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New Lighting Direct, New Furniture Direct and New Barbeques direct have ceased trading. And yes along with many others I have lost money because of them. Funnily enough though I have found a new company called Home Furniture and based in you guessed it Darlington! even on the same trading estate. I found this company by chance when I tried a link to New Barbeques direct on BT Tradespace website. The layout of the website will be very familiar to you all. They don't have a telephone number but if they ever do I might just give them a call. The Director of this company is a Mr Christopher Mark Bernard who as a wild stab in the dark may have a connection to a Mrs Diane Bernard of New Lighting. I personally will not be ordering from these people.

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i went to 11 ropner gardens and it is empty he moved out 2 years ago

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I did a serch on google earth for 11 Ropner Gardens Darlington, Durham DL2 1FB and found that address is a block of flats!!!!

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DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY.I so wish I had read the reviews of this website before ordering as they are so accurate. Money taken for order 2 months + ago and the only time there has been contact with them is when I instigate it - told lights despatched beginning of January when lights did not arrive then told another 2 to 3 weeks delay and then I had to email twice to cancel order and was told money would not be repaid for 28 days. I suspect it is one con man operating this website. Will be contacting Trading Standards and BBC Watchdog as very suspicious of the credability of this company.

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Had an email from them now saying that they have ceased trading as from the 23 March 2010. Just as I was suppose to be getting my refund via cheque!

Having read all your comments, it sounds like everyone is in the same boat.

I have spoken to Consumer Direct who were a little helpful, but not that much.

I have spoken to Companies House who say they are listed as still trading and posted there accounts on the 4th Feb this year.

Good old Jason, June and Adam - total con artists who should be locked up!

Dont they realise that some people don't have money to throw down the drain?!? If I have to issue a claim against them its going to cost me more money. The police should take action as this is fraud pure and simple! They took out money and had no intention of sending the goods or a refund - how do they sleep at night????

I hope that everyone who has been conned by these people take action and that the MD herself has to pay everyone back and loses everything - see how she likes it!


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3/25/10 and appear to have now ceased trading. I do hope people haven't lost their money. I did a search for the director (Mr Mark Lloyd) and found this address and contact number. It might not be real though:

Tel: +44.1325337881
Fax: +44.1915641086
11 Ropner Gardens
Darlington, Durham DL2 1FB

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Well I can only say that after reading all these emails that this company is consistent with all its lies and appalling customer service and would appear to be no more than a scam company. I too have been told like everyone else
2 weeks delay when ordered
further promises -nothing
cannot get on phone - always engaged
offered 10% discount if I wait for order to come
after cancelling was promised refund
something went wrong with refund process **sounding familiar yet**
would try again, could be up to 28 days
still nothing
offered to send a cheque - ** well what a surprise - no cheque**
thanks to all who offered advise I have contacted my bank who will hopefully get my money back for me. They were very helpful
My first call tomorrow will to be trading standards.

Good luck to everyone in trying to get your money back and a very serious warning to anyone else - please please please do not order anything from this company.

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I can confirm that I have experienced the same with New Lighting Direct as others. Order placed in November, numerous rounds of e-mails debating delay and then I cancelled the order in January. I sent a letter warning of final notice before legal proceedings in February (after the 30 days refund period) and was assured a refund was coming. Which of course did not. I am now proceeding with a Chargeback via my credit card company. Consumer Direct have the letter templates, but Fair Trading will not investigate unless they get significant complaints, so its important if you have received poor service/had money taken without goods being received that you report it.
UPDATE - I can confirm that my credit card company are progressing a chargeback with mastercard and the value of my order has been credited back to my card whilst the dispute is resolved. BUT be careful, there is a time limit on the chargeback service, so you must document your dispute with NLD and ensure that you have given them an opportunity to refund after cancellation, which they have 28 days to do. In my case, and others, there may well be a round of e-mails from NLD saying someone didn't get the refund right and it bounced back. Wait 5 days and your company will contact you...and so on. If you don't stay on top of this, you could find yourself time barred from getting a refund.

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I believe this company is about to be struck off the company register list and will appear in the official gazette on the 9th March 2010. I too ordered goods from them in November and despite several e.mails regarding delivery of goods and refund I have had no success. Looks like we have all been conned.

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I wish I had read these reviews too. I placed an order on 3/01/10 and after 3 weeks was told the manufacture's delayed and will get in another 3 weeks. This is on email by Adam. After further 3 weeks, same story but this time I was offered a further 10% discount for the troubles.

After a couple of weeks I called the manufacuture of the lights and they told me that never received an order for my lights! Now I don't get response to my emails.

I have contacted the credit card company. Will contact consumerdirect soon.

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This company is also known as New Furniture Direct. Please do not deal with this company, they take your money and never supply the goods, we have finally got our money back after 4 months of being promissed the refund had been processed, but I beleve the only reason we got our refund was due to the fact that we arrange for someone to go and collect the cheque. If you are having similar problems with this company contact Consumer Direct on 0845 404 0506 and they will be able to give advice and pass your problem onto Trading Standards.

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OMG I bought goods worth over a thousand pounds and I havent gotten it yet... I am close to tears right now... i have called their telephone emailed them yet nothing. No actually the only email i got is that it would take 2 wks [order number is 59755] its a month after. to think they are quick to collect my money and i don't even live here. I am so close to filing a criminal lawsuit against them. I have called the darlington police station and trading standards to seek advice. There shld definitely be a jail term for dis consistent method of taking money from people like this... this is so fraudulent on several stands... never ever ever trade wit this site you can be sure dey would take your money but never give u updates or deliver your goods

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Please do not order from this company. Like others I too I ordered lights and money was taken straight away from my paypal account without lights being in stock. I finally cancelled order after numerous excuses from them about stock
becoming available but then never arriving. Then excuses about accounts team not processing refund correctly and a refund to be reissued, this has never arrived. I tried getting help from paypal, but because I had waited too long they were unable to help me. Finally last week I resorted to sending a letter recorded delivery to Diane Bernard who I believe is a director, this letter was signed for by someone called Lloyd but guess what? no reply.
Can someone out there suggest how I can get my money back?
Pat Wood (A very angry and disgruntled customer)

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These people are total con artists, DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE. They do not communicate, do not answer phones, do not deliver the products, they are good at taking your money off of your hands though!!

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Wish I'd read these reviews before I ordered a lamp on 15.10.09. Never received the lamp, so cancelled my order. As with other people, couldn't get through to "Jason" for days, phone constantly engaged!! Found that if you ring in the morning, you get a reply, engaged ALL AFTERNOON!
They said they were having problems paying back my money through paypal, had tried twice and the money hadn't gone through!
My last communication with "Jason" was on the 10.02 10 (4 months after original order) and he told me that the Director would have to come into the office to write my cheque, and as she didn't live near the office he didn't know when she would be able to come in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He then promised the cheque would be sent recorded delivery and he would e mail me when its sent out. Yes, you've guessed it, NOTHING!

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What can I say ?

Ordered a light and paid by Paypal on 11Oct09
Cancelled the order on 26Nov09 when they admitted that they could not supply
I have been told that the Director has personally sent me a refund by cheque
but I have received nothing and now they are not communicating

I can believe all that has been written before
Do not buy from them but help remove them
They give the web a bad name !

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Absolutely terrible. Will be contacting Darlington Police today. I have made attempts to contact them and no response. When I call the number I cannot get through as the line continues to be engaged ALL DAY!!! Will be suing for civil recovery and speaking to police to have them prosecuted! I suggest everyone else who has had the same experience do this too!

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abserloutly useless load of S*** unless u like listing to excuses don't buy from them i have had
its to cold to deliver
its to warm to deliver
its stuck in customs
it to near christmas
we r not working today the office goldfish died we r in morning
and to try and speek to any one you might as well phone the local zoo and ask for the monkey enclosure they would know more about the order
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I ordered four light fittings in September 2009, the website showing these were in stock. When I received an email confirmation of my order and payment, the lead time became four weeks. I immediatley emailed, to enquire why there was delayed lead time. The answer was they had to get the fittings made! I cancelled the order and was told, by Jason, that I would receive a full refund within 28days. After many emails, I am still waiting. I have now refered all correspondence to my credit card company and they will be taking action to reclaim my money.
In conclusion, I have used many different internet based companies over the last few years, but my advice is not to use for any purchases, You have been warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Do not use under any circumstances. This site is taking people's money under false pretences

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Without question this has been my worst online buying experience to date.

I ordered several lights on 03 Oct 2009, the payment was taken immediately - almost £500. I was told delivery would be 2 - 4 weeks.

After more than 10 weeks of excuses, I demanded my money back. Some of the lights then magically came in stock. I still cancelled most of the order and like many others have complained, took another 9 emails, several weeks and a formal Final Notice before Legal Action letter before I got my money back. Many others have never seen their money again by reading reviews here.

This company is full of excuses, here are some direct quotes out of emails from them:

"we will have a firm delivery date within the next 7 working days." (June - (turned out they didn't)

"this order is booked in for delivery the next week and will be sent out on a next working day delivery as soon as it comes in." (June -

"the manufactures for these and they have told me that they are running behind on the orders." (June - (This is the recurring theme - their supplier keeps letting them down apparently)

"please be assured I will follow your order through personally if you are prepared to keep the order with us." (Diane -

"i am sorry but we physically can not do this on the system as it will not let us process a refund when there are good waiting to be invoiced." (June - (that one is a personal favourite!! - they have a computer system which doesn't allow refunds while you still an order outstanding, and that's supposed to make it okay - how handy)

"I can see that the refund has been processed for you by the accounts team but if you are saying it is not in your account then i will get the accounts team to look in to this for you" (June - (Turns out it wasn't processed)

"We have tried all we can to keep you happy as stated I am very sorry for the delay but this was out of our hands." (Mark - (maybe this one is my favourite?? They've tried all they could to keep me happy?? Hilarious - I wouldn't call holding on to my money to the point Legal Action was underway "keeping me happy")

When I informed the company of my intent to write a review about them, this is what I was told (by Mark -

"your review as others is liable and can be met with legal action."

Unfortunately for Mark, the contents of this review are based on emails from New Lighting Direct, and my experience as described. The cheek to suggest that I should be worried about legal action if I went ahead and told others how I was mistreated.

It also has not helped this company seem to be impossible to contact by telephone. It is listed as "01325 288099" but is strangely engaged almost permanently. I tried and got through once after trying 40-50 times, and got told I couldn't talk to anyone in the Customer Services or Accounts department, as they don't have phones!

Needless to say I had to resort back to email.

Now to help those who are still struggling with orders not delivered and refunds not issued:

1. Issue a formal Final Notice before Legal Action:

You must do this before you can pursue legal action. Templates for this letter can be found here -

And here is the address to send it to:

Diane Bernard

or email:

2. Request a refund:

Make sure you have clearly asked for a refund, even in an email. The Distance Selling Regulations say they should do it as soon as possible, but they have 30 days maximum.

3. Issue a CHARGEBACK:

If you do not have a refund within 30 days, issue a CHARGEBACK.

If you used a Debit Card, and have not received goods within the stated time (2-4 weeks) (and a maximum of 30 days as stated in the Distance Selling Regulations) you can call your bank and ask for a CHARGEBACK to be issued on a fraudulent transaction.

Tell them you placed an order online with a company who did not deliver the goods or give you a refund and you think is fraudulent. The bank will investigate and they can reverse the transaction if found to be true.

OR 4. Credit Card:

If you used a Credit Card, contact your CC Company and explain as above - they can conduct a similar process to get your money returned.

5. Make a complaint to Trading Standards:

Please help stamp out this immoral activity by reporting your experience to the authorities - 08454 04 05 06.

If you haven't yet bought from them, take the advice from the growing number of reviews and don't bother.

When I mentioned these other reviews to Jason the "Sales guy" who doesn't do Customer Service queries, he told me most of the reviews are false and have been placed by their competitors. I struggled to believe him, and in any case, my review is real.

Some of the other reviews which quote emails are also amazingly similar to those I got, therefore leading me to believe they are genuine.

In any case these reviews are only here to help you make good decisions. I'll never buy from them again, and I'll be advising others the same.

Good luck to all.

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Ordered our item back in September, light was promised and promised to be delivered but never came, cancelled order and now waiting a refund. Have sent two letters recorded delivery asking for money back, been waiting now 63 days for refund, no communication been received, have mailed them also, still no response. Consumer direct gave me advice and now having to take legal action against company to get money back, also Companies House have confirmed that they are behind with registering with them and owe them £375, stay away from this company I think they will not be around for much longer. STAY AWAY STAY AWAY

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We ordered 3 lights on 2 Sept 2009 and all we have recieved since are the same letters others seem to have had which appear to be nothing but lies and excuses from this company.
But no goods or refund.
We are going to the small claims court on principle if it is not already too late.
Save yourself a lot of grief and Do Not Get Involved with this company.

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I too wish I'd seen this review site before placing an Order. Although the price seemed OK, they took full payment at Order receipt point and would appear to have been clearly not in a position to supply the goods at all. While I subsequently progress chased non delivery, many reasons were offered, but still 9 weeks later no goods, so cancelled the Order and bought via another Company who had the item in stock and delivered next day. I was informed that it would take 28 days to process my Credit and despite more chase-ups, 8 weeks has now elapsed and still no Credit! They've had my money for 18 weeks now and still no sign of being re-funded which really feels like I've been duped! Hopefully, my Credit card Company will come to my rescue and this experience has really turned out to be a lesson in life - be careful and be warned!

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