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Now that all the social media sites are consolidated, they feel like they can do whatever they want. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Tiktok, censor you like crazy. With Instagram, they have some sort of a filter that absolutely prevents you from using insults on anyone, or even MENTION the word, even if it's used in some other context that isn't in an argument. I mean, remember when these sites were cool and catered to younger people who were open-minded? Now I feel like my kindergarten teachers are running these sites, whacking my hand with a ruler every time I didn't follow their every rule. It's just getting old now. It's not just these sites, just about every message board does not want you to get into an argument. If you do, it's started by some troll who gets away with what they did while you get banned.

Never thought the internet would get lame, but it's gotten there. I just want to speak my mind without someone banning me for having an argument. Maybe these sites need to move away from San Francisco, I don't know. It's just out of control.


I've been on Tiktok almost a year now, and it's sad to see that it's another app/social media site with an out of control automod. They all work the same way. I'm not even really certain it's political. You get into an argument on the site. Quite often, it's with someone who is really dumb, maybe even a bit slow. But you don't know that. Had an argument with a few people who didn't think the NY Post was conservative. I mean... a simple Google search would tell you this within the first few search results. It's not up for debate. They chose to fight me about it.

Bang, got my comment reviewed and was barred from posting, like clockwork, even though I was right. These sites are basically rewarding ignorance with automod. I had no way of appealing. I mean, this is just a terrible way to run a business. If you want to ban someone for having an argument, they're just going to go somewhere else and stay there. This is pretty much what happened to me with Facebook. I just have largely abandoned the site. Same for IMDB.

Banning people needs to be reserved for spammers, stalkers, people who commit crimes, etc. It should not target people who win arguments provided by evidence! I've even seen people on Tiktok with innocent, girly tiktoks or innocent hobby toks get lives suspended or shadowbanned/banned outright because someone didn't like something they said and reported them a bunch.

I mean, if you're doing this because of the government, just stop. It doesn't work and it's ruining your sites. Who cares what Merkel says, she and other world leaders who want to treat social media like a kindergarten class need to grow up.


Moderation honestly isn't hard. You basically just remove posts that are illegal, promote racial superiority, cults, fake news, misinformation that is easily proven false, stuff like that.

Facebook does not want you criticize or insult anyone. Period. Many message board and social media sites are like that. You are just supposed to be an automaton who nods yes to everything. Seriously. It's rather disturbing because this is the sort of behavior cults and tyrannies engage in. You SHOULD be able to criticize someone. You SHOULD be able to disagree with someone's opinion and provide your evidence.

What a lot of these sites are basically turning into are idiocracies. I've even seen doctors and nurses on Tiktok, another app, but still, the same thing applies, getting shadowbanned or suspended for trying to educate COVID hoaxers.

I mean, I got another 30 day ban for calling some guy "trash" because he was some scummy loan processor who said teachers were underpaid. It's a long story, but he was being a jerk trying to flex. Banned for 30 days. I like the site, but it has a bit of a monopoly and social media and it knows it, so it takes advantage. I'm using Tiktok more. They're not moderating regular users as much, but content creators seem to be getting pushed around there, and it sucks. I know Tiktok will get abusive moderation soon, but I'm spending more time over there for the time being.


Absolutely scary channel. Examples of hypocrisy are downright easy to find and blatant. It's worse than Fox. Much worse. Fox was never even bad. I lived somewhere liberal. Everything Fox says about the left is true. MSNBC comes off as a total propaganda network. They're not the good guys. I mean, they even advocate removing politicians from office and cancelling anyone who doesn't agree with the left. I never heard Fox EVER advocate anything like that.

I really think it's time big money in this country started cutting Silicon Valley and the Pacific Northwest down to size. They've gotten way too powerful. Even the Communist Chinese don't like them. The best thing to do would be to slowly move these companies to other states because for whatever reason, the local weirdo culture of the Left Coast cities slowly infiltrates these companies and ruins them. Governments in different countries are already taking steps to reduce their power and it's long overdue. I won't lie, Facebook, Google, reddit, Yahoo, were all fun to use at the very beginning, back in the nineties and 2000s. Over time, when they didn't have anymore competition, they started to try to suppress conservative views and push liberal views. They showed their true colors. No one's buying it! They just refuse to get it.

Everyone I know is getting banned by these sites. How are they staying in business? It really sucks. If someone could create a message board and social media site where the mods stay out of your business unless you're breaking the law, that would be awesome. Seriously.


Kind of liked this site until COVID happened. All the wacky COVID conspiracists came out and the site went downhill. I mean, some of these guys were just insane, with posts beyond easy to refute. One even told me Australia couldn't even handle COVID in spite of wearing masks, socially distancing and locking down, which was easily countered by a few links laughably proving how ignorant he was.

That's what I had to deal with on this site. I basically got ganged up on and while defending myself, the mod joined in and threatened to ban me. I know, 100% of the time, once that happens, you're getting banned anyways, so I let loose on him.

The site is basically deserted. On the front page, most posts have less than 10 responses, and 10 is a fantastic response there. I barely went on there, but the site had so much promise, it's a shame. I think a lot of posters deserted earlier but I was swamped with work so I didn't have the time to pay attention.


Getting really tired of these fascist Bay Area, West Coast tech companies censoring comments they don't like. These sites started off really cool at first back in the 2000s. There was little moderation, if any, they wanted you to use their site and have fun. Sometime around like 2012, 2013, things started to change, and moderation at these sites got really ridiculous. They value stupid people more than they value intelligent people, especially those who work. If you get into an argument and tell off someone who doesn't have their facts straight, you get punished for it. I've run into some really stupid people who didn't have their facts together. Lay the evidence on them and tell them off, and not long after, you get banned. I feel like I'm in Kindergarten.

The major problem with many of these sites is that when they realize they have no competition, the power gets to their heads and they feel like they can decide what you're allowed to say. The anti-masker stuff is proven wrong and stupid, I don't have a problem with that stuff being removed. Problem is, notorious anti-maskers and COVID hoaxers are allowed to remain on Youtube and Facebook, like Clay Travis and Outkick, but if you criticize politically correct nonsense, they ban you. They basically punish you by banning you without warning, taking all your subs and friends down with it, not even offering you a chance to get a copy. All because you didn't appeal to their liberal, "let's all be friends" San Francisco baloney.

Many of these sites treat their content creators even worse. You will hear decent guys complain all the time that their videos were demonetized. It's just silly. They have no competition and get away with murder. It really is time for Congress and Anti-trust to do something about it. And for the love of God, get these tech firms out of the Bay Area. The area is a big part of the reason the moderation at these sites is so weird.


You can't criticize anything that's "woke" or your reviews will get removed. That's a total joke. The PC nonsense has gotten out of hand. The backlash to this is growing and people are not afraid to question it anymore. What's worse too is how one-sided it is.


ESPN has a serious problem when it comes to pushing politics in their programming. Not only do people not want to hear it, they push political views that only the uninformed and the fringe would accept, and they try to make it seem like it's the norm. They're really looking to start a huge row with their viewers when the sports seasons resume and I just don't know why they're going to do that, especially when they know better.

Maybe it's time to get rid of the Ivy League leftists and find people who want to talk about sports, that's just a thought. It seems like a lot of their reporters are bitter about not getting a job with regular news media outlets and are using ESPN to audition for those positions. It's getting nutty now.


All TMZ did was try to put out story after story to make the riots worse and eventually, people got tired of it and started calling out their hypocrisy. The Karen stories started getting really bad and hypocritical too. The comments were overwhelming against TMZ and their reporting and unsurprisingly, they eliminated the comments and presumably will move to a system like The Verge, Engadget, Reddit and Facebook and only only liberal points of view to be heard. It's always funny, the left always talks about "open dialogue" and "conversations", but only as long as it's about things they agree with. No surprise, nothing ever gets fixed when they're in charge.

They will now get 10 comments a story and pass it off like it's the will of the people. Not sure who they are fooling.


Yeah, Evan Perez and Jason Hoffman wrote an absurd article stating Trump's declaration that Antifa was a terrorist organization was "unconstitutional", claimed the extreme right-wing was behind some of the rioting(false). The press really needs to be cleaned up of some of the immature, juvenile staff they have. No one is fooled by them anymore. Hint, do some quick research of the writers to find out what they're really about before taking them seriously.


Who hasn't gone through this song and dance before?

You go to sell an item on ebay, and usually, it's always the popular stuff that gets the worst buyers. You get a large amount for your item and think, "Great, that's out of the way." Then the buyer, probably some 14-year-old kid or deadbeat, either refuses to pay or wants to wait until payday. So you're waiting a week or so to get payment from some dirtbag because you just don't know if he will come up with the money and you have to give them the product.

Amazon doesn't work like this. Wal-Mart doesn't work like this. Best Buy doesn't work like this. Craiglist doesn't work like this. I just can't understand how someone who bid on an item and won doesn't have the money come out of their account away. That's just ridiculous. Worse yet, they basically have no competition so they can get away with this.

I will try to sell my used stuff on Amazon from now on, to be honest.


Tried to write a review for two of their Prime Original TV shows that were negative and not only did they find an excuse not to post it, they then BANNED me from ever posting another one. So basically you can't trust the reviews on here, which is a shame. They lure you in the first season and then drastically cut the budget next season as a bait and switch. Terrible way to produce TV shows.


Of course, Amazon has to ruin everything they get their hands on. Box Office Mojo used to be a great site. I think IMDB and Amazon owned it before, but I think a few months ago, the whole site design changed for the worst. Was looking at box office information for Star Wars Rise of Skywalker and it was just unusable. All the franchise comparison information is now locked behind IMDB pro and much of what you could find on the site is probably easier to find on Google search.

Not sure why they are doing this other than out of pure greed. I used to love this site, now I don't ever go on it again. What a shame.


Exasperating to read. If you make a colloquialism that insinuates any kind of an insult towards a sexual orientation or race, they act like it was a war crime. Seinfeld pretty much complains about not being able to do college shows anymore because the students are completely indoctrinated with the "woke" nonsense and it makes it almost impossible to make anyone laugh anymore. So in the Dana Carvey episode of "Comedians in Cars Drinking Coffee", he set a trap, in my opinion, having Dana Carvey play the guitar somewhere in Hollywood at a store and makes what some would perceive to be a homophobic comment. Predictably, in their review, Eater lost their mind and jumped all over him for every instance in the season he used the term. All because it was some fun banter between him and Carvey. Then like your typical Marxists, they took offense to Lavazza and their product placement.

It's sad, this site feels like they're shaming Seinfeld but in reality, they're embarrassing themselves. Did the parents of these writers ever tell them at some point to get over themselves and quit whining like mine did? It's ridiculous.

There are much better sites out there, thankfully. Avoid this one.


I used to like coming here, even if the pro-gun nonsense was ridiculous. I could discuss things freely here that I couldn't do so on other sites. Then one day, I was banned immediately after talking to another poster that was a black conservative. As usual for these dot-coms, any request for information regarding my banning was ignored. It's just another lame high school lunch table board run by brats who ban you because you looked at them the wrong way. The internet used to be great until the punks running these boards let the power get to their heads. Even Breitbart is getting in on the ban happy game. It's a shame. The people running these boards don't realize that the more people you ban, the faster you turn your site into a graveyard when posters stop going. Same thing happened to RealGM. It makes no sense.


Am I tired of the SJW nonsense on ESPN, Deadspin, SB Nation and most major spors media? Yes, absolutely.

Barstool on the other hand is the other extreme. It's a major step backward. It's where sports reporting shouldn't go. It's trashy. Look at the front page of the website, it's a hot mess.

I'm a minority. I consider myself fairly conservative, but I don't feel welcome looking at Barstool's content. Where are the minorities on this site? I hate using this term, but the whole channel is totally "white privilege."

I just don't even know how people can find this entertaining. I am listening to the founder's story on HBO and it's very clear he came from money to be able to get all this started, and he acts like it. Worst of all, the whole enterprise is out of Boston, which is strike three from me.

If everyone could just come back to the center in sports reporting, that would be great. Just being honest.


The Verge and Engadget's corporate overlords must have reined in the political nonsense. Normally, during riots or protests like this, their entire page would be filled with articles about it. Today, I think The Verge has one story and Engadget has none, as far as I've seen. The Verge, naturally, had to editorialize their story and accuse the police of being "militarized" and "occupying America." I don't like the cops either but I'm not a baby about it and I don't use a tech blog to whine about it. I also recognize that they have a job to do and know the US can't be an anarchy like some left-wing groups childishly want it to be.

Sure enough too, they eliminated the comments even though they claim to speak for the people, whenever anyone doesn't agree with them, they don't want to let them be heard.

Please take the tech companies out of the Bay Area. I feel like this is the biggest problem with them.


So after the New Zealand shooting, Reddit, like the rest of Big Tech, has decided what we can see and what we can't see. I guess yesterday, all the gore and death subreddits went bye-bye. This site is so afraid of its own shadow, it isn't funny. Sad to see it sink into oblivion. I've been banned by this site and pretty much, if you go against the hive mind, you are getting banned. It's pathetic. There's no point even commenting on here, most of the posters are being paid by companies or are ignorant teenagers. They're not fooling anyone.


It was a great site while it lasted. Unfortunately, the white supremacist nonsense started getting really overbearing. It doesn't help that most are pro-gun nuts too. I'm fine with them expressing their second amendment beliefs but after the umpteenth ignorant post about keeping Europe and America "pure", bashing interracial marriage and advocating violence, I had enough and left. Most of the posters seemed like they were teenagers getting their angst out.

They have a hard time getting funding, and in spite of my best efforts to encourage users to curb their bad behavior to get the site taken more seriously, I failed. Not much else I can do. I would not be shocked to see it disappear one day. It's time for it to go.


Anyone normal who has socialized properly growing up knows that when you call someone a "Nazi", it means they are basically an uptight jerk. I used this a couple times in a review of mine along with calling the business a concentration camp, which it was. Four years after the fact, Yelp deleted this review, claiming it was culturally insensitive.

I deleted my account. This was such an affront to everything I believe in. It was not racist or bigoted in any way. Their reasons to delete the review were such a stretch, I could not feel compelled to do anything with that site anymore. It was just pure stupidity. I will not encourage this wave of PC nonsense that is going on anymore. It's a cult. It's only going to get worse if people do not stand up to it. Wow.

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