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Review of PurseValley

PurseValley reviews

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126 reviews
Categories: Handbags
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126 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I bought a Omega seamaster watch from y9u. It is the worst watch I have ever owned. It always ran fase and after 6 months it just stopped. I was supposed to have a japanese movement, but it had a cheap chinese movement.

Ask marc about PurseValley
1 review
6 helpful votes

The purse came in a timely fashion and it was beautiful great quality. I bought it with a bran new credit card that had never been used and a week after I received the bag, someone was trying to make fraudulent purchases with my card#. The purchases were declined but , the fact is they compromised my card info... Shady!

Ask Kayne about PurseValley
1 review
2 helpful votes

i ordered one bag that was good. the second bag i finally cancelled as they kept telling me my VISA did not authorize. It was not true. They said that they ran it 6 times. My bank said they never saw it come in for authorization(i work there).

Ask San about PurseValley
1 review
3 helpful votes

Yes, I would like to know the status of my order?

Ask Elisa about PurseValley
1 review
2 helpful votes


Ask Nahuza about PurseValley
1 review
5 helpful votes

I bought four bags and they arrived today - absolutely gorgeous and extremely well made. Definitely going back for more.

I bought:

1 Louis Vuitton Capuciness Crocodile Leather Red MM 607549 C$420.62
1 Louis Vuitton Cluny Corail C$349.22
1 Prada Double Tote Crocodile Leather Bag Green C$395.95
1 Gucci Bamboo Daily Blooms Bag Blush Pink C$388.16

Ask Deane about PurseValley
1 review
3 helpful votes

Horrible experience!tried to purchase some bvlgari errings - they call me back: my vida doesn't work! " we accept only american expres for ordes lower then $800"ok. It was strange but I gave them the data.
No confirmation mail. Next day I call the vost. Service, apparently everything is just ok. Next day they call me to inform that my american expres doesn't work!!!they wanted me to accses to my account??!!
Then, I was so bored with all of them and I canceled the purchase. Swindlers- that's what there are!
But the cheap ones.
Never again!!!!!!

Ask Gordana about PurseValley
1 review
10 helpful votes

I'm not sure what all you people are complaining about. I got my bag in 5 days after I ordered it! Yes FIVE days. I love the bag. It's beautiful. Is it a mirror image? I have no clue and don't care. The bag is super nice and does not feel cheap at all. I'm started to believe these negative reviews are fake. This is my 3rd bag from them and I have never been disappointed

Ask Patricia about PurseValley
1 review
10 helpful votes

They are a total scam. They say money back, but, will only let you use the US Post Office for returns (very expensive). If you pay the money to return it, they do not accept the returned package. Stay away from them.

Ask vic about PurseValley
1 review
4 helpful votes

My order arrived and it literally STUNK. It must have gotten wet in the shipping container. I tried everything, and it still smelled worse than $#*!. Everyone in the room could smell it and we all started sneezing. They wouldn't exchange or refund.

Ask C about PurseValley
1 review
6 helpful votes

I cancelled my order right next day way before they even ship the item out! Send an email to inform them to not take my money! Not only did they take my money also have not been refund me yet after a week. On their email says 24 hours. After 3 emails sending out, they just stop responding!!!
Please be aware of this seller
I seriously will give zero star for this dishonest seller!!

Ask Mandy about PurseValley
1 review
13 helpful votes

I reviewed a bit a bit ago and happened upon another am similar site purses versus purse
I'm thinking ppl *might* have the wrong website!
Just a thought as has been great to me...
I'm not paid and the customer service has been wonderful and the products I've received have been great!
PS - I just received a replica watch a little over a month ago from and I am very pleased. Excellent look - packaging was great and other than just one issue which is the one spot ( the model name isn't imprinted under the brand name isn't there - but barely noticeable) other than that it's a terrific replica watch. It's a Breitling replica and I'm very pleased with it.
So, all in all - has been very good to me.

Ask Kathy about PurseValley
1 review
2 helpful votes

I was happy with the bag originally but after a number of months waiting for the leather to darken (its still not quite there yet) i decided to start using it and a friend pointed out the LV logo one one side was upside down. I did my research, this style bag should never have the logo upside down. So i emailled purse valley 3x and given that i am still awaiting a response i felt i had no choice but to write this review. Ive given them plenty of opportunity to correct this but the result of my experience has been money entirely wasted and all the frustration of being ignored. If you can afford to throw money away, buy the original ... and if you cant, dont take the risk with this company.

Ask Joanne about PurseValley
1 review
0 helpful votes

I recently bought a pale blue Prada Saffiano tote. The description states ''leather exterior''. It isn't leather - its a kind of dimpled hard material. Its instantly recognisable as a fake and not what I paid over 300 for. Unusable.

Ask michelle about PurseValley
1 review
1 helpful vote

I was as many people afraid to order a bag from purse valley, because of all the bad reviews. I thought that if anybody was gonna be tricked it was me, but I didn't and I got my bag within 10 days. I brought a yves Saint Laurent monogram college bag medium, and I messaged back and front with them, and the only reason why I didn't give them 5 stars is because their costumer service took some time to write back. I am so happy for my bag and are definitely gonna order again!

Ask Karla about PurseValley
1 review
9 helpful votes

I got the Eva LV and its glued and not actually sown. The zipper to close the purse is glued to the LV pattern, so I can never use it as a cross body only a clutch. Not worth the money as I was only able to use this purse a few times. Also got the Gucci disco bag, the GG was more of a circle shape then an oval and the zipper broke after a weeks use. I would say don't waste your money

Ask Zoey about PurseValley
1 review
14 helpful votes

I have never ordered a purse online, let alone a fake one. I wanted to get a Louis Vuitton never ful, but think it's crazy to pay 1400$ for a purse that will get thrown around. I went out on a limb, despite reading the negative reviews. I ordered my purse and within 13 days I recieved it. I payed an extra 3$ for insurance, and signed up to get email updates for the tracking number. The minute I placed my order I called customer service to confirm. They were great! They told me that my credit card may be charged 5-7$ more due to currency exchange from U.S to China, which is completely understandable. Atleast they tell you.
I love this purse. It's great quality, it doesn't "feel" or look cheap, and it looks almost identical to the real ones. The only difference is minor changes to the inside, but who stares at the inside of a purse?
Yes, when you open the box up, initially it smells like plastic, but that's only because it's wrapped in it and shoved Ina box for shipping across seas for 2 weeks. Mine aired out in 1 day. People expect to much, but in reality, it's NOT the real thing, and your paying not even a quarter of the price. I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase and will definitely order from them again. If your like me, and just don't want to spend crazy amounts of money on a purse, but you still like nice things, I recommend this website. :)

Ask Kayli about PurseValley
1 review
11 helpful votes

I recently purchased a LV speedy bag and when I tell you it look just like the real deal... I returned my authentic because it looked FAKE this one looks better.. very nice customer service and bag came on time as promised... try them for yourself you'll be glad u did..

Ask Natasha about PurseValley
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

I was wary about ordering but a friend of mine said she had ordered from PV and was pleased. I ordered a LV handbag and it arrived in less time then they estimated. I'm very happy with the quality. Looks like the real deal. I will order from them again.

Ask Jennifer about PurseValley
1 review
14 helpful votes

I'm a little surprised by all the bad reviews. I ordered the LV Estrela bag and it came within 2 weeks to CA and was almost identical to my REAL $2100.00 LV Estrela. The only difference was that there was only 2 small inside pockets and my REAL one has 2 small and 1 large. I also purchased some LV charms which were VERY NICE for $25.00, and a wallet which was OK..except the zipper ripples, it's just OK. Customer service was very good, they called me to confirm, followed up with status daily and shipped very quickly. I will definitely order from them again, based on this first order.
** I took a chance and payed via bank using a bank account that I don't usually keep any money in, and only transfered the amount of the purchase to the account. It worked out with out all the confusion and I got an extra discount off the order too!
See pictures below, Red one is Real LV, Black one is Replica

Ask Jay about PurseValley
1 review
10 helpful votes

no use, if I could give 0 stars I would!!
and no help from PURSE VALLEY
there is no quality, very poorly made goods equally poor customer service would not refund or replace as promised on website

Ask sophie about PurseValley
1 review
6 helpful votes

I ordered Prada wallet for 140$ #PD-1132A4-PK - it was my first purchase and actually i made it as test before buying more expensive items .. It's OK if the price 20 or 30 dollars only - NOT More! it's fake from miles and of course doesn't worth 140$ !!
I will give fair review as all reviews on their website are FAKE !

First, i live in NY and here in Chinatown, there are tons of replicas .. i found many replica wallets like mine for 20 or 15 dollars only, and i thought when i pay 140$, i will get really high quality copy .. but i was totally wrong, and here is why:

1- It's not leather .. It's "Plastic" material and you can SMELL it from miles!
2- Stuck Zipper!! actually it's cheap bad material which makes zipper stuck every 1 cm !!
3- Rust at "bottom stop" of zipper.
4- Different than photos, in design and important parts !! so Photos are fake too.
5- Box was broken and looks also so fake.
6- Dust bag was really horrible .. it doesn't cost more than 10 cents !
7- Packaging wasn't good enough, and was WET !!

- Good points
1- It looks like Prada and the design is 99% the same ..
2- Shipped fast within 15 days from money transfer.

- The bag is not bad, but doesn't worth more than 20 dollars .. wen i left my review and said that, they stopped support and didn't publish me review on their website.

- No way for return because you will lose Shipping and Money Transfer Fees, and then have to pay again for return shipping to CHINA !! like 60 dollars !! and another money transfer fees for refund ! so you get nothing ..!

Ask Fann about PurseValley
1 review
4 helpful votes

I ignored all the bad reviews and went ahead with it anyway because I really needed a nice gift for my other half. Firstly the order was delayed! Then when I got the bag it was beautiful however within a months time the bag ripped. So much for their quality check!
When I got in touch with them they would not reply till I actually called them international rate and finally they reported it, they started saying because I got to them so late they wouldn't give me an exchange or refund. I did say I don't want a refund, il even send the bag back for them to replace the part. They started saying they are going to send out a replacement handle that I can get fixed here and they can't do anything else.
So what can I do I agreed. A month later a part came but it was the wrong part!
Now I'm still waiting after countless emails and calls its been nearly 6 months.

So do you really think this is a place to buy? Go else where seriously these guys are a waste of time and no where near helpful.

Ask Bee about PurseValley
1 review
19 helpful votes

I ordered a bag about a month ago. I have never wanted a fake bag but this site showed items of reasonable quality for a replica. My work PC however would not let me open the log in, I should have followed the signs... But I didn't and went ahead paying by credit card as I saw the other options more complicated and there is an extra guarantee with a credit card. Immediately I received an email thanking me for making the order and all the details were there. Then a day later I got an email from customer services telling me that because my credit card billing address and my credit card were from different countries and 'they were trying to avoid fraud' they could not use my card and I was offered other options, moneygram and there was a link to other payment options. I opened the link and I was asked to enter all my card details etc. Of course, I started to realise that this was proper dodgy, why would I send again my details if my card apparently does not work? I emailed customer services and I was very stern about the dodginess of the payment system. Funny enough, I checked , before emailing them, the email and my trusty work PC warned me that this could be a fishing site trying to get personal information. Did I get a personal response on my email? No, but the same about now being only placed to pay through Moneygram. I tried moneygram, but again if your card and billing address are different will not let you proceed. I decided then that there were too many signs and decided to cancel my order, I got emails offering a free gift - a bag, a watch,....-. I went along with it, to see what would happen but this time I said that I would use the credit card from my current country. I got an email from my personal sales executive, who for the first time ever was offering a gift to avoid the cancellation of an order, and there was not a word about the gift about the options of using other card but the same rant about not being able to use my credit card and having to pay by Moneygram.
Another thing, my card company, the one I wanted to use in the first place, called me to tell me that they have blocked my card as on the same days as my payments were taking place my card was used in India, the USA and to pay and online item. I will get my money refunded but it has unsettle me that I have been a fraud victim. Are purse valley and my card misuse linked, well I only use it to buy the bag.
I have now replied to my sales executive demanding to speak with her superior, but I bet I will get the same moneygram email... Your call. Ana C

Ask Ana about PurseValley
1 review
19 helpful votes

I, like many others, read all the negative reviews but went for it anyway and ordered a LV handbag. (I have three authentic LV handbags already, so I felt I could determine the differences, if there were any, in the bags). I ordered on April 16th, then received an email saying there would be a delay in my order, but a couple of days after that email I received a tracking number, on April 27th. And on May 5th I received my handbag (tracking for my bag was slow and didn't update until it got into the US). I absolutely LOVE my bag and it was just like the pictures. It's a good quality and honestly looks like the real bag. I'm not sure why there are all of these negative reviews. I mean, if someone with a negative review actually posted pictures/video of it then I would believe all their words. But not one person who had a 'negative' experience posted a picture of the bad product. I don't know, it's weird to me. But I love my hand bag and will definitely get another from them in the future!

Ask Jessica about PurseValley

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