websites and oh by the way, we aren't going to even allow you to use this product that built them anymore and oh, by the way, you won't have access to any of the information on your websites once they are closed down. It was such a waste of 3 years of work. Trust me, they will wipe out your entire website with no way of transferring it and it will not even phase them. I will never buy or use another adobe product. They are the epitome of corporate greed.

1 review
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Having dealt with Adobe Support over the last two weeks, I honestly feel like I've been trolled by chatbots.
When they 'escalate' issues, you have to pretty much repeat everything you've said. Clearly they don't bother reading information on your case from other operatives (i'm not talking about waiting a few minutes - even when I check after several days this still happens).
If they offer, make sure that you can speak to the senior operative directly - if you simply let them take a few days to handle it themselves, what they'll actually do is close the case without fixing it.
At the end of two weeks (and two escalations of our issue which were then closed), they finally offered a refund and... that's it. We got an apology, but no other incentive to even stay on their platform.
So, Adobe doesn't care about actually fixing your problems, their customer service reps do not communicate properly, and in the end they don't care when they make mistakes.
Yes this is a rambling and angry review - but the only good thing I can say about Adobe Support at this point is that at least they have manners.

1 review
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I'm not going to go into the detail of my situation because I'm beyond frustrated at the moment but this company is a complete joke when it comes to customer service. They might as well just have an automatic response that makes you wait 3 hours and then tell you to go f*** yourself. Great product, $#*!ty customer service.

1 review
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I have had an extreme journey with this company and I have never and I mean NEVER been through something like this in my whole life. If you plan to use another software, do it, the service you get from Adobe if things doesn't work or if you have any questions is extremely extremely super bad. I cant find words to explain how bad Adobe treats you if you have any issues, I been dealing with them forever now and they just don't care to solve my issues and instead I end up with new problems and at the moment I cant use any of the programs at all. Worst ever, and it's not just something that I just say. It is the worst in my whole long life.

29 reviews
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My review was late, but they use to be great in the past until they wanted more money out of a consumer's wallet. Give big thanks to alternative software that don't do this cr@p.

Basically on May 5, 2013 Adobe decided to make their software only available as "software as a service" rather than selling it as a product from a store. This means you don't actually own it, but renting it. The only good thing I can say about this is that it cost $10 at the cheapest, but as everyone knows, monthly payments will eventually be more expensive than just what you're buying if they were to allow it.

Imagine if you can only rent laptop and not buy it, that would be terrible.

1 review
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I will tell you the short version of my experience. I CANCELLED my account and they assured me that everything was fine, but instead they RENEWED my membership and charged me 2x more of the normal amount that I was paying. So I called again. The agent chat service? HAHA good luck! If you want to sit for 2 hours being transferred 8 times to different agents who aren't even on the same page! and YES I was transferred 8 times to 8 different people. One agents talking about a duplicate account, one was just repeating what you just said, One just talked about offers! I mean likeeeee I am PISSED! I don't want your stupid offers.!! JUST GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY! The product itself I do not mind it work well for my projects but just be ready when you want to cancel or are having problems because you will want to write a letter to CEO of this company by the end of that chat. Best of LUCK :)

16 reviews
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I downloaded the Adobe Acrobat 7-day trial. Suddenly my computer acted as if it had a virus. I ran Norton, and it didn't have a virus, but I decided this was slowing my computer down to a crawl, and I saw other signs that something was wrong. When I uninstalled, the software TOOK WITH IT ALL ABILITY I HAVE TO READ A PDF AT ALL. I am trying to write an obituary for a very close family member and need those PDFs. Thanks Adobe.

1 review
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My son bought one stock image and suddenly was enrolled in a year-long program. We were billed without permission or notification. Do NOT use Adobe stock photography for any purposes. And tell your friends to avoid the company at all costs.

4 reviews
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I asked in a chat if the Photoshop CC would be compatible with a touchscreen computer. The representative said yes. I already had Photoshop Elements 5.0 which was and STILL is compatible with both my old Lenovo tablet and new HP tablet computer. So, looking for an upgrade on my new computer I purchased Photoshop CC. ONLY to find out, Photoshop CC is ONLY compatible with touch screen in the aspect that it will allow you to click panel buttons BUT IT WILL NOT LET YOU USE GESTURES (in otherwords, no drawing or any motion of that sort on the picture). Now that this is useless to me, I wanted to cancel my supscription..BUT they charge a fee! NO WHERE on their website does it say that Photoshop CC is not compatible with gestures on touch screen. NO WHERE. I found it on a forum lost in the abyss of the internet..others with the same problem. With that being said, they were only willing to give me 2 months free ($9.99 a month) so $20 off of $120. WOW WHAT A HUGE HELP..NOT REALLY! the cancellation fee is $48.....THAT DOES NOT HELP! I rather pay the fee. BUT I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO. The customer service rep said she would be helping me out by giving me two months free, Is that a joke? Sure let me still pay $100 for a program I won't be using. Can you do math Adobe?

1 review
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I downloaded their "free trial" and couldn't get it to work. It turns out none of the free trial features are meant to work! NONE! You can't do anything with it other than look at the screen and your photo on it. The salesperson immediately tried to up-sell me. I know upselling is considered an ok business practice today. But I don't like it. It's dishonest and pushy. If you have a good product or service, let it sell itself. Be honest.If you say free trial. Give a free trial. Adobe is really dishonest and their Indian answering service is rude and sexist. It took talking with 4 different "technicians" before they admitted none of the features would work with the free trial. They are not technicians, they are salespeople. Totally dishonest rude company. I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS MODERN FORM OF BUSINESS AS OKAY!!!!

11 reviews
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If there have any option to give minus rating then Surely I'll Provide them (-100000 ) rating. Everybody beware of them

2 reviews
25 helpful votes

I recently purchased, or more correctly upgraded, Adobe Essentials 14 (from version 10). I admit that I did not use Adobe Essentials 10 very much primarily because the program had frequent crashes, was inexorably slow, and lacked a number of features that free software like Picasa offered and were much better at. Nothing seems to have changed with version 14.
I had numerous troubles just installing the program followed by numerous crashes when trying to import and/or use the features. I near as I can tell all they have done is keep the bugs but changed the interface, and while I am sure that there is more to the program, it still sucks which is why I stopped using it in the first place.
To give you an example: There are limited sort options - I would have thought that a "sort by date taken" would be a good option but it doesn't exist. However, the two most important features it lacked were the ability to keep its catalogue database up-to-date when I removed photos from my file system because using Essentials 10 was too laborious.
The second major problem was the amount of lime it took to operate on the database. Picasa is lightening fast in this respect, while Adobe Elements 10 is turtle slow and took hours to perform the same functions. In brief, I could not recommend this product to any one and I am planning to revert to Picasa until I can find a better product to catalogue, tag, and organize my photos.

17 reviews
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I only had the program installed for 20 days in which time I could not use it and I had problems with computer not responding. I entered an online chat with a foreign Adobe contact to cancel my order and it took 37 minutes before I ended it without having received satisfaction. NOT Happy.

1 review
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Bought Adobe through my school for $119 - got it registered - went to the activation website - non-existent. Help desk sent me to customer info - and they have put me off now. Don't bother purchasing.

I have bought other products such as MS Office and others, no problem -Adobe could use some of Microsoft's know-how in this realm.

1 review
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Me and my good friend Finn tried to make an animation on adobe flash cs6. Week after week with errors and issues with windows overriding other windows everything was deleted a total of 8 times. 8 times we started over and 8 times it was deleted again. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON SOMETHING LIKE THIS. BUY SOMETHING NICE INSTEAD LIKE FERRARI 458. THEY ARE REALLY GOOD CARS, SERIOUSLY REALLY WORTH IT UNLIKE THIS $#*!. Flash is a repulsive, ugly, stupid, fat, you cant do anything its not even good for people serious about animation or amateurs. Stay away from this product and spend the 800 dollars on something else like balloon animals or grape soda. Anything is worth it more than this crap. Scream and run and don't buy it, its just a terrible idea, trust me. IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD. The tools aren't even good, nothing is good, don't buy it.

Thanks for reading
Sincerely, angry customer of flash that got ripped off and advises no one to buy this its soo crap omg seriously its just terrible. IT SUCKS. I HATE IT SOOOOOOO MUCH.

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