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Review of CafePress

CafePress reviews

469 reviews
Categories: Gifts, T Shirts
6901 Riverport Dr.
Louisville, KY 40258
Tel: 1-877-809-1659

469 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I purchased customized flip flops and the straps on the children's sizes are huge and are way over sized. Not practical at all!

Ask Mae about CafePress
1 review
0 helpful votes

I spent two hours pulling together art work and learning how their online configurator worked so I could put some art work on a stainless steel travel mug and the next day that sent me an e-mail stating they could not do the mug because I used a picture of a car (a picture of my son's personal car that was going down the road and obviously not a manufacturers picture because the car was modified) and that is proprietary as it belongs to the manufacturer of the car. This was one travel mug for personal use by the car owner. Anyone in there right mind would know that his is OK to do. Another thing the did, and they stated in the e-mail that the did it, is that they locked up my art work so I could not have access to now I have to start all over somewhere else. They have no business locking up MY WORK...what a bunch of jerks! If they are going to be super zealous then they should list all the things they are SCARED to do before you even start and I emphasize SCARED as opposed to realistically being illegal. These people owe me for 2 hours of my life back!!!!!!!

Ask Todd about CafePress
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered two hats with logos.
The hats are poor quality with off square stitching and the logos were applied crooked. They obviously do not check the quality of their merchandise before shipping.

Ask Duncan about CafePress
1 review
0 helpful votes

Ordered a $72 Scottish throw blanket. Very disappointed. Expected better quality since the cost was high. Blanket is very thin and flimsy. Wish I could return it but it's a gift (requested) for my grandson's birthday and I don't have time to get another one. Will not shop with Cafepress again. Delivery was on time. Lena

Ask Lena about CafePress
1 review
0 helpful votes

I got a laptop skin and while the photo I pick was not the greatest, I was happy with it, until it came to applying it. It is completely butchered and unusable. They need to come up with a better system to applying the skins other than having to take the back paper off at once. I will not be buying from them again.

Ask Kristin about CafePress
5 reviews
5 helpful votes

I use CafePress, both as a customer and as a seller. For sellers, it is a great way to make some extra cash selling your designs and concepts, and it is fun to share our creativity with the world! As a buyer, there are so many unique items and designs available, on so many products! There are occasional quality issues, but their customer service has always been great, and whenever there has been an issue with an item, they are quick to send out a replacement at their expense. I highly recommend!

Ask Stephen about CafePress
1 review
1 helpful vote

I used the option of Amazon pay on CafePress, and it didn't give me the option to review my shipping address...which I realized right as I hit the submit button. Reviewing the order, it had an old address that I no longer lived at.
Next day I called customer service to change the address but it had already shipped. They put in a new order with correct address at no charge!
They do need to fix the ability to check address with Amazon pay though.

Ask Colleen about CafePress
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have been using Cafe Press since my son's 2nd birthday!!! (He will be 7 in Dec.) He loves choosing a new birthday shirt and REALLY?? COME ON can't find unique and personalized clothing like this by walking into stores so I am HAPPY to pay extra for shipping! I will keep ordering for him until he tells me to stop and I have slso ordered some of the marvel t-shirts too and love them
I hope more people who have had good experiences with this company take 5 min to write a good review.
I have NEVER had anything lost in the mail and I always try to order early in case there is a priblem with the delivery time process. After the packages go out it is out of Cafe Press's control and it seems like they have taken care of many customers out of the cost of their own money!
Thank you CAFE PRESS for offering cool and unique items for that special person in my life!!!!

Ask Ashley about CafePress
1 review
0 helpful votes

I never received the item I paid for. Instead, a lady from Croatia contacted me to tell me she had received it (she fund my name inside the package). I tried to contact Cafepress' customer service but it seems they do not accept emails... Very disappointed...

Ask Maria about CafePress
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a hoodie and received a crewneck by mistake, but I also ordered the wrong size. Not only did CafePress send the jumper in the right size, at no cost to me, but they waived the shipping fee and let us keep the crewneck as a gesture of goodwill. And ... delivery was within days of ordering in both cases. Very happy with the product and delighted with the customer service!

Ask Christine about CafePress
1 review
0 helpful votes

The high shipping costs are terrible wait for coupons before you order, otherwise i haven't had any problems except for the cost of shipping being so high.

Ask Brittany about CafePress
1 review
1 helpful vote

I sent for, some greetings cards of Persian cats. Not only are the very poor quality but we're also damaged during shipping to the point the cards are unable to use. Waste of money

Ask Jenifer about CafePress
1 review
0 helpful votes

Since our first negative experience with the duvet for my son, we have received the replacement at no cost. This time the image is flawless and it arrived rather quickly. Although I prefer it be made if a different less heavy material, my son is happy and loves it! Glad I gave them another chance.

Ask Kristina about CafePress
1 review
6 helpful votes

Paid 15 for expedited shipping. They sent it parcel select. The thing where dhl hands it over to usps in about a month and then it gets lost.
I HATE CAFEPRESS! When someone pays big bucks for expedited shipping then they should at least use USPS first class mail!
USPS said parcel select is 4th class mail!!

Ask Celty about CafePress
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Found a t-shirt I liked on CafePress & ordered it. Chose the least-expensive option for shipping. When I got to payment page, I assumed the option I chose was in place, & didn't find out til following page that it was a higher shipping charge that was applied. Received an e-mail order confirmation from CafePress. Could not go back on the site to change this, but since I'd chosen AmazonPayments for payment, I contacted it about this, the following day. The day following day after that, I get an e-mail from CafePress staing that my order has shipped.
Suffice to say that I cannot & do not recommend CafePress as a site to do any business at. Stay away from it. There are other places to get whatever CafePress sells, leave it alone.

Ask Lauren about CafePress
1 review
4 helpful votes

I purchased a license plate frame for $20 (plus $7 shipping). The logo on the two adhesive label strips was so blurry to be unrecognizable. The adhesive doesn't even fully stick to the cheaply fabricated metal frame, but curls up. A complete waste of money. I have ordered shirts from Café Press, but never again will I order from them. The garbage-y purchase arrived pretty quickly, though. Learned my lesson.

Ask Kris about CafePress
Melinda F.
1 review
4 helpful votes

The customer service lady was wonderful, she did everything within her power to create a good outcome for me, but there's not much she (or any employee) can do about fundamentally bad production standards at CafePress. Change has to come from management.

I ordered a printed blanket and pillowcase: each with a different design on them. The blanket has longish "hairs" and the image is just on the surface, so when the hair separates, white gashes breaks the image. Also: the colors are cartoonish compared to the richer image online. The colors on the pillowcase look washed-out an faded compared to the online image - it actually looks like an over-used pillow case. Never again.

Tip for consumers: Be nice to the people you deal with on the phone - they don't make the decisions.

Ask Melinda about CafePress
1 review
1 helpful vote

I placed an order late at night, and the next morning I realized, I made a mistake. However, when I called to change it, the order had already shipped, which is incredibly fast. So, they were very courteous and changed my order on their own cost!
That was really an incredible experience, and I am very grateful.

Ask Karina about CafePress
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I can't believe what low ratings people have given CafePress. I have ordered there many many times and gotten great service and great products. I also sell my designs there and make some money doing it. This is a great company. Maybe it is just because most people who are happy with a site do not write reviews.

Ask Karen about CafePress
5 reviews
7 helpful votes

CafePress is an excellent source for gifts. They are perfect when it comes to finding unique designs and the sizes needed that no one else seems to carry.

Ask Vickie about CafePress
1 review
8 helpful votes

I found an item I liked and added it to my cart. I began checkout and Shipping was $6.49. I noticed a promo code for 20% off. So I added the coupon code and started to checkout and the Shipping INCREASED to $8. What a rip off. Offer a coupon code, then RAISE the shipping prices to offset the coupon?? Needless to say, I didn't place the order. Will shop somewhere more honest.

Ask No about CafePress
1 review
22 helpful votes

Cafepress skims money out of seller's accounts constantly due to so-called "technical issues". They will make excuses for weeks, months, sometimes a year will pass with no reimbursements. Then it will happen again, same outcome. Shady.

Ask B about CafePress
1 review
20 helpful votes

They charge outlandish prices and wont deposit money in a real account once it has cleared the 30 day mark... On top of all of that, somehow even after you have earned your royalties, they hold them until they reach a threshold,,, and if somehow you don't make that threshold within 365 days they charge you that money for administration fees... So they basically stealyour hard work and effort... While they make a killing in profits... If this has happens to you please email me at I am passing this information on to a class action law suit lawyer and he is planning on going after cafepress.

Ask William about CafePress
1 review
13 helpful votes

I was very disappointed with my order. I ordered a duvet cover and the print quality was poor. The image is blurry and the colors are weird. The fabric was some kind of open weave industrial polyester. It is an extremely ugly duvet cover. I wanted to return it but was charged a 20% restocking fee plus i lost the money paid for shipping and duty. I have paid 75 $ for something i will never use.

Ask Debra about CafePress
1 review
7 helpful votes

I ordered custom pint glasses with my company logo and contact information. I uploaded my logo to their template and added text above and below it. They shipped very quickly (I had them by the end of the week) and the print quality was good (although my logo was transparent which I didn't expect) but when I was looking at them, I realized the design was crooked. I lined it up with it straight surfaces and realized that one side started straight and then curved up or down, like they had just put a flat design on a curved surface. It would be one thing if they all looked the same but the design on each cup curved in a different direction with no consistencies! I emailed customer service and they sent me replacements free of charge and told me to keep the first set. I got them in 4 days and guess what: the replacements were crooked too. I won't be ordering pint glasses from this company again.

Ask Cori about CafePress

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