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Maha M.
1 review
“Package condition”

The packageI received is well packed and the items were in good condition. The Service was excellent and the reply was swift. My request has been taken in concediration and it has not been ignored. Thank you Stackery. Just wish to reduce the international cost :)

Amro S.
1 review
“Great Service !”

Very Smooth and pleasant. Been with them for around 5 years and will definitely keep on dealing with this great establishment.

Yousuf A.
1 review
“From Yousuf”

Thanks a lot , was very fast response. just wish if could add aramex.
One more thing just to make sure is it possible to ship any of the following items : cars oil, perfume/ deodorant

Mostafa A.
1 review
“High quality service”

This a good service and more convenient chat to any clarification.
I happy with your service.
Thank you

Mohamed M.
1 review
“Fast services”

After using Stackry for several times I can say they have fast consolidation service, with variety of shipping options.

Khalid A.
1 review
“Big Thank you!”

All my experiences with stackry were very satisfactory. They consolidate my shipments in timely manner and offer me shipping rate saving recommendations.
Big thank you to all staff.

Kelvin E.
1 review
“Good facility”

Helped me order parts from motorcycle dealers all over the US for my Harley rebuild, stored, packed and shipped when I was ready.
All good.

Zainab A.
1 review
“Service was great ,repacking and shipment”

It's my first time to try stackry ,l am very satisfied so far
It is very easy to creat a mail box and direct and ship through it

musaad a.
1 review

Everything was fine but the price was a little high. Even though, I liked the dealing with Stackry..

Hasan A.
1 review
“Bad experience”

They are very expensive.
The communication is good
The weight is not accurate
The shipping is fast

I don't advise anyone to try it
Unless if you don't care about money

Batool A.
1 review

I am so satisfied with the experience in stackry and I advise all people who interested in shopping online to use stackry

“Very satisfied”

My recent experience with Stackry has been nothing but professional and outstanding. I highly recommend them for anyone shipping goods from USA.

Nur A.
1 review

Always a pleasure using this service, it is efficient and painless! I never have to worry about my packages getting lost or taking ages to get to me.

Amrita P.
1 review
“Currency options”

I wish they had options to change the currency. I am from Australia and I chose stackry because I assumed the price would be that of the delivery country. It was USD and more expensive then other options I'd found.

Sanjay M.
1 review
“My first experience with Stackry”

Definitely a great service - I especially like that they offer to consolidate several packages. But I feel that the service is a bit expensive, especially when you convert to Canadian dollars - probably has to do with the exchange rate which is obviously not their fault.

Gabriela S.
1 review
“Super Fast Shipping”

I absolutely love is smooth, efficient, and reasonably priced. You can't go wrong with Stackry - highly recommend!

Bahrein B.
1 review
“Can't ask for more.”

Stackry allowed me to receive packages when prior to this I couldn't. All without any fuss or headaches, everything was explained beforehand. It went like it was supposed to. They consolidated my packages safely and easily into one. All painlessly. Thank you.

Charlice P.
1 review
“A bit expensive but got my products fairly quickly.”

They have a good and quick system. Keep you updated. It is a bit expensive but still got my products fairly quickly.

Edward M.
1 review
“Last resort - Very Reliable- Very Expensive”

I shipped a kids roller coaster 100lbs by the eBay global shipping program and paid the same amount for a 5lbs Stackry shipment

Leonard A.
1 review
“Awesome service”

Super pleased with your service, being an Australian it's annoying enough not be able to have access to goods online especially American. Your service takes care of that need and in a timely manner.