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49 reviews
601 West 26th Street
Tel: 866-228-4513
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1 review
0 helpful votes

We probably had 20 deliveries. Mostly okay but sometimes had to spice it up. The last one was a day late. The meat was still chilled but all of the vegetables on top...kale and romaine were completely yellow, mushy, and brown. I asked twice for a complete credit and or refund but the most I was offered was 15 dollars. Have cancelled my service for good.

1 review
0 helpful votes

They deliver to wrong house and food sat outside for a week. They would not refund due to their errors. Sent wrotten food also wouldnt refund

1 review
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Attracted to the price but can see why it is so inexpensive. The food is incredibly blah, without any seasonings, not very creative recipes. This is just one step above eating take-out from McDonald's, which might be attractive to some people.

Catt G.
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have been a Sun Basket user for a year. I tired Marley Spoon because of the initial price. Let me sum this up: Bland boring fatty generic awful meals. Don't do it. You will be sorry. Try Another service instead.

1 review
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I ordered Marley spoon 2 weeks ago food was good. I didn't realise that Marley spoon automatically takes money out of my account. I called to say I don't want the order as I've already done my shopping for the week I got told by customer service it's to late they have already started the order I am left with no money now what am I to do. This is day light robbery I'm so not happy never again will I order from you

1 review
1 helpful vote

My wife and I have tried almost all meal kit delivery services. I decided to try this one and to be honest the recipes and variety of options each week are great. We had some really great meals and they are pretty easy.

Now the bad part - they have the worst quality assurance in the business. Most boxes are missing ingredients. We've been sent the wrong ingredient bag (one for a different recipe). And finally the straw that broke this camel's back, they only included ingredients for 2 out of 3 recipes in our latest box. It was extremely obvious and I don't know how they could have missed it - there was a ton of empty space in the box with the missing bag.

Finally - the garlic. Oh boy. They include a whole head of garlic for every recipe that needs garlic (and most call for a clove or two). The good thing is we haven't had any problems with vampires lately, but we literally have about 10 heads of garlic in our kitchen with no clue what to do with it!

Sorry Martha, you may have great recipes but this just isn't working anymore. We'll be saying Hello to something more Fresh ;)

1 review
1 helpful vote

Please do not make the mistake of ordering from this company. I have had three boxes delivered and something was wrong with every single one. The last box that was received was truly an atrocity. There were missing ingredients, ingredients that had leaked out all over the other ingredients, damaged and crushed ingredients and 3 of the 4 recipe cards were left out out of the box. To make matters worse, whoever packed the box only put one ice pack in the box and did not use any of the insulated packing so the meat was almost room temperature when we received it and had started condensating and leaked all over everything else in the box. I live in Texas people, the weather is hot here, I think you need a little more than one tiny ice pack when shipping a box across the country. The shrimp was unusable, its as giving off a foul smelling odor and we had to toss it. I was iffy about using the other meats because I wasn't sure how long they had been sitting at room temperature so I ended up tossing them as well. The veggies were wilted and some were crushed including some of the pasta.

The icing on the cake is how poorly we were treated by customer service. They were no help at all and basically told us they could not send us missing ingredients nor could they correct any of the issues with the box. The missing recipe cards were emailed to us but the only thing done to rectify the situation was they gave us a partial credit to use toward a future order. Are you kidding me? No compensation for the mishap, just a "here, buy more stuff from us"?? I asked the rep I spoke to if she was planning to replace any of the missing ingredients and she states that they cant send the missing ingredients or replace any damaged ones. So basically we were given a credit to buy more from them but in all honesty, who would want to after that?

I thought I had skipped the next box because I planned on researching how to cancel the service with them after the horrible experience when low and behold I get a notification from pay pal saying they charged me. $65. So I call and say I want to cancel the service and that I want this order cancelled and credited and the rep refused to cancel the order even though it was just submitted today. I tell her I know the order hasn't shipped yet and that at the very least they should cancel the order and refund us considering how bad our last order was and nothing was done to salvage it. She keeps talking over me and repeating the same thing over and over "sorry you missed the cut off" and basically tells me there is nothing she can do.

I asked to speak to her manager and of course I get the "there are no supervisors available currently" but she can put in a request to have someone call me. When I asked how long it would be until someone called me she then tells me they can't give out a time frame so basically she did nothing for me but to potentially relay a message to a supervisor which I doubt I will ever get a call back from. They are basically training their call center employees to be heartless robots who parrot the things they are told to say. If a companies policy is "I'm right and the customer is wrong" then something is really wrong with that company.

Please, if you are going to order from someone, use Hello Fresh or any other meal delivery service. I did have good experiences with Hello Fresh and even if they happen to make a mistake at least they try to rectify it and they have excellent customer service. Save your self a lot of headache and hassle and go with a different meal delivery service. This one obviously doesn't care about their customers, only about the amount of money they receive.

1 review
0 helpful votes

First clue that this was shady was that my credit card was charged before I was even able to choose my meals. Then box arrives day late - and ewww!! Its full of some kindof disgusting, mushy mess. So my advice: save your money and the aggravation -- and just go into your neighbors garbage can... its the same thing!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

ABSOLUTLEY HORRIBLE!! If you are looking for a company that executes poor delivery, auto pay on your credit card (that never stops even after you request cancellation) and customer service filled with excuses this is the company for you! What a gimmick!!!! I responded to a radio advertisement for Martha and Marley Spoon Advertising 3 free meals on your first order. Not only were my meals never credited, but delivery was off track, perishables left outside of my home at weird hours of the day (all day), my credit card being consistently charged over and over even after I requested an immediate cancellation and battling customer service rep's through a 3rd party affiliate located in UK. STAY FAR FAR AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This "service" by far the worst and is awful.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Through email, customer service promises a 24 hour response to an inquiry. You will most likely never hear from them again. The discount on my first order was never applied and I had to go through my credit card to appeal the charge. Bad experience.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Locks you into a suscription and even after I skipped a week's delivery, I was still charged and the company refused to refund.

2 reviews
10 helpful votes

Just don't do it!!! Run far away!

The site requires a subscription prior to you being able to see the recipes and then before you know it, you are on the hook for the first week of meal delivery - prior to seeing what they have to offer. I wasn't able to choose my recipes and was stuck with recipes that contained stuff I am allergic to. I tried cancelling in less than 5 minutes and it would not let me. I had to jump through a bunch of hoops and hurdles to get customer service to agree to cancel. Time will tell if they refund my card.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I made up an account just so I could check out their recipes. Next thing I knew I received an email saying my first box was on it's way. I immediately logged in to cancel it. That wasn't an option, so I called. No one ever answered their 800 number. Just listened to classical music while on hold for 30 minutes until it finally cut me off (twice). Used the chat feature on the website and explained that I not only never ordered any food, but I don't even eat the type of meat they were sending me. This was all done on the same day they notified me via email they were sending me food. The chat agent said there was no way to cancel the order. I was just stuck with food I never ordered and food I do not eat and stuck with the bill for it as well.

1 review
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I recently spent a whole month trying different meal boxes, and Marley Spoon was SO BAD that I had to do my civil duty and attempt to warn anyone who will listen.

The box itself only shipped later in the week (first problem) making it difficult for people who meal plan like myself. Additionally, the photo cards (while pretty) gave the most vague and difficult to follow instructions. In my opinion, these cards should be fool proof and assume that the home chef knows nothing. These were just poorly written all together. Now onto the food - it was not good. Back to the cards, one of the recipes didn't clarify how much garlic was needed and sent a WHOLE HEAD when really only a clove or two was needed. The waste is a problem.

Overall, don't waste your time no matter the deal they offer. If you're curious, the two boxes we enjoyed most were Hellofresh and HomeChef (our personal fav)!

1 review
1 helpful vote

Since Marley Spoon does not have an option to leave a review on their website I am leaving reviews everywhere else that a I can. I am warning anyone who sees this to NEVER order from them! My box is 2 days late, I've emailed twice and not gotten a response and when you call you get put on hold for 10 minutes and then Martha comes in a ore-recorded message and says that no one is available and to try again later...and then the call drops. NEVER AGAIN!!!!

We have used both Blue Apron and Hello Fresh and were extremely happy with both, and I assumed being that Marley spoon was backed by Martha stewart that it would be a home run. I was sorely disappointed, not with the recipes or food since my box never arrived...but with the lack of customer service, lack of any response and with being left to feel like I was swindled out of my money. Buyer beware with this service!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Subject: First order . Cancel my account! Official notification.

Received the first shipment today. Eggplant is all scuffed up and brown on top, romaine has brown edges, thigh meat chicken is swimming in gross blood and by the way I eat chicken Breast.

Most importantly. The box was delivered in front of my house where anyone could have taken it. Your shipping directions said to open gate and leave at front door. Perhaps you can use Fed Ex. They put packages at the door. Your food is super expensive. Use a more reputable delivery method.

Weight of the box. Weighed 16 pounds AFTER I removed the perishables! Felt like 25 lbs when full. Too heavy for me.

Ravioli. I was expecting a Martha Stewart brand not some brand I can purchase at Walmart!!!!! Really you can do better than this!

I wish to cancel my account. Yes even prior to tasting anything. I would never buy lettuce with brown edges, scuffed eggplant. You forgot the radishes altogether. Nothing looks all that fresh and it all needs to be cooked right away!

P.S. I tried to call your 866 228 4513 number. Martha's outgoing recorded message
told me there was no one there to take my call. If you plan to sell to PST, you should keep PST hours. It was bit after 6PM just after opening the package and it is dinner Time!

Attached is a photo of the shipping label and another one of the inside of the box with overkill on the ice packs.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Missing spices, but was looking forward to the meal. The steak looked amazing...grass fed beef, dark, dark red. Wow, what a huge disappointment that was! Cooked it exactly like the recipe stated, medium rare on the inside, just how I like my steak. There was not one bite that I could actually chew and swallow. Every bite I chewed until I couldn't any more. Finally had to spit it out. No joke, every single bite.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Our first box was delivered a day late. The outside of the box was "soft" in areas and when I opened it up I saw why. The ice packs were all melted and the condensation left us with wet soggy bags of vegetables which were not cold. The meat was under the melted ice packs and it was cool, but not cold. It was a soggy disappointing mess and I won't be eating the meat products as they have not been maintained at a proper temperature. I tried calling the company and after 10 minutes on hold, I got a busy signal and then the phone just disconnected. This company has no business being in business.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I'm here because Marley Spoon blocked me on facebook.
here is the review they deleted.
I received a box I paid full price for on 7/25. It was completely busted, the box was leaking, the meat and ice packs mixed and all of the vegetables were covered in it. I couldn't eat any of it.
I immediately contacted customer service and I was to get a refund and a free box for my next one for the inconvenience. Well, I got charged this morning for the "free box" and I STILL DONT HAVE MY ORIGINAL REFUND. This company is shady and I am going to tell everyone who will listen that this is the case.
I talked their customer service rep "Michael" on the chat, since their phone hours weren't posted, was able to cancel my current box (instant refund, crazy) but still nothing about my other box. I will not be receiving the free box for my inconvenience at all. I have cancelled my account and this is the most rude customer service rep I've ever talked to. avoid this company and meal service!!!

1 review
2 helpful votes

I have tried pretty much every Cook @ home program out there (Blue apron, Sunbasket, etc) but I havent tried Marley spoon yet so I decided to give them a try. Tried Marley spoon....worst idea ever. The vegetables were of poor shape....I mean I could have picked better veggies from the supermarket myself...obviously I was upset with the quality of food so I tried to cancel and get refund of next shipment of Marley spoon and they REFUSED to give me my money back. I tried to even reach out to their supervisor/CFO and STILL NO RESPONSE! Wow. They really proved to me that they dont give a damn about their clients so obviously I will not be purchasing from them ever again and cannot recommend them to anyone.

1 review
3 helpful votes

This service is fine for people who love to cook. For us, we found it to be very stressful and time consuming. Then the food was terrible. Worse steak we have ever eaten. Then there is no way to cancel the next shipment because it is set up for delivery before you receive the first shipment. That is how they screw people over. Plus all the reviews above are staged by their people. So many that most of you will never get this far down the list. Allan

1 review
2 helpful votes

I would not recommend it to anyone. The meals came1 day late and all ice was melted. The bags were wet and ripped. Ingredients were all over the box. Even at that the veggies were not good quality. Not impressed and disappointed. Needless to say we canceled the subscription.

4 reviews
3 helpful votes

Martha Stewart like is the only way I can accurately describe the meals that are sent through Marley spoon haha. I tried them for several weeks mainly because I had coupons, and honestly that's the only time I try these food service companies. . The ingredients were very fresh and the packaging was fantastic, the directions for the meals I chose that particular amount of time or a little more on the complex side because I'm not a novice cook. But as is with anything that Martha does the instructions were clear and the presentation was fantastic.

William S.
11 reviews
0 helpful votes

All of our meals have been high quality and delicious. The recipe cards are beautiful and easy to follow. We have enjoyed every single meal we have received. I'm cooking food that I normally wouldn't make on my own. We are eating at home more now because of these ready to make dinners. The delivery service is reasonably priced, offers high-quality ingredients and quick and easy to make. I look forward to the delicious meals every week.

Barbara J.
3 reviews
0 helpful votes

Of course, leave it to Martha Stuart to join in on the food delivery craze and completely dominate! The meals are delicious! It's like Martha herself planned my dinner and I love that! They are priced better than other food delivery services and the quality is top notch. I've tried many other services and this one takes the cake!

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