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13720 Mayfield Pl.
Richmond, BC V6V 2E4, Canada
Tel: 1-877-624-9777

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1 review
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Although it took over a month and still has not arrived, they only had to ship it from the city right beside me! Not to mention I called 2 TIMES. WAITED 20 MINUTES EACH TIME, A robot picked. WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Robot picks up and repeats back a totally different number than what I put in to call back. Even that, I NEVER RECEIVED A CALL BACK! When I asked where is my package in email. The person that answered said, "would you like me to cancel if that works best? I can put you in contact of the seller." i bought this video card for a reason. Why don't you get in contact of the seller? Are you kidding me? You go fetch it out. I paid you the money

1 review
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I have not heard anything from my last response. I decided it was time for a review of this card you sold me, but failed to deliver on. This is the review I placed on your web site. I am betting dollars to pennies it will not get posted on your site:
I purchased this "pre-order" card on the very first day it went on sale at - August 14, 2017. I paid the going price at that time, and took my money immediately - not as soon as the estimated time of delivery of the stock was available, but immediately upon order. They have been stringing me along since then telling me they have not been able to get the cards at the price they promised for it since that date. They complain about the price of the card going up. It has never dropped to the price I paid since August 14, 2017. I contacted Sapphire, and this is their response to this issue:

*** This is an automatically generated email, please do not reply ***


Vega Liquid cooling version is a very limited item, if you are looking for the fan cool version there are plenty of those versions around and available, so not so much stock available for liquid cool version, i think that is likely why you have not gotten your order yet. It will be tough because the quantity of the liquid cool versions are all sold out and not longer available.

Yes liquid versions are only offered in limited quantity, once sold out they will not make anymore..

Sapphire stopped making this card, so that means the price will never drop to the price I paid, and deposited into their accounts. At this point, I am beyond upset with, and they have done nothing to fix this issue for me. They are unwilling to give me the card at the going price on their end for the price I paid to them and they accepted in August of this year. THIS IS FRAUD AND THEFT. I expect them to man up, and suck up the cost of the difference at this point, and either give me the card I ordered/paid for and that they accepted the money for in August, or give me an equivalent card at the going price that is comparable to the card I ordered - which does not exist at the price I paid. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY WITH YOUR ENEMY'S MONEY. Nuff said.

If it does not, I will be sure to find other venues to post it - and you can take that to the bank!

1 review
2 helpful votes
• Updated review

It is not often that a company will change their decisions. NCIX has refunded me the full amount of my defective purchase. Thank you Ryuji. I do believe it is the power of Review Sites like "sitejabber" and others, that help hold feet to the fire. Thank you.

“ Dis-Honest Practices”
• Previous review

10 minutes after I posted my review of I received a phone call from them. They wanted to know if they could do anything to help, after a week and numerous e-mails. I said all I wanted was the keyboard I had ordered. "I will call you back shortly after I talk to my supervisor". 2 days later still nothing. Don't hold out for this company to be responsible.

“ Dis-Honest Practices”
• Previous review

I ordered a keyboard from NCIX and it took 8 days to arrive. I paid the extra money for express return service, I have never done that before. The keyboard came defective, it did not work at all. I requested a replacement and returned the original. NCIX replied to my request saying that they could not replace it so would I accept a refund. I agreed to the refund since they would not replace it. My refund came 2 days later and was $22.40 less than I paid. Their explanation was they do not refund shipping since they paid a company to take it. Of course the Shipping and handling was more than they paid Canada Post to take it. They may as well have sent me an empty box and I had to pay for it. After the incident I confirmed on their web site that the product was still listed as available. At no time did they say they would withhold any of my funds, if they had I would have insisted on a replacement not accept a refund. Bad business. The couple times I have had to return anything I have always received a full refund not partial.

2 reviews
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I was shopping for a Canadian company to purchase a laptop and accessories from, sinceit was going to BC, and I didn't want to mess with the shipping from the States. I immediately recognized that their website was not very functional...I would enter a search for a specific item, and often just a few came up. When I searched under different parameters, it would triple the results. Oh well....finally found what I wanted, and proceeded to checkout. LISTEN....I am an experienced web buyer (about 4 purchases a week from stores, large and small) however negotiating this site drove me CRAZY...and took THREE HOURS. When it seemed that all the info was correct (it kept changing my billing address to the shipping address, and I repeatedly changed the info, from scratch, a dozen times), it finally went through PayPal...and then SHOWED THE INCORRECT SHIPPING ADDRESS. They had my name, and a Canadian address! I IMMEDIATELY emailed them per their form....and never heard a word. THEN, today, I receive a SHIPPING CONFIRMATION...with the incorrect name going to the correct address. The shipping was split into Canada Post, and UPS, and the accessories had been shipped via Canada Post, so the name probably wont affect anything. But the COMPUTER was sent UPS, SIGNATURE REQUIRED, and I knew that the person I was buying it for would not be home, so they would need to show ID to UPS. I CALLED IMMEDIATELY....2 HOURS before "closing time", and spent 15 minutes, then 10 minutes, and then 15 minutes again listening to music, before a message came on about leaving MY PHONE NUMBER and they would call back. No problem, right? WRONG!! The phone number they played back to have me confirm WAS NOT MY when it said to imput the correct number if it was wrong, I did so...a 10 digit number as asked for...and the recording not only repeated it in error again, it played back at 78 speed....I couldn't even understand it. It then said, "Hang up." WHAT??? So I went to their contact page, and chose CHAT (as recommended in the email if there were "ANY PROBLEMS." Guess what? I input all the info, only to find out that the CHAT WASN'T EVEN ACTIVE. This company is supposedly "highly recommended".....and I can't even contact them to tell them that my order is incorrect, and undeliverable....BECAUSE OF THEM. This is SURREAL....I have to pinch myself. WHAT?

1 review
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Wow. Ordered a new laptop a week ago after watching sales for a month, the order processed and they charged my credit card for it. I Chose to have the in Stock item delivered express. The order After not shipping all week I contacted them as to why.
I had to wait a full day for a reply, and was told item had been discontinued and there were none left (why charge my card then?, and why not contact me right away as this money has been charged to my card?).
I was told I could substitute an item with similar specs. The only ones that had the specs as the one I had been charged for and was waiting for were $150 more ( not even 10%of the value of what I had paid)
So I called head office to see what could be done, after waiting for over an hour or hold I got through only to be told they cannot substitute an item of higher value despite those being the only thing on par to what I had purchased.
Sunday I received an email offering me one of the substitutes at the price I had paid. But due to the answer I had received Friday I ordered elsewhere on Saturday.

Monday is received a call regarding the matter, was apologized to and given a gift card.
All in all I wish things could have worked outs differently.

Keegan H.
1 review
1 helpful vote

I'm going to start this off by saying I have never publicly complained. I've never felt the need to, but my experience with NCIX has been so frustrating, so time consuming, that something needs to be said. I ordered 5 computer parts from them, all of them for pick-up from this Coquitlam store. Only 1 of the 5 showed up within the 1-2 days. I find out that 2 of the items are now on back order. Annoying, but not that big of a deal. I get an email 4 days from the order date saying my second item has been shipped. I check in to the store to see if I can pick it up.. It's not there. Maybe only the greyed out items in the email have actually shown up to the store? Either way the emails aren't very informative. So I resort to calling them. Worst automated call service I have ever experienced. EVERY time I've called (5-6 times because this seems the only way to edit or actually accurately track your orders) it has taken 10 minutes at LEAST... For them to tell me they will call me back. What's the point of making people wait 10-15 minutes on hold for you to tell them you'll call them back? Makes absolutely no sense. On top of that, one time that I called the representative called back and didn't even wait for me to pick up the phone.. two rings in, I pick up my phone to answer and the guy hangs up.. fantastic, now I get to wait on hold for another 10 minutes for them to tell me they'll call me back. So now it's 11 days since I ordered, only 2 items have shown up to the store. I've cancelled 2 of the items because I'm tired of dealing with NCIX, and I'm still waiting on my 3rd item. Of which I just called them to ask about the status of the shipment (another 15 minutes on hold, then a 30 minute wait to get called back) I accidentally gave him the wrong order number because it was off the top of my head, so I look into my phone, get the right number and correct myself. Representative goes silent (I assume he's looking at my order) after a while of silence I say hello to check if he's still there. He says hello back and hows it going. I say I was just checking if he's still there.. few more seconds of silence AND HE HANGS UP! Un-$#*!in-believable, there was no asking for my order number again, no trying to clarify the miscommunication, no consideration for the fact that I've dealt with their bull$#*! call service again. Just straight up hangs up. NCIX you need to fix your $#*!. Find some new call center representatives and fix that call-back system entirely. Overall this has been by far the worst experience I've ever had with any company I've dealt with. I won't be doing any business with NCIX anytime soon.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I never usually post reviews good or bad but I've really gotta put this one out there. Ordered nearly all the parts I would need for a pc build and charged to my credit card, goes through fine and I receive my email confirmation. Then I get another email setting me up to go through a verification process to confirm that the card is in fact mine. It prompts me to check my next cc statement and look for 2 separate credits to my account totalling under 50 cents or something, then I enter those credit amounts to verify that I am the card holder. So I call my bank like wtf, and I'm told that vendor credits don't post for 3 business days.. but they could confirm my card was charged the full amount. Now im livid mad because I've heard nothing but brutal shipping with these guys and they won't even be packaging for another week.. I phoned sales and sure enough that's just the way they operate no way around it, and he was more than happy to cancel my order for me. Seen a full credit back from them in three days along with 2 more credits for like .03 and .15 cents or some bloody thing. Went to and spent the same $$ but got an upgraded cpu on a fluke sale, and no b's hoops to jump through. Piss me off before I hardly get started with you and I will never shop with you period.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered 2 laptops online. Price verified, but there were issues with paypal. I contacted customer service, he walked me through steps to fix paypal issues, and I emailed him back the transaction ID. 4 days later no update so I contact to see where my order was. I was told that the payment didn't work and I needed to submit it again. I checked my bank statement and paypal statement and found out that the payment had been already been made, was asked for paypal transaction id again and gave it once more. No update. Called a few days later and was told they didnt know where my payment was, but because it was taking so long they would arrange for my order to be picked up so I wouldn't have to wait an extra week for shipping. Finally got the confirmation that payment went through and immediately received word that they cancelled my order. Turns out that despite offering me in store pick up, another brilliant employee cancelled my order because they don't allow paypal for pick up orders. Now after 2 weeks of calling/emailing 5 times a day (and the on hold music for NCIX is "The Colour of the Wind" on repeat, for 30 minutes each time I call), I'm told that the laptop I bought is now sold out. They kindly offered me to start the whole paypal order process over for an inferior laptop for more money, which I declined. I have been told that I cant be transferred to a manager, which is also lovely, so my complaints will all be online. Avoid this company.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I've been buying computer components from NCIX for almost 20 years, and generally I've been happy shopping there. However this time I ordered a wrong item by mistake and tried to return it. Their suggestion was to "Try and sell it on ebay".

Thanks NCIX.

Tip for consumers: Don't buy anything here you can get elsewhere for the same price.

6 reviews
5 helpful votes

I have trouble finding stuff on the site. Site is great if looking for something particular. If browsing, it's are to find the specs of the item, you have to scroll waaaaay down.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Wasn't emailed that one of my credit cards was declined, so I had assumed my order was fine. Wasted a whole bunch of time with their support staff. I don't think I'll ever buy with them again.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Dropped off an in warranty Samsung Galaxy S 10.5 with a damaged screen and cannot get an answer as to the status of the repair either from NCIX, ANTE,CA nor from Samsung.

Getting run around in circles trying to have a three month old unit repaired.

Dreadful ervice from all parties concerned.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Wanted to return a Power Supply for my Computer since the cables were to short.
NCIX has decided that their best Customer Service Policy on returns is to ignore the Customer. After numerous attempts to resolve this problem they continue with this tactic. The only answer I got from them was, " Have you all the parts, and we will have to charge a 15% restocking fee. Then NOTHING in response to how to return the item or any further direction, they just ignore my emails.

Update 9th March 2015
NCIX has responded to my RMA; I shipped the item back and the day they received it they processed my refund!!
They were slow in responding, however their following service was prompt and without delay.
Great Customer Service once things finally moved along.

Ron Jeffrey

1 review
1 helpful vote

My shopping experience with ncix has been nothing but frustration.I have dealt with them in 2009 and their services we're actually pretty good, but today December 2014 I feel like this company just don't care about their customers anymore. I am still waiting for a 700$ motherboard who they claim has been shipped, but that I have yet to receive 10 days later. They sent me an email with a tracking number but Purolator claim they have not pick up from ncix yet.When you try to call them you it a voicemail message asking me for My phone and name and say they Will call back.I won't get caught another time. Newegg is way better. Jean-Pierre Preville.

1 review
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The company reached out to me to offer to send a replacement without requiring a deposit. I am glad they are offering a resolution that doesn't further inconvenience the customer, I am hoping it goes smoothly.

Was sent the wrong product and they refuse to make it right.

I opened the shipping package only to find a completely mangled, crushed and ripped AMD processor box. The seal was broken and the processor wasn't even in the box. The processor was loose inside the shipping envelope. I was already disgusted by the way this item was packaged then I discover the processor wasn't even the one I ordered! The chip has a different model number imprinted on it then the model number that I ordered (on the invoice and mangled box). I had to place 3 different calls (all taking 15 minutes to get in touch with someone), then I am told to email photos of the damage and the processor, which I do. I am told to include my phone number in the email and someone will call me back - no one ever does. I finally call again and someone magically finds my email. I am told that the part I was sent was an OEM part not for retail sale. While the agent acknowledged I was sent the wrong product they refused to offer any solution that didn't involve me making an additional $250 charge on my credit card or sending the wrong part back then waiting for them to receive it before they will send the right part (this option doesn't work because this is a Christmas gift I will be giving in 10 days). So now I am stuck with a completely mangled box (makes for a lousy gift!), the wrong product and no options. In addition to the part being wrong, since it's an OEM part, if anything is wrong with it or goes wrong in the future I won't be eligible for AMD tech support as the part was not supposed to be sold to retail customers. I've never had such a poor customer experience. The company clearly messed up, this is not anything I am at fault for yet I am not given any options or even consideration. The agent just said "We work with many different warehouses and we don't perform the quality control. Oh, great.

3 reviews
6 helpful votes

They still have decent pricing, but some of their employees at their shops need some better training.

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

I have used them many times but in 2010 i stopped after they caused me much aggravation with an order.
They recently had a sale which showed stock, so i purchase 2 video cards.
the stock checker which i used before hand showed plenty of stock but the numbers were fabricated so they could sell more.

My suggestion is avoid this company at all costs. Use something like Memory Express or

3 reviews
5 helpful votes

Great site, excellent products and shipping, good prices and selection. I deal with them regularly. I'd recommend NCIX to anyone. You won't go wrong

4 reviews
4 helpful votes

NCIX - an electronics re seller and dealer of computer parts
They sell to both the States and to Canada. They have awesome customer service when you call them and also they have price matching and pick up in person!

The thing about price matching. Price matching has to be from a dealer is that they say is certified. If you find a cheaper price they will match the price of the computer. What I would do is go to in order to price match my items and then send a weblink and also a photo of the cheapest price I found at When I got my MSI gaming laptop i got 300 dollars off from price matching!

Pick up at the store. If you don't want to pay for the extra shipping fees and handling fees you can go and tell them where they can ship the item to the closest store. With your printed off receipt you can pick it up when they emailed when your item has been transferred to the closest store near you.

Always has been great customer service, and an easy website to use for buying electronics.

1 review
5 helpful votes

their phone line 1-888-NCIX-888 1-888-624-9888 on Tuesday March 15 was unreacheable I waited for half hours 3 times in succession to end up with a message saying the person on that extension was unavailable, and this is their MAIN line for web transactions. Their short term special offers become a mute point if they do not offer their clients and efficient access to them

9 reviews
29 helpful votes

NCIX is a Electronics, Computers and Hardware ecommerce site that I use quite often.

Price Matching...

They have a wide variety of products in their inventory, weekly/bi-weekly sales and a pricematching
policy which is great for customers who put in the effort to find the lowest prices.

Price Matching...

Their shipping offers, pricing and duration is above average and I haven't had a single problem,
nor have many of my friends who I recommended the site to, for many years and numerous transactions.

Price Matching...

I've purchased items from Laptops to Printers from them and I have yet to have a complaint.

Oh, did I mention the Price matching?

Price matching.

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