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65 reviews
1 Old Country Road
Medford, OR 97501, US
Tel: 1-844-818-0090
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1 review
0 helpful votes

The gift items published on the site appear very good and ideal for gifts for special occasions. I had ordered their 'Tower of Treats Signature Gift' for my brother in Canada, which was supposed to be delivered in a weeks time. After 2 weeks the FedEx status showed 'In Transit' i had to contact the customer services, they were quick in responding via email, but they had no clue as to what had happened to the package, they offered to compensate by giving a replacement only to be told a day later that the particular package has been excluded from shipping to Canada !!! what !! i mean it just happened instantly in one day ? the exclusion !!! they also told me the package wasnt delivered since the recipient wasnt at home to accept the delivery ...which was such a lie, there was no attempt made for the delivery all this mess my brothers birthday was long gone and there was not point sending him any other gift so late in the day !! such a fiasco ..please avoid them !! the irony being all their emails have the signature .."Customer satisfaction is very important to us" !!

1 review
1 helpful vote

My hands are frozen solid from spending a half hour opening two packages of chicken and dumplings to put in my slow cooker. I had to slice open 4 packages of frozen chicken and 6 packages of frozen sauce. It is very difficult to get frozen items out of this packaging. Looser packaging with ziplock closure is the only way to do this. I will NEVER buy this again! The packages are very hard to open when frozen solid and this is NOT convenient at all. My hands are sore and so cold from having to handle this difficult packaging for so long. This is not an easy meal for the consumer.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Title says it all. Paid for expedited. No response for customer service. No confirmation of order delivery. No apologies. No anything. Worst company i have ever done business with. FYI i shipped thousands of $'s to my employees all went undelivered for months.....

9 reviews
58 helpful votes

My credit card has been scammed several times over the last several years, and as such, I am very vigilant of charges when the alerts are sent to my phone. In November I received an alert that a $32.30 charge was made at Harry and David. I immediately called my credit card company and cancelled my card, and reported the false charge. This week I received an email from my credit card company that they investigated, and that I made the charge under my name and that they reinstated the charge. I went onto the H&D website and looked up my orders - only one - in November for the amount noted. I looked up the item No and no such item exists! I called H&D and when I gave them the Order No, they said that order does not exist. Then the staff member stated that it might be from a "Passport Renewal" charge, and she connected me to that dept. That person then explained that this represented a recurring charge (which I never subscribe to) and when I explained that I never even received an email alert that they were going to charge me the recurring charge, she said it was sent out from their "parent company" of 1-800 Flowers. Never having ordered or wanting to order anything from 1-800Flowers, that email was likely either shoved into spam or deleted by me unread. What a scam! You send out a notice for a "recurring charge" (for a service I do not even want) under an alias email?!?! That represents nothing less than deceptive business tactics. I demanded a refund, and was not even accommodated until I threatened to call the credit card company back to report that H&D made an unsolicited, fraudulent charge. Not only are their products incredibly over-priced (imagine several pears costing about $25.00), but they resort to these electronic scam tactics to overcharge their customers even more! I will never buy from them - ever!

1 review
1 helpful vote

They are hard, tasteless, stale and full of preservatives. Clue is that they are not shipped with ice. Real truffles are made with fresh heavy cream and must be kept refrigerated and only last a few days. Any so-called truffles that can sit around at room temperature is not genuine and will be full of preservatives. When I receive these as gifts I just throw them away.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Did not deliver on promised date, contacted customer service by phone and tried to talk to rep who had such a heavy foreign accent that could not resolve issue, emailed instead and email response was just a bunch of computer generated sentences apologizing for delay, no reason why order was not delivered as promised, sent 3 more emails and in each email I asked specific questions and asked for a refund on shipping at least, every response from customer rep was just standard apology and never offered compensation or addressed my questions, I'm convinced I was communicating with a computer

1 review
4 helpful votes

My mistake is I should have read all these reviews first! Tell me why when you order something it has not shipped over a week later??!!!! Then when you try to get answers you are transferred to 4 different people from El Salvador when you asked to speak to someone in the USA. An order should not be shipped in so many increments! If that is there way they should communicate that!!! I will NEVER recommend this company to ANYONE! First and last time of doing business!

1 review
3 helpful votes

The top of the ad reads "Save 10% on one" Enter best sellers at check out. So I got commitments from everyone and went to place the order and the code won't work. The "stuff" about free shipping? Nope. At this point I was stuck since everyone had agreed to the gift and I will have to pay $18 in extra costs. A classic case of false advertising. When I tried to chat with an agent the site was unavailable. I tried to post a review on their site. Apparently the site won't accept negative reviews.

1 review
3 helpful votes

The gift basket I ordered was shown by photo to have 6 large pears and a round of cheese. I requested it arrive no later than DEC 5th. It arrived Dec 8th with only 5 pears and a tampered box. When the company was called they said they go by weight of pears not number of pears. This was not written in the ad about weight only a photo of 6 large pears.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I placed an order and the money was taken from my account at that time. Three days later it was taken out two additional times within 12 minutes of each other. Yes, it was removed from my account, an additional $200. I called the number attached to the order in my bank records. She kept telling me that it wasn't taken out, they were just many times do you have to "check". I told her it's reflected in my balance that it as taken out. I will not use this company again. This is not a credible action on their part! I feel terrible for those who may not have that kind of money to be tied up!

1 review
2 helpful votes

My experience with H&D is wholly negative. Last year, they sent my multiple gifts to one recipient, instead of to the intended recipients. This year, I spent 30 minutes trying, unsuccessfully, to order via the website. I ended up calling, but the computer wouldn't pull up my gift list for the agent, so I had to reconstruct all of my several recipients. Unfortunately, my Christmas gifts were delivered in late November, despite specific instructions to deliver the week before Christmas. My Christmas gifts became Thanksgiving gifts, because of H&D's incompetence.
I received today, from H&D, a list of prior gift recipients charged to me. This included over $700 of fraudulent charges that I never ordered. Customer service has been dreadful in trying to pursue this.
Please avoid this HORRID company. I will await their response, or then report fraud and theft to the police.

1 review
6 helpful votes

Bought a package of Moose Munch. My wife started eating it and felt something in her mouth. Spit it out and found a small package of absorbent material was packaged with the food product. The small package of absorbent is clearly marked DO NOT EAT but it is so small you don't see it when mixed in the popcorn. I called Harry & David and they said they put that in many of their products although we have never found one before. If we had given this to our grandson he might have ingested it not knowing it was not to be eaten. Their customer service response was that we shouldn't worry about it and they would pass my comments up the line. If they need this stuff for freshness it should be put in a bigger package that can be easily seen and removed. Warnig look out for foreign objects in Harry and David Products.

21 reviews
10 helpful votes

Love their pears, they tasted nice and fresh! They also had great samples to try in the stores. Tons of varieties to choose from.

44 reviews
92 helpful votes

The comice pears they sell are usually delicious. Once you eat a ripened Comice pear (peeled) you will never go back for any other. We eat them with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, a splash of brandy and whipped cream. That said, at $5-$10 a pound plus shipping they should be fabulous! Should your pears prove to be less than perfect, a quick call to Harry and David and they will send a replacement to your door free of charge! The price is high; but you know the recipient will receive a quality gift.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I purchased two sympathy baskets, using ShopRunner from American Express. The idea was for them to arrive before the funeral so I ordered a week ahead of time. The baskets are now sitting at a FedEx facility and will arrive after the funeral. If I could cancel the order and order from someone else, I would. Also, if I had known when I placed the order that Harry & David had been acquired by 1-800-Flowers, I would never have ordered from them. A horrible, horrible company that failed to deliver the flowers I sent for my grandmother's funeral. Shame on this company for preying on the tragedy and generosity of others.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Ordered cheese cake for my mom for Mother's Day. Was supposed to arrive on Saturday, but wasn't delivered until Monday afternoon. Needless to say, it was no longer even cool. Cheese cakes spoiled and no gift for my mom! Why? No one knows. I'll never order from them again for a special occasion.

47 reviews
77 helpful votes

My Grandparents knew them as Bear Creek Orchards. My parents and Aunts and Uncles exchanged gifts from them back in the 1950s. I continued the tradition since the 1980s. Now I've said goodbye.
I panicked last year when I ordered a luxury gift basket for a colleague and was unable to obtain an order confirmation online. Next i was unable to log back in to my account. My credit card had been charged in excess of $200 for my order. I tried calling customer service and received a recording that the wait time was over 3 hours. Being very busy, I could not wait. I called back everyday for a week. Finally I got through, with my cell phone plugged into the charger for the nearly 2 hour wait on hold. When I finally talked to a customer service rep, he seemed dazed and overwhelmed. For years they had greeted me by name when I called. Now they no longer store my order history and haven't a clue. He finally located my order, and verified the recipient and gift information. He seemed unaware that every single time I attempt to log in I have to ask for a password reset and then register like a first time customer.
Such a shame. I am moving on. Sad goodbye.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Odered same food item from QVC, received in 4 days, 10 days later item still not received from Harry and David. Never again!

12 reviews
155 helpful votes

I have used H & D's for years because, while the prices can be steep and shipping as bad, the quality has always been perfect. This is no longer true.
This year, I believe they were acquired or merged with 1800Flowers and the service has nosedived---as good as it was before, it is the equivalent in bad. For one, all your account data is no longer on the site, save your address book. This means no order status, no gift history....nothing. If you want an update on an order, whether it's shipped or where it is, you now have to contact customer service and, if you're lucky, they will give you the shipping number. Most times, they will just tell you 'it was sent on xyz and is en route at wherever' The fact that they are so elusive with this stuff is really disheartening. I ordered something, post Christmas to avoid the rush, and when it didn't arrive on the date on my receipt, I spoke to 3 different people, got 3 different shipping numbers.....finally, email tag through their helpdesk got it resolved and unfortunately, the shipment was late, spoiled and I had to be refunded. In the past, they would apologize and refund and replace your items free of charge (I ordered something and the jar was broken in shipping and they handled it beautifully) They did refund my money but no apology, no explanation and no replacement. Try agiftinside. Less selection but better prices and more reliable service.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Ordered several times from Harry & David in the past for different occasions for clients but will not use them again. Ordered something on the 13th of the month for a birthday on the 22nd and didn't receive an email until the 20th saying it was out of stock. Was told that they have so many calls at one time and that's why the website didn't tell me at the time of ordering that it was out of stock. Unacceptable considering a whole week went by! Was offered a refund or could deliver by the 31st. Needless to say, we took the refund and we've parted ways. We'll give our upcoming holiday business to other more reputable and dependable companies.

8 reviews
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4 reviews
1 helpful vote

I do love this website. Really quick and high quality, very good info and service.

11 reviews
43 helpful votes

Harry and David purchased my favorite orange and grapefruit company, Cushman's. I have been a customer for years (used them for my corporate clients as well as personal friends and family). This acquisition seems to have been flawless. They sent my prior gift list with no problem and remembered that I wanted shipments from the west coast for my receipients. Best to order when they offer free shipping (usually the third week of December) as products are heavy. But customer service is absolutely wonderful and they work with loyal customers to give the best value possible. After all these years I'm still here and hope they follow Cushman's reputation to keep customers satisfied. My gifts should start being delivered mid to end of January.

3 reviews
51 helpful votes

I do love harry and davids website. Very good info and service.

Tip for consumers: Very good info

5 reviews
2 helpful votes

I am first time user with this service and from my personal point of view I can say that they are providing great service for those who make order with them. Last month I have ordered a Snack Box from them within 1 week I have received the item. It is really good and quality one. I presented this to my sister on her birth day and she is very happy. Thanks for their service.

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