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Wayfair reviews

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252 reviews
Categories: Furniture, Home, Home & Garden
177 Huntington Avenue, Suite 6000
Boston, MA 02115, USA
Tel: 1-877-929-3247
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252 Reviews From Our Community

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2 reviews
1 helpful vote

This store has everything for your home and the largest selection you will find anywhere. I was shopping for bar stools and thought I would find a few here, could not believe the amount they had. I found what I was looking for and they were less expensive than any other stores. They offer free shipping on all items over $49. You will fall in love with there customer service. They are my new go to store.

Ask tammy about Wayfair
1 review
0 helpful votes

I am so surprised by any bad reviews of Wayfair! I have ordered a large amount of products from them in the past 6 months because we are renovating our house. Everything from dressers to vanities to medicine cabinets to side tables to draperies and even 2 bed frames. Everything - everything, has been delivered in a timely fashion and has been of the highest quality! If I need to return or exchange something customer service was extremely helpful! I love Wayfair!

Ask Elena about Wayfair
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I spent 3 days looking for the perfect Jewelry Armoire for my wife for our 30th anniversary. I ordered it August 22nd. The projected delivery date was the 31st which is one day after our anniversary. No problem! I arrived home on the 25th and there is a box in my driveway. My wife arrives home only a couple minutes behind me and has to help me move it. The surprise is blown. Ok -- I can handle that. The problem is it is not what I ordered. It is nearly twice as expensive as what I ordered. Now my wife has to settle for what I ordered after seeing this really nice item. I saved them several hundred dollars by being honest. They ruined my surprise and gave me 30 dollars off my order. This was my second order with Wayfair. Not sure I will try this again.

Ask Kevin about Wayfair
1 review
0 helpful votes

I purchased a headboard. The item shipped on time at front of my door. However, after I spent two hours to assemble it. I found it does not match with my frame. I tried two different brand universal metal frame. the screw holes on head board are just too wide to fit into the frame. what I ordered is king size. my first order on wayfair is failure!
The worst is that I find the "submit" button did not work. However, when I select FIVE star and submit, it works!!.

Ask Yiyu about Wayfair
1 review
0 helpful votes

I received the chaise lounge about two months ago.three pf the legs are bent and about to not sturdy.i am female,5'8" and weigh 170 lbs.

Ask Pam about Wayfair
7 reviews
0 helpful votes

I've bought many articles on Wayfair and every time, they sent me an email saying it would be belated because of manufacturing issues. Great prices but poor customer service

Ask Bratt about Wayfair
30 reviews
15 helpful votes

I love everything they have in stock on every occasion. A shopper's paradise!

Ask Katy about Wayfair
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a sofa and waited for 2 months and then I got a mail it was backordered. I can not cancel the order and I should wait for another month.
I don't recommend wayfair. Go to other store.

Ask J about Wayfair
1 review
0 helpful votes

It is unfortunate Wayfair does not recognize Puerto Rico as part of the United States. Amazon, EBay, Target, Best Buy etc. all offer free shipping to Puerto Rico. The United States Postal and FedEx services Puerto Rico at little to no no additional cost. Wayfair is discriminating against Americans in PR. I spent two days putting together an order only to find out the shipping was more than $1,000, more than the order itself. When I called and talked Kristy in customer service she stated there was nothing Wayfair could do for us. Wayfair should stop discriminating and change their shipping policy to that of many other online retailers. We wil. Be putting this order in on Amazon or Target, respectful online retailers.

Ask Amber about Wayfair
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have been extremely disappointed in a product ordered on Wayfair site. Parts were missing and never replaced by the company. They insisted we did not need the missing parts to put the furniture together. They were wrong and refused to fix the problem. I would NEVER order anything from them again.

Ask Barbara about Wayfair
1 review
5 helpful votes

Sent 3 emails each 3 days apart. Form letter email received that they would respond in 8 hours. Haven't heard a word. Poor customer service. Wayfair has gone down hill over the years and products are over priced.

Ask Soupy about Wayfair
1 review
5 helpful votes

Cannot compete with Walmart or Target in pricing and quality.. Its a surprise this company exists!!

Ask Sanju about Wayfair
1 review
6 helpful votes

I was so excited to have saved hundreds of dollars on furniture for my baby's room AND free delivery! Too good to be true? Absolutely! You get what you pay for. The products are slightly below Ikea quality, which is not saying much. It will serve it's purpose and was cheap, so I can't complain too much about that.

Now about the free delivery and website ordering. Initially when I registered on the site I was listed under a different address. I changed the billing address on my order and clicked "same as billing" for the shipping address. I needed to make a slight change to account for instructions as my building number system can be confusing. This reverted the order to my previous address but with the same instructions. Granted, this is probably my own fault for not double and triple checking the address.

D-day comes for my first order. Obviously it goes to the incorrect address. I contact Wayfair to make all the necessary changes to ensure I get my stuff and my pending orders. Their CSR is very helpful and patient. A little, ummm slow, but gets the job done. So I think.

First delivery is left at the side of my building in an alleyway. I watch this happen after a brief discussion with the driver asking the name on the package, address, etc. as I am walking out of my house to attend an appointment. The information he provides is not mine. I assume someone else has a delivery and go on my merry way. I check the tracking info, it says that my order was delivered. Yes, it was the one with all the incorrect delivery info left in the alley. I call, am put on hold over and over again. I am told that I changed the address, etc. and they can't/won't do anything. I say yes, I did change it, to my correct address. I stated that I have an appointment and they need to call UPS and get them to move it out of the alley and to the front door. I get home and it is in my apartment as my loving husband borrowed a car, left work, and rescued it. I look at the label and apparently the CSR thought it was a good idea to put HER name on the delivery instead of mine. Also instead of "southernmost door," as I requested it states "side door." Is that the same thing??

The next day I patiently await my next delivery. I check the UPS site, and lo and behold! They have NO SHIPPING INFO. The address was changed on the first delivery and not the second. The Wayfair website would have me believe all was hunky dory as it was in fact changed on my account and for the order. I call UPS directly this time, they change the info and I now hope for it to arrive tomorrow to the correct address.

Was I notified by ANYONE that there was no delivery info? Nope. Is there a reason Wayfair updated one order and not the other? I don't know. I now am awaiting one more item scheduled for Friday. We will see what adventures may come!

Take my advice peeps, just pay the extra and go with Ikea. The stuff is the same, you're not saving much from Wayfair and Ikea actually delivers on time and to the correct address. Let's just hope I don't go into labour while I wait.

Ask Theresa about Wayfair
1 review
7 helpful votes

You can probably guess that shipping large furniture has risks and hassles. And Wayfair definitely has not figured out how to avoid them. I have ordered from them twice and both times there were significant hassles. It's just not worth the enjoyable shopping experience online.

Ask Dustin about Wayfair
1 review
8 helpful votes

Wayfair charged our credit card and promised a Wednesday delivery. Wednesday came and went. Following up with Wayfair they said we never placed an order. When we sent proof of payment customer service was useless and condescending.

Ask Stan about Wayfair
1 review
1 helpful vote

We ordered a misting patio fan which had been difficult to find, and when the fan arrived it was defective. Wayfair immediately granted a full credit with no hassle. It's always better as a buyer if you don't have a problem with the product, but the true mark of a company is how they handle the problems that inevitably will occur in the course of running a large business. We would absolutely order from Wayfair in the future

Ask Pete about Wayfair
2 reviews
33 helpful votes

We ordered a sofa. Waited WEEKS. THEN, two days before our "expected delivery" after sitting on floor all this time ....this happens.
WE receive an email with one line. SAYING...our sofa order has been CANCELLED. Huh ???? By whom????
Now remember, they have our money and we waited weeks! It is 2 days before we were to receive our couch!!!
So we have no idea WHY and even worse still NO COUCH!!
So we write an email to Wayfair ... and get a reply days later saying they will look into it and have THUS FAR received NO FUTHER COMMUNICATION .... 6 weeks on!!!!
If we had done our research we would NEVER have ordered from this place.
SADLY we ordered first.
You know what???? UPDATE - To make things worse when we went shopping for a couch we bumped into a customer in the store who had an even worse experience with Wayfair and the Furniture sales guy says to us "We hear this ALL THE TIME about Wayfair!"
That is REALLY SCARY to us.
Preserve your happiness and STAY AWAY!!
If you are a serious risk taker then order.
If you are intelligent and value your money and time and life ... NEVER EVER order here.

Ask Brenda about Wayfair
3 reviews
11 helpful votes

I reccommended your site to my sister and she was as thrilled as I have been with every experience I have had with your company....VERY HAPPY

Ask Lorna about Wayfair
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Ordered small items, no issues.

Large items, another story.

Missing parts, stains on fabric, late deliveries on a bed which mean extra nights paying for a hotel, the assembly team I requested never showed up, assembly required electric tools which was never disclosed. Never ordering from them again

Ask Shaan about Wayfair
2 reviews
16 helpful votes

So I have had nothing but issues with Wayfair/Joss & Main. I ordered a couch on April 5th, waited over 2 months, had 2 delivery dates that I took off work for and never recieved my couch which ended up being lost by the warehouse. If you would like to read about my predicament with Wayfair/Joss & Main in detail, look for my other review, "COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY". Anyway, I ended up cancelling the item on 6/11/16 where I received an email saying someone would contact on the first business day, which should have been the following Monday. When that didn't happen I called on Wednesday, 6/15/16 about getting my money returned to me. Whoever I spoke with said it would take 3-5 business days to see the refund in my account. Well today is the fifth business day and I have spoken with one Wayfair rep who said she didn't why it hadn't shown up in my bank. I then called my bank and they have no record of any refund, I then spoke with second wayfair rep. According to the second rep my refund wasn't processed until today... So when I called last week nothing was done until I called AGAIN and the first rep was the one to actually process my refund, a week later and then tried to hide that fact that nothing was done last week. I will never do business with Wayfair/Joss & Main again and I recommend that you don't either.

Ask Melanie about Wayfair
1 review
3 helpful votes

Wow, great person on the phone selling the item, after the sale a complete nightmare. Promised date was 6/09 and I planned accordingly with my plumber. He was scheduled to work on Saturday 6/11. Well, the part did not get here yesterday and when I called Wayfair they did not know why and stated that the they only contact the company who shipped by email and it may take another 24 hours to respond. I, meanwhile (have to pay my plumber an extra day since he is doing other work for me but cannot finish with out the part I ordered from them) decided to contact the shipper myself and have talked to someone there and expect a call back shortly. So let me see, I bought something from Wayfair and after they made the sale it is obvious that they could not give a crap about my order...If I cannot get it delivered one day tomorrow, I will have to call Wayfair and cancel and then I will contact my credit card company and dissalow payment...let that add to Wayfairs internal costs and perhaps that will help them to feel a little pain! Based upon my experience, Wayfair is just an incompetent company

Ask Bruce about Wayfair
1 review
4 helpful votes

I keep on seeing commercials about wayfair thought I give them a try. I order a bed frame which came quick especially during memorial holiday. Products was in good shape, everything seemed good until I started to assemble the bed only to realize that I was missing parts. I called wayfair to complain only to get not an apology but we will find out what part is missing and ship it out to u in two weeks. Why two weeks. I called back the next day demanding to speak to the manager in which I did not get but I'm sorry that's all we can do. Representative told me looks like we ran out of that piece that your missing in the warehouse, we have to order more. What kinda services is this. It also seems I'm not the only one that has this issue. Cmon wayfair. Are u actually being fair??!!!!

Ask Tony about Wayfair
1 review
6 helpful votes

Very disappointed with Wayfair. I bought this Garden bench on May 1st,2016 arrived with missing parts, and they are saying that I'm going to get the missing part on July 07. Very frustrated. It sounds that they don't care about their costumers.

Ask Vicente about Wayfair
1 review
7 helpful votes
6/3/16, at 2430 N 9th St Terre Haute, IN 47804, giving the phone number 526-365-8563 changed my email address and shipping address on my Wayfair account (but not my credit card information). I do not live in this state and do not know this person but somehow they managed to hack my account and update the email and shipping information. I asked Wayfair to have their fraud department investigate this claim.I had to delete my credit card information because even after Wayfair told me they canceled my account my personal information still was active - I deleted it myself.

Tip for consumers: Even if a company tells you they deleted your information, double check to make certain it is done.I felt Wayfair did not take this invasion seriously.

Ask Lynn about Wayfair
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Great, clean looking, easy to use website. I ordered a non-stick pan set and a stainless flatware set. The flatware set was on sale for $35. Order arrived in the time they stated. Even though the flatware were individually wrapped, most of the pieces had surface scratches - so I submitted a complaint via their website. A customer service rep responded within a day or so and said they would credit me for the flatware set. They gave me back the full amount and I was able to keep and use the set since the blemishes were minor. Good way to gain a customer for life.

Ask Pete about Wayfair
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