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Catrina M.
1 review
“Lack of integrity”

I called in an order 15 minutes later I called back to make a change. No problem Im told. Next day I see no change was made and I called back. Oh sorry the item had already shipped. Which proved to be a lie. The usps tracking proved it wasnt picked up till 5 hrs later. Integrity is everything in an online company this 1 failed me.

William W.
1 review
“Bait and switch”

I recently saw a sale listed for Roudybush high energy breeders food for birds listed 25 lbs for $13.49 never said clearance . When I tried to order it said not available until 8/27 so on 8/27 I called and tried to place my order I was told it wouldn't get there until 8/30 but they would honor the price. On 8/30 I call in and they tell me that they are not carrying the 25lb small size but I could get 15% off the 25lb crumble size not the 75% off they advertised after speaking with supervisor I was told they would not honor the price and admitted it was there fault so he gave me a $10 credit so what should have been a $27 bill cost me $102 and $10 off my next order which will be my last. I have been a long time customer but you only rip me off once and I have learned my lesson.

Heather L.
21 reviews
“Cat food”

I've bought cat food from here. It's been quite a while, but the have the best quality pet food with out the by products.

Virginia W.
1 review
“Orders are usually late and or slow shipping.”

This used to be a reliable source for cat food and other supplies. There shipping (and tracking) are so slow one wonders if the order will ever arrive. Now I'm off to a pet store to buy cat food.

william k.
1 review
“very poor packaging”

i have been a customer of this company for many years now they have switched to mailing items in a plastic bag instead of shipping my order in a small box cutting corners to save a few pennies is poor customer service i will be shopping with one of your competitors

George N.
1 review
“Bad customer service”

I placed an order on the late evening of July 3rd. I then changed my mind on the order and looked for a cancel order button. None to be found. I then used the support email as directed and sent a polite email stating that it was my fault for changing my mind but could they please cancel my order. I received an email on July 4th (around noon) stating that they could not cancel the order because it was already shipped. I contacted chat support and asked for clarification because UPS doesn't ship on the 4th of July (holiday). They said "oh well UPS leaves trucks at our place and we fill them and your order is already on the truck". I could see I was getting nowhere. I just received an email stating that my order was just packaged and being shipped USPS. Now I am certain that USPS does NOT leave a vehicle parked at their warehouse. I sent a cancel email within 15 minutes of placing the order and they simply do not want to cancel it because they either think I will just keep it or they just can't be bothered to stop the order. I will be returning the items even if I am forced to pay the $8 return shipping and will never order from them again. Again it was my fault for changing my mind but I have NEVER had this kind of service from the big retailer that starts with an "A". I will find everywhere possible to repeat this review.

Ro W.
7 reviews
“Perfect gift for the cat; good customer service; quick refund”

We bought a fountain for the cat. It came in quickly. The cat loved it. Later, the motor stopped working and the customer service people answered questions about how to fix it. A toy we ordered didn't work out--it was not bendy and flexible as advertised--and they issued a refund.

Jerry B.
1 review
“wrong item!”

I ordered an item that comes 2 sizes and one is more expensive which is the one I ordered but was sent the cheaper item? Customer service said they would make a note of that but never offered a refund!

Shawn L.
1 review
“Great prices. Terrible customer service!”

I will start to say they do have great prices. But sometimes it is worth spending a bit more to not have to deal with bad customer service. Half of the recent orders I placed had some items out of stock even though it said they did have items in stock. They supposedly have a good return policy. Good luck there. Takes a week to ship the items back and then they reserve two weeks to process the return. If you contact customer service they will blame you for everything even if you follow the return instructions to a T. So I had to pay to ship items back which I wouldn't have ordered if they hadn't shipped an incomplete order in the first place.

Mina M.
12 reviews
“They had what I needed.”

It has been a few months back, but I had several sick kittens with conjunctivitis. I needed to get some medication quickly. I ordered what I needed and it arrived in just a few days. I was very surprised in how fast it was delivered. I think the prices could be a little cheaper though.

M W.
2 reviews
“Quick Way to Wipe Out Your Aquarium”

Purchased 500+ dollars worth of inverts for a large marine tank. They sent me an ammonia bomb (a bag full of dead mexican turbo snails) which wiped out the entire aquarium.

Over $5000 worth of fish, coral and inverts completely wiped out in a tank that was stable for over 2 years.

LiveAquaria (Doctors Foster and Smith) would not do anything to remedy the situation.

I would not recommend LiveAquaria.

kolin h.
2 reviews
“Great experience”

Very valuable and user-friendly website, thanks! I've been using it for already a year and will definitely continue doing so.

Joseph G.
4 reviews
“Greatest Pet Store around cheap prices”

Great website been buying from them for years. My dogs loves their drsfostersmith treats. I bought everything needed to set up my saltwater fish tank. Cheapest prices around check for yourself.

Kareena V.
1 review
“"What's Going On?"”

I made my first order with Drs. Foster and Smith about 2 years ago. I had seen their catalogue before and thought we'd give them a shot to fill our heartworm medication prescription. Their prices are typically a good chunk lower than my vet's office, so this is great. Still, I only order from them once or twice a year for prescriptions or if they have a good deal going on. While the products received are as expected and good quality, actually getting them is something else altogether. If you mail in your prescription, there is no confirmation to let you know it was received and it takes several days (7-10) for them to process it. There is no notification of shipping either. So you are either waiting for a couple weeks asking yourself "What's going on?" OR you are calling and asking one of the reps. Thankfully, an actual person will answer when you call, but who knows if they'll have answers. I've had to call 2 and 3 times to follow up on orders. Sometimes my order is delivered and sometimes its cancelled without notice or reason. AND if you ordered other items with your prescription order, but your script can't/hasn't been processed, they will not ship your other items separately. They also refuse to ship to my home address. They say its not a real address, despite my successfully receiving mail and packages for the last 32 years. I feel better non-urgent ordering items because eventually they do figure out the everyday orders. Its the prescriptions that equate to trouble. Unfortunately, they are really only competitive when it comes to prescriptions. Otherwise, no one can beat Chewy.com for food, treats, etc.

Amy Z.
1 review
“False Drug Claims”

Buyers and pet lovers beware! This company illegally labels their prescriptions with drug companies names, and yesterday I contacted the drug company directly who says they do NOT do business with Drs Foster and Smith. What you are buying from Drs Foster and Smith is 'grey' market products, manufactured by companies whose names they will not reveal, where they are located, they could just be expired, stored improperly, or made to look like the real thing. I strongly recommend to talk to your vet about companies such as these who offer NO guarantee for their products, they cannot as they are not legally from who they say they are on labels.

Tip for consumers: https://www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/ConsumerUpdates/ucm048164.htm

Peggy Y.
3 reviews
“Awesome Pet Supply Site!!”

I've been ordering from Drs. Foster & Smith for a few years now and I love them! They supplied items for our dogs, fish, birds, hedgehog, rabbit & my outdoor birds & squirrels.
Their prices are excellent and they often have great sales allowing you to save even more. Great selection of items for all pets.
I submit orders and usually have a shipping notice in 12-18 hours. Items arrive wuickly(usidlly

Judy M.
10 reviews
“Drs Fosters and Smith”

This company is excellent at filling orders and for the products that they offer! Such a wide variety of products to choose and shop from.

Mari T.
5 reviews
“Shop here to protect my pet!”

Recently I decided to take a dog from an animal shelter. In order to protect my lovely pet and my family, I started using this website. It's convenient and the service is normal!

Kyle W.
1 review
“Great customer service!”

I purchased an Eheim 350 surface skimmer from DrFosterSmith back in November 2016' for their black friday sale and didn't set it up till March 2017' and it wasn't working correctly. I contacted customer service past the 60 day return policy and they were still able to ship me a new one. Definitely recommend

glen c.
4 reviews
“My best source for flea prevention meds”

A few months ago, I became a Comfortis customer. I started getting my dog's Comfortis from Costco, until I found that the Dr. Foster website offers similar prices on the same product. I think the price was a little higher with shipping, but still very worthwhile for the convenience of having the meds delivered to me in the mail. I will not be a Costco member forever, so the Dr. Foster online store will become increasingly useful to me in the future.
Now, if only they would stop sending me these wasteful magazine-style catalogs in the mail.

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