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Manchester, MANC M60, GB
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1 review
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I should've researched for reviews of this UK company before I got into this mess. It appears it's standard to drop the ball when it comes to foreign shipments. I live in the States and thought I'd be happy ordering from Figleaves as their prices are very competitive. They also offer a huge selection of lingerie. I placed an order on Apr. 28th & up to now I don't have my order delivered. I did not want to pay the enormous additional cost for tracking. So I have no idea where my order is whether or not it's actually lost/stolen. I contacted Figleaves customer service & they keep telling me to continue to wait. The first rep. told me to wait a couple of days (that was May 10th). Still the package didn't show up on the 10th so I contacted them a second time; the next rep. says to wait until the 13th before they can help me! Firstly why they charge for tracking is beyond reason as every other merchant offers it for free. Really soured my mind on ordering from them again after this!

2 reviews
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I think this is a problem specific to international customers because people in the UK seem jazzed, but if you live in the US like me you should probably find somewhere else. Customer service was great, but the problem is you have to pay an extra $15 to have your package tracked. I haven't had any problems in the past with UK companies getting my package to me on time, but this time it was a different story. It just seemed so ridiculous to charge for tracking when almost everywhere else it is free and especially when I'm spending hundreds of dollars... Now I have to handle it with the post office which most Americans will understand is a huge hassle. These bras better be life changing (if they even get here). Again, so far customer service has been friendly and as prompt as they could be for living in a different time zone, and I don't want to put them down at all. This is an issue with tracking, and how shady it seems. Now that I have read other reviews I'm worried about having to deal with customs! The Canadian reviewer was right, the website is very vague about all that.

1 review
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I bought a bathing suit back at the end of January, for the upcoming summer, and really liked it! However, once I wore it 1 time (for about 1.5-2 hours!) the seams started to pull and pucker. When I contacted figleaves, I was told this is due to "wear and tear"! I explained that the suit had been minimally worn and they've been completely ignoring me ever since. I paid $50 for a bathing suit that I can't even wear!

1 review
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I had to return a bikini as the top did not fit as the picture depicted, ordered another set which was reduced in a sale, as an exchange to find 2 days later the price rose -this is before they have processed my return. They then said that it would be at the higher price but as I'd paid by Paypal they could not process the exchange at a higher price. I have used this company to buy lingerie many times and had been happy with them but their refusal to honour the price I ordered at is unacceptable, I had even spoken to one of their advisors about this before I posted the return and told her the selection. They really don't deserve customers!!!! Will not buy from them again

2 reviews
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Useless service, seriously, just reconsider. There are numerous (better) online retailers out there who deserve your hard earned cash. Customer service whilst timely just excel at giving hollow customer overtures without actually offering any meaningful service.

1 review
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I received a swimsuit which was opened, the crotch sticker was removed, and it was covered in deodorant stains. I sent an email with good photos to their customer service, and was told that I needed to send it back, and they would "look into it". They swore up and down that it was a new swimsuit when they sent it. I don't appreciate being called a liar by a company I was so loyal to. It's disgusting being sold used intimate items. I will not every buy anything from these guys again.

1 review
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Must notify them within 7 days of receipt if you want to return something. This time frame is too short for girls buying dresses for a dance from multiple online websites. (Needs to have all dressed arrive in order to choose). Can return in store purchase for full refund -- only get an in store credit. No other online boutique is so restrictive. Will never order from FigLeaf again!

1 review
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They offer a 'gift card' in exchange for returned goods but you cannot use it!!! The products are cheap and sub-standard. Do not buy from this site. They also give no regard to all these very poor reviews!!!!...

1 review
5 helpful votes

I partially blame myself for not checking more sites for their reviews on Figleaves. I just saw the one site said it had a 8.9/10 rating and just went with it. I assure you I regret it.

I live in Canada, and I placed an order on the US site on January 27th. When I hadn't received anything after the range of "7- 10 business days" had come and gone by, I messaged them online through a contact form and got no reply. Not even a canned automated message.

Then a few days later I tried again and spoke with a representative through live chat who fed me a "it could be held up in customs or maybe you should check with your local post office" line. Which was deeply unhelpful since she didn't even supply me with the name of the company delivering to my door.

Fast forward two more weeks to February 29th, and this time I tried again online. After stating my frustrating experience, a representative offered to send me a replacement with express delivery, with no additional cost. Okay, cool. People muck up sometimes, so all's well that ends well, right?

No. Not when I'm hit with a $41.59 CAD duty fee for an item that's worth $100 CAD. From the other reviews I've read, this happens to people who live in the US too. The US Figleaves site doesn't send you stuff from a warehouse in US -- it's all from the UK regardless. My invoice lists two UK addresses -- it's either from Hertfordshire or Suffolk. Have fun with that.

Others who have more patience than me say that there is one tiny line of fine print on the site that says something about possible duty fees and taxes, but I assure you, they've certainly tried their best to make it as obscure as possible.

I know it's tempting to buy from Figleaves since they have a great range of sizes, but DON'T DO IT. The product I received is as advertised, and it's exactly like the one I saw in Nordstrom, but this entire shopping experience is frustrating and ridiculous.

2 reviews
13 helpful votes

I bought two items and returned it straight away (I just didn't like it) using the free returns label.

The Figleaves refund deducted the cost of the original postage, which is illegal for returns within 14 days. Their T&Cs said they deduct the cost of the return postage, but the person on their call centre said they were deducting the original postage. Either way, it's not "free returns".

My call to request the postage was refunded resulted in an argument about the law. Since I had researched this I was able to eventually convince the person that I knew that they had to refund this money, which they have now done.

I reported them to the Advertising Standards Authority for false claims about free returns. The ASA responded that I had a valid claim and they had written to Figleaves.

Figleaves have now removed the banner at the top of the page saying "free returns". They have also changed the T&Cs to reflect the law.

AND: I tried to post a review similar to the above on their website and they rejected it because "it did not meet all our website guidelines". They say they only accept reviews of the actual product purchased (which is very convenient for them, as that means THEY can never be criticised on their own website).

So: don't expect Figleaves to be nice or helpful. I now consider them a "gamer" who aren't interested in customer service, just seeing what they can get away with until they are forced by external pressure to follow the law. I was becoming a regular customer and will now never use them again.

1 review
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I ordered several sports bras from Figleaves to try on and select the best. I kept my chosen product and returned the rest. First they denied having received the returned parcel until I showed them proof of postage, then they admitted the same day that they in fact HAD received it and that a refund had been issued and would be credited within 3-5 days. A week later, no refund. They either ignore emails or reply back saying they have already refunded or other lies. Each email is signed from a different person who obviously does not have a clue about any previous conversation. Fortunately I paid by credit card so I stand a chance of getting my money back through a long and tedious chargeback process, but the whole experience has been thoroughly time consuming and stressful. I will NEVER shop at Figleaves again and I urge anyone else to avoid them like the plague. I strongly suspect they are nothing but liars, fraudsters and thieves.

1 review
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1 review
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Dear all please check your bank accounts immediately for this scam. A payment goes out if your account each month on your debit/credit card and will appear as shoppers discount co uk or an abbreviation of this. It will be for a small amount usually £10-15 a month. Whilst you will not have knowingly authorised this payment it will have iccured when you have bought something in line and they offered you a discount often on your first purchase. I bought some underwear from fig leaves in October 2011 and have discovered that I had inadvertently by accepting a discount on my purchase been signed up to this company. They have been taking )10 from my account each month since November 2011. Please repost this in your timeline and ask all your friends to check their accounts and stop this scam. You can apply for a refund which I have done but only time will tell as to whether I get it all back. It's appalling so let's stop them!!!!

3 reviews
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I am a hard to fit size (32F) so I was thrilled to find this site. I accidentally ordered the wrong size, so I phoned the toll free number the next day. The rep on the line was extremely polite and helpful, and I got my perfect bras soon after. Shipping takes several weeks, but I' m in Canada and they come from the UK.

5 reviews
15 helpful votes

I love that I can find my bra size here. However my only qualm is how long it takes to receive the item. I know it's because it's in the UK and they have to send it out through international mail. I'm not sure if there is even a way to expedite the shipping without an additional costs to the customer, but I most certainly think it's something they should look into.

The additional shipping cost for each item makes me hesitant to order more than one item. There should be more promotions where if you spend over a certain amount, the shipping is free or you can upgrade to a faster shipping at a better price.

Lately, I have been looking at bras I like on this website and seeing if they have it available on Amazon. Sometimes I even get a better deal at Amazon and I also get it quicker. Even if the bra is the same price or higher, it's worth the extra cost to get it sooner and Amazon won't charge you b for each bra shipped.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I would like to urge everyone not to buy ANYTHING EVER from I paid the premium price for next-day delivery for a very expensive order. The parcel never arrived. Figleaves claims it was delivered 'to the front desk' even though there is no front desk in the building and refuses to refund my account or send a replacement.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Having ordered two bikini tops to be sure on size I returned one within 24 hours undone still with tags... to be told I couldn't have a refund as the top was marked... WHAT it wasn't't worn or marked but they are refusing a refund ...Will never use this company again..disgrace!!!

1 review
4 helpful votes

Do not order from here - they make you pay duty fees!!!!!
I ordered multiple bathing suits from this site and because the suits themselves were not cheap the order was a little over $600. During your checkout process there is a link saying you might have to duty fees but they do not disclose how much are give you an approximate range based on your order total. I just got a bill from DHL for $85 in fees. Had I known I had to pay that much I would never have ordered from this site. This is not very clear during your check out process. Needless to say I will never order from this site again.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Do not buy if you are outside the UK. I bought 3 bikinis and paid 25pounds customs charges. None of the tops fitted( their sizing is small) so had to pay another 15 pounds to return them. Fig leaves issued a refund which I did not request so then had to debit my account again for the bigger size. I lost 10 pounds on currency conversion. So when I finally got the very average product I wanted I had paid 50 in charges. Use ASOS if you are buying from overseas.

1 review
5 helpful votes

My daughter ordered $183 in bras. Returned $120. And we were hit with a $81 customs fee. $81 for a $60 purchase!!!! Can't blame her because I barely could find the disclaimer (a mild one that said there may be customs charges). Fig Leaves customer service was horrible. Told me it was my problem and she should have looked closer. They should not have a US site.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered several bathing suits from figleaves. Beautiful web site and beautiful products, however I ended up returning most of the merchandise, as bathing suits are notoriously hard to fit, and I got hit with a $85 customs invoice on a $300 order, where I returned most of order!! Ridiculous. Paperwork from US customers is so confusing and difficult to fill out, I'm not sure I can even get a refund. Web site should post in huge bold letters that customs fees are significant. When I wrote company to complain they said it is posted on site, however I did not notice it at all when I placed order, so it must be strategically placed. So disappointing as site carries beautiful products and its hard to find fitted suits for large busts.

1 review
2 helpful votes

The website design is fine, delivery is usually quick but if you dare to find a bra unfitting and try to return it for a refund or a store credit - OMG! the horror! I once had to chase them for months! (literally) to get a simple refund for one bra I had returned (within the return time frame they allow for refunds). The second time I got the package very late, more then a month after ordering and when I asked them if I can return some of the items still, for a store credit or exchange (as many other online bra shoppers I ordered the same item in different sizes to find the best fitting one) I was simply IGNORED, time and time again.
Moreover, if you look at their "terms and conditions" page you'll find a threatening "fraud" section:

which is likely to make to you feel more like a thief than a costumer. They're fine as long as you don't cause "trouble" like daring to ask for a refund or make a return. If you're smart - stir away, especially as finding a bra that fits is so hard to find and it is likely that you'll have to make a return sometime.

5 reviews
12 helpful votes

This was great- I was pissed off that the return shipping was so expensive but their deals are good, their lingerie is great, and they haven't scammed me, so I don't really have anything negative to say! I would recommend this site to a friend for sure.

10 reviews
11 helpful votes

I purchased a couple of cashmere sweaters from this site. They are really adorable and comfy. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I would definitely recommend this site. Great clothes!

byebye z.
85 reviews
54 helpful votes

Viewing the site , there is "visit US site" or "visit uk site".

And both US and Uk are very similar, almost identical,it's confusing.

May be you placed your order on the UK site and not US site.
(i said MAYBE)

However they should have send mail to you before delivery...

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