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Rob C.
1 review
“Great Experience”

I was skeptical about purchasing a ring "unseen," but it was even better than advertised and appraised for more. I shopped a lot of sites.

Tip for consumers: They are very responsive.

David S.
1 review
“Bought a loose diamond; great transaction”

I bought a loose diamond and their website made it very easy. The filtering allows you to search for very specific criteria and find the perfect stone. There are pictures to see the diamond and access to the certifications allows you to buy with confidence. Shipping was quick and discrete (won't know it's a diamond in there). Fantastic service.

Jason P.
1 review
“I got exactly what I wanted!”

I was shopping for the a very specific wedding band for my fiance and Brilliance delivered! The end result was perfect. I'm happy and most importantly, she's happy.

Benjamin B.
1 review
“Great Selection”

I was nervous at first making such a large purchase online, but the staff and vast selection of brilliance set me at ease. My engagement ring arrived on time and looked as beautiful as ever.

Mel W.
1 review
“Diamond earrings”

What gorgeous earrings, never thought I can afford one full carat Flawless diamonds, but thank you for making that possible. The wife loves it and so do I save me thousands

Sean C.
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Jared G.
1 review
“1.4 Carat”

Good service. Responsive. Delivery took a little longer than planned. Great diamond. She loved it. Used wire transfer.

Martin C.
1 review
“Almost Great”

I contacted Brilliance about a custom ring. Jennifer was very responsive and informative and was able to quote a price that was cheaper than I could find anywhere else. I sent in the design I wanted and they rushed the whole process to produce the ring. I paid extra for overnight shipping as I was working to propose in a short time frame, but unfortunately, there was an issue with Fedex and the ring did not arrive in time. They claimed they made an attempt to deliver and left a note on my front door, but I had multiple people waiting eagerly to receive and sign for the ring. I got an email immediately after the driver said he/she made an attempt and left a note, and this was impossible as I was right there waiting. I have a long and narrow driveway. Nobody came up, nobody left a note. This is the fault of Fedex, and in particular, the driver that lied for who knows what reason.

Why I feel Brilliance ties into this is because Brilliance paid Fedex for the overnight fee, not me. I paid Brilliance. Fedex said they could do nothing for me. I contacted Brilliance to see if I could be refunded the overnight fee, and was met with a rude call by a customer service representative by the name of John. He made it incredibly difficult to even explain my situation as he was constantly interrupting me, and he made it a point to emphasize every time I was wrong, based on the reports he had. Such as when I said the ring was not delivered he cut me off and said loudly he could see on the report from Fedex they made an attempt and delivered the next day. Obviously that is what's on paper. And they did not deliver. I had to go and pick the ring up myself the next day, even though it was already too late. John also barked at me when I said Jennifer quoted me a different time frame had I not paid the overnight fee, saying "WRONG wrong you are 100% incorrect. We would never send you an order that quickly if it was under $2000."

Anyway, to me the most important thing is that I got the ring in the end and I am happy with the actual ring. However, because what I thought would be a simple inquiry about a shipping fee turned into a nasty phone call with someone who I believe should not be in the customer-service industry, I, unfortunately, do not see myself working with Brilliance in the future.

Louis V.
1 review
“Second time around”

This was my second time around, I decided to go with Brilliance. Took about a month looking at different diamonds and finally decided on one. I was so pleased at how beautiful the diamond was and perfect the setting was. The great thing was that their office is about an hour from my house so I was actually able to go pick it up when it was ready, but I wouldn't worry if you have to have it shipped, Great quality and great service.:-)

Adam G.
1 review
“Buy from”

Did a A LOT of shopping online for a stone. won.

You can search for a stone using many criteria - different filters to apply to find the stone you want.

Excellent customer service throughout the process. Was able to talk to a knowledgeable and friendly representative easily.

Ahmad A.
1 review
“Amazing Service And Product!!!”

From start to finish, Briliance staff was very knowledgeable and followed up on the order regularly. The product itself was outstanding and my Wife loved her ring!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


Michael M.
1 review
“Maires Diamonds”

Well I've made several purchases from Brilliance over the past 4 years and I haven't been disappointed at all! First of all, every diamond I purchased when taken to a jeweler the first thing the jeweler said was Wow nice diamonds and then wanted to know what I paid for them. Well I had them appraised and all he could say was "you got a get deal and they are beautiful diamonds with the GIA certs!! Now Ms "J" took great care of me all through the process from answering questions to offering suggestions to getting me exactly;y what I wanted and more importantly what I asked for! She was great. I actually had her again on a second purchase and the results were the same OUTSTANDING! And not to mention the wife was titled pink. happy wife, happy life!

Josh K.
1 review
“Big diamond small price to pay”

Don't be shy... Buy a $5000 diamond online? I would have told you a month ago you were crazy for even thinking something like that.
My mind is changed. Thank you My wife is super happy.

“Great way to find right jewelry that you wont find anywhere else”

Brilliance had an extensive collection of what I was in the market for with top-notch services that a regular retailer did not offer at reasonable cost.
The ring came with certificate that include the details on the quality of the product.

Totally Recommend them

Jenny F.
1 review
“Attentive and responsive service”

I was so pleased to be able to have a diamond specialist help me choose the best diamond for my budget! Would highly recommend for quanity of diamonds to choose from in a range of prices!

Colton H.
1 review
“Great experience”

I liked the prices I saw, but I was still apprehensive about buying a diamond online. The only reason I gave it a shot was because of their 30-day return policy. The diamond I originally ordered was purchased right before my order was completed, so about an hour after I ordered I got a call back and a free upgrade to another diamond selected by their gemologist. Shipping was prompt, and the diamond ended up being appraised for about 150% of what I paid for it :) Highly recommended as long as you can get an independent appraisal done quickly!

cody k.
1 review
“Amazing personso care”

They were so helpful in creating my personal ring. I will be using this company more and referring them to my friends.

Juan L.
1 review
“Exactly what I was hoping for! Beautiful ring and excellent service.”

I worked with Anthony to pick out the perfect diamond that was within my budget. He didn't try to "up-sell", in fact, he even suggested certain diamonds that were less expensive (and higher quality) than the one I had originally picked out. He also was very attentive and responded promptly to my inquiries, which were many. I really appreciate all the work you put in, Anthony. As for the ring it self, my fiance loves it! She shows it off to her friends and I feel that it was the perfect design for her. I would highly recommend because they offer lower prices for the same diamonds that I would find at other "well known" jewelers. In fact, I found the exact same diamond for $800 less on

Barry G.
1 review
“Beautiful ring. So-so Service”

My fiance LOVES her ring and that's all that matters. I was disappointed that the customer service people do not seem to be properly versed in the lifetime warranty, its limits, exclusions, etc. I had to change my setting after ordering because of this, causing a significant unexpected additional expense. Also, I was VERY surprised that there was ZERO follow up to see if I was happy with the purchase. All I keep getting are endless e-mails flooding my mailbox with offers, but not satisfaction survey.

Sammy U.
1 review
“Amazing customer service and a beautiful ring!”

Erin worked with us to find an absolutely stunning stone that is as unique as we are. We were not findin what we were looking for by searching on the site and with in just a few days, Erin found the perfect match! She also gave outstanding advice on the band based on pictures I sent. Once ordered, the stone got caught in customs but some how the AMAZING orders department got the ring to us at the exact perfect time like magic! Thank you thank you thank you!

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