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Review of Cardpool

Cardpool reviews

285 reviews
Categories: Gift Cards
268 Bush St., #3744
San Francisco, CA 94104, USA
Tel: (800) 240-6188

285 Reviews From Our Community

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Cardpool offers the simplest way to save money by buying and selling gift cards. (in 97 reviews)


Good discounts, GOOD, FRIENDLY, POLITE, PROMPT CUSTOMER SERVICE. (in 50 reviews)


But, they did acknowledge receipt, and the card was processed and I received Amazon credit within 24 hours of that. (in 26 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I purchased one electronic gift card online. Received a verification phone call the next day. A few hours later I received an email stating that there was an "inventory error" and my order was being cancelled.

Ask Deborah about Cardpool
1 review
2 helpful votes

I was worried after u made my purchase and reading reviews. I ordered a lowes gift card took a little longer than other companies to recieve. ALMOST 10 DAYS. But it arrived with the full amount ordered. Rating 4 star only because of delivery time. Would be nice to recieve within 3 days like some companies

Ask Jaclyn about Cardpool
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have used Card Pool for a few years now. I used to receive my electronic gift card within minutes now it takes days. My last purchase was Regal Entertainment. I wanted to take my grand daughter and 2 of her friends to see a movie. Three days later I am still waiting for the email. I received the confirmation and the Thank You email within minutes but not the electronic cards as yet It's been 3 days. I will be looking for another company to do business with. Same problem last time I used Card Pool. I purchase Longhorn Steaks and never received the card in time.

Ask Diane about Cardpool
1 review
0 helpful votes

Three orders, three cancellations after waiting several days. But I'm one of the lucky ones, compared to all the reviewers who got fleeced.

Ask Dennis about Cardpool
1 review
0 helpful votes

Bought a $102.00 gift card for $76.00 and when I went to use it, it had a ZERO balance. These people are crooks!

Ask Wayne about Cardpool
1 review
4 helpful votes

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. After placing an order over a week ago for an electronic gift card, they just called me to "verify" my information. The person doing this verification was extremely rude, and frankly, I do not think questions like "what cross street are you near", and "what is the telephone number for your credit card" are necessary at all. When have you ever had to give that information to place an order? I hesitantly gave them my information, and still have not received the electronic gift card I purchased from them over a week ago, and cannot get in touch with anyone over the phone. Never mind that the item I initially wanted is no longer in stock, and the gift card is useless to me. It states on their site with regards to electronic gift cards that:

"We'll typically email you with your electronic or mobile gift cards within 1 business day. During peak holiday periods, please allow 1 additional business day for processing transactions and also consider the USPS holiday delivery schedule."

My credit card has been charged, and no one is giving me any information regarding my order. Between the sketchy verification process (that everyone seems to go through), the horrible customer service, to the fact that it's been over a week and I still haven't received an _electronic_ gift card - AGAIN, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND STAYING AWAY FROM CARDPOOL.COM.

Ask Elliott about Cardpool
1 review
2 helpful votes

Purchased a Red Lobster gift card and order was cancelled because it was not available. Just look again and there are over 300 still for sale ???

Tip for consumers: Caution

Ask Kevin about Cardpool
1 review
4 helpful votes

cardpool offered to buy Apple gift card. Sent it in and never heard from them again. can't get ahold of anyone to talk to.

Ask Connie about Cardpool
1 review
2 helpful votes

they cancelled my order for no apparent reason and then failed to deliver a gift card in the time that had been promised to me....i'd stay away in will always be disappointed

Ask Evette about Cardpool
1 review
1 helpful vote

Yes, they tend to be better deal than other sites, but they are getting worst. Usually when they hold my order on pending status, and I waited to long for them to approve. I send them an email to have it canceled, which they usually do.

Now when I do that, they would approve my order and than send me an email a few mins later saying that we see that your card was deliveried to you earlier. When I requested them to cancelled my order hours before the gift card was even sent out.

If you going to try something this shaddy, at least waited a few hours before you reply to my email, instead of replying a few mins. after you approve my order..

Ask Jeff about Cardpool
1 review
0 helpful votes

Received my check within a week of mailing it. Will do work with them again. Thank you

Ask Caitlin about Cardpool
1 review
2 helpful votes

Do not use this comapny! They stole money off my credit card and never delivered my gift cards. "customer service" keeps hanging up on me telling me they communicate through email only, except they NEVER respond to e-mails. I've been dealing with this headache for over a week now so save yourself the trouble I couldn't.

Tip for consumers: DO NOT USE!

Ask jojo about Cardpool
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered gift cards from them. They have never emailed a card back as promised. I have never been able to get through on their 800 number except to leave messages and they never call back. Be very cautious with this outfit. Sitejabber should investigate this firm and warn potential customers.

Ask Edward about Cardpool
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have bought over $500 of gift cards. I was then not able to use them and they will either somehow sell them off without your knowledge or you will not be able to use them the majority of them. They do not send you email alerts when the cards have been sold off without my knowledge or consent. ... Rip off!!!! Do not buy any or your card and credit cards will be compromised.
Pain to deal with! !

Ask Cate about Cardpool
1 review
11 helpful votes

Not sure what is going on over at this company but one thing I can assure you of, is that is full of dishonest people and outright illegal business practices...
So the story goes, I used their "services" to sell my Nordstrom giftcard which originally had a balance of 107.97. I received this card from a return that was a birthday present. The card literally went from Nordstroms to my wallet and hours later I typed the numbers into Cardpool's website. I scratched off the pin myself 30 seconds before it was typed into the website. Cardpool offered me a $91.55 giftcard to Amazon as trade for my Nordstrom card and so I accepted. Within an hour I received a email confirming my transaction which included a transaction number and stated that my Amazon card would be sent via electrically the following day. Instead, i received an email that stated,
"We recently received your gift card code transaction but our processing center encountered an issue while processing your cards.

Our risk assessment team has determined that we aren't able to accept the transaction at this time. We have cancelled the transaction and are returning ownership of the gift cards to you. Unfortunately, we're not able to disclose any further specifics regarding this process."

That's strange I thought to myself and retrieved the physical Nordstrom card from my trash where it went right after i received Cardpool's confirmation. As you all may have already guessed, $0.00 balance. I read some of the previous posts on this forum and I truly know how you all feel, but at least Cardpool was generous enough to leave some of you with a dollar or two or even .32¢, THEY STRAIGHT LEFT ME WITH NOTHING! Not sure where the members of Cardpool come from, but where I come from that is classified by the authorities as fraud! I am not so much pissed about the fact that this company, which brags about it's honest policies, STOLE my money. I am pissed that you made my wife cry because they stole her birthday gift to me. THE WOMAN MAKES MINIMUM WAGE WAITING ON TABLES AND EARNED EVERY F'IN CENT OF THAT $107.97. THEN YOU WON'T EVEN TAKE THE TIME TO ANSWER MY EMAILS OR ANSWER YOUR PHONES. INSTEAD YOU HIDE JUST LIKE A THIEF WOULD AND HAVE NO RESPONSE OTHER THAN, "Unfortunately, we're not able to disclose any further specifics regarding this process." Well lucky for me and other hard working citizens like my wife and I, there are local state and government bodies who govern every aspect of your business practices. And to Cardpool, SINCE YOU WANT TO STIR UP TROUBLE IN MY HOUSEHOLD, I WILL STIR UP TROUBLE IN YOURS. THIS WILL NOT END UNTIL YOU APOLOGIZE TO MY WIFE YOU SCANDELOUS, COLD HEARTED DECEITFUL PIECES OF SH...

Ask Jason about Cardpool
1 review
6 helpful votes

Sent a gift card in for 100.00 and now it only has 2.34 left. Seriously wth... Never been ripped off like that. What a sneaky little way to steal from people. Retailers aren't responsible for stolen cards so there is no way to redeem my stolen money

Ask Meighan about Cardpool
1 review
8 helpful votes

Had $380 on a BR gift card I wasn't going to use. Selected the mail option to get more back. Mailed card to just get an email that there was now only $2 on my card. Called the BR store to see what was going on to be told that $377 had been spent at a store the day I entered my card info into Cardpool website. They won't tell me where yet and I've filed a police report. The card was still in my possession when it was supposedly spent at a store so only people to have access to my gift card # was Cardpool. I'm still fighting with them...please do not use this website!!! I'm still sick to my stomach over this!

Ask stellla about Cardpool
1 review
5 helpful votes

Run from this company! My bank account was compromised after a gift card was purchased. Can not confirm if it was hacked or someone within the company violated me but I can say it is quite a coincident how the many transactions occurred within miles from the company address and from a single highway from there in California. The savings are not worth the headache I now have from this company. BEWARE.

Ask Jane about Cardpool
1 review
6 helpful votes

I placed an order for a $10 Starbucks gift card slightly discounted. It told me that it can take 24 hours to receive it (electronically), which is long compared to other GC resellers who do it instantly, but I was in no rush.

Upon check out, I was asked three personal questions about where I've lived. Intrusive and absurd for simply getting a dollar discount. I answered them and thought that was that. The very next morning I get an email saying they need for verification over the phone. I was not about to provide a shred of personal information to a cheap GC reseller, so I emailed them saying that the transaction is canceled. Not more than an hour later someone replies confirming the cancelation.

I barely give out my personal information to doctors and utility companies, why would I give it to some little online company just to save $1?

Ask John about Cardpool
2 reviews
10 helpful votes

We got a notice from cardpool saying "Our risk assessment team has determined that we aren't able to process your order at this time. We've gone ahead and cancelled order..."

We've purchased cards before without much hassle before. Getting a hold of a live person with the company is next to impossible. Anyway this all delayed our purchase and we decided to buy directly from the store and save the hassle dealing with cardpool. We wont be using ever again.

Ask eric about Cardpool
1 review
4 helpful votes

Cardpool is a complete waste of time. I "bought" $800 worth Apple electronic gift cards at 4% savings from them last Saturday, Monday they cancelled my order per their "risk assessment" team. So I on immediately bought $800 worth BestBuy electronic gift cards at 6% savings from them. 3 days later -Thursday- after 2 emails to them they finally cancelled again my order per their "risk assessment" team. I don´´t care about saving $1 on a $25 gift card. That costs me more time than it saves money.

Ask tim about Cardpool
1 review
2 helpful votes

I downloaded Cardpool's app and I searched for giftcards that would amount to $320, they found 2 cards one worth about $210 and the other $110 for $#*!'s Sporting Goods. I paid $265. I punched both gift cards into the $#*!'s website upon checkout ad encountered ZERO problems. Worked like a charm. Great way to have saved $50+ on a $#*!'s order. Happy with purchase.

Ask Johnny about Cardpool
1 review
3 helpful votes

I put in a large order because we need to do a lot of home repairs prior to selling our house. They waited 2 days and cancelled for NO reason without even trying to contact me. Now it's too late to use another site.

Ask Toni about Cardpool
1 review
2 helpful votes

Purchased 10 HomeDepot cards equaling $1600. 9 of them worked fine, the last one had a balance of $0 on it. Contacted support via email, as they don't have a customer service phone number. Received a response that day asking if the problem was resolved since the card is showing no balance when they checked it. Duh that's what the problem is, and I felt I explained it pretty clearly. Didn't hear anything back for a week, despite emailing them every couple days asking for an update. I was just about to contact my credit card company to report fraud when they emailed me back apologizing for the mistake, and said they would be issuing me a refund for the bad card. Took another week to actually get the money. Overall I'm happy it turned out ok, but if you use them be prepared for slow customer service, and possible issues. I don't think they are a scam like over reviewers are saying, just a small company that needs to make some improvements. Would probably use them again, but for smaller purchases.

Ask Michael about Cardpool
1 review
10 helpful votes

The business process at face is quite simple, as it should be. Verify balance of gift card via website, ship the gift card to CardPool, then wait for your monies.

And it would be this simple, if well, a couple things; CardPool hires idiots. Secondly, same or similar idiots built the processes and guiding rational for the core-business - eh hem, exchanging gift cards for cash.

Check out this play by play. Also, I saved the email chain because it was such an epic fail!

I followed the above listed steps - boom, easy.
(verify balance of $42, ship the card, wait)
CP is MIA for 3 weeks; I email them.
They respond with a "Hey, sorry, oops".
Two days later, they respond with a "Hey, we can't accept this card because the $ value exceeds the $50 limit." And "we'll ship the card back to you."
I email them with their own Verification Email with the $42 balance stated, and ask them to see into the balance again - because duh.
They refuse my request and shut me down with a "we don't divulge Risk practices".
GTFO (really)
So we email back and forth, back and forth..until finally someone with more brains gets on the sitch, and guiess what they did? Yes they called-in on the card which verified the $42 balance (<$50). Hooray right? No. They sent the card back to me (Oops).
Two weeks pass, the card comes back to me.
Being glutton for punishment, or just feeling that they now "got it" and I really did not want this $42 Dunkin Donuts card, I put that shiet back in the mail....and I waited.
The troglodytes at CardPool then hit me up, via email, stating they received the card and would issue me a fatty check of...wait for it...$27. Yes, indeed somehow the card balance vanished into the stomach of the univers in the interim, from $42 to $27.
mother of god.
So, we email. And email some more. These half-wits must be working their first customer service job or perhaps...well whatever I'm tired. It just went something like this - "Hey I haven't used this card at all, and Dunkin Donuts transaction system doesn't reflect any charges either, umm the balance is still $42.00". Then they, they $#*!ing, they $#*!ing I swear, "so, do you want the card back or the $27.00?"

I took the card back. Soon after, on my way to work one morning I stopped by the Dunkin Donuts, and gave it to the lady standing in-line waiting to purchase - not a word spoken between us.

Card Pool, $#*! you.

Ask butyourebogus about Cardpool

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