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Express Scripts has been investigated by LegitScript, a NABP recognized organization that vets online pharmacies and has been given "legitimate" status. For more information, please visit the Legitscript report.

1 review
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Hello to anyone out there do whatever you can not to use Express Scripts for you or your children's medicine. They have terrible service and will not work with you to resolve the issue.

1 review
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I would like to say thank you to the young man I spoke to this afternoon. He was able to resolve an issue that no one else could figure out for weeks. This young man is a true asset to your company. Debbi K

1 review
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ZERO stars is a more appropriate rating. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! I have been on a controlled substance medication for over 10 years and my employer recently started requiring employees to using Express Scripts for 90 day supply medications. I mailed in my prescription, and it was ALLEGEDLY shipped over 2 weeks ago. Mind you I have gone without my medication all this time. I contacted USPS since I did have a tracking number and found out they never received the package from Express Scripts (a shipping label was printed and it was in the Pre-shipment phase). Of course Express Scripts is blaming the Post Office and would rather argue with me than come up with an acceptable solution. Every representative I have spoken to over the past 2 weeks has given me information that completed contradicted what the previous Representative/Supervisor/Social Media Relations told me and made false promises.

Express Scripts has taken ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY for losing track of where my medications are and will only send me a replacement after my Physician sends a new prescription (process time averages 5 days). So I did all of the leg work getting a new prescriptions. Well then Customer Service charged me $100 AGAIN and stated "We never told you the replacement would be free of charge" - "If your original order never arrives we will refill your next order free of charge, or you can request a refund in 30 days & it will be processed within 30-60 days"!!!

I am an Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse and as a healthcare professional it is absolutely terrifying to encounter this level of incompetence. Again, this medication is a controlled substance that very well may have ended up in the wrong hands. Today alone I was on the phone for over 3 hours and spoke to one fabulous Supervisor. Well, so I thought because later in the day when I called to follow-up the Supervisor's Supervisor told me everything I was told was FALSE and my replacement prescriptions were not valid so I will not be receiving my medication after-all. I am thankful that although it is an inconvenience I will not die from missing doses of this medication.

PLEASE DO NOT FILL YOUR MEDICATIONS WITH THIS SHADY COMPANY! I would not wish this nightmare on my worst enemy, and there is no solution in sight for me at this time.

1 review
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I submitted a reimbursement claim over three weeks ago and this company has no record of it. Upon looking up my info, there was an incorrect account linked to mine. I asked if i should or could resibmit copies and the representative told me to just be patient. This is my first experience with a claim and needless to say it has not been satisfactory. If you have a choice, avoid this company!

1 review
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My body chemistry does not respond to generic progesterone. I have to use brand name, my physician has written do not substitute. I now have to pop at 492.00 per month. I appealed it and was denied literally in 2 minutes on the phone.

1 review
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Express Scripts do not care about a customers needs. Traveling out of town and forgot my meds. Express scipts would not help me get meds from a local pharmacy. Wanted to penalize me because I just had the med filled last month. I only need enough to get me through the week (4 tablets - 1 per day). Instead, they wanted to charge me an unreasonable cost for it. They are ok with leaving me stranded out of state from home without a medicine that is crucial to my heath.

25 reviews
50 helpful votes
• Updated review

I've been updating my reviews. The last was an update & I was told I'd be contacted over 3 months ago to try to solve the issue. That is the problem, there's always another issue & no one cares to get to the bottom of it. A refill was done by mistake for something that I was told would be 100% fully covered. Only until I received this did I finally see a huge balance for 2 scripts. The first script had no balance & again when I spoke with someone previously it was said to be covered & if I'd known obviously I wouldn't have been in such shock! I tried to speak with several people & had to stop talking to them because of the harshness throughout. I called back a few days later & heard basically the same thing but at least the woman stopped long enough to listen, she finally did understand. I had no choice but to pay for the first medication & asked again about sending the second one back...I can't even take this anymore & would take responsibility for my mistake. However I couldn't understand why this company wouldn't take any for theirs. She told me that I would hear back from someone within 24-78 business hours...I explained I've heard that before. Needless to say this was over 3 months ago. I've had to use my monthly medications VERY sparingly since the website won't let me contact anyone, it keeps saying there are issues even though I'm able to view my account, just can't contact anyone. I also know that since I owe this money I won't be able to fill anymore medication through them & I truly dread speaking to anyone else in this company. They've told me they have no control over the prices, those are decided through the insurance companies & can change any minute so what they quote the customer is only a quote. I've been told they aren't allowed to take any medication back or do any refunds/credits, no matter what. Again, I wouldn't expect them to take medication back & give it to anyone else but in good faith to prove to them I (or any other customer) has not used what they sent & isn't trying to get away with anything...since they never seem to take our word then either give the credit (like I KNOW they can). There is NO reason to say they aren't allowed to give credit/refunds if they won't even look further into the situations & too many times these situations have been happening. Express Scripts stop making the customer do all this work, the work YOU should be doing. Why are your reviews so bad? Take a step back & start doing some quality assurance. I know I've asked MANY times to have my calls pulled.

“Choices...roll the dice on running out of medication or get a rep that doesn't care :(”
• Previous review

Honestly don't know what is worse, dealing with this company or being without my medication! BEYOND stressful because from yearS of experience I now must check up on every order & if I don't put in the "work" & follow up with EVERY step, I won't get what I need. They claim notifications are always sent out correctly but they are not. I can get a different answer from the website as well different representatives all in the same week. Have even had medication cancelled for no reason & again with no notice. One very bad situation they claimed medication was delivered at my door that was not, FACT! The latest..charges on my account & as soon as I saw them, trying to speak to several people the only answers were pay or I won't get anymore medication. If they could have overlooked something it may be my fault, when I see a mistake but will meet half way it's still my fault & it's very hard for them to take responsibility. I've been working for years to make sure everything is in order & have so many documented notes to prove all these facts but they don't seem to care, it's sad how much effort the customer must put in just for their medication to be received correctly...for a company who gets paid TO do this! I'm trying desperately to get myself off of medication, it's painful enough to suffer daily but worse every time I know I have to contact Express Scripts for any reason.

1 review
2 helpful votes

This is the most terrible company I have ever worked for. I have been here since February 2018 and can tell you if you have a choice of your pharmacy benefit manager, do NOT choose this place. I have never met a company with such low morals. I get penalized for trying to help patients and actually put in an effort to get them what they need. Its completely unethical and unintelligent for a place that gives a 3 week training course and suddenly were supposed to decide which medications are relevant for a patient over a doctors order and experience. I hope as a mother that they never have to experience being told no to even LIFE saving medicines because the questions for authorization were answered "incorrectly." I can assure if you have ever had the pleasure of receiving me as your authorization rep, you were not disappointed because unlike most of the people in this company I am not cold hearted. I will go out of my way to help any patient and rest assured it is NOT for this $#*!ing companies benefit. I cannot stand by while I have a husband, wife, child, elder or any person crying or screaming calling just to get what they need. I am so sorry for you recipients of this company, but if you ever have the pleasure my name is Nicole and I will go to any lengths to help you, express scripts you can $#*!ing fire me if you want I don't care anymore.

1 review
2 helpful votes

This is THE last time I give Express Scripts a chance. I paid for my meds on Aug 5th, got one prescription 3 days later. The second one still isn't here. The pharmacist yesterday said it was mailed out on Aug 21st. So today I called them back, it seems my pills are lost somewhere in Texas. Express Scripts gave me the routing # and more or less washed their hands of the whole problem. It's up to ME to call and find out where my pills are. WTF is up with that?

1 review
2 helpful votes

ExpressScripts sent me a letter to Prior authorize a medication . 10 phone calls and multiple transfers + being cut off twice , I did get the job accomplished . I would still like to talk to someone that is compentent !! Needless to say, they do not offer a complaint department or anyway to accept suggestions OR anyway to discuss issues with a human being !!!!!!!

1 review
2 helpful votes

Was charged a copay I was not informed of when making my order (that was previously covered in full)... until I recieved two automated calls that sounded like a scam from a number that did not show up when searched for on google. When I finally had time to call I was told I did indeed owe money and it had been 2 months and at a total of 90 days my debt would be sent to a collection agency.

Matter was not helped with I asked for a full name or ID from the representative and was told that she could only give the first letter of her last name and did not have an ID #. Twenty minutes later talking to a manager (as I was having a hard time paying online and did not fill comfortable giving my card information to someone without a full last name or ID#) and wait wait WAIT everyone has an ID# according to the manager...

Will never return to express-scripts and if ever brought up will discourage their use. DO NOT recommend express scripts under any circumstances.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Been waiting for a rx that my doctor ordered 2 weeks ago. Hopefully I get it before I die. Crazy. It's just a generic statin for cholesterol

1 review
2 helpful votes

I paid $4000.00 for 1 RX I have a $5600.00 family deductible Express Scripts only gave me $2800.00 credit towards my deductible. After 100 plus phone calls Blue Cross Blue Shield calling them they still will not give me credit for the entire amount I paid in January. So I am out $1200.00.

1 review
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My husband and I are saving a ton of money with Express Scrips. Wouldnt use anything else. Fast easy convenient cheap

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I was sent the incorrect medication, Called to return it. Was told Return Envelope on its way just send it back then follow up with a call to make sure we credit your account... Yes thats correct I have to call... Fast Forward 4 weeks to Today. I call looking for said Return Envelope, Sorry sir we dont show a request for a return. Todays Call was with Erika.. Do you want to return or to dispose of the medication. Whats the difference?? Return you might get a refund, If we approve, Dispose is no refund Oh Ok. what are the terms of the Dispose option... I dont know she says I will have to trandfer you to the Disposal Department... Really???? We wil get back to you if we decide to approve the return. Do they have a drug for Bad Customer Service. Oh and one last thing, they ask if you can stay on the line for a quick survey.... That's only if you havd a Lovely Experence... I was cut off...

3 reviews
3 helpful votes

We have had many problems with Express Scripts in the past. They take at least 3 to 4 weeks to send out a prescription, so we are always in the position of paying ridiculously expensive expedited shipment charges. Furthermore, I have NEVER received my sleeping pill from them even though they say they have mailed it. I believe someone within Express Scripts steals controlled substances.

Our latest debacle with this company is that they told us we could no longer fill our prescriptions at Kroger, that Kroger was no longer in our plan. I contacted our company and this is not true. I called Express Scripts again and spoke with a different customer service rep who said that Kroger is in our plan, but if we use them instead of using Walgreen's or Express Scripts, we will incur a severe penalty.

I insisted on speaking with a supervisor. I told the supervisor I wanted a cost analysis of the cost to us of filling our prescriptions as Kroger versus Walgreen's. I already knew that every one of our prescriptions is cheaper at Kroger than at Walgreen's. At that point, the supervisor acquiesced and admitted that we could use Kroger without any penalty.

Obviously, Express Scripts makes a greater profit if the customer uses Walgreen's or Express Scripts instead of Kroger. The supervisor denied that his underlings were told to try to make customers use the retail outlets that are more profitable to Express Scripts, but I don't believe it. I told him the problem is one of the following: 1) Employees are told to shift customers to retail outlets that are more profitable for Express Scripts, which is dishonest; or 2) The employees of Express Scripts are very poorly trained and don't understand the prescription policies they enforce. Either explanation is a bad reflection on Express Scripts.

This is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. If you must deal with them, insist on speaking with supervisors only.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I wish I had another option for my prescription plan. I take a class 2 medication prescribed by my doctor for the past 5 years. Every year prior to this year, the medicine is renewed without a problem. This year, the appeal process is awful, almost as if they don't want to provide the coverage I pay for.

The first part of the renewal was denied because of a trick question. The second part of the renewal was denied because the medical records submitted with the first request was not forwarded.

I am now in the External Audit review. I have been without my medicine for over 30 days.


14 reviews
5 helpful votes

Since my wife and I are retired since 2006 we have found Express Scripts mail order to be the best bang for your buck for our prescription needs
Getting the medicine delivered to our door~
Having a great customer service to call is great too
Having a prescription with a 90 day supply saves money for everyone!
Thank you Express-Scripts for being there for us!

1 review
3 helpful votes

My MD ordered one pill a day for 90 days. They sent 18 and charged about $50.
I call and they tell me my MD has to give authorization for more than 18. I call my MD twice a week for 3 weeks and nothing...his bad.
Now my General Practitioner says he'll be glad to take care of it and does! The good guy!
I call Express Scripts to ask that they not send partial orders. And let me know if there is a problem. Sound logical?
When I called a recording asks to stay on the line for a satisfaction review; that didn't happen maybe since I got switched between three people.
The first person told me what the prescription department told her as to why my request is not possible. So I asked to talk to prescriptions. At Prescriptions I was lectured on the process of getting Physician authorization and tells me that I should call my doctor and have him call their 866 line. I ask why doesn't the pharmacy take care of that...this gets her flustered and I'm told I'm interrupting...that's been explained to me several times but I finally sat quietly and let her finish the process speech and am told that the customer is responsible for knowing this and how much of an order has to be authorized. Really? BUT I am only requesting that they don't ship an order until the process is complete and there is no problem. What I asked for when I got on the line with her to begin with and finally I get her to understand this and I'm transferred to "Customer Service". I thought I'd started there. But okay. With less difficulty I explain what happened and what I want done to prevent it in the future. SO, a hold is put on the order until the full order is approved. Praise the gods! And I'm still out $50 for the first time they did it to me plus $50 when I actually get a full order. Am I a happy camper? Sorry, I think it's beer o'clock.

2 reviews
15 helpful votes

I have been forced to use Express Scripts over the past 6 years. I say forced, because it has been the most frustrating experience for each and every refill. Each refill is a MASSIVE mess due to the right hand of Express Scripts not speaking to the left hand which leaves the customer directly in the middle and being asked to tell each side the same information over and over and over again. I cannot understand how this is a cost savings. Each call is overhead. One time I had to make 6 calls just to get a refill sent to my doctor. I received a letter from Express Scripts yesterday that stated 2 of my medications could not be refilled because I needed to confirm payment via the card on file. When I called the phone number directed in the letter, I was told that because I had a 90 day past due bill that my medications could not be refilled. I had NO IDEA that the payments were not being made! I also had questions about the charges but could not get the answers from the representative. She said only Billing could answer my questions so I asked to be transferred. She said she could not transfer me and did not know the phone number for Billing. WHAT? Here I am trying to get this mess cleaned up and a customer service rep from ES cannot give me the phone number for ES Billing? RIDICULOUS. Unfortunately this is what I have come to expect from ES. I asked to speak to a supervisor (Alicia) who said my account had gone to collections. I WAS APPALLED as I had received no warning from ES! The only thing I received was the letter from yesterday that had an invoice # but no information about a past due amount. This is not the way to run a business. I should have received notification with the exact amount due. Turns out the credit card on file had been closed due to a lost card. I would have immediately addressed the issue if I knew the copays were not going through. I will be contacting my employer to let them know how inefficient and difficult it is to deal with ES in hopes that they will not choose ES in the future. I have discovered there are several employees with ES horror stories that work with me. ES has problems, as evidenced by the reviews online. I am going to ask that our HR department review the reviews. They describe, very well, the issues with the company.

1 review
2 helpful votes

My husband is a diabetic and needs his supplies to survive. When we first got Express-Scripts, they took about 2 weeks to deliver my husbands insulin. What I was told was I'm sorry for the inconvience. He had run out and we had to go to the doctors to pick up a vial. Recently, hehad went on a new pump. Only to find out they don't cover his test strips. Does anyone know how much they are? If no one knows, they also charge a dispense fee on every medication you get from them. We had to get a start pack for the pump and could have gotten it at a local pharmacy, only to be told by the local one, they do not carry it. So, we had to order it from Express-Scripts. They charged $146.94 instead of what the local pharmacy would have, $75.00. ES response? We charge 20% of the total cost. Seriously?? Why wouldn't the presciptions be the same price? It isn't a 3 month supply! IT was a starter kit! My husband gets this horrible insurance through work and we DO NOT LIKE them! Horrible service! If we could go elsewhere, we would! STAY AWAY FROM THEM IF YOU CAN!!

1 review
2 helpful votes

I wish I found this before signing up for their service. I have been a customer for 4 months and I'm canceling today. I mailed in a perscription and they got the dosage wrong, they got the refills wrong and used a doctors authorization that was not the doctor who filled the script. And since it was a controlled medication they won't fill it, correct their mistake, or mail back my prescription. What they did with the authorization is illegal and they should be held accountable. Don't use this company. Buyer beware.

10 reviews
15 helpful votes

Once again #expressscripts chooses to cover nothing. no valium, no epipen, no xopenex, no lidocaine patches no explanation. No assistance. When will one of our legislators help us. They cover about at the level of buying aspirin. Every year it gets worse. I pay for this and pay a copay.

4 reviews
16 helpful votes

I have lived insurance free for over 10 years. So when I ended up married and with insurance, my eyes were opened to a completely different world. I was being told that "I had to have my medication fill thru the mail", and no I don't. I want to see the hands that are touching the pills that I am going to consume. I want to judge how competent those hands are. If they want to punish me by making me pay more money, so? I lived with out insurance for over 10 years? big deal. But there happens to be one medication, that I haven't found a work around for, yet, express-scripts insists that I must keep a credit card on file with me for me to be able to get the medication. They will not allow me to go elsewhere to get it. They will not send me an invoice. They want to bill my credit card when they feel like it. I don't permit that kind of activity with any of my credit cards or checking accounts. Demanding that I have a credit card on file to get my drugs. Refusing to send an invoice to my email account. I can't trust their business practices.

3 reviews
4 helpful votes

Express-Scripts is, hands down, the worst pharmacy I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with! Frighteningly incompetent and surly, they have become so bad, in fact, that I've decided I'm willing to pay EXTRA to fill my prescriptions a local pharmacy. If you are ever encouraged to "save money" and or "have convenient home delivery," run away! Far, far away. Express-Scripts will send the wrong medication, or will delay sending the correct one after you've completely run for it of it and not authorize an override at a local pharmacy, they will try to blame your doctor for everything, will demand repeated authorizations, and basically try to kill you!

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