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Categories: Car Sharing, Mobile Apps, Taxi
548 Market St #68514
San Francisco, CA 94104, USA
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1 review
1 helpful vote

I gave 150 rides in 30 days for Lyft, which should entitle me to receive a $400 bonus. Problem is that they are saying that I need a promo code from when I first signed up on Lyft, which I don't have. I never knew of any promo codes, and I also wrote an email within days of my hire asking what promotions I would be available for. They are denying me my bonus based on a BS technicality, plain and simple. Plus, it is hard to find riders altogether, regardless of time or day. My last week I logged 33 hours and made $375.52. In other words, I made just over $10 an hour plus tips (which aren't much) MINUS expenses. Not worth it...

1 review
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I have two holds on two of my credit cards totaling $30. The first hold has been on for 7 days. My charges amount to $1.50 on 2 services that I had $5. credits on each. The original charges were $6.50 -$5. credit= $1.50. They ran the charges through for $15. each. They state that's their policy.
I'm a senior on a fixed income. I can't afford to have money in my accounts on hold for no good reason. I paid my bill and the charges they process should be what people owe. Beware your accounts will be processed for more than the amount of your actual bill and you'll have to wait for 5 business days to access money they've put a hold on. If your service is on a weekend count those days over and above the 5 because they're not business days. Also their GPS'S take the longest, even out of the way routes. They don't work properly and even the driver's complain about them. I had to instruct my driver on a short trip how to not go out of the way like his GPS was showing. Instead of being picked up in front of my address the car was sitting across my condo parking lot in front of nobody's specific address. I walked over to the car in the rain.

1 review
1 helpful vote

So for the last 2 months every time my girlfriend uses Lyft, it gets charged on my card. I have never used my account on her phone or used my card in her account.
We have deleted all payment methods off her account and the issue was still not fixed.
I contacted Lyft customer support to try to solve this. They basically told me I should fix the issue with my girlfriend and they would block her account until we "sorted things out"
I told them this was an awful solution as I just needed them to check why her account was charging my card and to fix it, one would think it should be an easy fix, but apparently Lyft staff is set on being morons.
One week after being told I was basically $#*! out of luck they stopped replying to my emails altogether, I tried calling them but after being on hold for 2 hours I gave up.
My girlfriend used Lyft on a daily basis but after this experience we're moving on to Uber and never looking back. I didn't even want my money back for what is over $200 in charges. I just wanted this fixed, but Lyft clearly doesn't give a rat's ass about their consumers.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Lyft is refusing to honor the $750 signup bonus. The reason I chose Lyft over Uber is because they were offering this bonus for DC drivers. I googled Lyft and saw that they were offering it. I then decided to download the app and start the signup process. I signed up and got on the road only to later be told that I needed to input a code when signing up and that they will not input it for me. Lyft did not properly advertise this bonus or any bonus for that matter. Lyft doesn't say you need to input the code. What happens to many people is that they do their research (like I did), see the benefits and then proceed to download the app or apply to be a driver through the app they already have downloaded. In my case at least, it was reasonable to assume that the bonus was for all DC drivers who signed up (given what you can see on Lyft's website) and consequently I signed up in DC. Later I was told that I needed to input the code when signing up and that they will not be honoring the signup bonus. To make it even worse, I contacted my "mentor" who completely ignored my complaint.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I usually dont go on rants, BUT! Lyft took money out of my account even though I DID NOT for a ride. Unlike Uber, Lyft doesnt have a customer service feedback on the app, so there is no way for you to speak to an representative at all. Save your $$$$$$$$

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

some stole my CC and used it to start a lyft acct... what kind of security do they have .. was obviously way to easy for this a******* to use my card

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Lyft is the best thing ever! I've always had amazing drivers and an amazing experience. I highly recommend it. If you need a discount code, use "rideonjules"!

1 review
0 helpful votes

So I've been using lyft for awhile. When I need to take my puppy to the vet or want to take him to the dog park I ride lyft. Since, I can't take my dog in the bus. I had no problems taking my dog in the car. The drivers are always so nice saying my dog is so cute and they never seen anything like him. And pet him. BUT today on 1/26/17 I decided to take my dog to the park. I opened up the app & the driver was on the way. I was waiting for almost 10 mins then he cancelled my ride. Then another driver got called he was on his way already. He came & picked up my small dog! (I always put my dog on my lap btw) he asked if it it was a service dog & im like no. & very very rudely he didn't want to take me & said "nahh I'm not gonna take you " in the most rude & disgusting tone ever. He didn't even said sorry. He drove off very quickly. I couldn't believe it. This wasted almost an hour of my time. I always thought lyft was pet friendly till this happened. He was very very mean. Very unacceptable !! Then I called in uber & kindly the driver let me & my dog in. Not like that nasty man from lyft

1 review
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I have had good service with Lyft until driver Roberto was sent to pick me up! I asked him to come onto the other side of the street. He refused to pick me up in front of my house and drove off when I asked him to. He cancled my ride! That is unacceptable! If this is the type of driver you hire, I won't use you in the future!

1 review
0 helpful votes

My first experience with Lyft was deeply upsetting and disappointing. I realized I only had one glove as soon as my daughter and I closed the car door on a Friday evening in Brooklyn. She chased the driver down the street but was unable to flag him down. I immediately went to the app but was unable to do anything except rate and tip the driver, which I did (5 stars, $5) immediately so that I could get to the screen where I could contact him about my glove. I learned I was unable to call him; when I tried to submit the lost item form, it wouldnt go through. So I had to go back to customer support and do it there. While I got email confirmation, I did not get a call from the driver until Saturday afternoon. He was rude on the phone, stated he did not have my glove, and only after my pleading with him several times did he agree to look once more and then call me back. He did not call me back.

I sent Lyft customer support screen shots showing when the driver called me and showing that he only called once. I attached a copy of the receipt for the gloves ($65 + tax), which were bought the night before the trip when I learned how cold it was going to be.

After several rounds of back and forth, customer support remained adamant that they would not do one thing to rectify the problem. Im in utter disbelief at how this situation with a first-time customer was handled and that there was no effort to correct the cascade of problems that occurred that night, from the drivers unacceptable delay in response (which, had this delay not occurred, the whole problem would not have happened) to the app (which had a broken link) to the drivers rudeness and lack of a promised follow-up phone call, to the customer service response (which was to offer me absolutely nothingnot the replacement cost of the item, which isnt even that much compared to a lost phone, for example; not a refund for the ride; not even a credit toward a future ride).

Im someone who really loves writing positive reviews for great experiences with businesses; it makes me feel good. This whole experience made me feel bad. It really cast a dark cloud over what should have been a really fun trip to see my daughter perform in New York. Ill be sticking with Uber.

1 review
0 helpful votes

No drivers avail. the whole system lead me to believe they had a driver ready and with 24 mins of where i needed a lift! i watched that and checked it for 4 days just to be sure i would have a ride to airport.. on the day of my flight i finish the booking for the lyft and NO DRIVERS i swear what a joke this company is!

1 review
0 helpful votes

To all of the complaints from people who applied to Drive for Lyft & Uber, You are LUCKY you didn't get hired! Lyft is so not worth it! Yes, you can get a car through their leasing program but you will not make any money!! Take it from a year and a half driver of these companies! I am actually going through a nightmare right now with Lyft's leased car! My personal car a week prior to New Years Eve lost its brakes. This forced me to lease a Lyft vehicle until my car was repaired. Three days before New Years Eve, my personal was fixed. I contacted Lyft to give them back their car. They wouldn't respond to my email. I wanted to give them back their car and have them take the Express Driver Rental platform off and put the regular driver platform back on where I am making my bonuses and express pay again. When a driver is leasing a Lyft car, Lyft puts a hold on your pay. You will not get any bonuses, you can not Express pay yourself where you would get your money with in a few minutes. Lyft will charge you 200 dollars. Plus the tax fees. Plus the Lyft fees, and require you to drive a minimum of 75 pickups which they control. It's a scam and it is not worth it! Lyft refused to take the car back before New Years Eve leaving me without being able to earn money. I ended up jumping on the Uber app and didn't make hardly anything! Lyft New that if I was stuck with the car that I would have to pay for it. I haven't signed on with them for a week. I haven't touched their car in over a week. And they tell me it doesn't matter because I still have the car even though it was them that refused to take the car back. It's a money making scam leaving you in debt with a company that is suppose to provide a pay check! I gave a year in a half of my life to them. Ran two brand new cars into the hole. One car is only 9 months old and looks like it's 3 years old!! I started out with 1 mile on the car and as of today it has 30,000 miles on the odometer! I am a 5.0 star rated driver with over 5234 passengers serviced for Lyft. All I have to show for my hard work and dedication to this company is two cars run into the ground, more debt and unable to pay those debts then when I first started with them. Customers who have no respect or regard for the drivers property and feel they are deserving of only paying $5 fees but want a $80,000 car and a silver spoon to eat a pint of gold! Lyft is in trouble! They have been trying to sell their company to Apple, Uber, Google, and others who have turned them down and away! Save your money, spare your car, and work for a company that won't put you in debt but rather give you the ability to live and pay your bills!

1 review
0 helpful votes

They shut my account down that had a 100 in it then tell me legally they don't have to give my money back and they never told me why they did it

1 review
0 helpful votes

They suck they raise there prices every few minutes. I don't think I will use them again back to uber.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Am a driver with lyft but the company management is filled with white racists, a white passenger called me black ape, damaged my windshield and lied against me. The company deactivated my account till date,I repaired the windshield with my money,I told all the passenger did but they chose to support him because he's white.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I asked for Lyft Services to go to the JFK Airport. Was told the charges would be somewhere between $35 and $54. After the trip, I received a receipt for $71 and some change. Apparently they will not tell you about additional charges in advance e.g. tolls.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Hello everyone, I tried to be a driver for Lyft and they denied me because my past, im taking about 11 years ago..

1 review
3 helpful votes

From a driver who couldn't speak English and couldn't find where I was waiting for two hours, to another driver who couldn't speak English and had me walk two miles to find him. to another driver who couldn't read his GPS and dropped me off at the wrong location-I have been reaching a boiling point of impatience and pissed off accuracy for Lyft. Today however was my boiling point when a Lyft driver not only submitted a false claim against me stating I had damaged her car, but also had the nerve to charge 50$ to my card for it. Luckily I called fraud and had my card turned off before they could take the money out. Lyft first took out a 27$ damage fee charge when this driver falsely claimed that I had not strapped my 18 month old into a car seat. This false claim came two hours after she had dropped me off and I immediately called Lyft and sent pictures, in which my 27$ was refunded albeit with a ridiculous warning on how Lyft is a family friendly service and car safety. Four hours later, I received a damage vehicle bill from this exact driver who I had complained out for 50$ along with pictures of what appeared to be a staged damage back seat full of littered trash bags, crumpled up paper towels, a box of arm and hammer and a pack of plastic cups. At first, I had believed that the complaint was about how my infant son had thrown up on me and himself and how I had cleaned up what little spot there was on the back seat using a car wipe given to me by the driver. But no, apparently this picture that was so obviously staged by the driver I'm guessing for my earlier complain was what was being issued. Even when I told the representative that I had a witness who was with me in the back seat when this happened who could back up my story, Lyft representatives still stated that they had to go by what the driver said had happened in her records (which was taken four hours after dropping me off at my destination) and by her pictures (which was taken also by that same time due to the time stamp). I disabled my account and blocked Lyft from making anymore charges. And just to piss off Lyft more, the thieving and scamming driver's name was Maggie of Orlando, Fl and the spineless representative was named Erwin. Word of advice, use Rideshare or Uber-$#*! Lyft.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Left at doorstep. Ordered Lyft a day in advance and never got picked up. What good is that feature? Almost missed my flight and had to pay for parking for over a week at airport. Next time I'll just take a real taxi service. What a joke..."No Lyft"

1 review
2 helpful votes

Was travelling back from a trip with two very young children. Driver arrived and could tell he was very annoyed at the prospect of helping with luggage and well the drama of two kids!

I lifted the bags and packed the car and did not talk the entire way which is not like me. We arrived at the destination and I then proceeded to get the kids out of the car. The driver dumped the bags at the bottom of my drive and drove away promptly without saying a word. I could certainly tell yet again that this journey had been time consuming for him!

A day later I then received an email advising me that I had shut the seatbelt in the car which I know for a fact I did not do. Lyft then without calling or asking my side of the story proceeded to quote the terms and condition and removed $50 from my credit card on file which I told them not to without further enquiry.

The driver and the customer service was so inadequate. I liked lyft up until this point but I will certainly not be using them again. To take a drivers word over a customers without a conversation is not good enough.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I use Lyft and Uber. Lyft is starting to rip customers off by saying due to high volume they charge you 75 to 100% more than the actual price. That's crazy Uber doesn't do that. Drop Lyft ASAP.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I don't have an account with Lyft and have never used the app or service. I have three charges on my debit card all from Nov 14, 16. They do not have a phone number that will allow you to talk to someone only an email. I was emailed that someone named Scott opened an account using my debit card information. They also told me if I know this person I should discuss this with them. I told them how can I find out who did this with them only providing me a first name?! I've asked three different times for the information of these three different transactions and they will not give me the information I have requested. I want to know what city and state this happened and where the person went for their free rides. It would be more comforting to know if this was just a random hack or if it was someone I know considering my card is still in my possession. Considering they will not give me the information I am requesting it sure makes me think Lyft is the one committing these fraudulent charges so they can make money and then claim the money they steal from innocent victims on their insurance.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Ok so I'm an #Uber and #Lyft customer. I honestly use Uber way more because of their pricing. I signed up for Lyft as an alternative. Today I used Lyft because they offered an Election Day special - 45% of a trip. Today I had to complain once again!!! It seems that every time I request a car, my bank account associated with the debit card I registered with Lyft, gets a $25 "Authorization Hold" put on. I was told it was a one time thing. Now EVERY TIME I request a car, there's a new hold. I email them an get a computer generated apology stating it for all new accounts. But over been using them for months. There is no number to call them unless there is an emergency to report. #Lyft sucks!!! They don't have to worry about me requesting a car any more. As soon as they release the temporary hold on my account, I will be deactivating my account.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I applied to drive for lyft, I asked all apporiate questions and then sent in my deposit. After a week of waiting I emailed them back asking if I had passed the background check. I had passed but they forgot to inform me. I was then told to wait until Monday to go get my car. I did. I called several locations and was told I needed to come in to speak to a rep from the company. I could get no further information.

When I arrived at the downtown Hertz agency. As soon as I approached the door someone informed me that Lyft was done for the day and had been since 12 noon. This was a surprise to me since I had called around 2 o'clock and was told to come in. They informed me that only about 12 cars a day would be rented and that you needed to come in everyday at around 6am to have a chance at getting a car even though the lyft staff doesn't arrive until 11am.

I think that the amount of lies and hassle you go through to pay for an over priced car isn't worth it. I took off of work to do this and was disappointed if they had told the truth about the process I would not have canceled.

1 review
2 helpful votes

After taking a Lyft ride, I was sent an email the following day that said our driver specifically identified me as the requesting passenger for a ride during which damage was incurred. They sent two pictures of the interior back seat as proof of damage. However, in reviewing the pictures, I can't identify what "damage" they say occurred and they state a fee for damage is $150?

The email further says from the time our ride ended to the time Lyft was notified of damage was 4 seconds? So the driver dropped us off and filed a damage complaint with Lyft in 4 seconds flat...

Also, after extracting the data from the provided photos, I discovered that they were taken the night following our ride (nearly 22 hours after our ride ended). Nobody in the vehicle damaged his car, so obviously I disputed the claim.

I informed Lyft of the photos being taken a day after our ride ended and supplied them with the extracted data info. I also asked for specific information on what damage was being alleged. Lyft sent a series of generic emails without answering any questions or acknowledging the photos were taken well after our ride ended. They said they had "anecdotal" evidence and "reserves the right (but is not obligated) to verify or otherwise require documentation of damages prior to processing a damage fee."

So basically what I gather from this, is that Lyft does not need proof nor cares if there is proof to substantiate a claim of damage. If your driver doesn't care for you or just needs some extra cash, they (driver) simply says you damaged their vehicle and you get railroaded with a fraudulent charge. If I, or my group, damages a drivers vehicle, I'll gladly pay up and apologize. There was no damage done by our group nor is there ANY proof to show our group damaged his vehicle.

When you sign up for Lyft carefully review the "damage fee" section of their terms. As indicated above, it basically says you agree to pay a fee of up to $250 - Lyft "in its sole discretion" determines the amount to be charged and does not need to verify or require documentation of damage. Needless to say, they definitely lost me as a customer and I will warn any friends or family to avoid Lyft!!

Also, a quick search online will find that there are many others with complaints such as mine.

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