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18 reviews
2727 N. Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85004, US
Tel: 1-800-GO-UHAUL (1-800-468-4285)

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They are setting there own rules and policy for customer .When clearly they are not U-hauls . They are scamming on the customers stealing money from customer make up lies if u don't comply with there rules of renting the truck in 8hrs. increments they overcharge you for going over the 8hrs. To rerent the truck to you if you report them they make up lies in order charge u again an worst is Theophilius O'neal general manager has the employees doing this and not all agree with but in order to keep there jobs they must comply. Very unsatified customer

Tip for consumers: Make u dont get scammed by management. An never leave your credit card on file without u being there when they check u out.

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Clay is a super manager/owner and he is always so helpful. When we lost our house he helped us with a truck to move our belongings. This time we needed to rent a tow buggy for an automobile, again he was helpful and very informative. He has a beautiful co-worker by the name of Lucy Lou. She greets you and loves you the whole time you are there, she makes the experience so special. Lucy Lou is a beautiful female great dane and she is so gentle and so well behaved. My husband and I would not have missed her or the experience with our local uhaul for anything. Clay is a super person..... Thank you for our experience.

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Such a long story!!! Contacted U Haul in Phoenix for U Box rental cause my sister had used them. Did not look at the reviews. Now wish I had. Told that I would be able to have the Ubox dropped off in Iowa. I sold my home in Phoenix and had a short time frame to move furniture out of my four bedroom house. The U boxes were delivered and we loaded them and they came a few days later and picked them up. Was also not told at the time I made reservation of the cost to deliver and to pick up was also additional to the storage fee. When I called to have them delivered to Newton Iowa I was told that they would only deliver to Bondurant Iowa. Bondurant is a small town of maybe 1200 people vs Newton where the population is well over 50000. I was told that I would have to figure out how to get it from Bondurant to Newton and if I used any services from U Haul that it would be an additional charge. Of course initially they said that they delivered anywhere as stated on the U boxes. I had to unload the u boxes into another truck (Enterprise) and unload in Newton. Then the person who owned the Bondurant facility told me that I would be the last u box customer because he had received so many complaints that he was done! I was also told by him to make sure that I returned all the blankets that I had used that were supplied in the uboxes or they would definately charge me for them. I returned them to a U haul facility on 63rd and University in Des Moines Iowa and was told that yes they had a facility to store u boxes and that I would be able to ship them to Newton from there. Now originally they had told me that Des Moines did not have a facility to store them nor did they have a way to get them to Newton from anywhere in Iowa. I would have to rent a trailer that carries one ubox and deliver one at a time, three times and would have to find a vehicle that would carry the trailer and the ubox weight. Or I could rent a truck in Des Moines and unload the uboxes in Bondurant and drive it to Newton but they did not have a truck available wihich would add to my storage time and my time off work. All costing me more money. I have spoken to so many people from Uhaul that apologize but never give you any satisfaction. Im sure that they were all trained to not give out anything definatively for repercussions from the corporate office. I work with many people and have made sure that my story has been told and not to use UHaul for any reason. I will never use them again and will continue to give them the worst advertisement that I can. Channel 3 on your side would be a good thing at this point. I have allready contacted the better business bureau to complain. Maybe they should take a look at all the negative reviews they have received. That brings up another story. When you are placed on hold you dont hear music you hear them repeat over and over that they want you to let them know if you have a problem so that they can have better service for future customers, Dont think they take that seriously.

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We received the "Reservation Confirmation" email after an online booking. Unfortunately they were not able to reach us by cell phone and only emailed us 7 minutes after the booking time. By then we had driven 4 hours only to find there were no trucks available. Customer service would only say give an apology.

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I reserved 15' track 2 weeks in advance together with tow dolly. A day before they call me and tell me that there are no 15' trucks available, the closest one is located 50 minutes away and the tow dolly for the car is 20 minutes away, it's impossible to leave the car in one place load the truck come back to the same place load the car on the dolly and move....

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When you select a location to rent a trailer vehicle changes the location after you book it based on their own scheduling. That means if you think you booked to pickup in Tustin California, you may actually be scheduled to pickup in Garden Grove California. This is a terrible customer experience. Why have online reservations at all if selecting a location means nothing?

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I had to work to 15hrs had to movie I was late my reservation got delete. My sister had made the arrangement but they accommodate us helping an over woke women get on her way and I'm great full

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I tried placing my order for moving labor for 2 days on Uhauls site. I kept calling MovingHelp directly [Uhaul wouldn't help me at all] and was on hold for at least 20 minutes before giving up. I then went to the MovingHelp website directly and was able to finally book it through their site. HOWEVER. Once I actually booked it, their site changed my address automatically because it is a new-build neighborhood and their system didn't recognize it. I tried to change it on the site and it wouldn't let me. I went ahead and booked the reservation with the incorrect address thinking they could change it on the back end. I use the Live Chat, to avoid being on hold for another 20+ minutes, and they told me they couldn't change the address and to call their phone number or the mover directly. My credit card now has 4 charges showing from them because they kept trying to process the order I submitted that their system wasn't able to process. Seriously. Use their site to find the help you need and read the reviews. Then just call the mover directly. Such a WASTE OF MY TIME.

Tip for consumers: Don't bother using MovingHelp. U-Haul, you have such a good reputation. Get a business partner who lives up to your standards. MovingHelp is definitely not it.

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I've held a reserved /confirmed rental for a pickup truck rental at this location, near my home, three times in less than three years.
Each time I've arrived exactly on time, but no truck was available, although ... some larger truck was.
Each time, I was also told they might be able to find a pickup truck at a different U-haul location.

Its obvious that the U-haul method (in Nashville at least) is to get you to come to a location and just work something (whatever) out.

So, third time is the charm.
I'll never return to any U-Haul. There are other options.
My time is valuable to me, even if it means nothing to them.

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I rented a tow dolly for are car. After arriving at the pick up site for the truck and tow dolly I went in and paid for both. The guy came out to help but the car on the dolly. My boyfriend said it wasn't going to work cause the car was to low to the ground but the guy insisted it would he tried 3 times and finally after the last night he got the bumper stuck and had my boyfriend back it off which damaged the whole passenger bumper. I then said I didn't want the dolly. After we got to are new place I called the main office the lady told me they will write up a report and someone would get back to us in 48 hrs. A week later I called and this lady said they are not responsible for the damage and my boyfriend was at fault for the damage to the vehicle. Now we have to come up with a thousand dollars to fix the damage. Not happy with them at all. I even took at extra insurance for the car

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Worst rental experience of my life, Ordered a 10' foot truck, then upgraded to a 15' foot truck. When I went to pick up truck the attendant at the pick up location brings out a 20' truck. I almost drove away in the 20' foot truck and the attendant chased me down and said he made a mistake and that I was to have a 15' truck. So then we had to redo the contract and wait and wait. Got into the 15' truck and noticed there was only an eight of a tank of gas. The following morning I went to fill the truck up with gas and noticed it was pouring all over the ground. My wife and son were due at the greyhound station in a half hour at this point, so we drive the truck to the bus station and then I called for help. The estimated wait time for help was 120 minutes I was told. So I waited the two hours and nobody showed up. Called back to uhaul and was told that they told the roadside assistance not too show up because the wait time was not acceptable. Then they called the roadside assistance back and told them to come with another estimated wait time of ninety minutes. So at this point I waited three and half hours for help to arrive. Meanwhile uhaul calls me and tells me I can go get something to eat for a total value of fifteen dollars and they will pay for it. I am thinking where am I suppose to go, I need to wait by the truck for roadside assistance. If I go eat something I will miss the roadside assistance and have to wait again. I felt this was a bit of a slap in the face from uhaul as I am in downtown Vancouver, BC Canada I dont even know where I would go to eat. So eventually after waiting and waiting roadside assistance finally shows up. They determine that someone has cut the fuel line on the truck and they needed to bring the truck to there shop to be fixed. So off we go to a garage in the middle of Richmond in an industrial area with nothing around for miles except the hot sun. I am thinking why do I have to stand here and watch these guys fix this truck, the whole process took over two hours and then the truck was finally fixed. I left originally my house at 4:30 in the morning and did not leave the city until 2:00PM that afternoon. I left the garage in Richmond and had no idea how to even get to a gas station as they truck was running on fumes at this point. I was lost and in a panic to get gas. It took me over an hour just to find my way out of the city. I finally got on the highway and made it to my destination at 6:30 PM that evening after leaving my house at 4:30 AM. Normally this trip should only take four hours. This was a long, hot, stressful day, Uhaul screwed up and as a result I was stuck on side of road waiting for hours. One of the absolute worst experiences of my life. I want a full refund for the truck. I am still full of anxiety just thinking about the day I had.

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I was quoted one price several different times. When I showed up to pick up the vehicle, it was doubled. Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 location.

28 reviews
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Once again Uhaul proves what a $#*!ty company they are. I made a booking thee weeks ago, checked on it several times. Recieved confirmation and a text Today. Spent an hour standing at the desk and WHAT you don't have my trailer! You want me to drive 2 HOURS TO ANOTHER TOWN. I live in Edmonton an now I have to drive to Wetaskewin. You are messing with people's lives for gods sake. You think this is acceptable business practice. Oh they kindly offered us the 50.00 guarantee WTF. It will cost a lot more than that for the gas and time lost. You SUCK. And it costs them nothing...they chargeback the 50.00 to the last guy who rented.

Woo hoo! Hahaha. Screw you uhaul. We found a last minute trailer and it will cost under 200.00. Take your 600.00 loss and shove it!

Tip for consumers: Find another option

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Our experience was a nightmare... I read the reviews prior to renting the truck but I figured if I got names and a confirmation number I would be covered. NOT!!!!!! Ordered truck near my home to be picked up at 8 am just for my husband to get to the location and find out there was no truck for us and attendant at the gas station was uncooperative... When we called ahaul they tried to tell us our reservation was for 2 pm mind u I had spoken with someone three times about this reservation even to inquire about a larger truck after my initial order. After traveling to several locations and uhaul checking around I had no choice but to wait until 2 with my help waiting and being unconvinced just for the person who was suppose to return that truck to keep it for an additional day.... This was a total inconvenience and turned out to Beverly costly. They gave us another truck at 2 and a discount but it doesn't compare to what we went thru and neither did the fifty dollar check the sent for our inconvenience and additional funds we put out from this situation. They need to do more when the cause such an inconvenience. That only covered anything not even what we put out for the truck

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Poor customer service and love the rip you off and take your money. If they fix the communication and lower rates just slightly they would be OK!

3 reviews
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Things that went wrong: Gave us the wrong directions from the Uhaul website
Sent us to 2 different locations to pick up a truck & a trailer
The locations were over 30 mins from our house when there were literally 20 locations closer
The trailer light system did not work we sat in the parking lot for hours waiting for roadside assistance to fix it the day before we were loading our truck & moving
We left the house at 2pm to pick up this equipment & did not get back till 7pm with the lights still not working as we would have had to wait 3 more hours so we risked a ticket at the behest of uhaul
The truck size we were advised to get was too small and so we did not move out of state with all our belongings
The day were loaded our truck we had to get roadside assistance to come fix the lights
I called customer service repeatedly to get these things fixed & talked about I got put on hold & the run around
Things that went right: we got offered an upgrade on the truck size (could not take it the truck we too far away so still moved without all our stuff) and we got a discount from the office that rented us the trailer- also a few of the customer service reps were not nasty.

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Rented truck in Oakland California. Customer service was good and there was no problem with the truck. However when you see 19.95 advertise on the side of the truck you believe the rental is $19.95. What is not mentioned is that you are charged .89 a mile, which is acceptable, except you are charged for 50 miles upfront even if you do not drive 50 miles. The $19.95 rental ended up costing $98.00. It is actually cheaper to rent a panel van from Enterprise, you get free mileage.

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Speedo, Cascades Blvd, Sterling, VA worst customer service. District mgr informed us that he was going to "shut" this operation down, after what we experienced. Tried to send us off the lot with nonworking equipment saying it wasn't his job to fix it, just rent it. Rude, sexist and bossy owner.

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