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Rita L.
2 reviews
“Just keeps Stacking up !!”

I've been using Stackry for about a Year now and my confidence just keeps stacking up , really just good things to say !!
Thanks to the team !!
Keep up the good work people !!

Frank N.
1 review
“First time to use this service”

Just to let you know this was the first time to use this service and I was very happy with how it all worked. Living in Ireland it can be frustrating when items you want to purchase on line cannot be delivered to your country. Using Stackry over came this and was cheaper when compared to other shipping methods .
Thanks Again Frank

Jess C.
1 review
“Amazing customer service!”

I had a parcel delivered to my work address in London from Stackry, and all went well with delivery; EXCEPT the person at my work reception rejected the parcel believing I was no longer with the company (annoying). Long story short, the parcel got lost; I contacted Vincent at Stackry, who was like a personal champion for my case! He tirelessly tracked it down and learnt that sadly the courier company decided to destroy the parcel (a very expensive pair of shoes), so Vincent offered to refund me in full (despite it not being Stackry's fault) and is still trying to get a better answer out of the courier. His outstanding customer service put my country's businesses and their shocking lack of regard for the customer to shame; and while I don't have the parcel in my possession I have a refund and we may still locate the parcel due to his investigative skills! Hats off to you Vincent, you're very good at your job!

Dave C.
1 review
“Couldn't be happier!”

I've used Stackry to consolidate numerous purchases from US sellers that either didn't deliver to Australia or their freight charges were prohibitive.
Managing the process via Stackry's web site was very easy and the service definitely saved me money and hassle.
Highly recommended.

Bill K.
1 review
“Friendly Fast and Fantastic”

I have been using Stackry for a year in order to save money on shipping costs from mainland USA and Australia. My last package was despatched from Nashua NH USA on Wednesday Australian time. It arrived at my door in Canberra Australia yesterday..FRIDAY . It cost me much MUCH less than the seller of the goods wanted charge mr for shipping. I csn not recomnend Stackry highly enough.

Rebecca A.
1 review
“The Best forwarding service I've used!”

So far I have tried shipping products from the USA to Australia using Shipitto, ShopMate, Forwardit and Stackry.

Stackry are the only one I will be using again; They were reasonably priced AND extremely helpful.
Oh and everything was nicely packaged :)

“Amazing Service”

I use Stackry as some vendors do not ship to South Africa where I live.

I usually never have a problem receiving my Stackry shipments but this time my package was delayed by South African Customs for almost a month. Stackry Support team was always on hand keeping me informed and updated. With there help my package was cleared and all my Christmas gifts arrives just in time.

Hughey D.
1 review
“Stackry's Customer Service”


I swear they best be making you Customer Support of The World. I love getting emails from you because you're so polite and courteous that it just makes me want to find things to ship to japan.

You've solved every problem I've encountered, not due to Stackry, and have make it resolute every single time.

Working with you through these processes makes me feel as if I'm working with a best friend, finding a way to send cupcakes from Alaska to South Africa in a wedding that's kicking off in 8 hours. That's how much of an impact you make with every concern.

I can't state my appreciation more greatly but great job! I know it will come a time that I'm frustrated with a misprinted invoice or an ugly locker picture but so far, you've made me love Stackry.

Please keep up the good work and I'm glad a fellow employee has directed me to this site as your hardwork is appreciated.

Not to bash another company but my previous forwarding service was horrible. I know the name of it will soon come to me but I think I purposely forgot about them like a bad ex girlfriend. Maybe...Blinx or something similar. It's of no relevance but I will be sure to not only praise this service amongst my fellow military members but I will be sure to post my admiration on social media.

Thank you once again


Hughey Donald

Suzi R.
2 reviews
“Superb, seamless experience, 5 star company”

After having a huge problem and nightmares with Borderlinx, I decided to try Stackry after reading very positive reviews. I have not been disappointed. My first consolidated package was packed very compactly and neatly to save on shipping costs and their support is always swift and professional. I also received a $10 discount on my first shipment, which was wonderful. Very impressed.

Ian H.
1 review
“WOW Nobody does it better.”

Thank you Stackry and Fedex. 7 days from the US order to the door in Rural Australia.
You have opened up a whole new world of opportunity for me.

Dhari R.
1 review
“Thank you for”

Thank you for your services and I am very impressed with Stackry

Thank you for your services and I am very impressed with Stackry

Eva L.
3 reviews
“Best for Value and Variety”

Their product is extremely awesome.The customer service is fast & excellent and shipping price is low. You can contact them for any info you need. They are helpful.

Juno B.
1 review
“Champion team”

Most helpful and efficient team spearheaded by wonderkid - Vincent. Splendid teamwork , very good packing and reasonable cost. Forced me to desert shop n ship ! Absolutely professional with personal rapport. Highly recommended !

Jean B.
1 review
“Excellent emphasis on customer service with guaranteed results!”

Shipped 26 Oct, received in Australia on 9 November. I enjoyed tracking the parcel and when it arrived on my doorstep - glee! Perfectly packaged with care and thought (items wrapped and sealed if spillable). I couldn't be happier. Will definitely use Stackry again and again. Thank you for your outstanding service and responsiveness.

Doctor R.
1 review
“Stackry is name of Trust and Reliability”

Hay Guys, Many out of you are looking to get rid of International Shopping restriction. And You may know other companies also. But Stackry is beating all of them day by day. Their services are more then your expectations.
- Fast Communication and Notices about your parcels arrived in your BOX.
-Pictures . Clear details . and very user friendly steps
- Offcourse they have almost 7-9 Shipping Options. DHL, FED-EX, UPS, Express courier, FedEx economy,
-Cheap International Shipping Charges
-Package Insured
-Package Tracking

In Short. They are best

1 review
“Fantastic service. Top rated company”

I use stackry a lot and I have never had anything less than a 5 star experience. It's a seamless service with top notch support.

Paulo O.
1 review
“Highly highly recommended”

This guy's don't joke around. They know what they're doing and they do it good. I made personal shopping request and they got made so fast I was in awe,but the best was yet to come. The shipping price to me was a whopping 500dollars they consolidated and repacked and voilĂ , from 500 dollars to 100 in shipping cost just like that.

ALbert B.
1 review
“got my gear ... all great ... and EASY to use”

I looked up a number of reviews and stackry was advised by other people to use...
It is free ... and once my items got there they were very helpful, repacked the items (I asked them to ... packed well when I got them) and sent by Freight to me.. All very easy and simple ..

I bought US only items - I have wanted to before but couldn't find or decide on a way to get a US postal address (the ones I looked into all wanted money ... or had horrible reviews [like Australia post sadly.. I wanted to use them but reading the independent reviews... ouch... best avoid!!!]..

ANyway bought some items that I couldn't get posted to me in Australia but they were vintage items that I really wanted...

ever so glad I used STackry.....

William H.
1 review
“How Do You Spell Pros”

These guys are really good at what they do. Stackry consolidated 6 boxes into one and only needed 36 hours to get the whole shipment into my hands in British Columbia in pristine condition, all for a reasonable price. Thank-you very much.

Manju L.
1 review
“Perfect consolidating and fast shipping”

We are so thrilled with Stackry.
Our packages were consolidated perfectly and shipping was faster than we expected. We have chosen the right company for our needs.

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