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LivingSocial UK has a consumer rating of 1.28 stars from 57 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about LivingSocial UK most frequently mention customer service problems. LivingSocial UK ranks 117th among Daily Deals sites.

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  • Living Social is scam, customer service is a joke, they made fun of me, avoid them, they should be shut down
  • First time I have ever been scammed making an internet purchase.
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Tim R.

All I'm saying is, don't touch these guys. They are scammers. I'm currently issuing court proceedings to recover a sum they have wrongfully taken.

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Top Critical Review

“Really bad customer service.”

Marion J.

I have ordered a few items from this company and it good when the items turn up but when they don't the customer service is terrible. It's now August and I have two outstanding items amounting to £60 owed. One ordered in March the other in May. I have constantly contacted the Customer Service department to try and get my items or a refund but I still haven't had either. I'd advise you not to order from this company as you pay your money to them but when you have an issue they tell you to contact the supplier where the goods have been ordered from. Very unprofessional.

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customer service (11) time (16)
1 review
5 helpful votes
June 7th, 2016

All I'm saying is, don't touch these guys. They are scammers. I'm currently issuing court proceedings to recover a sum they have wrongfully taken.

1 review
2 helpful votes
April 28th, 2016

Pen with Swarovski Elements Crystals - not what I though a SWAROVSKI PEN
Next time I will read, the item I received is cheap rubbish, not worth the money paid. Won't be caught like that again, and definitely think twice because completing a deal.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes
January 21st, 2015

Be aware when purchasing products or services that sound a bargain with big reductions. Research the price elsewhere. You may find that the price of the item was greatly inflated in order to offer a big discount. In reality the item may not be worth the offer price as suppliers use these sites to seduce people into a perceived bargain

1 review
2 helpful votes
May 10th, 2016

I have bought some good deals from Living Social, but also others when I have felt cheated. On Sun. 8 May I bought a deal for a restaurant in the City where I live. It said valid until 12 August. OK, that sounded fine but when I came to print off the voucher and the email, it said valid between 3 and 12 May at the top and the email said VALIDATE NOW in bold letters. As this was a Sunday, I could not get in touch with Living Social. I sent them an email which has still not been replied to. The restaurant could not explain. On Mon. 9 May, I phoned Living Social and asked for an explanation. I was told that although the voucher is valid until 12 August, the booking must be made before 12 May. I then tried phoning the restaurant to make a booking and it was closed. Time is creeping on and I fear that I may lose the right to use the voucher and my money. How sneaky is all this!
Update: I have since managed to contact the restaurant on the evening of 10 May and made a booking for 27 May. They would not take my voucher no. And said that it was okay to just bring it along on 27 May. I have now had a response to my email to Living Social and again they are saying that I must validate the voucher by 12 May, but can use it up until 12 August. What happens if I turn up at the restaurant and they will not honour the voucher?

1 review
0 helpful votes
August 5th, 2020

I have ordered a few items from this company and it good when the items turn up but when they don't the customer service is terrible. It's now August and I have two outstanding items amounting to £60 owed. One ordered in March the other in May. I have constantly contacted the Customer Service department to try and get my items or a refund but I still haven't had either. I'd advise you not to order from this company as you pay your money to them but when you have an issue they tell you to contact the supplier where the goods have been ordered from. Very unprofessional.

1 review
3 helpful votes
October 26th, 2012

Bought the jewelry offer three piece necklace, earings and bracelet so called swarovski. My advice don, t bother, complete rubbish, necklace broke before I even put it on.

1 review
1 helpful vote
July 15th, 2013

After reviewing all the negative feedbacks I was very pessimistic about purchasing one of these deals! However, it's worked out PERFECTLY!

I received a FREE £130 VOUCHER today by referring 3 friends who later purchased the service!
This seemed unreal so I decided to give the SkyDiving centre a call who have confirmed ALL FOUR of us are on there database and awaiting booking dates (no outstanding balance)!

I've checked my bank account and no charges have been made! I've cancelled my card details on the account settings page just for the peace of mind.
THIS IS GREAT - LivingSocial.com are AWESOME!

1 review
0 helpful votes
June 21st, 2020

Just received 15 plants, offer was for another 10.
Plants arrived most dead and looked like they had been eaten by something.
Dont order off this site as no good.

1 review
3 helpful votes
April 8th, 2020

Huge Scam.
You don't pay for products, but for vouchers. Vouchers that they are supposed to send to the retailer (Home Discount in our case) so that they can proceed with your order. The vouchers never get there. If you ask the retailer, they obviously say that they cannot do anything because they didn't receive the order from Living Social. If you ask Living Social... well, good luck asking them, they have a perfectly created funnel in their call center that ensures that you can NEVER talk to anyone, asking for random numbers that you don't have that make you start always all over again. Long story short: you pay, you don't get your product, and they don't pay back. Please don't waste your time and/or money here

1 review
1 helpful vote
August 23rd, 2013

I've seen this voucher deal for diamond bangle £19 pound instead of £63 pound. I've registered it on social deal my card. Didnt go through at that time and later when I saw my bank account £19 pound been taken by livingSocial. I was forced to buy that coupon. So I did. It's been now one month I've not recieved my bangle. Despite my several contact with the bangle company. They dispatched it they said its a non signature item keep eye on your door. They didnt say how long, look like rest of your life. Contact livingSocial they said contact that company. Well it was you who took my money from my bank account, you are the one selling or robbed me so u r who should be responsible. I'm going to contact office of fair trading.

1 review
0 helpful votes
March 5th, 2021

Will take your money and run. Their vendors are not reputable and when the vendor scams you they will turn a blind eye, fobbing you off for months hoping that you give up. Thrash people

Tip for consumers:

Products used:
Serene living headboard

1 review
1 helpful vote
December 2nd, 2019

I ordered a Christmas present nearly a month ago. Still no sign of it coming in time for Christmas. No customer service department open. Just a voicemail saying contact the merchant directly. No help. 'Live chat' is only available at the weekend. My goods have disappeared and no refund.

1 review
1 helpful vote
January 29th, 2020

Stay away from this site and wowcher they just tip you off with junk from China! Bought two items from this site and both items faulty. Emailed and was told basically nothing they could do! Express thoroughly to NOT BUY FROM LIVING SOCIAL OR WOWCHER

1 review
1 helpful vote
October 16th, 2019

Quite simply RUBBISH?
Customer service totally incompetent?
By all means try and get a bargain but pray nothing goes wrong because it's goodbye cash. Living social / wowcher whoever they are,, take no responsibility if your purchase goes missing. They put the problem on the merchant. When you finally manage to contact them they then tell you to contact the courier. Normally YODEL. Then they don't believe you when you claim the parcel didn't arrive. That then is the end of the line because the previous two parties ignore your next contact. I'm now in the process of claiming through PayPal. Please if you respect your hard earned cash DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY... your choice

1 review
1 helpful vote
December 7th, 2018

Bought a dash cam for £22 they said it was previously£122 it arrived 23 days later. The quality of the camera I would compare to a Happy Meal toy you get at McDonald's... please do not trust these BAStards total ripoff do not buy anything from them it's a total com And I have been shafted in the anus good and proper by livingsocial

1 review
4 helpful votes
February 14th, 2017

Have purchased a couple of products from living social and wont make that mistake again. Cutlery set - was originally £36 was pressed steel savage ridges and highly patterned - have donated it to the work canteen as I wont be using it. Terry toweling mattress protector - original price £35 - was expecting a soft terry cloth product but instead received a plastic sheet with very thin velour on one side - unusable! Purchased a laundry basket - was supposed to be brown but its actually red! Never agian

1 review
1 helpful vote
August 13th, 2017

Living Social take your money then do not care if you have a problem with your goods! I bought an orthopedic mattress from them a few months ago which was as soft as anything. You nearly fall out the bed when you turn over! They still have not refunded me. They have no one higher up to speak to. There's about three people in the office. I kept getting the same advisor who was as cheeky as anything. You will not get a professional service here or a refund! My advice would be to not part with your money to this rogue company. They were on watchdog too. Wish I'd known before I bought anything. I ended up very upset and stressed.

1 review
0 helpful votes
April 22nd, 2017

Before I even started entering my details to buy a garden hammock £49.00 I had to put my credit card number. Then the page changed and I could not complete the form. The whole thing turned into something other than a purchase with another website taking over. Called my credit card company who had an amount of £68 for the item which worried me to death, they will treat it as a dispute and therefore hopefully the bank will foot the bill. Who can advise how to go about reporting this site. They seem to be connected to Wowcher, who advertise on telly. They are undoubtedly crooks.

1 review
0 helpful votes
February 21st, 2018

I paid $435 US dollars to buy a vacation and they sold me bad vouchers and will not give me a refund. Now they are ignoring my emails.

1 review
8 helpful votes
February 11th, 2017

I strongly advice people not to buy a thing from this site! I've lost a lot of money because I cudnt get the voucher to load after trying about 50 times! So lost cash coz it expired! Then second item didn't get delivered! I emailed later than I should have but have been poorly so didn't get round to getting intouch earlier! And the first email was ignored! And I'm out of pocket because I should of contacted them within 15 days! Well I will be deleting and will neva in my life buy from this site again! BIGGEST CON EVER! Don't be fooled by the offers! Rip off merchants!

1 review
1 helpful vote
February 25th, 2018

Take your money, don't reply to you when IDENTALLERGY do not deliver test results, they lost my 2 samples. One of my baby's hair and mine, a lot of hair cut off and then ripped of to the tune of £58.00 FUMING! SENT ABOUT 20 EMAILS AND NO ONE REPLIES!

1 review
5 helpful votes
November 3rd, 2016

I have ordered and paid for 3 items which I have not received I have emailed living social twice they told me the company will email me within 48 hours that was a week ago still nothing I have come to the conclusion Iv lost my well earned money I never thought to read the reviews wish I had of I'd never use this site again and I advice others not to use it either.

1 review
6 helpful votes
June 9th, 2016

Avoid this deal site, better deals with Groupon or Wowcher. The LivingSocial site is really joke. Bought a voucher of massage before and the salon staff had totally unprofessional attitude to the clients and now I bought tarot card reading from Rachanaa Jain that instead of the tarot reading for you and your personal question, it contained only explanation of the cards which I could find online for free.

1 review
3 helpful votes
February 18th, 2017

Having been granted a £5 credit for past activity I found that it had NOT been applied to my account. I only discovered this when attempting make a purchase. As it was time dated I asked Customer Services for advice/clarification. I received a standard response which didn't cover the issue. Having tried again the same unhelpful response was issued. By this time the 'credit' had expired. I asked if it could be reinstated. Guess what? - NO! Having wasted so much time with these 'push the standard response button' eejits I've cancelled my subscription. At least I won't continue to be bombarded by twice daily offers. Good choice I'd say?

1 review
7 helpful votes
September 5th, 2016

Be aware before shopping with living social. They just persuading costumer to buy a deal when you paid the bill then it's show please allow 5days to delivery but unfortunately then the delivery is taking a long even month or mor. In my item isn't arrived since 15th August and still waiting for them. I was bought a Geneva Luxary watch. Just loose my money.
Kind regards
Mr Jalili

Q&A (11)


Not surprised. I have a problem on my hands cos they've taken payment of £60+ but should have been £49 so I knew something was wrong, but they've got my credit card details, so too late. Spoke with. My cc account to stop payment but they can only pay up and then deal with it as if it's a dispute. This company are obviously crooks.

By Rose M.

HI Iris, I'm in a similar situation to you. I bought a dashcam off living social/ef mail on the 2nd december to post off to poland to my friend in time for xmas and it has not shown up to my home in london and ef are not replying to emails asking for information.If the truth be told i think it is not uk held stock and is poss being sent from china as all directors are chinese. Last time i bought some razor cartridges they took a month and came from china but was not ef selling them. I think a lot of chinese list on living social knowing they have no chance of matching the 7 working days delivery promise as it is not UK stock and needs to be and from abroad.If you were lucky and paid through paypal open a dispute with them and get a refund or if you used a debit/credit card ask the issuer to help you get your money back. I paid through paypal and have told living social if no camera delivered by mid day tomorrow I'm opening a dispute through paypal and asking for a full refund as i do not want the dashcam if it is not here for posting off to poland and will buy one for cash from maplins and post that off intead. Good Luck with your dashcam Iris. By the way ef's email address that you are using is correct customerservice@efmall.co.uk and mine were going through without bouncing back to me so perhaps you should check the email address again Michael.

By Michael W.

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