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Spa Boutique has a consumer rating of 1.14 stars from 110 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Spa Boutique also ranks 466th among Cosmetics sites. The most common issues with Spa Boutique are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers.

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  • Just today I had my credit card company reverse the charges and I have also contacted the authorities.
  • Opened a "resolution dispute" with PayPal, not holding my breath since I heard they too have poor customer service : (
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Kim J.

Hi! I am also a customer who was waiting for my order. I ordered 200.00 worth of product and have waited almost 2 months for my product. I have talked to the credit card company and might have to wait up to two months to get the charges reversed. Their is a another website that looks a lot like Spa Boutique and it's also located in Vancouver I would be very wary.

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Top Critical Review

“This is to let all the people out there who are waiting...”

l t.

This is to let all the people out there who are waiting to get their products or refunds from Spa Boutique the true story. This company has become bankrupt and no longer exists in the real world. It does however still exist in the virtual world and the owner is committing fraud by accepting your orders and taking your money with no ability to fill that order. Go to the police and let them know what has happened.

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credit card company (25) customer service (22) order (94) 2 months (8) phone number (10) better business bureau (10) products (46) money (46) refund (41) 3 weeks (5) 6 weeks (3) office reply (3)
1 review
30 helpful votes
November 20th, 2014
This is to let all the people out there who are waiting to get their products or refunds from Spa Boutique the true story.

This company has become bankrupt and no longer exists in the real world. It does however still exist in the virtual world and the owner is committing fraud by accepting your orders and taking your money with no ability to fill that order. Go to the police and let them know what has happened.

Tip for consumers: report this fraud to your local police. Fraud is criminal offence

1 review
18 helpful votes
February 17th, 2015
I placed an order in Dec 2014. After waiting for 2 months and sending numerous emails (with no response) and calling the phone # (which was disconnected) I finally received a notice stating that my products would be shipped. I had already lost hope and assumed I had lost my money in a scam. Today my products arrived completely damaged and frozen solid. This company is awful - they don't respond to emails. Do not order from this company.

Tip for consumers: Do NOT order from this company.

1 review
7 helpful votes
March 2nd, 2015
Someone's making a lot of money on the loyalty of past Spa Boutique customers...
Very disappointed in the integrity of these current business owners. If there is a business at all.
All the previous reviews are completely accurate to my experience as well.
I won't even give them a one star rating as there is nothing... no service, no value, no shipping, no returns and no quality. What used to be a fantastic on-line company - now is a pathetic scam.
1 review
15 helpful votes
February 20th, 2015
Had a bad feeling about this when weeks went by and still no product. Came on here, which I should of done first. Right away called my Visa company... just found out they charged my visa twice and no product! They're website should be shut down, they should be shut down. Not even a way to get a hold of anyone there. No phone number, only automatic reply's to my e-mails. There should definitely be a zero star rating!

Tip for consumers: Just don't!!!! Take your hard earned money elsewhere!

1 review
16 helpful votes
April 30th, 2015
Finally this on line company has been put out of business! As of today when you try to logon to their website there is a notice of suspension recommending you contact your credit card company for credit. I filed complaints with the my credit card company, the BBB, RCMP etc. I'm not sure why it took so long for them to react. Unfortunate for those unsuspecting customers that have paid in good faith for the last six months and been ripped off. Nancy Mudford your done!
1 review
9 helpful votes
October 19th, 2014
If I could give 0 I would. Ordered over a month ago, email said 6-12 days delivery. One month later, still nothing. Emailed and they they didn't know when order would be shipped. They did charge me, so I asked for refund. Didn't hear back, then filed dispute with CC.

Also tried to phone them at the number on the website, message says mailbox is FULL!
No wonder, with people calling to cancel, refund or want their orders probably.

Will never order from them again, rather pay more to use a US company.
1 review
13 helpful votes
March 30th, 2015
I received my first order no problem. Still waiting for my second order placed in Nov 2014. Lots of excuses. I am about to contact BBB for the second time and get legal advise for small claims court. I just wrote an email to marketplace.cbc.ca to try and get the word out about this company and would ask others to do the same. This company needs to do the honourable thing and give us our money back. I will not even give this company one star, this is nothing short of criminal activity.
1 review
13 helpful votes
May 5th, 2015
Just visited their website and was greeted by this message. "For any customers with outstanding orders from this merchant; please contact your credit card company and request that a chargeback be issued in order to recover your funds."
I then decided to do some research and fell upon this website. If I wouldve know I'd have never ordered from their website. CERTAINLY for products that I could buy at the mall.
I dont even know if I can get my money back.

Please help and report them!
1 review
21 helpful votes
September 4th, 2014
Wish I had seen all these reviews before I ordered. Same story as everybody else, ordered, paid and did not receive anything after a month. I like encouraging Canadian businesses but looks like I'll be returning to Amazon... Opened a "resolution dispute" with PayPal, not holding my breath since I heard they too have poor customer service: (

Tip for consumers: DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!11

1 review
20 helpful votes
March 9th, 2015
I started emailing all Spa Boutique suppliers... Nancy didn't like that very much, and refunded my money right away. Suppliers head offices are all listed online, it was quite simple.

Tip for consumers: If you are not happy with Spa Boutiques business practices, call their suppliers.

1 review
6 helpful votes
February 2nd, 2015
Same experience... ordered, charged and NO product. I was a long time customer. Up until September they were terrific but now they don't respond to any emails. Lost $200.

Tip for consumers: DONT USE IT!!!!

1 review
16 helpful votes
December 4th, 2014
Horrible horrible horrible! I have the same bad experience. I placed the ordered on October but still not receive any products that is $414. There's nobody answer the phone and no reply from e-mail. Very disappointed and now I have to call my credit card center for the dispute order. And why they still sent out this online promotion to the clients so that they can keep stealing other people money! That is not right! Actually, your company deserve "No Star"!
2 reviews
17 helpful votes
July 9th, 2014
I would give it 0 stars.
The same thing that has happened to all of you has happened to me. Ordered my products, got charged $172.00 then got an email saying my products were shipped. 2 weeks later still no products, so I called and the girl said that they were out of stock and it would be another 8- 10 before they got the products in. It's been almost two months and nothing. No one has answered back to my emails.
1 review
13 helpful votes
March 20th, 2015
Like so very many other people who have reviewed this business, I have had mail order trouble. I placed an order with Spa Boutique in early February, 2015 and here it is nearing the end of March and I have received nothing. However, my Visa account was billed back when the order was first submitted. This is terrible business practice. Spa Boutique lists a whole pile of excuses for their inability to ship their orders. Perhaps instead of making excuses they should go down to the basement, get the stuff into boxes, take the parcels to the post office and get customers their orders. These people are either very incompetent or down right dishonest.
5 reviews
21 helpful votes
May 20th, 2015
I too have had problems getting my order from last summer fulfilled. There is now a "Premier Spa Boutique" out of Canada and have to wonder if the same person is behind it. The model on the website resembles the former owner of Spa Boutique so I wonder. Please take a look and let me know.
1 review
16 helpful votes
January 8th, 2015
This is one of the worst companies I have ever ordered from online. When I didn't receive my order I starting researching them and found this amazing article about how great they were in the Globe and Mail. They have grown to have 30 employees - what are they doing all day?
You place an order, you don't receive it, then you get emails about how they are filling the orders and then you get told NOT TO CONTACT them in the month of December. I have never experienced anything like this before - see ENMAT50 on Twitter
1 review
16 helpful votes
September 1st, 2014
I wish I could somehow attach this to their site. Ordered aug 3. Over $200.00 of products, money taken from visa right away. It is now aug, 29. After phoning the store, not the contact line, as there mailbox was full, I received an email saying yonka products arriving next week. Still not here. Look on there website. No mention products not available. I am asking for a refund. NOT a STORE CREDIT. Allison N. Vancouver
1 review
10 helpful votes
September 24th, 2014
I have ordered many times from Spa Boutique. In the past, it was slow, however, more recently it has become really bad. I placed an order on August 2, and still have not received it. I have called many times... no one answers... and when I get an answer... all they say is "it will be shipped next week. No its not! I have sent almost a dozen nasty emails,,, and no products yet. Will be taking my complaint to the BBB and my credit card company.
1 review
10 helpful votes
March 4th, 2015
I've also had some unpleasant experiences although I'm happy to share with you all that I have recently switched over to purchasing my products from SuperiorSkin.com. They have amazing service, deliver very quickly - finally a company that gets it! If you want to save yourself some hassles then I highly recommend you check them out.

Tip for consumers: Save yourself some misery

1 review
3 helpful votes
March 23rd, 2015
The worst company ever i never receive my cream that i ordered in November 2014 so i sent them a email and they told me that i will receive my cream beginning of march and still didn't receive anything so i sent a email for reimbursement and wow no answer from them so i call and so surprising phone number is out of order fraud fraud fraud i lost a 125 dollars. But i am not gonna let them get away with this.Do not order anything from them beware FRAUD

Tip for consumers: BEWARE FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD BAD they take your money and you don't heard from them again

1 review
2 helpful votes
October 30th, 2014
I can't even give these people one star but I am forced to. They will NOT give me my refund. It seems like their accountant Ingrid De la Pena (*******@spaboutique.ca) is afraid to answer emails. Their voice mailbox is always full. This is the worst, most expensive mistake I have made with online ordering. DON'T ORDER FROM THEM…a slightly more expensive dealer in these products is worth it. Give business to people with integrity.
1 review
7 helpful votes
November 28th, 2014
Purchased July 15,214 and received half of my order, after several emails back and forth and every shipment/delivery promise broken. I couldn't do a charge back on my CC cause the time frame has been too long... now toll free numbers don't work and they are no longer responding to my email requests.
Just like everyone else I have been burned, Today the website is promoting a 20% black friday discount on everything!

Tip for consumers: FRAUD plain and simple

1 review
4 helpful votes
November 6th, 2014
I don't know what is going on with them it has been way over 1 month since I ordered my last products - I did receive two emails stating that they had 10-20 business days to ship products - the last 3 emails that I sent - no response - I have been a loyal customer for at least 5 years and this is how they treat loyal customers - disgusting - especially if they are going bankrupt as the website is still up and running. I just want someone to get back to me on my inquiries.
1 review
8 helpful votes
August 25th, 2014
I wish I would have found this site and read the reviews before I placed my order. I thought to myself, "oh they are from Vancouver, they use Paypal, they seem legit". Clearly I was wrong. I placed an order July 4, kept telling me after I emailed them numerous times that my product was not yet in stock. August 8 I cancelled- told I would be refunded everything to my bank account but nothing. Visa will now be dealing with them. Hopefully they go out of business because they clearly have no organization or apparently, any products!

Tip for consumers: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

1 review
16 helpful votes
December 20th, 2014
I ordered and paid for some items on October 15,2014, and I have never received them. They do not respond to my e-mails, and now they are not taking any phone calls. They keep saying the same thing, that they are so busy with orders that they cannot take any phone calls. Buyer beware, this company does not deliver.

Tip for consumers: Buyer beware. Spa Boutique does not deliver, but they take your money right away.

Q&A (4)


Call your credit card company to get a refund and NEVER order from Spa Boutique again. You will not be getting your order! If you need any products, it is better to get them in person from another Spa company. Lesson learned. We all have been had.

By Donna G.
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Does anyone know if you can get Arietta perfume anymore thanks

By Joyce S.
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Are you sure you ordered in May? Their website had a notice of suspension in April of 2015 if you tried to log in, and their bricks & mortar boutique was cleared out sometime before that. Believe it or not, the owner of Spa Boutique is now teaching people how to open their own business and "build their dreams", as though she's a person you'd want to take business advice from: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/nancymudford

By Space A.
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About the business

Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay with any orders. We have recently had many changes in our business from warehouse to technology updates which have severely impacted our customer service. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers.

We value your loyalty and are working hard to resolve the current situation and ensure this doesn't happen in the future.

Kind Regards,

The Spa Boutique Team

Business History

Hello! We are so glad you found us. Read our story:

Spa Boutique was founded in 2000. Starting out of a small basement suite in Vancouver, Spa Boutique grew out of a deep love for helping women and men look and feel their absolute best. We like to think we provide the best selection of skin care, hair care, and cosmetics. We pride ourselves on sourcing and carrying the very best brands in the beauty market; and strive to be aggressively up-to-date with every trend in the industry.

In 2010 Spa Boutique opened its first retail location on West 4th in Vancouver, BC. With great success the store was moved to South Granville a prominent retail locations. Come and visit us for exclusive treatments tailored just for you.

As one of BC's fastest growing companies we are still very hands-on in almost everything we do. Our diverse team of people cares about every step it takes to get the products you desire to your doorstep. It is our goal to get packages out as quickly and accurately as possible – and to keep our customers informed every step of the way. We are rooted in customer service first and foremost, and nothing makes us happier than to hear from our favourite people – YOU, the customer.

The Spa Boutique staff is made up of estheticians, hair stylists, and spa professionals, so our advice is always well informed and properly detailed. This translates into helpful customer service, blog posts on beauty tips and techniques, detailed product reviews, and informative newsletters.

The Customer Care Department and Retail Team receive continuous training with our product lines. We aim to be Canada's Premier Beauty expert, and the key to achieving this goal is to provide our customers with best business practices, exceptional service and knowledgeable staff. We are easy to reach and eager to help – just one phone call or email away!

Company Representative

Nancy M.

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