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Back in Nov 2017 I went into the sprint store because I was looking for a new phone service. They had a great deal advertised and it was just what I (thought) I was looking for. After several trips to discuss the costs and benefits I finally decided to sign up. The agent who helped me told me many times my bill was to be 150.00 with 3 lines unlimited, the phone and insurance and unlimited talk text and data. I left feeling really happy until my first bill came in. The bill was just over 200.00. When I called to inquire about the overage ( I just assumed a partial month was added due to billing cycles), but no the sales lady scammed me and totally lied to me and there was nothing they were going to do for me. I was not going to be helped, I spent several weeks trying to get the bill straightened out, but no one would help me. So I just had to suck it and honor my end of the deal. . .FOR 2 YEARS! Ok so I knew I was going to switch the second my contract was up. I have been paying the extra 50 some dollars Since November 2017. Tell me why, mid-contract, my bill jumped from 202 to 280? I immediately called and they gave me some BS about special promo pricing expiring. Ummmm Heloooo I signed a freaking contract! My bad I didn't realize I had to hold up my end and pay every month for the duration, but they are not beholden to the amount I agreed upon. What is even the point of a contract if they can charge me whatever they want whenever they want and do nothing to make the situation right? the customer service agent "re-worked" my bill and I am now paying "just" $5 more then the $50 more I was originally paying. So in summary I agreed to pay 150/ month, got scammed for 202/month, raised mid contract to 280/month and HAD to settle on 207/month? WTF is wrong with these corporate thieves? NEVER AGIAN WILL I EVER sign a contract with Sprint, EVER, PERIOD. Also I just want to say I have had cell phone contracts with other corporate companies since 1999 and the only time I had a overage is back in the archaic times of cell phone minute plans. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH SPRINT. THEY DO NOT HOLD UP THEIR END OF THE BARGAIN, BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO KEEP UP YOUR PART :-/

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I switched to Sprint 2 months ago. Not only were we flat out lied to when we signed up in store we've also been straight up lied to by tech support and their billing department. We were told we were required to buy phone insurance for a minimum of 3 months, but when we revived our (2) Galaxy S10's and one of them had hardware issue 2 weeks later, we were told we did not have insurance and to contact Samsung. I was told twice by their tech support that they would send out a replacement over the phone and 3 times by the store they fixed the insurance issue. They did not put int he replacement order for t he phone once and told us it was on the way the second time and I found out that they denied the "phone that was on the way." I eventually got it fixed over a 5 hour phone call where I kept escalating it up the ladder and yelled at everyone I think worked there. We were supposed to get their unlimited premium plan for a discounted rate for the 1st 3 months, but that never happened and I've been trying to get our planned switched to unlimited basic for 2 months now and they still keep messing that up. They keep saying its fixed, but our bills and MySprint site says otherwise. I've been working on it today and it seems It's fixed, but it's been a real headache and draining. The service has been fine since now we roam on the tmobile network and the plans and phone prices are good. I would never use this company again or recommend it to anyone.

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I was sold in a 18 month phone plan so I can purchase 3 phone in 2017 , now all of a sudden I'm on a forever lease plan and can't buy phone because I live in Pennsylvania but I bought phones in Pennsylvania.
Worst company ever
Now they want me to get new phone and pay again
They lied to me and ripped me off

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We were told 25 dollars a line with a free galaxy 9 with start of new service ...we switched and now our bill is over 200 a month. Wtf I call and they say we pay 50 a month per phone for a leased phone wtf it was supposed to be free...then one line is 65 other is 45 ....what the hell is going on now its locked in for 2 years .we paid 50 a month before biggest mistake ever !!!

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This is a disgusting company! Communication is terrible! The workers are stupid! They made an erroneous deposit of money and still have not returned the money to us. I do not recommend this company and this connection to anyone! We have suffered a lot with them!

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DO NOT SWITCH TO SPRINT. They have the absolute worst customer service I have ever seen in my life. I went to the tiffin oh store switching from t- mobile and it was the worst decision I have ever made. The customer service reps that work for the store in tiffin are awful just as well as the call support team. No one cares once you are locked in a contract. All they care is that they get the sale and your money. I was promised that sprint would have multitasking ( where you can use LTE and be on a phone call at the same time) and here we are months later and sprint will never have that capability.

To make matters even worse Sprint decided one day that they were going to change my plan without my authorization and charge me 30$ more a month just bc they felt like it. When I spoke with an agent on why this change happened they could not tell me. I have spent countless hours each day complaining about how each line on my phone cannot use our phone due to the service and they just give me the sad excuse that the area looks fine and pretty much I should just get over it. It has got so bad that I have had to file a claim with the BBB in order so have someone listen to me.

For anyone who us looking to switch to sprint please save yourself the pain, time and effort and DO NOT SWITCH.
Sprint locks you into a contract and even if you want to return the phones and be done bc your phone service doesn't work they want 3000$ in cancellation fees.

I am not one to complain but it has got to the point where people need to know.
All I could ever ask for is a phone plan that works and my calls don't fail every time. It is not too much to ask for a working service. I will continue to post bad reviews of this company everywhere I can and continue to call until someone listens to me.

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So I've been a customer with Sprint almost 10 years. I have six lines on my account not once have I missed or faulted on any payments. So on December 20th 2018 I called in because my husband lost his phone in concrete and I knew he was on installment payments but did know for how many more months they had told me 6 months I had to pay 195$ I was fine with that but I didn't pay it because I wanted to see if the phone would turn up but it didn't so I call today December 28th to cancel out the phone and there changing The story now they're saying I have 11 months to pay instead of the six months they originally told me. I tell them since all calls are recorded for training purposes for them to go back and review my conversation on December 20th all they can do is apologize and they are not willing to acknowledge what was said on December 20th. They don't appreciate there customers and as soon as all my lines are out of contract I'll be telling them to take the $#*!en $#*! Worst customer service ever and their service sucks Ass!!!!!

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Their online promotions are total BS!!
Don't ever switch services by calling their 800 phone number. It's a total skam bait and swith. I received a promotion in November which was there kick start program. They told me if I switch services I would pay $25 per line. I called the number on the advertisement I received which brought me to a call center in South Africa. I was told I would be paying $25 A-line for for phones plus $5 per month for refurbished iPhone 7. None of this was true when I received my bill it was over $200. The only reason I switch services was to save money. Now my bill is more then what I was paying before. I have the conversation recorded as I called from my work phone which I offered to send them, they said they would pull the tapes from the conversation on their end which would take 3 to 5 days. They still haven't pulled the tapes. I went to their corporate store to try to rectify the situation. I took off a day of work today to get this resolved only to be told by the staff at the store they cant help me and basically tough luck. Do not fall for their bait and switch tactics. It's a total scam and I'm now locked in for 2 years of this BS. I have never written a bad review in my life but I'm glad to write one now. Unbelievable!!!

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I sign up for the kickstart program online with the supervisor that reassure me of my monthly bill. She said that I was qualified for the plan. I decided since my phone bill would be what I expected to get a new flash deal phone with her too for my new line of service. Then my bill came twice as much as I expected. I have been calling chatting online and no one can help me. I felt helpless knowing I am giving my money to a company for someone to say they cannot help me. I had to
Wait for the higher up dept to call me back. I waited since October 4 to get a call today November 26. To let me I did not qualify for plan I sign up for and I have to paid the termination fee the phone I got also the phone bill I did not agree on. It was my fault supervisor sign me up for kickstart plan I was not qualified for and my fault I had the phone pass cancellation dates. While I was waiting to hear back from them. Keep your sainty and avoid sprint. Associate are all on different pages and they want to help but really don't have the power to do so. Worst customer service ever.

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Im sorry but sprint service Is terrible. I had been with them for a while because I did not want to go through the hassle of changing providers but enough is enough. They are rude, they overcharge me every month I had tons of dropped calls and so much more. I literally have to call them every single month to take unauthorized charges off my account. Please for the sake of your sanity do not ever get sprint! The other companies may be a little more expensive but its worth it!

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I have been with them for years and now have 10 lines and will be switching due to the worst customer service of any company I can think of!!! They promise things, good deals for the life of the phone line and then add charges back on and say oh well. Then I recently climbed the chain to get some of the added back on charges fixed and they were going to do a monthly credit to compensate. Of course they did not and I am now on hold again and missing an hour of my life I can't get back. They will waste your time and efforts over and over again! This is coming for someone that has been with them probably around 15 years. Go with a different company!!!!

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When I saw the promo of what sprint have to offer, I went to the store and inquire about their promo. They approved me for 5 lines with a promo of buy 1 get 1 free.. since I have 3 more left. I invited my friends to switch their service to Sprint. We all got excited and went to Washington Square Sprint.The salesman told me that aside from buy 1 get 1, I will also get $100/phone 30 days after the actvation. so I said wow so you mean I will receive $400 because we applied for 4 phones and ! tab, and he also said that on top of $400,I will also get $250 on top of $400. So we all decided to switch our service.After a month, I sign up in Credit union so that they will deposit the $400 to my account. It took 60 days but they deposit the money minus $100 so I got $300, called them ad asked why is it only $300. They said the promo is max of $300 only. So i did not complain anymore. Next the bill that I got from the mail is different from the computation in the store, So I went to the store and they said that wait for another month because it was not credited yet. came 3rd month, my bill is still higher than the store offered and my 2 friends were already not happy. I was about to invite more so I can lower my bills to my surprise, the new one I invited mad a bad comment about Sprint, She said " I will never sign up Sprint, they promised you many things just to get the sale but after that, they don't entertain your complaints. Next I called the Sprint Washington Square and asked then when can I get the $250 . Each time I called or visited there, sales person pin point tp one another or they made excuses that the manager is not around or the person whom we purchased the phones was no longer working there. I keep calling and following up, the next thing I know, the manager was no longer there and new manager took over, called the new manager, he said he will review the video of what was really said during the first time we were there, He said to call him back in 2 weeks, Called after 2 weeks, other salesman made excuses that the manager is with the customer. so I asked them " am I not a customer, we bought 4 phones and 1 tablet. they got my contact number and told me that the manager will call me back, that was 2 weeks ago, Unfortunately nobody get back to me". They will said everything to make the customer excited and switched their service to them ,after that they will ignored your complaints and you will keep calling and follow up until your finger broke maybe ., then if you want to cancel your service, you need to pay the full price . Suck!

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Sprint is the worst phone carrier that has ever existed. Almost Every single call gets dropped. Internet is slower than a turtle. Not worth one penny. Don't even receive calls sometimes, a lot of my calls won't go out. What if it's an emergency and I'm dying? Don't waste your money on this crappy service.

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I lost a phone & needed to transfer my data on a phone given to me. The store manager in Destin, Fl was VERY helpful!

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I swear to God this is the company from Hell. I was with them for less than a month, and in that time they managed to lie to me on more than ten separate ocassions, $#*! up my credit and leave me shocked and dismayed at how genuinely terrible their customer service is. A bunch of damn crooks. So, story time.

I signed up for Sprint on July 14. It was my first time paying for my phone bill on my own, so I went with Sprint because I heard it was cheaper to do so. The first red flag was the fact that it took the sales rep 2 1/2 hours to set me up, including just turning my phone on and setting me up on a plan. His tablet kept crashing and wifi kept dropping. That should've tipped me off, but this being my first time around the block with a cellphone company, my naive ass didn't know any better. Lawd.

So about a week later, I get my first bill. It had an additional $10 on there that I didn't agree to, first of all. Also, I wanted to push my due date back so that I could pay for it on Aug. 15 instead of the 8th, just to keep my money in order. Shouldn't be a big deal, right? WRONG. The first person I talked to said she fixed all my issues and extended my billing due date for me. She lied. The second person I talked to acted like she worked for another company with a separate policy, because she had no idea why the first person told me what she did. Then she said she fixed my issues the right way. Another lie. The 3rd person I talked to said I can't change my billing due date because if I do, it'll cost me $ then I live chatted another agent (I have screenshots, i.e. receipts) and told her about this outrageous $300 nonsense. They told me to disregard that because it isn't true, and that my billing due date had indeed been changed and not to worry about it. This turned out to be another...say it with me...LIE.

I went through this tango about 6 different times with six different people over the course of two weeks or so. August 9th rolls around (the day after my original billing date) and I start getting phone calls, emails and text messages that they're going to shut off my service if I don't pay my bill immediately. But I thought I had extended the due date to the 15th??? I called in, spoke to yet another foreigner who I could barely understand, and he proceeded to tell me that I'm not allowed to extend my due date unless I pay half today and half on the 15th. Which is something completely different than what I'd been told before.

At this point, I'm livid and tired. Because they kept giving me the run around for something soooo damn SIMPLE! So I was like aight $#*! it. I paid the bill ($128.34) with my credit card--which I didn't want to do because I only like to use it for emergencies--because I didn't have the money to pay the bill with. I paid it on August 10. $#*!, tell me why on August 17th, they hit my checking account for the exact same amount of money...they double billed me!! Left me with damn near $0 balance in my checking account. They literally went in and stole my money for a bill I'd already paid. So I was FUMING.

I called customer service demanding they refund my money. They said they'd process the refund, and that it'd take 3-5 business days to reflect in my account. At this point, I'm screaming into the phone. 3-5 business days?!?!!?! You really expect me to survive on $6 for 3-5 business days???? AND it was a Friday. So 3-5 business days would've been the next Wednesday-Friday (even though the CS rep told me I'd have my money by Tuesday, which would've been only 2 business days so he was just saying random $#*!). I've never been so pissed at customer service in my life. They didn't even try to help. One of the guys said they but an acceleration on the refund so that it'd return in 3 business days instead of 5.

I left work early and switched to Verizon that day. It took them less than an hour to set me up, with a cheaper bill.

So the next week, I called about 2 times throughout the week to check on the status of my refund. Run around. By Friday, August 24, the 5th business day, my money still had not appeared. The woman on the phone tried to tell me that she couldn't find record of my refund. I said "...I'm sorry, come again...?" So I start going off, and all of a sudden she was able to find what I was talking about. She then proceeded to promise that my money would be back in my account before the end of the day.

Fast forward to today--Monday, August 27--and I called customer service first thing in the morning because my money still had not arrived. The guy then proceeded to tell me that I'm not going to be getting a refund because the reason they took my money was because I still was responsible for charges of $79 for some made-up, bull$#*! reason.

1) I've been getting blatantly lied to for the past week and two days, and I'm talking bold-faced lies.
2) They didn't hit my account for $79, they hit it for $128.34, which invalidates that claim that I owed $79. This leads me to my next point.
3) I know they double-billed me because they hit my checking account for the EXACT same amount--right down to the penny--that I paid with my credit card
4) Even IF I still owed outstanding charges, you send a bill. You don't just hit someone's account, unauthorized, whenever you feel like it. That's fraud/stealing, and that's illegal.

And then they tried to tell me I'd still have to pay off the lease for the phone that I just sent back on Saturday. I said no, I sent the phone back. The notice in the mail said I wouldn't have to pay so long as I sent it back. They said it doesn't matter, you have to pay either way. I told him he can take those additional charges and shove them up his ass and then hung up. I don't care if they put those charges on my credit via collections. I'd rather see my score drop 100 points than give Sprint another dime. I'm young, my credit will bounce back. I do not care.

I had to call my bank, dispute the charge and literally put a block on all Sprint transactions so that they couldn't take my money anymore. In the end, my bank is putting the money back in my account. Not Sprint.

I am so shocked and hurt and dismayed by the blatant dishonesty and crookedness of this company. I have never in my 24 years EVER seen anything like this in my life. If you have any sense and if you love yourself even just a little bit, stay far far faaaaarrrr away from this company. If I had the money and the time, I would sue them. They deserve to go out of business. I've never dealt with a bigger $#*! show.

In closing, all hail Verizon and Regions Bank for saving my life. And $#*! Sprint.

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Lies deceit inconsistencies... These are the best and nicest words I could possibly give to this company. Thinking a company will upsell with extra data and will give you a tablet for the inconvenience on the phones that needed to be brought back twice from the batteries that can explode, sweet! Well no will just discount the tablet when u get the bill... ok, bought a device that I didn't want but sure. Then later on, go back to a Sprint store, oh wait that was a 3rd party affiliate that's wearing our uniforms representing our company, what they sign you up for doesn't count.... thats coo that you signed up for the plan that was deal with 5 phone lines as I only had 2 at first, buttttt let's not charge you for that deal that was advertised and promised that the bill would be about X dollars as they couldn't compute the taxes. Well, again that was a 3rd party store and was told by an anchor store that we should have asked. So I was supposed know they have knock off Sprints? Trying to leave this company and have a phone unlocked has been atrocious. One person says Hey the phone is unlocked you're good to go to another company. The next one says oh no you can't because you still have an outstanding bill of your last month that has not been sent out yet. My question was how much is the bill? The response was I don't know I can't figure out the taxes, try calling us back again in the next couple of days. So this I phone my daughter absolutely needed continues to be held captive.... bill paid in full, waited the 24-48 hour time span for them to unlock it, then was told hey wait another up to 72 hours and the request is in their system since the request only took 24 hours to be submitted. However 5 days prior to this call, was told I would have no issues changing companys.... bless the hearts of all the representatives iv spoken with, for I probably owe each of you a strong beverage, and each of you owing each other strong drinks in order to deal with me from being misinformed after each conversation. Sprint, do your current employees a favor and provide a unison training which in turn may grant less irate costumers.

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From top to bottom the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Not one customer service rep did what they told me they would do. The worst company I have ever dealt with. Don't waste your time nor your money. I have emails to back up there lack of service.

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If you want a provider that is what other carriers WERE 15 years ago than Sprints for you! The reason why theyre so cheap is because thats just what they are! NO coverage!!!! I switched from another carrier after being with them for 14 years just because Sprint was offering the best deals. Worst decision EVER and I have huge regrets!!! You get what you pay for with Spint which is NOTHING!!!

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My bills have been double I have for devices three of them don't work and the only thing they can tell me is they need an update or I can pay $275 per device to go through the insurance. Everytime I call I get hung up on or I have to explain everything to somebody and they tell me that they will put me through to a supervisor then they hang up on me or they will tell me they are getting everything worked out they're going to place me on hold and then the phone begins to ring in somebody answers that knows nothing about anything going on. I was actually sold a device from a Sprint store that did not belong to a Sprint store they basically said the guy sold it to me out of the trunk of his car and that they would not warranty it because it was not their product. Unbelievable I do not know what to do I've spent 12 hours on the phone consistent hours and still don't get my problem solved. It's pretty much as if they are just toying with their customers and laughing on the other side. How bad can we make this guy's day that should be their motto. If any attorneys or anybody sees this they could help me out please I've got recorded phone calls I've got it all I have never dealt with anything like this this is insane to me I'm supposed to pay 400 a month and every month my bill is $600 - $800 for 3 phones and a pocket Wi-Fi. I have been calling them for the last 6 months about my pocket Wi-Fi being broke I can't get an answer or can I get any help I just get hung up on or rerouted to the next guy and then it repeats itself hung up on or routed to the next guy. Please please please do yourself a favor and do not go through Sprint it is not cheaper I used to be with Verizon and now my bill is over $200 more than what I paid with Verizon when I joined Sprint to cut my bill in half. Nothing but a joke

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I made a big! Huge! Mistake in trying the 5 phones for what was stated by Sprint $100.00. And two of these really was not used! this was a scam! Allot of the people they have working at there stores and over the phones lie! And lie! To continue this scam! Every bill was over $200.00 or more! And they even cut off phones after a payment was made!They sent me a bill after I payed off the contract! For the amount I was told to pay, to end contract!they wanted me to pay more after contract cancellation, amount I refused to pay. I really feel the people that work for this company should take in account that God don't like ugly lies! You Shall Reap what you Sow, in Jesus Christ name.

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Sprint is, by far, the worst cell service i have ever used. I do save money, but I have no cell service or text messages in my home, so it is not usable for me. I have high speed Internet and a state of the art router and, still, I can't make calls or send text messages. I am reaching a point where I have to go to another service provider unless ATT steps in and improves the service.

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I closed my account on April 15th but they still charging me,now its July 13! I called them they are layers they transferred me to a different department and by the end I have to pay any way!

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I pay monthly for insurance.
My phone needs repair.
Ive been to the Service Centers.
An ALL DAY Horrible experience at each, left with the same phone untouched.
The Insurance is a Total Rip Off!
The Service Centers are a waste or time

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Ive never delt with such an unprofessional and blantantly dishonest company. Im going to keep this short and to the point because I have far to many stories to share in this review. Service is roughly a 3 out of 10. Im constantly having to update my network when driving around town, my calls dont come in a third of the time and my messages get blocked until Im connected to some form of WiFi. Yet Im suppose to pay $188 a month for service? Calling into their customer service center is a nightmare, representative dont understand what your asking, they transfer you to a bunch of unnecessary department and plenty of the agents hangup on you. The information they tell you is never right, and you cant get high enough in the chain of command to actually get help with an issue you have. I wouldnt recommend this company to my worst enemy!

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