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1 review
0 helpful votes

I waited on HOLD for over 20 minutes to be transferred to somewhere else and Hold for over 30 more mins with no success. I tied the next day and was on Hold again and finally I was connected with the rudest representative, "Larry" I was calling to let Fundango know their app wasn't working correctly when you try to cancel a show. It made a purchase but kept giving me a system error when trying to cancel. The whole process was unnecessary for just buying tickets. I will use another service for now on. Deleted this app already!!!

1 review
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My sister visited from England and tried to purchase 2 tickets for Snatched on her MasterCard. The transaction failed, so I then proceeded to purchase them with my debit card. That went through fine. The next day my sister checked her account to find they had taken $21.50 from her account. We have tried numerous times to sort this out and get a refund. Have even sent screenshot of the transaction to a Robi Antonio who works for Regal and is supposedly dealing with this matter. I was told by him to stop being dramatic and after 7 days of sending proof that the transaction took place still have not heard back, which means a fourth phone call and waiting at least 40 mins to get to speak to someone again! While it's only $21.50 it's the damn principal that they think it's ok to take money off people and give them nothing. Absolute terrible customer service.

5 reviews
7 helpful votes

Ordered tickets for a movie 3 days later. Website changed back to default and gave me tickets for a movie that already started while I was at home online. Now they commit False Advertising when they advertise "Customer Service." I will NEVER use fandango again. It is pay at the counter or wait for dvd/blue-ray.

1 review
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After a website error resulting in me buying tickets to the wrong movie theater, I immediately tried accessing the fandango help line. After a good 20 minutes of waiting to be connected to someone, I was told they "couldn't do anything about it" because it was after show time, although when I first called them it was still before show time. Very disappointed in the customer service.

1 review
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They refuse to refund unused tickets. Absolutely the dumbest, greediest policy I could imagine. The show was not full, they were not barred from selling the unused seats to someone else. I've been ripped off, plain and simple.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I recently bought two tickets for me and my son to see GAURDIANS 2. After a family emergency we were not able to see the show. I contacted FANDANGO. Not only could I not get a refund but I couldn't even get them exchanged. The rep says because the show has passed there is nothing he can do. I will definitely buy tickets at the theatre from now on. At what point if any is the consumer protected? Never using FANDANGO again.

1 review
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So I bought 2 tickets to Wonder Woman in an AMC 17 theater in Indy. Auditorium 26 Seats D13 and D14. Problem. Once I got there, the staff was confused as they had 17 Auditoriums, not 26 (hence the name). Since they did have a 7:00pm showing, they assumed it was for that showing. So they told me to get my D13 and D14 seats once I got in. Guess what, they were taken. Why? Because they sold me the seats to a theater auditorium that didn't exist. I was displaced TWICE inside the theater as my 6yr old daughter and I were looking for any open seats and ended up getting HORRIBLE 2nd row seats. I asked for a refund and was told I had to create my VIP account first. I did. Never got a response. After that I saw this website and noticed that I'd be holding my breath forever. DO NOT USE FANDANGO. EVER.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I am very disappointed in not only the customer service but the lack of sheer responsibility when offering a quality entertainment experience.

Admittedly by human error, I selected a wher Chair seat that did not have an actually chair. Unfortunately there were no other seats open so myself and my friend were left movie less and out of $30. After spending over an hour contacting Fandango Customer support, I was told by Manager Corey that he would have a refund to me within an hour to catch the 8:05 showing of Wonder Woman. A lie! I received an email later stating refund denied because it was requested after showtime. Yes, because I spent 35 minutes waiting for a representative!! Although I was not able to enjoy their movie, they insisted that it was only "fair business practice" that they not only not refund me but not even offer a comparable movie ticket.

Will Never patron FanTHIEVESdango again.

1 review
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Think of all the money Fandango makes by not refunding money. At $15 a ticket, at all the different theaters, they can make millions.

Fandango requires you to ask for a refund before you see a movie. Yet, they don't provide a way to do this. I called them repeatedly, my son tried to contact them via the web, I asked at the front desk before the film started. There was no way to talk to an operator. The message kept stating that the movie was not being shown in the area indicated, even though I tried different zip codes to be able to find one that worked, including the zip code of the theater where I was seated while making the call.

I started at least an hour before the show. I had to wait until after the movie to contact them. They said that they don't give partial payments. Everyone would have had to ask for a refund. Well, they all saw the movie. It was just one person who didn't.

What happens to all this money? Does it all got to charity? Doubt it


I tried to send them a copy of a previous review. I attempted to attach it to their reply, i.e. I sent them a message regarding their refund policy, or lack thereof. They responded. They had specific guidelines for my reply. I followed the guidelines exactly, which wasn't easy and it didn't work. Do they deliberately set it up to fail? If they were a new company, I can see they'd have problems, but they should have worked out problems by now. Bottomline: They don't appear to want to communicate with their customers.

Here's the format in which I had to respond:

==> Please enter your reply below this line <===]

[===> Please enter your reply above this line <===]

This didn't work.

1 review
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NEVER USE FANDANGO FOR TICKET PURCHASES! I just had the worst customer service experience EVER! The rep, did not take any responsibility for their error or the fact that I was charged(confirmed NOT pending) for movie tickets! The individual was rude and accusational. I have experienced errors before, as online purchases with vendors can run into so many little issues, but every time the vendors have been helpful and walked me through how to ensure I was not charged and the charges would drop off... NOT FANDANGOs rep, rude rude rude!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Terrible site.
Worst rules for getting a refund.
Will never use them again.
The customer service agent was helpful but couldn't do much because of the corporate rules.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I had a gift card given to me at christmas and after buying tickets had a problem with location so i went ahead and bought more tickets and thought when i get home i will take care of this LOL. First thing service person says after i told him what happened is so you waited to call like i was going to go home and call them as soon as i found out there was a problem. Its much easier just to buy when you get to the movie and with my sister getting a corporate discount much cheaper, so I am going to tell anyone that might give me a gift card to NEVER NEVER buy from fandango, there customer service is terrible and you will never see your money again. Hope i have been clear they wont refund your cash just dont care they got it no reason to give it back.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Failed to complete transaction.
Took money off GC
Automated system to fix problems is also broken
What a horse$#*! company

1 review
0 helpful votes

Wow... if you've dealt with Fandango CS and you thought these guys are almost as bad as Comcast.... well YOU'RE WRONG. They ARE as bad as Comcast because they ARE Comcast.

After 20min wait I chat support rep disconnect me in mid-sentence after explaining that I could now switch the time of my tickets. So much for the "worry-free guarantee" being a Fandango VIP customer (VIP... lol). Guarantee excludes any purchases made with any promo codes. I simply wanted to swap 7PM tickets for 9:50PM tickets within 1 hr or initially placing my order and 2 weeks before the ticket date... same movie, same theater. My request is impossible with the amazing "worry-free policy" I exclusively get as a "VIP" customer. I screen-grabbed the chat to report the incident and then contacted phone customer service. FYI phone customer service is 866-857-5191. After another 20min wait the rep that answered the phones was the same rep manning the chatroom. I wonder if Twitter request will result in same rep. I kinda feel sorry for the rep. She has to put up customer complaining constantly and probably has little power to do anything about it. Yet another reason why Comcast is evil.

1 review
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Fandango! I do not recommend anything through them especially if you were born before 1970! What a freaking joke! I finally was able to send a message through their stupid app! Not Happy with them and AMC needs to Distance themselves from from Fandango! Here's my message complete with any typos as I tapped from my phone:
You' re SEO high jacking is quite good. I wanted to purchase tickets from AMC for the Pirates movie at Cinemark in Mesa. Your confirmation popped up, but my 2nd mistake was mistyping my email. So I called AMC and they told me I could have my ticket purchases pulled up with my credit card.
Meanwhile, your system never noticed my email was wrong. I since went to see if the misspelled email address was available was so I got it.
At AMC movies my credit card did not show any purchase! Then I remembered Fandango and they said that's why they could not find it. I was with my daughters that I rarely see, and this was not going well.
I desperately looked for a way to contact Fandango. Even checked my new email on the off chance the system finally sent.
No Go. Phone was all automated promoting website and app- more time wasted and the movie was to start trailers at 4:30pm! The website wouldn't allow ne to register because it would not allow birthdays prior to 1970.
It pushes you to download the app!
So, I tried! No go! Fandango wants lots of room. Deleted 3 apps and continued.
Now, I'm begging the AMC manager to please allow my daughters in as it starts and I'm downloading the app. She couldn't allow that and told me that the movie wasn't to start till 5pm. Maybe I purchased Fandango tickets for a different theater.
What? The app slowly downloaded and I paid for new tickets at the AMC abd hoped to contact Fandango later for a refund.
Today I'm navigating the app and again not finding it intuitive, user-friendly, or easily navigated.
I want a full refund!
Got a response something about their 2 hour prior rule. You better be to your movie 2 and half hours early to see if you will have any issues. I tried sending the following to the email address they responded from...probably won't work...
"I found out your system is a highJacking inconvenience! You do not find out it is worthless until you arrive with your family and nothing is working.
Very dissatisfied!
And your cute way of allowing a refund up till 2 hours of the movie starting is bogus! I thought you were so eager to sell AMC tickets that you would stand behind your (costly worthless) service.
I'll need to contact AMC next and see if they can place some injunction on you selling their tickets.
And you have no real person to talk to????
Ugh. Warning friends and social media to beware of you!
If you get new management at least as good as your SEO department...have them call..."

1 review
0 helpful votes

I received a 25 dollar fandango gift card as a gift. I went to use it on the website and it kept giving me an "internal error" after I hit complete my purchase. I tried again but the gift card amount was drained. I contacted fandango and they said it would take 3-5 days to figure out what happened! BS it is class action lawsuit time for these criminals.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I booked a movie online for my son and me and went to the theater which is about a 20 minute drive from my home. I had carelessly left my printed ticket at home. I was at the theater before the start of the show and told the ticket counter my issue. I told them my problem and the seats I had reserved and the two types of tickets I had purchased, they even checked it out on my credit card and confirmed my info but the manger refused to allow us in. I was told I could get a refund but that I would need my ticket which has the confirmation number. I drove home and called Fandango and was told no refunds or exchanges could be made after the start times of the movie, which after driving home and waiting on the phone in que for over 10 minutes the show had already started. So no refund or exchange even after talking with a manager at Fandango. BEWARE RIP OFF ARTISTS!!!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Worst website ever. Everytime i search a movie with its name, It displas the name of the movie but can not locate the theater where it is playing. waste of time.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Jean Pereira: hello
Jean Pereira: i need to change theaters
Jean Pereira: because I'm not located inWA
Jean Pereira: Im in Sacramento CA
Samuel: No worries. One moment.
Samuel: Unfortunately, we are unable to transfer tickets to different theaters. However, we can process a return, and you can repurchase your tickets. Also, I see you used 2 promo codes, and those would be lost in the return as they hold no cash value.
Jean Pereira: Cmon
Samuel: Is there anything else I can do for you, Jean?
Jean Pereira: yes I would like credit for those codes or new codes
Samuel: I would be unable to provide new codes or credit for those codes.
Samuel: I can provide a credit/refund for the amount paid out of pocket, but promo codes have no cash value.
Jean Pereira: I earned those codes from shopping spending $$ for those
Jean Pereira: Can I reuse those codes?
Samuel: I understand, Jean. However, our policy states that promo codes are non-refundable and non-replaceable because they have no cash value.
Samuel: No.
Jean Pereira: I didn't receive that policy
Samuel: You agree to the policy when you purchase tickets, Jean.
Samuel: Would you like me to process a credit for the $13.26?
Jean Pereira: I didn't see the policy
Samuel: I apologize you didn't see the policy, but unfortunately, you agreed to it when purchasing with Fandango.
Samuel: Is there anything else I can do for you?
Samuel: I'll get the policy for you.
Jean Pereira: Yes transfer the ticket values to a different theater
Samuel: We can not transfer tickets unfortunately.
Jean Pereira: I didn't check box that
Samuel: It doesn't matter, Jean. Those are the policies in place.
Jean Pereira: so there is no confirmation of it being displayed
Samuel: For all customers.
Jean Pereira: it was not displayed
Samuel: Is there any other questions?
Jean Pereira: yes can you transfer the tickets
Samuel: I am unable to do that, Jean.
Jean Pereira: Im sure you can you just don't want to
Samuel: I would have no reason to deny you a promo code, besides the fact that it is stated in our policy.
Jean Pereira: as stated before it was not displayed during purchase
Samuel: It is stated in our policy.
Jean Pereira: otherwise I would not of thought anything of it
Samuel: There is our policy.
Jean Pereira: your policy was not displayed at the time
Jean Pereira: during the purchase
Samuel: Our policy is displayed there.
Samuel: The policy is publicly available for your review. At the customer service level, we are not able to offer promo code replacements. During the purchase, you automatically agree to our policy, per our terms of use.
Jean Pereira: Do you have a copy of me reading your policy?
Samuel: Would you have any other support related questions? Otherwise, we would need to end the chat.
Jean Pereira: as stated before it was not on the page
Jean Pereira: Yes can you escalate this request
Samuel: Promo codes have no cash value in our system. We would not be able to offer you compensation
Jean Pereira: in the beginning of this request you said no worries
Jean Pereira: don't want compensation just a transfer of my tickets
Jean Pereira: you have changed your position
Samuel: The policy states that a promo code is forfeited during a refund or exchange. You are more than welcome to review. We will go ahead and end the chat unless there is another question I can help you with
Jean Pereira: yes can you escalate this request?
Samuel: As mentioned, your request would be denied. We do not offer compensation for promo codes, as they hold no cash value.
Samuel: We appreciate your effort in clarifying the situation, but cannot honor your request. Is there anything else non-related to this issue I can help with before we go?
Jean Pereira: if you can't do it then what are you going to do?
Samuel: Promo codes are not worth a cash value. We will not be able to offer compensation for your your promo codes. We would have to deny your request.
Jean Pereira: What do i do with these tickets?
Samuel: You may refund, exchange, or keep the tickets as they are. We are able to refund or exchange the amount paid out of pocket, just not your promo codes.
Samuel: Are you still there, Jean?
Jean Pereira: When I purchased these ticket the theater was selected in Sacramento CA but when I received your tickets, the tickets were in WA state
Samuel: This would be considered a customer error. You are able to review your order details before submitting the transaction as well.
Jean Pereira: is your system purposely directing tickets to not honor promo codes?
Samuel: Would you have any other questions?
Jean Pereira: I did it said Natomas
Jean Pereira: Samual
Jean Pereira: Samuel
Jean Pereira: I have questions
Samuel: It's been 24 minutes at this point, and we are not getting anywhere. I'm sorry to force close on you like this, but we have other customers we need to make room for. Would you like a refund or exchange? Otherwise, I will have to end.
Jean Pereira: these are questions that need to be addressed
Samuel: Thank you for making Fandango your choice for online movie tickets. Have a great day!
Samuel has disconnected.
Jean Pereira: refund

1 review
0 helpful votes

I prepurchased 2 tickets for a date. And when I got to the theater the movie i purchased tickets to dosnt have the play time they sold me tickets for then when I contacted them they refused to refund and actuated thanked me for using fandago and hung up on me called me a liaer pretty much and hung up never again will I use fandango and watch out for them it is a scam it's all in the fine print there where 2 people if front of me that fandango sold them the same seats so b careful if u use them they r crooks

1 review
1 helpful vote

I got a fandango card for Christmas and decided to use it for Mother's Day for myself...I go to the theater first just to make sure I didn't accidentally buy for the wrong one and long story short my theater charges $9.25 for adults and an even $7 for my son but on fandango it was $9.95 for adults and $7.50 for my son along with a $2.25 convenience fee! It's not convenient if the prices are higher I mean come on!! I will never use this again and I'll let my family know that they're ripping you off for a gift card!

3 reviews
0 helpful votes

App always crashes at checkout. Using iphone 6. Friends tell me the same thing, wish it would get fixed or updated. Really buggy.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Fandango told me a movie was playing at a certain cinema, I get to the counter to find out they put the incorrect movie theater and the correct one was 20 minutes away. This movie was only playing 1 time that day. Will not be using this website ever again.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered my tickets, then realized i wouldn't be able to make it due to work related responsibilities so I called to cancel. I first called the movie theater who told me i had to directly speak to fandango's customer service. I was on hold for a good ten minutes. the woman who answered my call was very respectful and apologetic however they lied and said i had already picked up my tickets so i could not get a refund. which is absolute bull. they tried telling me i picked up my tickets at 8:15 when I only just got out of work at 9:20. im very upset by this. fandango has definitely lost a customer. I will not be taken advantage of, i did not pick up my tickets and now i do not get a refund because they just feel like keeping my money which I work very hard for.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I got a gift card to fandango and after convenience fees paying for tickets full price and ect. the grand total price was only $1 less than two tickets at costco price. Our friend and us ended up spending: 15 gift card + 13 dollars cash = $28 for what we could have paid $14 for two costo tickets. RIP OFF!

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