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26 reviews
1855 Griffin Road
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462, US
Tel: 581465491516

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PetFoodDirect has been investigated by LegitScript, a NABP recognized organization that vets online pharmacies and has been given "legitimate" status. For more information, please visit the Legitscript report.

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Have had a great experience buying my dog's food on PFD. Just another easy service to get stuff online.

7 reviews
11 helpful votes

I have bought from this company several times in the past, but their shipping charges have gotten pretty high. Sometimes they have a great price on an item or 2, but not on everything.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Unsolicited they are bombarding me with junk emails every day. When you try to unsubscribe they just redirect you to their ordering page.

41 reviews
31 helpful votes

The right site , if you love your pet!

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Very good prices

6 reviews
6 helpful votes

I purchased two one-pound bags of Missing Link, a vitamin supplement for dogs. When it arrived, it had an expiration date that was only six weeks after the delivery date. This was a six-month supply for my dogs. I called and spoke with a supervisor and was told that I could return it, but would have to pay for shipping. She said that " their policy for shipping was to send whatever they had as long as the item was not past the expiration date." I asked where this was stated on their website and was told that it was under "frequently asked questions." I cannot even find a section like this anywhere on their website. This means that you cannot trust the site to send fresh products.


4 reviews
4 helpful votes

They have a wide variety of products and if you can get free shipping and it's worth the convenience to you, go for it. There are a few other online pet supply stores I would use before this one. An average online store I think.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered from this company last year, no issues. This year they ignored my emailed prescriptions so kept cancelling my order and contacted my vet to incite more costs. After many phone calls they still ignored me, ( Dennis, Jamel, Et all) . The supervisor Kate promised to phone back the next day but lied as she never did.
Do not make an order! If there is any problem they lie or ignore you, even if they are the ones who created the issue by being lazy!

1 review
2 helpful votes

I had a horrible experience with PetFoodDirect today. I was signed up on an automatic refill of dog food for my Ridgeback, who I had to put down unexpectedly just 7 days ago. I completely forgot about the auto-refill as I have been absolutely devastated about the loss, and it was the farthest thing from my mind. At any rate - I received an email at 3am this morning notifying me the order was processing. I called PetFoodDirect at 7am about cancelling the order. They said they could not cancel it, and suggested I call Royal Canin directly (the company from which the food was shipping). I did so, and Royal Canin said I needed to have one of the employees at PetFoodDirect email them to cancel the order. I called PetFoodDirect back to give them the email address & was told by a very snarky guy that "in the 3 years (he) has worked there he never heard of an order being cancelled once it was processed, and the he would send the email, but knew it was not going to work." I asked him what I was supposed to do and he could not have been less helpful.

I am absolutely appalled by the lack of concern, or lack of assistance from this company. In my current state of grief - this really was the last thing I needed, and words cannot express how deflated I feel after my encounter with this distasteful company.

1 review
3 helpful votes

It's crazy! I just read some of the reviews on this site and they had the SAME EXACT issue I had! This company doesn't honor promo codes!

This company has horrible customer service. They do not accept two promo codes, which is 100% understandable. But this was not clearly outlined anywhere when I enter the promo codes. Actually when i entered both codes it show the price adjustment right there in my shopping cart total! So when I was charged full price I sent an email to their customer service expressing my confusion and requesting that a adjustment be made on my account. I received a reply from Sarah D. who informed me that because I put two codes in, only one picked up. Whoops, my fault! I didn't see any issues when I placed the order, especially since the site reflected the price difference in my shopping card??!! Understandable why I would think I wasn't getting the discount, right?? Sarah D. suggested I use the ENJOY20 discount on my next order. I was not satisfied with this response because i ordered about $200.00 worth of items so a $40 discount made a HUGE difference. I called to speak to someone to see if someone could refund me the difference because their site obviously was not working properly, reflecting a discount, even though it was going to charge me full price.

The lady I spoke to today kept interrupting me to repeat that you can't use two promo codes. At this point, yes, that was very clear. But what I was asking was for them to honor the better discount of 20% off. She also told me that the ENJOY20 discount expired in the summer, which only confirms more that their site is glitchy and their staff is uninformed with their codes. Their site reflected the discount and their employee Sarah D told me to use the ENJOY20 the next time I ordered, which is apparently expired!!

The girl on the phone refused to make any adjustments and said she can't refund me anything. Turns out they can refund it, they just chose not to. She told me her supervisor Mike would not approve any refund. As I expressed my frustration to her I heard talking in the background... I asked her "are you even listening?" which she didn't reply, because turns out she took the phone from her ear and began having a separate conversation with someone else. I started to vent about how I couldn't believe she wasn't even listening and eventually she came back on the line and said "oh yea I am listening, I was just talking to my supervisor." Like this was so normal to just move the phone from her ear and start a second convo. Obviously super upset, I asked her if this was their common business practice or is this just how she was raised. She put me on the phone with her Supervisor who answered this questions and said, "she wasn't raised this way." So i confirmed "So this is just your business practice and how you do customer service" which he did not deny, he just moved on to telling me he does not see a good reason to refund me at all and this is the reason they wouldn't refund me.

He eventually suggested I go to their parent company, Pet360, going forward because maybe they would "better suit me."

This was seriously out of control. A good company with good customer service would have honored this due to the unclear rules on their website and misleading glitch on their website that showed me the total with the 20% reflected. I do most of my pet good ordering online and am a great customer and shop a lot for my pets. This company lost a good paying customer over $40.00. I understand it's only $40, but when you're spending $200/month on your pet, this make a difference and they just did not seem to care at all for customer service.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I've never dealt with a worse internet supply company! Stay away! They sent me a 25% off up to 20.00$ for a first time buyer. I put the order together, got my discount, and then - because all orders over $49 get free shipping, hit the free shipping button when I submitted the order. Lo and behold they erased the 25% discount, and put in the free shipping which was way less. I immediately emailed customer service within minutes, told them not to shop until we resolved it. No response, but they shipped the order next day anyway. I wrote back to CS multiple times in the next 48 hrs but they refused to do anything. I'd practically begged them to just honor the original offer but they could care less. She said they aren't a sham and that petsmart just bought them. Not sure I believe them. Doesn't say anything good about either company. Wish I'd checked out these reviews first! I've got egg on my face. They are crooks.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I've been an extremely loyal customer of PetFoodDirect for over 4 years, but earlier this year I noticed that I noticed that pet food that I had purchased was expired. So I placed another order and once again, I was sent expired pet food. DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR FOOD AT THIS SITE! As i'm reading the reviews, I'm realizing that the reason they have these "great" sale prices is that they are getting rid of the old, near-expiration inventory other stores won't sell! I try to feed my little yorkie the best food and instead I've been feeding her the worst. SHAME ON YOU, PFD!!!

1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered cat food from Pet Food Direct for my kitty that was having trouble with throwing up his food. Friends told me to try grain free food.
I ordered the food from Pet Food Direct. In the mean time I had to take my cat to the vet for a check up. He wasn't throwing up any more but doctor wanted to see him. It was then my vet said that he would need a different kind of food (prescription) for the rest of his life. Therefore, I wouldn't be able to use the food that was ordered from Pet Food Direct which was on it's way to my house.
When it came I knew to call right away which I did. They told me I WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR THE RETURN SHIPPING WHICH WAS $35.00. The cat food cost me less at $33.00. Anyway, I read their policies and saw they did offer return policy if not happy. However, one must pay their own shipping return if they are not satisfied. They only pay shipping back to them if they made a mistake. The people working at the company couldn't care less about keeping customers. I even called and spoke to a supervisor about it. She could care less.
Now, I JUST CALLED CHEWY.COM (after my friend told me about it)............ to see what their policy was. They told me that they WOULD NOT HAVE CHARGED ME FOR ANY TYPE OF RETURN. THEY WOULD PAY FOR THE RETURN AS WELL!
So I am donating the food to the Humane Society near us and say.BYE, BYE PET FOOD DIRECT HELLO CHEWY.COM! All of you out there needs to do it as well. BTW the same food was even $7 cheaper if I had got it at chewy in the first place, STUPID ME!

Tip for consumers: RUN...GO TO CHEWY.COM. BETTER SERVICE AND PRICES CHEAPER than Pet Food Direct. I called they will accept any type of returns and pay for the shipping as well. Nice customer service. My vet told me about

1 review
5 helpful votes

I have been buying from this company for several years. I have rescue cats, and have placed over $3300 in orders from them. I recently I ordered 4 cases of canned organic cat food, with free shipping. When the order arrived the food was pass the expiration date. The company apologized and said they would resend the order. When that order arrived, it was also expired. The CSR recommend that I should ask for a refund since there is obviously a problem with food shipped being out of date, and that it would probably happen again. The rep also stated he would give me an additional 15% discount on my next order due to the inconvenience I had experienced. At that point, I was once again impressed with the integrity of the company, and was glad to be doing business with them. But, this is what happened next. It was time to place my next order. With the additional discount and the rewards I had built up do to my large purchases with them, I placed another large order. The order came to $1,007.15. With the discount of -$251.79, I decided it would be a good time to buy for the kitties. When I started to check out I noticed I was being charged $104.49 in shipping. For years I had experienced free shipping on food if the order was over $49. I called the company and was politely informed that is the way it is now. They looked at my account, and saw I had been a very loyal and profitable customer for them, but again, was informed, "that's is the way it is now." I was very, very disappointed with a company I had done so much business with, and had referred to so many other pet owners. Being a business owner, and knowing the value of keeping a good customer, I thought maybe I had gotten a new CSR, or they were having a bad day, it happens. So, I called back later and was again informed, "that is the way it is now." Giving them one last opportunity, I emailed them, twice. The first response I received was the same as the phone reps. Again, as a business owner, and knowing the amount of food I order, I replied one last time. I was very friendly but informative in my email, copied and pasted as follows, (Hello,The other day I placed an order (prior to using my rewards points) for over $1,100 of cat food. I noticed, and was informed by the CSR (very polite) that free shipping was no longer an option. I am very disappointed. As you can see I have spent over $3,300 with Pet Food Direct, and you have always been my go to company for cat food and supplies, We have cat rescues and buy lots of food. We had some issues recently of expired cat food shipped to us (X2.) I truly understand how that can happen. I own a business also.We received a 15% discount for the inconvenience, but the refund basically paid for the shipping on my last order. I am sorry that I will no longer be using your company for any purchases, as the cost of shipping will now put your prices out of competition with others. Thanks for all the orders in the past, I have always highly recommended Pet Food Direct, but sadly now I will have to find another supplier.
Thanks again.) I never received an email back to this reply. Due to the fact I needed the food, I placed my last order with them for $859.85. Sadly, PetFoodDirect lost not only a good customer, but many of the referrals and customers that had been recommend.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Twice I had to call them to inform them that the treats they sent me were expired! The replacement they sent me were also expired with same expiration date as the first shipment. One of the toys they sent was damaged. I ultimately just asked them to give me a credit as I did not want to get another expired shipment. The amount of the credit they gave me was not even the right amount. I had to call them again. I placed this order for convenience but it has caused me more work. The other order I had asked to be shipped to my daughter who lives in another state was also needlessly delayed. Never again!

1 review
0 helpful votes

I have had nothing but great customer service and great prices on special foods for my pets. They have a large selection and frequently have free shipping offers and discounts.

74 reviews
269 helpful votes

I have tried to buy from this website, and either the prices for products at their website are too high to bother or I've tried to take advantage of an online advertised discount, and been unable to use it at check out. I've even refused to click "order" and left the check out webpage only to have them take my money and send product I didn't want at their inflated prices. I've tried to communicate with their customer service to get my money back, and they must use people who can neither read nor write in English, because they cannot be bothered to read my communications. I even tried to unSubscribe, and been completely unable to get away from this horrid website.

9 reviews
21 helpful votes

Hello, I have been a 3 time customer until today. I went to reorder item 20133918 but was told the $71.46 I paid was a SALE price and it had ended? If I had known that material fact, I would have ordered 2 or 3 bags at the time. The other Iams prescription food is on sale Except the one I purchased last time. At the present time, I can buy 2 bags of the 15 pound food for less than the 30 pound is usually less the more you buy.
Anyway, I talked to three different sales folks and was told the price was a sale price and it had ended (I see the other Iams Rx food at the lower price has NO time frame for the lower price as one would think this is the discounted price you have for the largest quantity bag)
I was also told by the 3 different associates that they had no control on the price as it was manufactures control. Well I just went to a competitors site and purchased the 30 pound bag for $71.46 so it seems if the manufacturer had price control, I shouldn't have been able to have found this "limited sale price".

1 review
1 helpful vote

Amazing prices and even with shipping if you order in enough bulk you can save hundreds of dollars per year on food.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Shipping costs are really reasonable and just saving me the trip every month to buy dog food is worth it in itself as I live in a big city where parking is a nightmare.

12 reviews
8 helpful votes

I bought raw food for my cat and he is not interested in it and was getting sick off of anything outside of his dry food....I tried to return it, but they wanted me to pay for shipping and then get deducted another 25% for restocking fee. I ended up keeping it in our freezer and will try to give it to him once he gets fully adapted (as his previous owners gave him junk food). I wouldn't recommend buying from this company...all the other pet stores will return it and not charge any restocking fees and will usually pay for shipping.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I like the variety of foods they have at petfooddirect as it is much more than petco. Plus I can get it delivered directly to my door.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Great prices on all types of pet foods and my dog enjoys the variety they have here on petfooddirect. It is cheaper than buying at my vet too.

1 review
0 helpful votes

My dog really only eat royal canine and my vet says that is the best. Pet food express stopped carrying that brand for some generic garbage instead. Thank you petfood direct for continuing to carry this food for my dog.

4 reviews
4 helpful votes

Pricing and shipping are fair this site is not a fraud they have been in business for years and are one of the top four pet foot retailers online

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No, the food sold is within the expiration date. The prices are far higher than at many pet food stores, so buying online at PetFoodDirect will be expensive.

By Susan J.
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