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43 reviews
500 Company Store Road
La Crosse, WI 54601-4477, US
Tel: (800) 323-8000

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2 reviews
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I will NEVER buy anything from the company store again. I bought a terry cloth robe from them. They claimed it was as nice as the ones in hotels, plush, thick, soft, etc. I got the thing and first off, I am not over weight and the thing barely closed. Next, the robe was pretty expensive, 135 dollars. About a week after getting it, I saw ones just like it at a big discount in the catalog. They told me, the robes were slightly different, even though, they looked the same, so they wouldn't give me a discount. I tried to send it back, but the cost of shipping was ridiculous.
Next, only after a couple of months, the belt to the robe opened on the seam. Next, less than 7 months later, it is falling apart more and looks very tattered. The thing is thin, and the fabric rough and uncomfortable. The thing is a piece of garbage and the quality is no better than Dollar Stores quality. Not worth it. A piece of garbage.

1 review
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The pillows I ordered were advertised as firm but were flat, and the pillow protectors did not fit. They do not provide return shipping labels so I had to stand in line and ship the large box for $20. They finally refunded three of the four items separately and I was forced to email, then call them and give out my credit card number to request a refund. What a total pain! I would never order from them again.

1 review
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I ordered my items over a week ago. Despite being assured on Monday that they would be shipping that day, they still haven't been shipped today (Friday). They say they have been doing an inventory, but that shouldn't prevent deliveries being sent out.

What kind of useless company can't do ongoing inventory management?

Why wasn't I informed of any potential delays?

Given the delay, why won't they give me expedited delivery?

Never buying from here again. Stay away.

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

This company did not inform me that they were unable to ship items out of stock until i called and then was told the items may or may not be available!

1 review
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Wasn't happy when I realized I had returned an item on Feb 11/19 verified by USPS tracking. Called on March 3/19 and learned the refund had still not been processed. The impression I'm left w/is that I never would have rec'd the money back had I not been forthright and called. They are off my list as a retailer to shop at.

1 review
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Bought my daughter some Christmas pajamas. They were fleece. Smelled weird. Washed them on warm twice to try to get the smell out. They shrunk. Called the company to talk about the bad smell and needing a size up- and they shipped me a size up and let me keep the old ones, free of charge. Now that's great customer service. The pj's are her favorite btw. Super cute and warm. 100% cotton. Wish they did not have flame retardants though, which might be the culprit when it comes to the funny smell.

1 review
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Starting this by saying worst company I've ever done business with. So we ordered a king comforter set and sheets with monogram from the company store paid them and waited to get our items. Three weeks go by and nothing so I emailed them asking where the stuff was. They said ,"Oh the sheets were discontinued did u still want us to send the comforter?" They never contacted us to tell us this, we had to contact them. Mistake on my part, I said yes we still want the comforter but refund us the money of the sheets if your not sending them, obviously. Once again we wait, our comforter finally shows and and we think all is well it says king on the packaging . We get it out to put on the bed, nope, it's a queen. So once again I email, they tell me I'll have to call the number to get it fixed. I call they say, "We will send u a new one, how would u like to pay for it" um I already paid for it I'm not paying again. The say, "Oh we will credit it back to u once we receive it but have to do a new transaction for this one. Ur total is $234." Really so it went from 178 to 234. "Yes that was a sale and ur buying out of sale" This is when I finally said yea just give me my money back. He said ok great have a nice day. Worst company I've ever done business with please do not use them.

1 review
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I splurged and bought myself new sheets for $44. I was very disappointed when only the top sheet arrived. Upon reviewing my receipt I can see now the words "flat sheet" listed. It says "velvet flannel solid flat sheet". When I first got the receipt, it didn't register for me that this means that I only bought a top sheet. But now i see it. I feel like I got duped. Sneaky business. The one sheet isn't even that amazing. It's nice but not like whoa.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Product not as described.
High end prices. Poor quality.
Customer Service Poor
Costly to customer to return items.
Refunds to your credit card slow and amounts shorted.
Never again would I use this company.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a down comforter on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I was given no indication that it was back ordered when the order was placed. I inquired mid December and was told it would not be in stock until January 10th. I was offered free expedited shipping for my inconvenience. I declined as it would not be received in time for Christmas anyway. I inquired again about my order on January 11th only to be told that it is on back order until February 9th. My guess is I will never receive the item and they will keep stringing along the back order date until I give up.

1 review
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I ordered 2 family kids pajama sets for Christmas gifts but the sizing was way off. The pants of each set were so small at the waist and length was very short. I called customer service to ask if a prepaid label was available for the return. The representative was not at all polite and told me with a snicker that they did not have free shipping on returns. I had to pay $15.00 to return the unwanted items at the Post Office. I will not order from this company again. Somehow this Company has lost its customer value and as I read all the negative reviews wonder if The Company Store management does also.

1 review
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I ordered a robe from them with 2 day shipping. They shipped it ground. Tried to blame UPS for their screw up. Customers service is a joke. Haven't even recieved the item yet. The lady gave me 2 different excuses in the same conversation.

1 review
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I've bought their products for decades. But I cannot stand the fact that they force you not only to use cookies, but to not allow you to block their many attempts to collect tracking data from you... in order to order anything online. if you have such blocking software in use, you laboriously enter all the order info and click the final order button and then nothing happens. I've tried 4 different browsers with the same results (one that allowed cookies so I know it isn't just that). I have encountered this with ZERO other retailers I use online. And I order a lot online. I want to scream!!!

1 review
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My husband and I bought a down comforter from The Company Store so many years ago that we forgot when--but definitely past the multi-year warranty--probably more than twenty years. Our comforter recently started to open at the seams, so we thought that we would send them pictures and ask for advice. We were hoping to be able to purchase a new comforter at a reduced rate since we knew that our comforter had greatly exceeded the warranty date. We were SO pleased to learn that they would still honor the warranty, and in a matter of two days sent us a brand new gorgeous down replacement comforter. We couldn't be more pleased with this level of service and will certainly keep buying products from this great company.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Super duper ultra slow service. Free shipping? You can walk faster than the free shipping. 1st time and last time ordering from this company.

1 review
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I will never do business with this store again. I had an order list in the mail, and, as it was a gift, asked them to send me a new order. They were going to issue me a refund on the lost order( which has since been found), and charged me for the new one. It's now been a week since they supposedly processed the refund, and I have not yet received it on my credit card. In spite of talking to them numerous times over the past week, I only today found out that the refund wasn't processed correctly( something they could have checked on and told me on any of my previous calls), and supposedly they issued a new one today. I'm told to wait another 3-5 days, and I have no trust in anything they tell me. I have been told so many conflicting things over the last week, and been treated rudely several times. The amount of wrong information I have been given is staggering. I will continue to follow up about the refund, but I am so angry and frustrated that they still have my money, which I need to complete my Christmas shopping. This business needs to be blacklisted.

1 review
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I live in Alaska. It is a state. We get mail. The free shipping they tout is an utter lie
Grossly false advertising. Get with the 21st century Company store

1 review
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I placed an order the 1st of September for a twin comforter, bedskirt, blanket and throw. Nightmare experience with this order from the beginning. TCS website kept telling me it was not secured when trying to order. Kicked me off numerous times. Have had this issue before. Very difficult placing an order. When I finally was able to place the order, two items were back ordered for middle of October. After three weeks, I realized that I never received the available items. Called and spoke to an inept customer service rep...he could not tell me anything about my order..NOTHING! The conversation felt fraudulent. Hung up and called credit card I charged the order to and found out that TCS had tried to charge to my card and it was denied. I explained to credit card that I felt something wasn't right with the company and they noted on my account. I called TCS back the next day and spoke to another CSR. She was more helpful and explained everything to her about order, etc. ...she asked for name of CSR and said would check into unsecured website. She finally was able to get two items shipped and other items not available until mid October and would expedite at no charge. Received the first half of order, but bedskirt for twin bed was huge. This has happened before with product. Nothing is true to size....everything is huge! Finally received the 2nd half of order last week. Expecting a throw and twin blanket. Well, I received the throw, which was not worth the money, and a fitted king size sheet with a label for the white twin blanket. How crazy is this!!!! So, called CSR again and complained. She told me to keep the sheet no charge and would re-order blanket. After 6 weeks dealing with this fiasco, I canceled the re-order and asked that I am credited for blanket. Will watch my credit card, as I don't trust TCS will credit this. I have been a long time customer of TCS, but will never, ever order from them again. Lost my business!!!

1 review
3 helpful votes

Purchased amazing bedding - Matelasse bedspread and all the fixings. Loved it.
Then I wanted darker colors for fall. Some of you wrote that the product shrunk in the wash. So the new items are WAY too big. The K-bedspread is now about 3-4 feel longer - very cumbersome to try to make the bed and it does not look nice. Way too much fabric. Same with the pillow shams. They are too big for the king pillows. Not pleased at all with what they did. Such a bummer - used to be so nice. Super disappointed. Last purchase.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Ordered a duvet cover; received one as a gift. Return shipping by USPS was $20. When I called TCS to see about a cheaper return label, I was told they do not issue them. Will not shop there again.

1 review
2 helpful votes

It's a sad day when a company won't give free shipping when you're 2 cents away from qualifying for it. I will never purchase from the Company Store and will make sure my mom who has been a longtime faithful customer doesn't either.

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

I purchased two 5 in. Down Mattress Toppers. I received an email stating
they had been shipped with a tracking number. I waited a full week
after the delivery due date and called them. Seems they never even
shipped them and said I had to return the unsent items for a refund and
purchase them again. I had purchased with a Labor Day discount and now
the discount was gone and they were $150 more than when I initially
purchased. Needless to say I am very disappointed in the way they do

1 review
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I placed an order on August 1st for flat and fitted sheets along with matching pillow cases. At the time I ordered, I was never told that the pillow cases were on back order. Two weeks after ordering I still hadn't received my order so I called them and was told that the fitted and flat sheets were in but they were holding them because the pillow cases were on back order and would be in on the 17th. I asked them to send the flat and fitted sheets anyway, which they did. On August 20th I called to see if the pillow cases were in yet and I was told that they were but that they hadn't been shipped to me yet. The customer service rep told me to check back in a few days to see if they had been shipped. I called back again on 8/22 and I'm now told that they haven't received them yet and they don't have a new date when they'll be available.
After expressing my frustrations with the rep she told me that she could put in an inquiry to find out when they might be available but it might take awhile to get an answer. I would never have ordered these sheets if I'd have known one of the items was back ordered. At this point I'm ready to send the flat and fitted sheets back and cancel the back order. Don't order from this company unless you have a lot of time to wait for your product.
Update: As of Sept 2018 I still haven't received the pillow cases that were back ordered. I contacted customer service and was told that they only rec'd 300 sets from the distributor and that there were 800 back orders but that they were expecting another shipment on 10/3 and that I would receive my order at that time. 11/1/18 still haven't received my back ordered pillow cases so I once again called customer service and was told that now they weren't expecting another delivery until Feb 2019. I cancelled my back order and will NEVER order from this company again.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Really bad experience with their back order/customer service. They don't tell you your items have been delayed and they only send you an email after 30 days if there is a problem with the item. Totally useless customer service.

1 review
9 helpful votes

Fraudulent practices-not in what they tell you but what they don't and the story changes depending on the customer service person you speak with. Bought sheets for over $100 and returned because of poor quality. Now many weeks later-no refund. The return policy is self-serving in its wording and works in their favor to cause confusion-the customer's fault, naturally. What a way to run a company based on deception and fraud.


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Not only that, but return labels are much cheaper than paying retail USPS charges. Never shopping there again.

By Elizabeth F.
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