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46 reviews
Plot no. 109, Udyog Vihar, Phase 4
Gurgaon 122015

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1 review
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I returned a salwar and got refund money Rs 655 as gift card for which expiry date was given which was not required at all as it was my money. Since I went out of town I could not redeem it on the said date. Now, they say the amount has expired and denying to return the said amount. They convert our refund amount as gift card and set an expiry date and cheat customer's money this way.

1 review
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On 14th Jan 2019, my wife ordered 2 dresses from Total cost is 1232.46. Order number is 10993595608683788041. She received the Product on 19th Jan 2019. As both the products were having defect she placed return request for one product on 19th Jan 2019 and replacement request for other on 23rd Jan 2019.
But the products were not picked up and everyday by EOD we get a sms saying "We are sorry as we were unable to pick up your item, due to some operational constraints at our end. We will come again and pick up". The courier person put some false status and reschedule again and again.
After several follow up with the Jabong customer care team, they did not help in any way. Every time they say the same sentence like "We are sorry. Your product will be picked up within 3 to 4 working days". Several time they cancelled the old Return request and raising new Return request. This is to avoid their incapability to provide service to customers.
Return Id: 4017912543 on 19th Jan
Return Id: 4018587187 on 23rd Jan
Return Id: 4018870719 on 24th Jan
Return Id: 4019998355 on 30th Jan
Return Id: 4020303237 on 1st Feb
They are unable to pick up the return products and keeping our money on hold. How long they are going to hold our money due to their fault??? Their products are already packed. They can come at any time and we can handover in the same condition how we received.
@Jabong, you must learn from other e-business sites how they are providing better services to their customers. You are the worst among all. Keep my money and live long.
Thank you so much for you super service. Request you to delete my account.

1 review
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They sold me fake product and while i return they are taking long time. When ever I call they ask me to have patience. Its a horrible experience.

1 review
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I placed an order on the date 22/11/18 the money went through which was Rs.3243. But I didn't get order confirmation. I thought the money was stuck in the portal so waited for more than 7days for the return of my money but I didn't get any message. So I contact the bank and ask them about the transaction. The concerned bank said the money have been accepted by the merchant and money have been debited from my account. I repeatedly emailed jabong and gave my bank statement as well in PDF format like they have asked . After 4 days I got a reply from them that the complain have been closed cuz there was a failed transaction and I have to talk to my bank. These guys are fraud and God forbids no one should face the same as me. I'm just a regular person and I don't have the proper knowledge to fight these. All I have to do is complain and I hope someone will hear my voice. It's been 22 days and no sign of refund . In case the money was stuck somewhere in the gateway it would have arrived by now . But my bank have clearly stated that the "merchant" have received the money so jabong is a big fat lier and fraud ripping money out of common people.

1 review
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my first order has turned to be a horrific experience.
I have been left devasted and robbed by Jabong .
They are insensitive thugs with no responsibility.
Order number 1088458-5241551-9910901
They abandon customer after getting money and harrassment them indefinitely.
After complaining atleast 200 tweets and atleast 100 Facebook posts these insensitive leeches didn't have any mercy towards Innocent customer.
My whole family is in trauma as we are from humble background and they have looted our hard earned money
I also send them picture of my package and immediately intimated about my empty parcel
Their company also acknowledged their mistake and promised me that I will get my money back but they falsely declined on my request
I have never felt this cheated ever before
Biggest sin in my life to try Jabong
It was my first and last order from Jabong
I am crying because of Jabong
Never faced so much harrassment and embarrassment like this
Boycott Jabong and stop other innocent customer from getting fooled
This company is white collar crime company
Their associates also promised me refund but their higher management doesn't want to satisfy customer but Instead loot them

13 reviews
6 helpful votes

Fine clothes.
On time delivery.
Products recd are as shown on site
swift response...........


1 review
1 helpful vote

Such a pathetic website ordered the teracotta items & return to origin.

Fraud and cheater people

I ordered 2 items from jabong and both return to origin.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered 4 items from jabong and returned 3 items out of four but did not get refund for 2 items.

I mailed them many times and their reply was kindly show us return slip which I was never given .
I tried customer care but no one picks up the phone as they are busy making fool other customers also.

Worst experience with

1 review
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What an opposite product they delive which matches no spec shown in the picture online
ru bbish. Just partnering with all petty sellers for money.

1 review
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Fraud and cheater site once you pay they send u cheaper item and also not
return back, they not return my 2700rs back by their cheating policies and worst customer support support and very rude disrespectful delivery service. Amazon is way
better than fraud jabong in everything ..

1 review
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Order #108247305110805273403
Order date 3rd July 2018
Order receive date 6th July 2018
Order cancel and refund requested date 6th July 2018

Product has been picked up from my place and their website says Return Declined.

I have given 3-4 complaints already since 7th July 2018 and each time they say someone from their senior team will contact me within 24 hours.

I am shocked and surprised that inspite of repeated complaints NOBODY has yet called me.

They have taken my product and have not given my refund and have lost the product in their return transit.


Please advice on how do I take action on consumer forum with regards to this refund and bad service.


1 review
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I order a philips trimmer from, It was a non-returnable product but when I received it the package of the product was damaged so I clicked a picture of that .When I opened it the product didn't start up as the battery was dead and I changed the battery and it got started, I also saw strand of hair on it, all this clearly means it is a used product which I got, It has been more than 15 days and they are calling me every 2nd day and at the end they refused to provide my refund and they are not helping me with it.

2 reviews
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I have bought some lakme products they didnt appease me much sort of a disappointed but the tops that i have bought did fantastic job for me all we around 200 - 300 INR and i just love it .. bracelet was also thumbs up.. Check my youtube review for more details...

1 review
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Enough is enough , I am done with my last order from jabong, Worst products and service .. bye bye Jabong

1 review
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I purchased wills lifestyle & pepe shirt, it seems fake not original, very disappointed......They sell fake brands, & vanish their name.

1 review
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I would say is the worst experience with E-commerce sites jabong in India, because I have been into an incident recently. I have order some cloths (Urgent basis) for Rs. 1374/- (which was the best offer in the website at that point of time for next day order delivery actual value Rs.1325/-) in the month of march 22th and the expected delivery date was 23rd of march 2018. Unfortunately, I did not receive anything on that date (even call, mail or SMS about the product).

I am already pay 49 rupees extra for urgent delivery.

So, I have waited for few days and continuously called the customer support and send the several mails to know the status of my order, since I am unable to know the status through the so called worst shopping website of India. Every time, the customer support people raising a complaint and bluffing about escalating this issue. The calls which I have made were also not toll free, some Rs.50/- or more I spend.

I have received several reply mails with the extended time lines and senseless apologies. To my surprise, after a 2 days I have received one mail asking me to wait for the order and wanted me to place the fresh order. Then, I have received one more mail with the extended time line. So, I have waited for the resolution till the mentioned time line.

It was 24 hours over from the mentioned TAT, I received one mail. One of the worst of feelings I have been into while I was reading that mail. The mail is saying "Order was already on the way please wait for next assistance or if you like to cancel than amount would be refunded back to your bank account within 7 to 10 working days."

1 review
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I order Mast & Harbour Grey Sneakers from in December, shoes looked great when they arrive but within 2 months the real quality of the shoe came out. Yellow spots started to appear itself and the upper fabric of the shoe started to come out. There is no way that you can complaint about this on Jabong thats why I am writing here. Dnt order Mast & Harbour shoes from Jabong. It sucks, wasted my money.:(


ORDER ID 171225575225161

1 review
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I read all the reviews and it appears 90% of the time Jabong is a scam and 10% say it was seamless, so I figured I'd order COD to test it out. Yup. Scam indeed. Nothing arrived and they claim it was "sent back to the warehouse for undisclosed reasons". Thank God all I wasted was time and not money. Order from them at your own peril. You've been warned.

6 reviews
3 helpful votes

I've been buying from Jabong for few years now and have had great experience with the products, their competitive prices and hassle free return and refund service. There have been couple of incidents where the ordered item was not available or it took a very long time to come. But overall highly satisfied

2 reviews
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Ordered from Jabong, more than 10 items on their sale on Dec 13th, I suddenly got an sms saying package delivered 4 days later when nothing had been delivered. I called, raised a complaint and all through they said it has been delivered and to check with neighbors, guards etc. Finally when I called so many times cos I had pre-paid and was by now worried, they followed up with their logistics team and the manager called a few days later and said that the package had been wrongly delivered to someone else. He delivered it the next day, a tampered and hastily taped package with clothes crumpled and smelly inside it and when I did an inventory, there were two tops missing. Sent email with pics of the tampered packaging before opening it, to their customer care, someone called Bhavika. Guess what jabongs reaction was, it was dispached from their end so I've lost my money regardless of the delivery mix-up and the thievery of the other person.

And the Head of customer care, is an incompetent idiot, if he exists at all that is, who just sends auto replies like we'll look into the concern and dispatch your order.

I basically paid for 2 tops stolen from the package by god knows who.

And their customer escalation team headed by some Bhavika, is a joke. They say they'll update you, and just closed the complaint, its been one month and they dont give a rats ass to be honest. Never pre-pay for your orders on Jabong. You'll just lose your money.

1 review
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I ordered a pair of Nike shoes but got a polo shirt. Pathetic!

Customer service told me it takes 5 days is identify their issue.

I would NOT recommend this eCommerce site if you need something quick.

1 review
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I have placed order for two products (Dress Material and Saree) with Jabong on 29th July, while placing order website was showing deliver date is 6th august, on 5th Aug., Jabong send an email stating that delivery of products is delayed and same will be done on or before 7th August.

Dress Material is delivered but till 15th of August Saree is not delivered meanwhile Jabong is not even bothered to inform that there is further delay in making delivery of product. Meanwhile I have a make complaint to customer care on 9th August but no satisfactory solution for the same. I have called them 5 -6 times but customer care is so rude stating that "Jabong is not committed to give product delivery on right time, Jabong is not committed to give any right product delivery which you have chosen while making a payment"

Every time customer care supervisor offer apologizes and ask for 24hrs to 48hrs to provide solutions but condition is same. On 14th August, Jabong delivered "Mochi Gents slippers" instead of saree instead of Saree, and on this jabong customer care coolly responds with dirty smile that its human error and once again remind me that Jabong is not committed and responsible for giving any right product delivery which you have chosen while making a payment.

Once again I have filed second complaint with them for same but once again same promise that Jabong will call back in 24 hrs to 48 hrs and solution for the same will be in next 5 days.

In 5 -6 conversation with Jabong representatives I have understood that:

Jabong systems does not allow its employees to send any email response to customer even customer insist for the same but they don't mind to flooding your email box with promotional emails.

Jabong does not allow its employees to call their customers for solutions except their team who is handling complaints, but its my experience that as per Jabong employees they should call you with in 48 hrs once you filed complaint but they call at least after 3 -4 days in my case they call me on 13th August and complaint is filed on 9th august.

Customer care representatives also even not ready to transfer calls to their supervisors easily its always happens that customer has to give a proper reason to them to transfer the call to higher authorities.

Overall its worst service in the world with unprofessional customer care representatives.

1 review
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I ordered Asics running shoes of description Gel Cumulus 18 UK size 8 at a cost of Rs 7700/ inclusive of GST. The order was placed on14 July and delivered on 17 July. The shoe size is not matching with International standards, so I asked for its return on the same day. The pick up person came on 18 July at about 3 PM without calling. At that time my grand mother was at home and she did not know anything about return so the pick up person was told to come next day. He never turned up and cooked up some story. 15 days have passed but no resolution in sight. Poor customer /mail /so called escalation service.
I think the ploy is to somehow entangle people in to buying by showing huge discount and supply poor product .
Jabong poor show . Please return my money.

8 reviews
7 helpful votes

not a huge selection of products and prices too high; even more, you cannot purchase with your international enabled cards, if you are a foreigner in India,

1 review
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Order No: 170514397301429
Order Date :14/05/17
Had Ordered a Necklace AND a Bracelet.
It was cash on delivery and received only one item the bracelet. Had told the delivery boy also but he said the next packet will come, but he took the total amount. Jabong please do not cheat your customers

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