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I listed a small website on flippa for x,xxx. After paying 200 dollars Flippa asked for my id. But not just my id. They asked to me to hold my id next to my head. I looked around to see what reviews exist about Flippa and their verification process.
Apparently they want to use what banks use to verify customers, KYC. Which stands for Know Your Customer.
Flippa states their escrow is "powered" by Assembly Payments.
Looking up reviews and information on Flippa plus Assembly Payments doesn't yield good results.
Claims are being made that Assembly Payments (formerly known as PromisePay) was fined over 20,000 dollars for operating illegally without a license in Texas.
The State of Texas additionally made Assembly Payments get a license because it is illegal to operate in every state in America without either a money transmitter license and/or an escrow license for the type of business that Texas decided that Assembly Payments was operating as.
Checking online with many states, I can not find licenses for the escrow service that Flippa is partnered with. People online state that Flippa states that their escrow service is accredited.
That is true. Accredited in Australia under a license that covers low level transactions in Australia.
So Flippa is collecting very private and sensitive identification from users while their own escrow service is apparently unlicensed in majority of states in America.
Because of this, I will not be sending in my id to Flippa and instead will let everyone I know in the domain and website marketing community know how we're all sending in private info under KYC to a company that doesn't have proper licenses to even offer Escrow in most of America. (And perhaps other countries too!)

1 review
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I had an issue with a bidder and the small print with their "policies". Customer support demanded I send my Passport photo to identify myself (what an insult) and "Maybe they might get around to reviewing my account suspension because I didn't want to sell my own website to scammer bidder. F*ck that annoyed the hell out of me. Oh yeah their fees are outrageous. I will send the support an photo I.D all right- of my anus!

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Flippa doesn't protect buyers from scammer sellers as they don't do a thorough check of the listed revenues and expenses. After the auction, I found out the seller, Mark Cambridge, omitted expenses related to freelancer fees from his P&L statement. Later on, I caught the seller inflating income numbers due to commingling of assets. Flippa support was not much help either as their advice boiled down to "I would direct you to Mark for any further questions or assistance you may require or questions you may have regarding the goods." In the end, you are screwed as the buyer that spent money on a site that was less than you expected with no recourse to rectify the situation. Please keep in mind that Mark is someone that described himself as a "trusted seller" in the auction. LOL

However, not all experiences at Flippa are negative. Another auction I won met all of my expectations and the seller was honest with all of the assets and not intentionally hiding anything unlike Mark. My advice to Flippa buyers is to be very careful who you decide to buy from and do not let the seller bully you into releasing the money too early without inspecting everything properly and asking several probing questions.

1 review
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Perfect place to buy scams, or cookie cutter sites/apps that don't make anywhere near as advertised.

Response from Flippa S., Representative
Hi Sydney,

Thanks for leaving us a review.

We have a large number of unique and high-quality websites and apps that have been generating significant revenue for many years. We also have newer assets that might not be generating revenue. With Flippa you have a variety of options and you can choose the business or asset that's best for you.

If you see any app or website that you suspect may have overstated their revenue or you believe them to be fraudulent, you can use the report link found on every listing page to notify us or send us an email at and we'll immediately launch a full investigation. We take the security and integrity of our marketplace very seriously.

Xavier W.
1 review
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If you happen to be lucky, you may get a good purchase from Flippa however most of the sellers on Flippa are selling bogus products. If you happen to purchase one of these products from dishonest sellers, Flippa will refuse to help and will always close the case in sellers favor as they have a vested interest in the fees.
*A tip - never use Flippa Escrow, you will never get your funds back if there is an issue. It's best to use the real Escrow service or PayPal. If there is an issue you may have a chance to claim chargeback.

Response from Flippa S., Representative
Hi Hemal,

Thanks for your open feedback, it's through such comments that we can identify areas needing improvement and also deliver specific assistance.

If there are any issues or concerns with a purchase, our open and fair dispute process ensures a full impartial review of the situation including thorough communication involving all parties. If you feel that this has not happened, please contact me directly and I will personally review the situation.

Flippa Escrow is actually a very secure escrow payment method where funds are held whilst you review your purchase. These funds are only released after you confirm receipt and quality of everything you expected to receive as part of the sale; and after you explicitly select to release payment to the seller. This process ensures that you have time to fully review everything prior to your payment being released to a seller; and if there is a problem, you can raise a dispute directly with us whilst funds are still securely held in Escrow. This will enable a full refund if there are issues with a sale.

If you have experienced issues with Flippa Escrow, please reach out to me directly and I will immediately look into the matter as a priority.

David Cornford
Head of Marketplace Operations
1 review
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An employee of named *, suspended my auction listing and then proceeded to ask me to upload a video to a third-party website showing myself logging into PayPal and navigating around my account so that he could "verify" some website income data. He also stated that he wanted me to upload a photo ID with a selfie to a different third-party website of his choosing. And finally, he asked me to fill out a Profit & Loss statement, despite all profit and loss data being present in the auction listing itself. All of this is required to sell a website on their platform worth between $200-$500. I'm guessing that by requesting that I upload all of this data to a third-party website that they are somehow skirting responsibility for the security of such data.

I find it highly suspicious that this absurd request for highly sensitive financial and personal data came after I had already paid for my listing and literally several minutes after I had received bids on it, one of which was from Australia, where is based. This becomes even more suspicious when you consider that employees have been accused numerous times in the past of running shill-bidding scams on their platform to artificially inflate the price of sales and the company's reported earnings.

The PayPal video request breaks PayPal's terms of use agreement, which states users are forbidden from sharing personal account details with anyone. That request combined with needing to see a photo ID with a selfie is extremely suspicious.

I can only conclude that is either run by complete and total idiots or outright criminals. I suspect it's the latter and they're running a phishing scheme. Either way, I'll never do business with them again.

Update: I just reported Flippa and their employee * to PayPal's legal team for attempted phishing, the State of California's Department of Justice, as well as the US Bureau of Consumer Protection. There is no way possible you can require a person to upload a video of themselves logging into a bank account and then publishing it on YouTube, in order to sell them a product or service. That is outright criminal.

Update 2: So let me get this straight, Flippa complained about this review because I published a first and last name of the employee that requested I upload a YouTube video of myself logging into my PayPal account and navigating around the account? So you guys feel that is ok, but publishing the name of the employee who requested it is not ok? How on earth are people this stupid still in business?

Update 3: You have wasted so much of my time and insulted me Flippa, so I'm going to spend the time necessary to publish this review on 30 different forums and business reputation platforms. It's time you are forced out of business. I see thousands of other users are sick of your arrogant and unethical business practices as well. Have a good day.

Update 4: It's time people start naming and shaming specific employees within this company in order to force accountability on to them as well. If you are following orders from the Flippa owners that are highly unethical or outright illegal, then we as customers should be able to publish the specific names of the people acting on the owner's behalf.

*Personal information redacted by admin

Response from Flippa S., Representative
Hi John,

Thank you for your feedback about Flippa. We would have appreciated it if you had raised your concerns with directly so that we can work through resolving them.

With regards to our requests for identification, we have been working hard to make sure that our listings on the marketplace are verified and that profit and revenue claims are truthful and accurate, as a way of managing risk and protecting our customers. Sometimes this requires us to ask for your IDs and strictly uphold our one-account-per-person policy precisely to make sure shilling doesn't happen on the website. You can block off any important information, and there is no need for you to show your password or any personally identifiable information. These are industry standard anti-fraud practices, which explains why you may encounter this sort of request across other marketplaces as well.

As for video walkthroughs, if you are unable to prove ownership or revenue through traditional means, this is an easier way to prove ownership and revenue data. We hope that you understand that you do not have to comply and you can choose not to list on our marketplace, but we will not be able to back any listings which do not have complete or accurate data.

Rest assured, Flippa uses your information only for verification purposes and does not share them with any third parties without your consent. We also fully compliant with GDPR and you have the option to delete your data, request a copy of the data we keep, or close your account altogether.

Please feel free to refer to our Help Center articles at your leisure for more details:

Please also rest assured that any employee found being involved in unsavory or fraudulent practices will likely be terminated. However, if you feel that an employee has violated any terms, this should be raised with Flippa directly and not the general public. We at Flippa would never make your information public. Since you value your own privacy, we ask that you also respect our employees' privacy and not doxx their full names on random review sites, when they are simply following a process. Thank you.

Sheila C.
Flippa Customer Success
1 review
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In a nutshell - dont use Flippa! I sold my site on Flippa and have been appalled by the costs and fees they charge in relation to the service they offer. Flippa now have enough competitors and if you dont want all your hard work going into Flippas greedy pockets, I suggest you use someone else. I wish I had.

Adding up the amount Flippa took from the sale of my site including listing fees, transactions fees, commission fees, it added up to nearly 25% of the total amount the site sold for. 25%!!! That is just stealing. I understand that they provide a platform to sell sites but their marketing is misleading and their service is awful, and 25% is just too much. Who takes 25%? Not even trading platforms or estate agents..

For the premium listing they say theyll feature your site on their homepage and in the newsletters. But if other sellers have bought the premium listing as well on the same day, your site will only be on the homepage until its pushed off by other sellers who have just paid. My site was listed on the homepage for around three hours! Then it was pushed to page two, then three, then four and into the void within a day or two. That was not worth paying $249 for!

I value the site I built and its quality and Im not surprised it sold at auction at a good price. And it would have sold equally well on Flippas competitor platforms (theyre easy to find). So in hindsight I regret using Flippa. Nowadays theyre nothing special.

If you are looking around now for an auction platform to sell your site or app, read all the reviews on Flippa, check out their competitors and make a good business decision. Flippa is not the default option by far and theyre massively greedy.

Plus I know of people who have complained and had their listings taken down, just like that.
Avoid Flippa people! There are other good options out there and you dont need to just give your hard earned money to Flippa in this way.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I don't rush to judgement, but after 5 months of pursuing credit card appeals and seeing Flippa's silly responses, incomplete information, and flat out lies, I have to agree that they must either be sponsoring fraudulent ads, or they simply do not care. I am surprised a class action lawsuit has not been claimed...stay away!

1 review
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* is an abusive bully. The other reviews don't lie. He automatically sides with steady-selling-con artist sellers, and claims you're a liar if you file a complaint with paypal. He also says a particular seller was just *frustrated* if he sends you verbal threats. This seller called me a *big liar* and said he would sue me for defammation of character because I disliked his low quality duplicate saturated sites that he's sold to thousands of people. I'm relieved I got my money back. He has been selling these particular cookie cutters since january of 2017 and will "stop" selling once he runs out of inventory. (Yeah right). 2 months ago a prospect asked how long he would keep selling and he answered "2 more weeks." Ummm. It's June now. He receives negative feedback every other day which flippa removes. I asked flippa why this is allowed after they originally told me it wasn't possible to remove negative feedback, and they screamed at me in the email. If prospects ask about potential penalties based on duplicate content or general inquiries, instead of answering any questions the seller will snap to just not bid. I'm scrambling the name of this "sweet" individual : *

*Personal information redacted by admin

1 review
3 helpful votes

Thinking of selling a domain on Flippa?
I would not if I were you...
First of all, you are to pay a $9 up-front fee, for which you really get nothing special other than a listing. You will NOT have ANY kind of exposure other than the "ending soon" auctions in the last few minutes of your sale.

You may have hopes of being featured in "editor's choice" but if you do not know who Kevin from Flippa is, you WON'T have either "editor's choice" OR "buyers also like" because these are reserved for Kevin's little domain racket. Trust me, you are better off selling a domain on Ebay.

1 review
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Terrible customer service. Flippa Escrow was not working and when I tried explainin this to them, they told me I was wrong. My response had swear words in it so they banned me lol. What a joke. All I wanted to do was give them my money lmao

1 review
3 helpful votes

My profile have 100% positive review with 0% negative feedback from buyer/sellers both. I got banned & Flippa Give me below silly reason.

"Why your all bidder got banned? You know the reason behind this."

If any bidder in my auction is scammer or anything else, that was my Fault?? Flippa banned few bidder who also placed bids in my auction & flippa also banned my auctions and my flippa account. Only reason is that banned bidders also placed bids in my auction. I got this email from guy name of Josh W. I replied josh 13 days ago, Still I have not received reply from Flippa.

Anyone need proof related this issue then contact me. Even Flippa must have to answer me. Dam poor support and Silly non-sense support team. Also need refund for my 2 auction's amount $9 x 2 if you guys not going to revoke my account.

Tip for consumers: Do not trust on Flippa. Your money is never safe with

1 review
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flippa banned me without any reason and saying i have multiple account
their analyzers are sick they don't know how to analyze.
just banned me without ask any question

4 reviews
10 helpful votes

Recently i have post a very positive review here about my experience with Flippa.
But unfortunately Flippa one day without any warning block my account. I get not explanation for the reason, support answer two times and still dont know why my account is blocked.
I have customers paid for their site and i am not able even to login and answer them and deliver the site that they have paid for ! Money are in flippa escrow and customers cannot refund. What to say. I agree with strictly policy of Flippa but this one is like scam.

4 reviews
7 helpful votes

I signed up in November. After buying 12 mediocre cookie cutter sites and 2 apps, I started being more prudent about the quality of product at Flippa. The last thing I bought was an app which cost $225. The Seller didn't mention before the sale of an additional transfer fee of $45 to use It wasn't in the listing. I communicated with the seller to find solutions, but he filed a dispute. I didn't agree and Flippa suspended me. Being the first time this happened, I immediately contacted customer support and explained and asked for help.

No help, Flippa's way of dealing with my concerns was to ask for a scan of my Passport, and a photo of me. My passport? I was cautious and asked why all my personal info for a $225 product that I questioned? They said it was policy. Who asks for passports? Ebay? Amazon? I was suspicious and concerned. Instead of reassurance, they started being rude and plain bad.

A certain *, one of their customer service integrity people decided in a rude and unjust manner to Ban me FOR LIFE . All because I asked too many questions and tried to have a fresh start with Flippa. My curiosity took me to a google search about Flippa dn *. Lots and lots of negative reports about flippa and * He is bad news. I raised suspicion about the products, my identity security, and unscrupulous sellers and * took his Napoleonic short man complex and banned me for life.

The lesson, I dont lose out, and probably save money not using Flippa. Flippa sells bad quality product, Flippa customer service is often rude, Flippa wants to make Money through an abundance of shady sellers from 3rd world countries cranking out cookie cutter template sites and apps. If a Buyer like me questions things, they get banned.

By the looks of all the negative reviews about Flippa Online, I'm not the only buyer who was treated like dirt by Flippa and also *

*Personal information redacted by admin

4 reviews
12 helpful votes

The concept of Flippa is great. The website itself is pretty smooth. Sure the fees are horrid.

But it attracts great traffic.

The issue of why I rated it a minus 1 trillion stars is because of some very disturbed and arrogant people in their customer service (read "Marketplace Integrity" )

For whatever curious reason, senior management stands behind a couple malignant narcissists who are ruining their reputation.

Good customer service is calm, polite and swift.

Flippa's customer service is slow as can be and a couple agents are nasty and disturbed pieces of work. Capricious to the extreme.

I am a therapist by trade and am familiar with people who feed off of power tripping and creating enemies.

Malignant Narcissists delight in frustrating people and are HAPPY about ruining people's days and lives.

I suggest that senior management removes these well known curmudgeons.

2 reviews
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Banned my account because i ask seller why this pr6 site has no Traffic and they Ban my Account without any explain or investigate the case
Worst company ,no support nothing , they only care about fees from sellers .They will find any reason to ban an account, and will NOT refund you the ridiculous price you paid to get your site listed.

Stay Away

Thank you

1 review
7 helpful votes

Customer support simply does not exists ! I submitted the request to refund the money that THEY double-charged about a month ago. They marked it "solved" multiple times without the refund ! When I re-opened it again and again, they asked me to send them picture of myself holding my ID close to my face so they "would know I am a real person" WHAT???? You collected my money from PayPal without it but to get the refund to the same PayPal account I need to submit a picture??? Thanks for PayPal ateam to get me my money back otherwise I would still be waiting for it !

1 review
15 helpful votes

* is the rudest, most condencending "support" agent at Flippa. Rather than helping me resolve a problem with a buyer who was sending me abusive comments through the Flippa message system, * proceeded to lecture me about how it was MY fault! This went on for days and I continued to get abusive comments and Flippa did nothing because the seller was one of Flippa's "pet" sellers (a famous marketing "guru). * defended the seller and did NOTHING. This man is so horrible. I've never received such foul and pathetic service online in my life! * takes the cake! So rude! Frankly he is ruining Flippa's reputation. A few searches for "* Flippa Support" shows many other complaints. WHY does this miserable person still have a job??"

*Personal information redacted by admin

6 reviews
10 helpful votes

Other poor customer support may never reply to you or give you months response time.

Flippa is similar to the second type, but worse because they do it during crisis moment and even deleted my replies in the ticket causing the whole ticket to sound like I am at fault based on my behaviour.

Also, they are very slanderous which I have proof. They promised that they would reinstate account upon submitting legal documents but they refused and continued giving reason. In addiction, when my friend emailed them asking why, they said because I did not contact them but I contacted them so much no response from them.

Although I am also at fault for breaching their guidelines without knowing, I bided my friend's auction listing and vice versa in addiction in same location, but I explained that my friend had his difficulty needed me to do it on his behalf and my friend even submitted legal documents since Flippa promised to reinstate but at the end Flippa got held of the legal documents and sent us an email saying our account has been banned.

Tip for consumers: Avoid and use an alternative site to this site. If you are intending to make a purchase, ensure that the statics of the site are not claimed but proved. If transaction is using Paypal as payment processor, include a note to honour promise as written on the listing otherwise issue full refund to increase success dispute chance (if needed).

8 reviews
19 helpful votes

While the site (design, functionality, etc.) are really good, BEWARE, the customer support is HORRIBLE. They will find any reason to ban an account, and will NOT refund you the ridiculous price you paid to get your site listed.)

Buying and selling sites is a great way to make some extra cash, and it's tempting to use their service, but contact site owners directly, avoid dealing with these people.

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Same here. Extremely rude person.

By Sergio L.
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