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Breitbart posters think the are commenting on a conservative message board. They aren't. Breitbart is playing their members. You see many conservative posters comment how their post was removed. I tried to post versus taken from the Quran to dispute a Breitbart article and Breitbart would not allow it to be posted.

You will also see many liberal trolls on Breitbart with 20,000 or more comments and Breitbart allows them to attack conservative posters using vulgar language. Breitbart is controlled by Disqus, which is part of Google. That says it all.

1 review
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I preferred the previous phone app format with article titles. Please go back.
An incomplete sentence tells me nothing. I will not waste my brain guessing what the article might be about so I skip it. For a person who used to check Breitbart 3 times a day I am almost totally alienated.
I am looking for another app source of quality conservative news.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Breitbart by far has shut down my voice more than any other news site I've commented on. I have never in my life been doppelganged so badly by people of ill intelligence, only to find that when you try to speak your HONEST TO GOODNESS OPINION, they will not leave up what I post. This has become a very common occurrence. And then when I try to give them feedback, I play a game of website hopping back and forth, only to become frustrated and give up. I can truly say I feel Breitbart is the worst news outlet out there, which is such a shame considering I had high respect for the site at one time. Quite shameful indeed.

Tip for consumers: Just remember Breitbart is just the mirror-image of the mainstream media. It takes a left wing and a right wing for a bird to take flight. Here the bird is known as corruption.

46 reviews
60 helpful votes

There is nothing logical nor legitimate about this website. It is a Steve Bannon propaganda site that exists to shill for Donald Trump. I have fact checked a number o their articles and they are ALL either far-right biased or completely fake. I would avoid this website altogether if I were looking for facts because you will not find them at Breitbart. That's for sure.

1 review
1 helpful vote

You are delusional and do not represent the US with your core values. You are a disgrace to your parents Barron unless of course they were Nazi. You are the worst I have ever witness. You look like a mess every time you make an appearance. Take a shower, get a hair cut,and iron your suit. Your a mess. Go back to your hole. Btw good luck with the elections. You will see how popular you are not.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Crazy alt-right site with ZERO factual articles. Fake news at the core. Most readers are white supremacists, uneducated, deplorables!

3 reviews
22 helpful votes

One of a very few news sites that I trust. The satellite radio station, is excellent as well. I hope that they continue to expand their platform so that a conservative point of view can still be expressed.

9 reviews
31 helpful votes

It's one of the most famous fake news sites online, it pushes right-wing views and makes things up daily. They also banned me from the comments after a couple of days for having an anti-conservative view.

Tip for consumers: You will love it if you like fake news and cenorship

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

If I wanted to drive through Charlottesville Va on the day the Ohio militia chose to protest the removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee, Breitbart News would have been worse than useless.

About the only provision of the Constitution an Alt-Right supporter bothers to read is the 2nd Ammendment, and for them, this is a means to an end. The oath of office the politicians they support will be perjury. The only freedom of speech they support is their own. The only freedom of religion they support is also their own, but what they believe in is a real mixed bag of assorted and select ignorance.

This is what happened to the segregationist politicians of the former Confederacy. Same folks that hiss at folks taking a knee to the national anthem or burning the American flag, but take no notice at all of Alt-Right cult members who raise the flag of the Confederacy (a foreign flag of treason) over state houses or anywhere else on American soil.

3 reviews
11 helpful votes

Obviously Breitbart is a conservative leaning news organization but they appear to look at two sides of an issue and label opinion as such. They are my first stop.

73 reviews
97 helpful votes

My impression is that's a click bait site with opinion pieces disguised as news. Even as a conservative, I don't get it why to visit this site more than once. It's worse than NaturalNews and Alex Jones because their articles are at least more entertaining (yet still kind of fake LOL).

My final note: I was bored, got curious, stopped by and got bored again.

4 reviews
18 helpful votes

With Wikileaks exposing most of the Main Stream Media as working towards Clinton winning the election and getting debate questions directly from the DNC, Breitbart is a breath of fresh air. Obviously biased towards the conservative side, it still manages to show stories that aren't necessarily favorable to Republicans. The rest of the MSM is rabidly anti-Trump and have stepped beyond Fox's former extreme bias into the territory of purely fake news and fictitious stories with no references or sources.

1 review
6 helpful votes

I occasionally pop over to Breitbart just to keep tabs on the other side of the news. It's articles never cease to both amaze and baffle me. At my most open minded state I just can't see how anyone could write or publish such hate mongering articles. I'm neither right nor left, but can't subscribe to the pure toxicity of both the published works or the comments by readers. Going through any websites comment section is probably a bad idea, but the levels of hate and discontent on this "news" site is astonishing.

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Your pop up ad box is way too large and very, very hard to close easily. Good site, but ads are too demanding. Fix these annoyances and you will lose fewer readers. Thx!

1 review
10 helpful votes

Extremely poor quality journalism that lacks even a hint of objectivity. Writers lack talent and ability to exhibit basic rules of journalistic integrity. Breitbart is a very poor source of information. Best for readers looking to read fiction.

7 reviews
10 helpful votes

Right wing mind control. Quality mind control propaganda at it's best! They will spin stories so far to the right it borderlines a religious police state bordering KKK.

I think they are a paid government ops to make anybody who questions them a white racist as they only allow the extremist comments to show up.

The only positive side is that it is one of a few sites left that hasn't jumped to the dumb tablet UI which those sites look AWFUL on a computer with a large monitor.

1 review
10 helpful votes

Report on Clinton Foundation spending not just inaccurate, but outright lie. You've got to actually read the tax filings form 990, which these people obviousy never have.

1 review
10 helpful votes

How can anything think this website is legit.After ACORN was proven to be a bull$#*! story... that point on no serious person should think Breitbart serious.

2 reviews
22 helpful votes

They're willing to share all details of the election, Hollywood, and henceforth. No cover ups or anything. They report all, and all without bias. Love them.

2 reviews
16 helpful votes

....But the center has shifted left. If you're growing tired of being labeled a racist, sexist, misogynist when you disagree with our inept government policies and attitudes it might be time to read Breitbart.

1 review
13 helpful votes

This white right wing tabloid hides it's racist and sexist views behind the fake front of "news" and American free speech. Then it asks for comments, but will not publish and will ban anyone from the public that disagrees with them or show that they are wrong. Their real name should be The White Supremacist Breitbart News. They totally abuse the American system.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Boyle is destroying the flow of breitbarts past year of outstanding success. No quality control of his roughshod referring back to IIII ME ME ME . Stuttering interupting callers before they say their piece. Constantly interupting w examples of HIMSELF. As if he needs self approval continuously . I quit listening the Weekly morning show. And the weekend show are excruciating to experience. What the hell is going on w mgmnt there.
IS BREITBART FINISHED?????????????????????????????

1 review
2 helpful votes

Breitbart has been betrayed by new management.

11 reviews
28 helpful votes

The Breitbart family of news sites presents news and analysis with a right of center world view. The site's readership trends towards a more conservative or libertarian population. Article commentators, for the most part, are decidedly proletarian, giving less than a congenial reception to others who espouse left of center views.

The site is well laid out and easy to navigate, intuitive and easy to use. It won't win any beauty contests but it does accomplish its intended purpose and satisfies its target audience.

SandDab D.
147 reviews
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News agencies are either Zionist or anti-Zionist, anti-Communist or Communist, or Republican/Democrat, but each set of perceived 'opposites' are actually one entity playing a game on the rest of us. That's our Hegelian Dialectic. Breitbart gets 3 stars because one is most likely just going to get irritated. Ruin your day. Usually won't learn anything, unless you do your own re-search on the article. Some can lead to 'secrets,' if one works for them. Have no problem with the idea of Zionism and believe Israelis should be left alone. Some EL-ites went too far, has nothing to do with Israeli citizens.

Consider this Shapiro article, where he says "Reform Jews are not Jews." What does that mean?

Upon a little digging, turns out the Sephardi have the opinion that the Ashkenazi are 'white privileged' because of their lighter skin (perhaps where that whole 'white privilege thing started? As an attack on the Ashkenazi? - Valerie J., can you answer)? Yes, Ms. Jarret knows. Check out the opinion of the 2nd guy down, a Sephardi who VERY CASUALLY calls out Ashkenazis for 'white privilege.' Research on this leads to all kinds of claims between the various groups, including genocide. Eventually, one even finds the claim the Sephardi Venice financed the destruction of Ashkenazi Christian Byzantine Turkey (even a recent article that Putin wants it back, Constantinople, see the Saint Kosmas prophecy). In fairness, there are Sephardi claims of massive corruption in Byzantium under the Ashkenazi leadership. We don't know the truth and need to.

The Doenmeh, that took over Turkey in the early 20th century, are/were Sephardi. Anytime any of these so-called prophecies make the rounds, they become more real. Some define 'words' as matter. Things exist as 'matter' as soon as they are spoken. For Russians, this 'prophecy' is exciting news and won't be forgotten. Bad news for the Turks and Europe if so. Russia takes over with Obama's help? Of course, it's all CFR-determined, not by these jokers. Still no answers from my Representative on these things. Lots of possibilities with no answers, all we get is that 'funny' Press/Correspondents din din with the Cool Prez, where they were laughing it up on the 'drone strikes.' Can't make this stuff up.

Probably many of the 'invaders' into Europe today are Doenmeh-directed, working for someone. (Check the Biblesearchers website for more info on that, compare with Boiling Frogs.) Lot of displacement is perhaps coming. So, Doenmeh on the US southern border and Doenmeh on Europe's southern border. Trippy stuff. Fireworks for all?

Rabbi Antelman says the divisions in religions came about through Frankism - and as other reviewed sources say, all religions got nailed. Rome and the Bankers are above Frankism, all are written as Sephardi anyways.

Also, look for the article by Joel Pollack and the French Revolution where he name drops the Jacobin Clubs and then quickly jumps out. Research a little on your own leads back to the Sephardi Bankers, same as Shapiro's article above. Just don't think these guys can come out and write about the 'secret dealings.' The 'Veil of Isis' material says they'll get 'whacked' for talking if they got the info through the secret society or a few other ways. These dudes are young, likely got the info from family, which can't be unveiled. If they got the info otherwise, can't be touched - so it goes.

Notice how Shapiro jumped off the Breitbart and Trump ship? Ben's articles didn't seem anti-Trump, then pow, all of a sudden. Sephardi vs Askenazi differences? Getting involved in scam hoaxes? Trump isn't Jewish, but his pop was German Ashkenazi and his family has obvious and many associations. His mom's line is said to be Nordic, so more whiteness to dislike. IMHO, these guys don't really take sides - above it, probably part of it.

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