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Just recently married to my bestest friend :P Mom to a sassy teen and always looking for the very best deals. I work hard for my $$ and don't appreciate being taken advantage of. Strongly believe in stellar customer service and the highest of business ethics.


Books, board games, LCG & roleplaying games and SHOPPING!

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Shari's Berries are absolutely delicious treats and very well put together. They can be a bit on the pricy side... especially with the cost of shipping. However, when the occasion calls for something special... give em a try. I always search the internet for coupons to help buffer the cost and I'm never disappointed.


I love this site. They have the cutest treats reasonably priced. I've placed various orders throughout the year for office parties, birthdays, Valentine's Day... you name it. I've always been completely satisifed with the shipping time and the appearance/taste of the product. Will continue to be a loyal customer.


Seriously... the best internet radio ever! I can listen to 1500+ live stations across the country or create commercial-free, all-music custom stations featuring songs from the artists I like. I've got the app on my iPhone and can take iHeart anywhere I go. Just LOVE it!


These tees are really cool! Ordered a few different tees for me n my husband and we were not disappointed. Middle of the road prices, but can catch a good sale every now n then. Fast shipping and always adding new tees. Wish they'd get some Android: NetRunner tees in:-P

"Support the Troops" storm trooper tee
"Don't Settle for Less" Settlers of Catan tee
"Sweetness" Walter Payton tee
Django & Schultze - Bounty Hunter tee


Bought several different pieces of body jewelry from this site. EXCELLENT selection... GREAT prices... FAST shipping. Had a nipple piercing break while I was attempting to put it in, but that could've been me n my clumsy hands Lol.

LOVE the site, LOVE the products, LOVE the prices & sales. Will definitely purchase again from here.


I've had a great experiences with Just Fab. Shoe selection is FABULOUS! Great prices and always seem to have sales going on... YAY! Free shipping and free returns are a big plus in my book. So happy with the Dolly boots and Lottie heels. Will definitely buy from them again:-P


Not a real fan of penny auction sites. Seems they work great for some, not for most. In my experience, I fared very well with the $100 airfare travel cheques, $100-200 hotel cash cards and two-for-one companion airfare vouchers. OR SO I THOUGHT!

I happily paid for my deals, went to redeem them and realized why they were so easy to win. There's like a million different black-out dates, restrictions and time restraints. For air travel, your initial ticket has to be over $350 and your trip must include an overnight stay on a Saturday. For hotel discounts, you have to book at least 4 consecutive nights.

Now, I'm on a budget and don't travel often. When I do, it's not for long periods of time. I try to get the best deals on airfare and I certainly try to avoid the most expensive nights to stay in a hotel. I thought winning these vouchers would be a great way to do so.

It was a complete waste of my time and money bidding on these. What a bummer!


thehorizonoutlet.com is the online shopping site for both the NetFirst Platinum card and the Horizon Gold card. Both cards guarantee a $500 unsecured credit line (regardless of bad credit) to be used for merchandise on their website only.

Now, to the average joe citizen who suffers from bad credit or lack of credit, this may seem like a terrific opportunity, right? WRONG! Resist the temptation... stay far away from this offer. It will not help your credit. Only drain your pocket of unnecessary/outrageous fees and fill your home with junk. If, you were so inclined to purchase items from the online store.

Firstly, you are enrolled in a lame benefits plan that offers active members discount legal, prescription, and roadside assistance. Which costs $19.95 per month and is auto-debited from your bank account.

Secondly, you are charged a $24.95 fee upon acceptance and issuance of your new $500 unsecured credit card. You're also charge a $6 monthly card maintenance fee. Also auto-debited from your bank account.

Now let's discuss the online store. You cannot preview the store merchandise before signing up. You must wait until you've been charged all the fees, received the credit card and can enter the card number on the website. Once you've arrived to get your shop on... be prepared for MAJOR disappointment. This is hardly a online shopping mall at all. There are VERY few items to browse and, even worse, it's all garbage. Cheaply made products that most anybody would not buy, wear, or use. Nothing fashionable, tech savvy or even worth its weight in pennies. Oh, and don't forget to pay the shipping and handling charges up front!

Such a racket! They should be ashamed of themselves preying on lesser-credit-worthy individuals. I'm begging you to stay far, far away and JUST SAY NO!



Insane deals on fashion jewelery, accessories, clothes, gifts, travel & household items. HOWEVER, their shipping methods suck. I've only made two purchases so far. Was very satisfied with the quality of the product & the price I paid. BUT, first item took nearly six weeks to arrive. I had forgotten I ordered it. Second purchase took about 2-3 weeks.


Gamefly is epically awesome! For one low monthly subscription, I can rent video games for any system and play as long as I want. There's even unlimited PC play! They provide me with the return envelopes/postage and the turnaround time til the next game in my que ships is super fast. Great way to maintain your video game budget while still getting to play all the latest n greatest games:-)


This website is AWESOME! Want to buy a gift card, but don't have a lot of cash? BUY every type of gift card imaginable at up to 30% discount! Do you have gift cards but would rather have cash? SELL it to abcgiftcards.com! Got gift cards for stores you don't really shop at? TRADE them in for gift cards to the stores you want! All transactions are guaranteed! Payment methods accepted are credit card and PayPal.

My teenage daughter was doing really well in school, so I decided to reward her with a mini shopping spree. Purchased several gift cards for Subway, AMC Theaters, Hot Topic, Charlotte Russe and Wet Seal. Total value = $150 Price I paid = $100 My daughter walking around the mall like a BOSS = Priceless:-)


Keep in mind, I'm not a real big fan of these penny auction sites to begin with. BUT, Ibid2save has got to be the WORST one I've come across so far. Sure they entice you with a few hundred "free" promo bids every once in awhile. But, in the end, you pay dearly out of pocket. Win an auction... you're out the bids you bought + pay the winning bid amount + pay an auction fee + pay handling fee = I paid too much. It really hits home when you win on specific items (other than gift cards) AND if you win bid packs/promo bids. I won a cheaply made hello kitty necklace for 17 cents but the auction fee was $11.99 plus handling fee of $1.99. I was so excited to win a 1000 bid promo pack for $1.13 but the auction fee was $54.99 plus a handling fee. Kinda rains all over your parade when you think you've just gotten the best deal ever. My honest opinion is to just stay away... it's not worth the effort OR the money.


Initial impression = frustration & disappointment. Made an appt on a Tues morning. Rcvd an email confirming my appt the day before. I work completely across town and was almost there when I got a phone call saying the doctor had not returned from vacation yet. They rescheduled my appt a week later. Office is small and dingy. Not very well organized. But, the staff was friendly. After waiting to see the physician for nearly 45min, I was told the doctor did not show up and they didn't know where she was. Now I have to take more time off work to return a third time for my first consultation. Ridiculous! I sure hope this program works for all the trouble...

UPDATE: It took them three days to call my prescription in to Walmart. When I called to reschedule my weekly follow up appointment, they didn't even have me scheduled at all. Oh I would've been soooo irritated if I showed up and couldn't be seen. This place is a mess!


Adoreme.com is an absolute scam! They automatically enrolled me in VIP membership and charged my bank account WITHOUT my authorization. I declined the February showroom and was charged $39.95. Did not receive any product or service. I declined the March showroom and was not charged anything. I declined the April showroom and was charged $39.95. Did not recieve any product or service. When you decline a showroom... it means you DON'T WANT ANYTHING SO DON'T CHARGE ME! I didn't realize until April about the charges and now nobody will return my emails or phone calls. How can a company charge you without providing you with any kind of service or product? RIDICULOUS! After several unsuccessful attempts to get the charges totaling $79.90 refunded, I'm filing fraud charges with my bank. This company needs a serious wake up call on business ethics.

Adore M. – Adore Me Rep

Hello Jen,

Thank you for reviewing Adore Me.
VIP Membership: please note, every customer has the same two payment options during checkout when placing their first order. At that point, you may choose the “Pay As You Go” option if you would prefer a commitment free shopping experience, or the active VIP Membership. There are many benefits and perks to being a part of our membership, but it is an active membership, therefore not the best payment option for everyone.

Your only obligation as a VIP Member is to either make a purchase or skip the month between the first and fifth of every month, when our brand new lingerie collection is online. It is not our intention to confuse or frustrate anyone! The terms of VIP Membership are clearly stated during checkout, and we send all new members a confirmation email further explaining the membership as well as two reminder emails before the 5th of each month. If you successfully skipped the month, you would have received a confirmation email. We have stylist assistance through live chat, email and phone to answer any questions while you browse. Our average wait time on the phone is under 10 minutes, under two on chat, and within one day one email.

The vast majority of our shoppers are happy to either skip or make a purchase each month, and it is certainly not our intention to exasperate anyone. You are not obligated to make a purchase, and we even have a 30 days no-questions asked refund policy in regards to store credit.

We are sorry that you appear to have been confused by our membership. Please let us know if there is anything further we can do to help.

Kind regards,
The Adore Me team


Weekly for past 2mos, my husband gets his dress shirts pressed ONLY. On two occassions, the shirts were not ready when promised. Not even an apology was offered. Yesterday, I picked up the last two shirts and was charged $15.00. I asked why so much? We're usually only charged about a $1.50 per shirt. Apparently, they charged me that much because they specially dry cleaned them due to the shirt labels stating "tumble dry low". I tried explaining to them, we never get the shirts cleaned ONLY pressed. The store clerk and her supervisor didn't seem to understand that I didn't care what the shirt label said. We never asked them to launder the shirts only to press them. After about 15minutes of going round in circles... I did not get a refund and will take my business elsewhere.

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