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1200 Worldwide Blvd
Hebron, KY 41048, USA
Tel: 1.800.213.3376

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1 review
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I have placed 15 orders through their website in less than a year, now this is the third order that is undeliverable due to my apartment number being missing from the order. Like all online shopping you create your profile including your address and then log into your account to place orders. Most of the time the orders are going through with the correct address, but due to a problem with their system the apt number is falling off. The first two orders I had no problem being reshipped, the rep resent them the day I called. Now I called for the third time, and last time because I'll never use this company again, they're telling me the can't ship it out until they have it back, well if they can clearly see that it wasn't delivered that is ridiculous. They don't wait until I've received it to take my money, why do I have to wait till they've received it to get my money back.

14 reviews
7 helpful votes

What more can I say, this website is wonderful, fast, quality, good customer service, when it comes from ordering from them. You can feel good, and reassured placing a order with them. Packaged well, shipping is fast, would highly recommend.

1 review
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I see there are a lot of negative reviews on here about dermstore.... I have ordered my skin care through them many times. They are one of the only places that I can find the products I use! I recently ordered product that was delivered incorrectly by the post office and I could not locate it. I called dermstore about the issue and they were quick to resend the product with no extra charge, and expedited the shipping for free. No company is perfect, but they did their best to help me out and I am very happy with that :)

23 reviews
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Love the items delivered to me today. It has a fast shipping and affordable products. I am planning to buy more soon.

2 reviews
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Chatted with a chap named Calvin W. concerning a site-wide coupon (shows no restrictions next to the coupon banner like other legit stores do) I wasn't ordering $150 moisturizer that IS included in the offer, I wouldn't consider this excluded product a prestige brand at all. There is absolutely nothing on the product pages that states a restriction and I was ordering a few items, different brands some were included and of those not included, you didn't find out until you went to checkout, entered the code and I noticed the discount was off. And at that point and in very small print, under the name of the product appeared this message "Promo code ineligible: Restricted Brand."
The CS response was that info is in the banner and I said no it isn't, it says exactly this "Save 20% sitewide during Friends & Family Sale with code FRIENDS. SHOP NOW" At which point I was told we should go down to the footer, click on FAQs and read all of those to find the coupon details. I dumped my almost $300 cart and will order from a more reputable company. What a crap experience. I did ask to have my just created account deleted, last thing I want is emails from this crap company.

1 review
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You sent me items I did not ask for and charged my credit card without my permission. I sent back your products back at my expense and have not seen a refund on my credit card. VERY POOR COMPANY.

5 reviews
9 helpful votes

As with the other reviews, I can attest to the fact that during checkout, after clicking "confirm" or "pay" or whatever the typical last step of the check out process is, Dermstore displays a rectangle advertising some supplemental product or beauty device for a discounted price, with two buttons below it, one that says "im interested" and the other "im not interested" or something like that. It was a product that I was indeed interested in, but in no way wanted to purchase just yet! I clicked interested, and next thing I know, it was not only tacked onto my shopping basket, but my order was actually COMPLETE. I have been dealing with bad customer service experiences all day (today is not my day), so I sent an immediate email to cancel the order and ended up removing both products from my order and cancelling my order entirely. I wanted to make a new order for just the one item I had intended to purchase originally, but my promo code had been "used up" after this ordeal, so now they lost a customer.

I know that Dermstore claims those supplemental products are just suggestions, and that buyers are free to decline them or remove them from your order "easily." First of all, it is not clear at ALL that by clicking "interested" it means you will be charged the cost of the item. Dermstore seems to have great products, but their business model is seriously endangering their company! It's unprofessional and unwanted to force customers to have to go through the hassle of removing a supplemental, unwanted item from the order once it has been placed, and doing so also removes any and all promo codes (I was trying to use the new subscriber one). I really urge Dermstore to reconsider their approach, for it is very off-putting to see that kind of thing going on! It may be legal, in a loop-hole filling way, but it is off-putting to new customers.

Tip for consumers: IGNORE ALL POP UPS WITH PRODUCT OFFERS. Click not interested or no when prompted during the checkout process.

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Horrible company, I should have read these reviews before order I can't believe this kind of business still exist in this modern century , I got ripped off big time by dermstore,
Reminds me of online Nigerian scammer, You dont get discount what they advertise you,what they do is baiting you with discount code and will charge you more with adding more items without your permission. Also responsibility of thier error is all yours, and they don't fix this error,.. that's how they make money with it, it's called scam,, it will start your nightmare from there
So Better stay away from this fraud. You won't get refund your or you need to put your hard work and time for it,
They have very professional system for scamming you. seriously I think they should shut down business .

1 review
4 helpful votes

Wish I had read the reviews before purchasing from this store. They charged an additional item to my order without my consent! I called customer service, and if I want a full refund, I either have to pay for shipping of the item I want to return (the item I did not order) or get store credit. I will return both items and pay the shipping charge. I would rather pay a few dollars for shipping and return the items for a full refund, than support a store that obviously, by all the negative reviews, has shady business practices, right???? What kind of business adds a product to someone's order without their permission and will not offer a full refund/charge for shipping. I will keep an eye on my credit card to make sure they issue a full refund and I will update this review when I get the refund.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Ordered one item, completed the routine check out process but somehow they added an additional product so my order was double the price I expected. It's as if they select the additional product and it's up to you to de-select the product they included in your order. I order online products very often, never once did it notice the additional item added on throught the online transaction, until I viewed my statement.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I placed an order for my 90-year old aunt who lives in Florida. Twice, it went through but no confirmation email or message. Plus I promised my Aunt she would receive it in two days and paid for the extra shipping. I tried to call to see if it did or did not go through but they were 'closed'. No way that I could see to contact customer service otherwise. So overall BAD experience with their site. Went to Amazon to buy for $20 LESS and made a note to call this morning. Sure enough both orders went through, all ready "being processed" so can't stop the order or the charges. They said "sorry we can't do anything" poor customer service routine. So if you shop there, good luck.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I placed an order and it never arrived. Tracking can confirm this. Dermstore rep REFUSES TO ISSUE A REFUND OR RESEND THE ITEMS.

Tracking said that it was "undeliverable as addressed" and would be returned to sender if information was available. I double checked the address on my order and it's correct. Called the post office and they said it could be a faulty label?

Dermstore rep REFUSES TO ISSUE A REFUND OR RESEND THE ITEMS, until they receive the items at their warehouse. They've made no apology and have made no effort to locate the package. I used 2 day priority shipping. It's now been 2 weeks and I've received nothing. They claim they haven't received it.

1 review
4 helpful votes

This was my first (and last) time ordering from DermStore. I order one simple item. The box came a week later labelled correctly with my name & address, but inside was someone else's packing slip and three-item order. I called the company's customer service and talked to the rudest, most arrogant rep I've ever encountered ("April"). Not only did she repeatedly and noisily sniff & snuffle throughout the entire call (cold? allergies? get Benadryl and tissues), she not once apologized for the incorrect order and inconvenience, AND interrupted & cut off my questions about the return process. Terrible reflection on the company and how it views customers.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I have placed multiple orders and each time I receive an email that there is a problem with my order. This requires a call to their WORTHLESS customer service. As soon as I spend 20 minutes on hold and finally speak with someone, my credit card is "released". This most recent time, I just emailed them back and received an email back that there was a problem on my credit card and my order was being cancelled.

I only continued to order from when they offered a 20% discount on my Cellex products. I order from multiple vendors online and have NEVER had a problem like this with anyone else. I will stick with Skinstore next time.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I placed an order due to some of the shop's interior problems my order was cancelled.I paid through paypal so in order to get my money back I needed a confirmation from them that my order had been cancelled.I called but nb answered,I sent emails they just ignored them,I tried to reach them through their site but the answer I got: it's your problems not ours,wait for 30 days and it'll be unblocked automatically.That's all.All my further emails have been ignored,they don't answer.The person from the support on their site is rude and answered very rudely.It's really a horrible shop with horrible people working there.Don't waste your time and money on them,spend it somewhere else.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I will not be placing another order from the Dermstore. They cancelled one of my orders, and it took 2 separate phone calls to get everything sorted out. I made 2 orders being shipped to 2 addresses- they said they cancelled one because they were being shipped to the same address, but when I checked my confirmation emails, this was not the case and the cancellation was their mistake. The customer service representative was rude and impatient- continually cutting me off and blaming me for the cancellation. Definitely not worth it!

1 review
7 helpful votes

I recently ordered an item and they took it upon themselves to add something to the order. The 800 # is buggy and repeats a message over and over again.

So, beware when you order from here, they will add something to the order and use your card to bill it.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Dermstore scam . One-time purchases resulted in onslaught of unsolicited magazine that takes weeks to stop Durham store project me weak she went to subco a magazine subscription organization which will fill your mailbox up with unwanted and unrequested media

1 review
3 helpful votes

Website is very buggy during checkout mainly, doesn't allow you to enter line 2 of your address. Because of this I emailed them to ensure my address would show correctly on the parcel, however what I received back was an email saying my order had been successfully cancelled, which I never requested?

I then placed a new order (as they had cancelled my first one) which I never received a confirmation email for, then today (a few days later) I get an email saying Dermstore has cancelled my order as they no longer ship to freight forwarding services - why should this be their concern ?!

UPDATE 15/08/2016 - it has now been 9 & 10 days respectively since I placed the orders and Dermstore STILL have not cancelled the payment authorisations. Very frustrating as since they won't let me buy their products, I would like to purchase them elsewhere but can't because the money for both cancelled orders is still frozen in my account !!! I phoned PayPal to ask about this and PayPal told me that Dermstore needs to cancel the authorisation on their end. When I requested this Dermstore replied back saying that the authorisation should release by itself within 5-7 has already been 9 days now and I'm just supposed to keep waiting for the authorisation to expire on its own because they won't make the effort to go in and cancel it? I am not happy at all and based on the service I received I can not recommend them.

Also I would just like to note that I went back to double check the "Shipping restrictions" section on the site and there is zero mention of not posting to freight forwarding addresses - maybe this should be updated to prevent wasting people's time like this

1 review
2 helpful votes

I purchased a sunscreen from dermstore only to realize that the sunscreen has been opened or even used. There were brown spots inside the cap and the sunscreen isn't even sealed. I've used this sunscreen before and I remember that the one I had came in with a seal. I contacted the brand and confirmed all of their sunscreen product comes in sealed. I have a feeling that dermstore resell their returned/ used items and would try their luck hoping people wouldn't find out. Please make sure if the items you purchased from dermstore come in sealed or not. If I hadn't used this sunscreen before I wouldn't know that they sold me an opened one.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

These products are great, love using them. But the policy of returns is not that easy to follow.

1 review
3 helpful votes

This was second purchased, Bad Customer services EVER IN MY LIFE!!! Their representative BRANDY gave you hard time and attitude when you asked for order status! Unprofessional, unhelpful, impolite company!!! No way to file compliant, just ignore customer. Never purchase from them again!!!

1 review
4 helpful votes

This was my first time ordering from this website and I wish I had read the reviews here first. I ordered a sunscreen that I had an immediate reaction to and followed their "Easy Return" policy steps to the letter. The returned package was received almost a month ago, after I paid for the shipping back to them, and I have still not received my refund. I have sent emails to their Customer Service address and have received zero responses back. Based on reviews here, it seems that calling the Customer Service number will be a negative experience, as well. I don't anticipate ever using this website again and will share my poor experience with others as a cautionary tale.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I recieved an email this morning for EltaMD products-buy 3 products and get 20% off. I tried to purchase 3 tubes of sunblock and when I entered the promo code it told me it was invalid.After trying this 3 times I called CS and was told this was an old promotion that ended 5-11-16. They sent me the email on 5-13-16. In small print it says it ends 5-11. I told the CS person that I recieved the email today and she argued that it was not possible. I told her I could send her a screen shot verifying this and then she hung up on me. Great CS skills wouldn't you say??

1 review
8 helpful votes

I purchased some products from Dermstore on Cyber Monday, when I ordered the items it allowed the products to be discounted using the 30% off cyber Monday code dermstore provided. I ordered the items, gave my credit card and paid for them and even received order confirmation emails confirming my purchase with the discount. A day or so later when the products where shipped I received a new order confirmation email from dermstore, this confirmation had removed the discount and charged me the full amount, an un-agreed upon amount. I contacted Dermstore to make them aware of the mistake, and I was told numerous times by email and phone that I was wrong and that I could not get the discount and that I wouldn't get a refund for the difference, finally I provided them with pictures of the discount and order confirmation and they finally conceded and provided me with a refund of the difference. Then when my order finally arrived, upon opening up the package it was clear that the curling iron was a used/ returned product that I had been sold under the guise of it being new (the packaging on the iron was ripped and obviously had been opened before). As someone who works in the consumer products industry this is incredibly troubling, as we would never sell used/ returned product as new, we are upfront and honest when someone is buying used product and never pass it off as new. I contacted Dermstore and stated that I would like to make a return, as I had been incredibly unimpressed with the customer service I had received so far from Dermstore. That return took weeks and many emails back and forth from me and dermstore, with them trying everything from not acknowledging what I am asking for, refusing my return, to saying I can only have a store credit, quite frankly it was the worst customer service experience I had ever had.Do not believe their claims on their website about 'easy returns' returns if your not happy with the items, it's completely false. Finally I was sent a return-shipping label, I told them that I lived in Canada and that would not work, they stated that I would have to pay to ship their used product back to them if I wanted a return. Finally after calling the customer service line yet again, we came to an agreement that I would have someone drive to the border and drop the package in the mail and upon receipt I would be given a refund. Now months later I have decided to try again ordering as I really wanted the products and Dermstore is the only place you can purchase them, again I waited and used a discount code I was sent, in the checkout phase it allowed the products to be discounted again, but yet again when I received my invoice a day or so later it had removed the discount and charged my credit card an un-agreed upon amount, when I called customer service they're playing the same game of insisting that I was not allowed the discount. After checking online reviews this is very common with customers being offered coupon codes and then having them pulled away after their payment and purchase, specifically with the 'favourite item' sales. Again after checking online this is quite a common occurrence for Dermstore to send out product which has obviously been opened/ returned to customers, and making it incredibly difficult to return items. Dermstore's customer service and business practices are unethical, fraudulent and truly atrocious. I thought I would give them one more chance and yet again they blew it, I am telling everyone I know to stay away from Dermstore at all costs.

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A: Our standard shipping is 1-3 business days, unless the item is considered hazmat it'll be 7-10 business days to be shipped with ground shipping. Any hazmat items will state it on the product page.
2 weeks, 4 days ago
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Betty Y.
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