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1 review
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I joined Wix about a year ago and they had good, responsive live customer support. That was then. Now they have ZERO live customer support and you can't get a call through and get a live person on the phone any more. BEWARE. If you use Wix, you better not need help because your help won't come on simple issues for days on end and that's only if you happen to be available when they call you back days later. Something has changed at this company and they no longer help people except through emails. I recommend you DO NOT USE WIX if you are hosting or designing business related websites. Go use other similar services. Wix has gone down hill fast in terms of customer service. It will take you just as long to get solutions for your problems as it does to design your website. It's ridiculous. Wix used to be good, but they are no longer reliable to me and clearly to many customers who have this same problem.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have had five wix sites over the past five years. Today, they made a horrific error in regard to my billing and it cost me a ton. There is no one to call. I just sit here sending countless emails requesting a callback. I am officially done with this company!!!!!

1 review
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Thought I would buy a website to put my FTM2017 on for my extended family to use, wrong. Wix was eager to allow me to buy my domain name and then they tell me in many more windows of more expense, that no refunds if you are unhappy. Not happy Jan. Classic get you in and then hit you for more expense(monthly yearly), goodness knows what the service is like, I can only guess.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Well I am stuck in the hole of wix. I am on a budget and stop the payment and was told I was stuck with what I have. Never again.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Wix is the most frustrating company I have ever had to deal with. When you need help fast forget it with this company, they make it impossible to get assistance.

Several times I received no call backs, and another time it took them 4 days to respond. The phone number online is a circle leading back to the support page. It should be called lack the lack of support page.

There was a credit card issue and their answer to that was just to cancel my site without any communication.

Their site creation is incredibly limiting stay away from WIX!

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

"You got what you pay for" platform. Wix hosting has a lot of limitations when we talk about performance, features and SEO. The web site is hard to get ranked on search engines. Italian users may have a look at this article (The page can also be translated, just in case).

1 review
3 helpful votes

I supported a couple of clients who both had started constructing a site on their own and got stuck. The widgets only get you so far, no problem - cleaned it up for them my bigger issue is portability of their code. It's all proprietary - want to get locked in and either stay with Wix forever or re-do your site? The Wix is for you? Hate writing pure HTML/CSS and love bloated code? Come on down! Oh, and customer service on a paid plan? Does a day or two later work for you? Do you hate reaching a CSR right away to get your issue resolved? Wix is for you.

Still feeling lucky? Google Wix and autobill....

Sadly, on the surface - the concept of Wix is good but it is poorly executed. Even with the horrible billing aside, bad customer service overlooked and the bloated code - the lack of portability of your pages should be a red flag.

1 review
3 helpful votes

My experience with Wix is that it is indeed quite easy to use HOWEVER be prepared for lengthy waiting periods to get answers from tech support if you have trouble. I am so disappointed with their service over the past 12 months (been with them for 5 years) that I will be moving to Shopify.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have recently built a basic web page using Wix and paid for the premium service for a year only cause they are having a 50% off sale right now.

However, their support is TERRIBLE!!! I have questions that I cannot find the answers to in their support discussions and I cannot get in touch with an actual person on the phone.
Their so called customer service phone number just gives you a message to use their support page and gives no instructions on how to schedule a call back with a Wix support agent.
I cannot find call back instructions anywhere on their website either. I do not recommend Wix and will not be renewing my acct next year.

Go with Google Sites!!

1 review
2 helpful votes

A former employee started up his own business and set up a Wix website. He used copyrighted materials from my website. He refused to remove same from his site so I complained to Wix. They shut down his site until he removed my pictures, etc. A short time later he pulled the same stunt and this time Wix encouraged him to claim that a mentally ill relative was trying to take down his site. Any future complaints against him now require a court order for Wix to take action. So he is free to steal content while Wix hides behind policy that promotes stigma against the mentally ill.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Their customer service is the bottom of the barrel and they purposefully make it difficult for you to contact them if you have a billing or technical issue. There is no warning when they'll renew your site and charge you, and claim they just didn't want your site to go down as an excuse to charge you. Other companies like email you a heads up before they renew. It seems this is how Wix makes the majority of their money. It's unfortunate they cannot invest it in decent customer service.

3 reviews
0 helpful votes

Had no problems with this one at all. I needed to create my own online shop and with the students money I couldnt afford buying everything necessary. So as a temporary solution this service was of great help. Now the shop is functioning as it should but I`m anyway very grateful to this service for such an easy start.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I tried out a trial of Wix. Since it's a yearly renewal and a lot of things happen in a year, I forgot about the automatic renewal. Most companies send a courtesy email before charging your account - not Wix. And it's not like a $20 charge. It's hundreds of dollars.

Sure, you can dispute it with your bank and they'll send the charge back.

But WIX will dispute the chargeback (they're sure to send you an email about the charge back and how you need to update your card information - so they are capable of emailing you).

So, even if you don't use the site at all, they still charge you and dispute chargebacks (never seen another company do this shady nonsense). Most products, if you don't use the service or product, you can return it. But apparently WIX thinks they should be able to charge you for nothing.

And really, even if I were using their product, it's extremely over priced. Several hundred dollars and there are much better sites out there. Their customer service is terrible too (not just about charges, but in general).

1 review
4 helpful votes

terrible platform.... wish I'd had more info before I purchased it.. terrible customer support - links that circle back, no real support and a fake phone number that sends you back to the same link... crazy... call back service is shut down until further notice, no way to submit support ticket.... are they going under, or just scamming people?

1 review
0 helpful votes

I have a problem with Wix sporadically freezing when I try to save a publish my product. This only happens on Wix on my computer and it happens infrequently enough that I forget to be hyper-villigent about saving every few sentences.
I sent in a ticket and I got a random response that indicated that only a keyword was observed which makes me feel like a robot answered the question. I tried to call the customer support center but random hours mean that they leave on Fridays at some ungodly early hour not matter what your time zone might be. Do go there.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Wix USED to have a great team, quick, professional and efficient. Now I cannot even contact them. The number either doesn't work or if I got lucky to have it ring, I got a message that the office is closed during their limited business hours (Monday-Thursday). It's been weeks that I've been trying to get in touch with them to no avail. Their site is full of angry people complaining, pleading for a call back.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Hi my name is Dave I'm a retired engineer from Google well I am going to keep this letter sweet and short.

Before I left Google I grab the stack of paperwork with information of  companies that Google is going to start red flagging off  there network.

 Such as Weebly, Wix, CreateSpace and tons more of these types of  websites .

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In fact as a chief engineer at Google this was one of my jobs to get rid of poorly made  websites like yours.

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And they have agreed to start a special program just for these websites for as little as $499.00 you could have a great website a professionally made website and SEO by me Dave the Google engineer.

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Here's to your success
Dave senior engineer Google

1 review
4 helpful votes

This is the first time I've ever written a review of any sort. I was gifted a domain name purchased through 1&1 internet. I created a landing page for my site and worked with 1&1 to transfer the domain name. I was not able to get my site up, so I requested a call back from customer service. I wait TWO hours for the call. This is after my first call to WIX when I was on hold for 45 minutes before I hung up. My site is still not up after my last call. Just requested a call back -- a pop up said that there was a problem and to try back in ten minutes. It also said the wait time for a call back is 80 minutes. I have never been so frustrated with customer service as I have been with WIX. As I have not fully developed my site yet, I might just bail. It's that bad.

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

I've been using wix for over 3 years now. I had great customer support and was excited to see more and more features and/or apps throughout the years. I even referred friends to wix.

Starting about a year ago, I could see an increase in glitches and a decline in customer/tech support ---- and recently it's at an all time low. You can't even find where to submit a ticket anymore. I had to go to their facebook page. I was given a link and followed all the instructions to a T, but I'm still having the same issues. One problem I've had for years is that all the elements I place on a box or strip "sticks". If I click on the box only & delete it, everything on top of it deletes even if not clicked on. I've tried two times to get help with this, but wix always states "THEY are not having any problems with it' or I just get a generic cut & paste message that has nothing to do with my issue. Now recently, the mobile editor has become increasingly glitchy. While trying to arrange or line up my elements it freezes after one to two moves and the only way to get it moving again is to switch back to desk top, then back mobile. And, elements will randomly move or bounce from top to bottom on its own. After three hours of working on this issue, I tried to reach out to tech/customer support but I could no longer find to contact section to send a ticket to support, so I went to facebook. I followed the instructions after reaching out on facebook, and waited a week for a response, and to my disappointment, I received another cut & paste message----like instructions on how to clear cache. I had already informed wix that I had already done that, but I guess they don't really read our messages carefully. I replied and explained this, but here I am another week later and still waiting. I tried everything I know to work this out because I had spent so much time on this website and hate to start again, but I have no choice now. I checked my analytics and noted a large number of my visitors come from cell phones, so I can't understand why wix is ignoring me. It appears that wix no longer feels the need to concentrate on quality care or quality control due to last years earnings at around 90 million. But, I'm so glad there are other web hosts I can use.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I've had a site for about 3 years now. Back when I got it, it was great and I had phone support. Support has gone completely downhill. Now you have to do a support ticket and it takes about 20 minutes to find that ability to even do that. SO I paid for the most premium recently as we did a wix upgrade and it messed up many things on the site and we needed help with the ecommerce site. I still cannot get thru on the phone-EVER. So the support tickets are never really read fully as each time i have sent one, and i've sent many, they do not address the real problem. Our site has published when we only saved it, they said that can't happen, so three of us tested that, easily, and it happened again. Now my problem is one that they said they cannot duplicate (they would have to go thru the payment process on the site to duplicate it I told them) and since it cannot be duplicated wix thinks it cannot happen. I want to change as the ONLY plus is ths defunct site is easy to build.

1 review
6 helpful votes

Finished my website on a friday at which point the wix platform decided to delete a load of data from my site, revert a whole bunch of stuff back to previous versions that i had done and all my links in the shop that should take you to the product page come up with a message saying "wicks stores are experiencing problems, try agin later or contact us with this link".
The link takes you to a quick Q & A page, no way of contacting anyone at all, so thats a lie, finally found a phone call back system that is ridiculously complicated and oh, they don't work friday, saturday or sunday so no luck there. Then with some digging found an e-mail address: THIS IS NOT LISTED ANYWHERE ON THE WEBSITE AT ALL. I FOUND IT FROM AN EXTERNAL SOURCE! Am waiting for a reply, if it ever comes.
It's taken almost a day of messing around to get to this point and if the problems aren't fixed then i've wasted a week of my time.
By all accounts it seems the site is great if nothing goes wrong but when it does it's nigh on impossible to fix it as there are no ways to talk to anyone. The whole thing reeks of a massive rip off.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I felt like a sheep jumping into the abyss. About to sign up when POP. Let me see some reviews. Boom. Saved by the bell.... Thank you sitejabber

1 review
5 helpful votes

I have been a WIX user for 4 years and had no problems until I needed service to help sort out a billing problem. The domain was about to expire so I contacted a rep who walked me through the process and I paid for a 2 year domain renewal. BUT the domain expired anyway, the site went down and I had to pay a $100 charge to reinstate the domain. The only service I got was 'well it looks like our system didn't put it through". Thank you WIX.

1 review
7 helpful votes

How. Can. I. Possibly. Do business. When I can't. Contact you. About not. Being able. To access. My site?

1 review
3 helpful votes

Cannot get domain transferred and the phone number for support just sends you to another page. Have sent message to BBB to report the rip off.

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Dinesh K.
on 8/16/15
Aya E.
on 6/16/15
Debbie W.
on 9/4/12
Patrick F.
on 8/29/15
Natalie K.
on 6/10/16
Kerry D.
on 5/27/15
Deborah S.
on 4/26/15
Dave R.
on 2/16/17
Oliver Z.
I complained to Wix about little link boxes, that kept on changing their width without my input.

Their first reply didn't even cover the problem but spoke about something else. They obvioiusly did not read my letter. Their English was debatable too.

So, I sent another explanation and 4 screenshots and my website and my website password.

shirad replied to your ticket:


Thank you for getting back to us.

I'm sorry for the confusion and for the ongoing correspondence.

I can see that you live site is password protected. Kindly provide us with password so that we can access your live site.

Also please provide us with more information regarding this issue:

1. After how long is this change occurring?

2. Are you able to identify the change occur?

My conclusion, the person answering is either stupid, can;t read England, or just doesn;t care.

My advice - before you get committing to Wix look for other providers. Wix has many faults especially for non-Americans as their check out is only good for USA. It's wrong for Canada, UK, Australia, NZ and all others that don't emulate the US zipcode and tax system.

on 9/7/16
Diane O.
on 8/25/16
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