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Mina M.
11 reviews
“They had what I needed.”

It has been a few months back, but I had several sick kittens with conjunctivitis. I needed to get some medication quickly. I ordered what I needed and it arrived in just a few days. I was very surprised in how fast it was delivered. I think the prices could be a little cheaper though.

M W.
2 reviews
“Quick Way to Wipe Out Your Aquarium”

Purchased 500+ dollars worth of inverts for a large marine tank. They sent me an ammonia bomb (a bag full of dead mexican turbo snails) which wiped out the entire aquarium.

Over $5000 worth of fish, coral and inverts completely wiped out in a tank that was stable for over 2 years.

LiveAquaria (Doctors Foster and Smith) would not do anything to remedy the situation.

I would not recommend LiveAquaria.

kolin h.
2 reviews
“Great experience”

Very valuable and user-friendly website, thanks! I've been using it for already a year and will definitely continue doing so.

Joseph G.
4 reviews
“Greatest Pet Store around cheap prices”

Great website been buying from them for years. My dogs loves their drsfostersmith treats. I bought everything needed to set up my saltwater fish tank. Cheapest prices around check for yourself.

Kareena V.
1 review
“"What's Going On?"”

I made my first order with Drs. Foster and Smith about 2 years ago. I had seen their catalogue before and thought we'd give them a shot to fill our heartworm medication prescription. Their prices are typically a good chunk lower than my vet's office, so this is great. Still, I only order from them once or twice a year for prescriptions or if they have a good deal going on. While the products received are as expected and good quality, actually getting them is something else altogether. If you mail in your prescription, there is no confirmation to let you know it was received and it takes several days (7-10) for them to process it. There is no notification of shipping either. So you are either waiting for a couple weeks asking yourself "What's going on?" OR you are calling and asking one of the reps. Thankfully, an actual person will answer when you call, but who knows if they'll have answers. I've had to call 2 and 3 times to follow up on orders. Sometimes my order is delivered and sometimes its cancelled without notice or reason. AND if you ordered other items with your prescription order, but your script can't/hasn't been processed, they will not ship your other items separately. They also refuse to ship to my home address. They say its not a real address, despite my successfully receiving mail and packages for the last 32 years. I feel better non-urgent ordering items because eventually they do figure out the everyday orders. Its the prescriptions that equate to trouble. Unfortunately, they are really only competitive when it comes to prescriptions. Otherwise, no one can beat Chewy.com for food, treats, etc.

Amy Z.
1 review
“False Drug Claims”

Buyers and pet lovers beware! This company illegally labels their prescriptions with drug companies names, and yesterday I contacted the drug company directly who says they do NOT do business with Drs Foster and Smith. What you are buying from Drs Foster and Smith is 'grey' market products, manufactured by companies whose names they will not reveal, where they are located, they could just be expired, stored improperly, or made to look like the real thing. I strongly recommend to talk to your vet about companies such as these who offer NO guarantee for their products, they cannot as they are not legally from who they say they are on labels.

Tip for consumers: https://www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/ConsumerUpdates/ucm048164.htm

Peggy Y.
3 reviews
“Awesome Pet Supply Site!!”

I've been ordering from Drs. Foster & Smith for a few years now and I love them! They supplied items for our dogs, fish, birds, hedgehog, rabbit & my outdoor birds & squirrels.
Their prices are excellent and they often have great sales allowing you to save even more. Great selection of items for all pets.
I submit orders and usually have a shipping notice in 12-18 hours. Items arrive wuickly(usidlly

Judy M.
10 reviews
“Drs Fosters and Smith”

This company is excellent at filling orders and for the products that they offer! Such a wide variety of products to choose and shop from.

Mari T.
5 reviews
“Shop here to protect my pet!”

Recently I decided to take a dog from an animal shelter. In order to protect my lovely pet and my family, I started using this website. It's convenient and the service is normal!

Kyle W.
1 review
“Great customer service!”

I purchased an Eheim 350 surface skimmer from DrFosterSmith back in November 2016' for their black friday sale and didn't set it up till March 2017' and it wasn't working correctly. I contacted customer service past the 60 day return policy and they were still able to ship me a new one. Definitely recommend

glen c.
4 reviews
“My best source for flea prevention meds”

A few months ago, I became a Comfortis customer. I started getting my dog's Comfortis from Costco, until I found that the Dr. Foster website offers similar prices on the same product. I think the price was a little higher with shipping, but still very worthwhile for the convenience of having the meds delivered to me in the mail. I will not be a Costco member forever, so the Dr. Foster online store will become increasingly useful to me in the future.
Now, if only they would stop sending me these wasteful magazine-style catalogs in the mail.

Susan B.
3 reviews
“Best online pet supplies”

I will say that I haven't used Drs Foster & Smith for prescription meds, but have used them for other pet supplies and am very favorably impressed. Their prices are the best and everything I have bought has been high quality. Their site is easy to use, and the descriptions and reviews are extremely helpful. They answer any questions you might have about their stock quickly. I have bought several of their F&S brand items and they are great quality and good value. Shipping is reasonable, frequently free, and very fast. I got an extra large ex pen overnight with free shipping. This is the best online pet supply site I have found.

Leticia D.
2 reviews
“Deadly timing”

I made a huge mistake. I always get heart meds from my vet. This time the vet suggested I order online and I picked Dr. Foster & Smith. I'm still crying. My poodle had a heart condition and only 4 days of meds left. Dr. Foster send me emails saying they couldn't get the vet to approve them. There was so much confusion between the vet and them that it caused my dog her life. They emailed me Monday April 18.saying the meds are approved and I requested them on Mar 29, I put my dog to sleep on Friday April 15. I don't think this works for pets that have heart problems I'm paying for this mistake now and so did my little dog. I let my guard down and I hold myself responsible for thinking that these folks cared about my dog's life.

Elyse S.
22 reviews
“Not worth the $”

I haven't found anyone there who can give advice on what to purchase. I've returned or thrown away almost everything I purchased. The last order took 5 people to finally get my money back!

Susan P.
39 reviews

Carries everything especially toward the dog show folks. Prices are reasonable, too!

Dylan C.
1 review
“Decent information”

I found Drs. Foster and Smith very helpful for some common pet care subjects.

However, I do think the senior pet supplement selection was rather bleak.

Neutricks is my favorite for my dog: www.neutricks.com

“Somewhat complicated to deal with...”

I had a friend refer me to this site, and I was excited when I seen the great prices in comparison to my vet and local pet store. I ordered heartworm medication and flea meds, one six month supply for my dad's 2 golden retrievers and one six month supply for my great dane. The vet decided to deny the script for the goldens' even though I called the receptionist and asked them to hold on to the fax for 2 days because they had an appointment for their heartworm check on a Thursday and they received the fax on a Tuesday, but they decided to deny it and shredded it because they weren't willing to wait the 2 days for my dogs' appointment (even though they weren't due for a heartworm check for another 2 weeks). Foster and Smith never informed me that the purchase was denied and I didn't find out until my vet check, although that was a hassle because no one seemed to have any idea what I was talking about. They approved my Great Dane's script, but I paid extra to have it shipped within 5 business days and I called today (the 5th business day) and was told it is 5 days after the script is approved - which puts me at 9-10 days after my purchase so there was no point in paying extra to receive it "faster" - money completely wasted for shipping when I qualified for the free shipping! My advise to you is contact your vet BEFORE you spend a lot of money because they will leave you waiting and wondering for days and if you're denied no one will contact you - you have to figure it out on your own. My goldens were covered for another 2 weeks before they needed the heartworm test but my vet still denied the script because it was "too close". Also, be aware that if you are shopping during one of their sales BUY EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN ONE SHOPPING CART. I had my dad pay for his golden's heartworm meds and used the 10% off memorial day coupon, then I went to make my own purchase and it would not allow me to use it a second time so I ended up spending over $100 bucks and my dad saved 10% which didn't matter in the long run when his script was "denied". Just make sure your vet will approve it before you make a purchase - even if your dog is still covered by their last heartworm check, if its too close they may deny your purchase - and foster and smith WILL NOT INFORM YOU. I still like this website, but I just wish they would keep you in the loop and be up front about the "5 day shipping" not starting when you purchase your items but whenever your vet gets around to approving it. I recommend going with the free shipping, you're wasting your money otherwise! 9-10 days after purchase is not within "5 business days" - that shouldn't even be an option for anything requiring your vet's approval.

Bridget G.
15 reviews
“I recommend their on-line veterinary pharmacy”

I recommend their on-line veterinary pharmacy. My late lamented cat had a lot of medical problems and I was able to save a lot of money by getting his prescriptions here. Never had a problem with an order

Julie w.
5 reviews
“I love this place, they have everything for your pet,...”

I love this place, they have everything for your pet, especially the itch for dogs that have allergies. Our cat has issues with fur balls and they carry the best stuff for that. They are very reasonable in price and shipped so fast. I would highly recommend this site to any pet owner for all their stuff. Better than Petco and Petsmart, not expensive.

Cara S.
16 reviews
“I have used this site several times over the last year...”

I have used this site several times over the last year for pet medication and supplies. The site is very convenient. I have been very happy with their products and customer service.

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