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77 Reviews by Rodrigo

I had a complicated task recently (Make-an-Argument analytic writing task) and I needed a writer who really knows the topic profoundly. I gave my necessary info and instructions, and the task was done promptly. I did not check it attentively, and my professor admitted that it was quite general, without depth, so I got a B. Yet, I do not regret the try! It was a helpful service to me. The class I needed the paper for was just an elective and I had to earn money but didn't want my grade average to go downhill. I hope I won't need that kind of service a lot but I'm relieved I can rely on it when urgently needed.
I didn't have to wait long for the renovation of my bathroom. The new sink and shower were neatly installed. The workers left no mess behind and cleaned up everything. They also were very considerate and wore masks all the time in order not to spread COVID. My bathroom looks like new again and I didn't spend a fortune for the excellent service I received.
Update 2019-09-05: After months I got an email with an Amazon gift card code that's already been used. That shows they not only scam survey taker, they have to joke about it too.

Here's my experience with Surveytime: I used to be a GiftHulk user but this site closed and instead Surveytime comes along sending me a couple of emails and telling me that there's no minimal payout. Yet, before I could take my first survey, I had to answer many profile questions. After 30 minutes, I took my first survey and it took me about another 30 minutes.so, it took me roughly an hour. At least, so I thought, I don't have to wait for the payout. Indeed, I got offered a meager $1 for Amazon, Target or Walmart. Oh wait, it now asks me for my mobile number in order to cash out that lousy dollar. I entered my number, received a text with a PIN which I promptly entered. "Finally," I thought I would get my "way below minimum wage" payment. Nope, it looks that Survey(Scam)Time is so stingy, those scammers won't even pay out one buck. That's the email I got from this dirt cheap thugs: "Account didn't pass security checks and was flagged." What security checks?! I just signed up, logged in with my Google account, entered my mobile number, my personal information. The kicker is I still get survey invitations from these penny stealers.

I have been with lots of survey companies and many don't pay much but at least I get some items to test and keep. That's the first time I experience such BS.

My tip: Filter their emails to your Junk folder. That's what SurveyTime is.

Tip for consumers: Wastes your time, emails from them belong to the Junk folder! Update: they may generously send you an already redeemed gift card code, those low-life thugs

The app is awesome for chat and group conversations and I can even back up my whole chat history on desktop. Yet, it removed payment functionality for US people (need to have linked Chinese bank) so now I'm just using it for chat. If I could use it to receive and send payments again, it would be 5 stars for sure
I'm glad I recently discovered Fontana Showers. I wasn't sure at first if I can trust that company but I could find a review here on Sitejabber. And indeed, the customer service is as good as described by this fellow Sitejabber reviewer. I had a complicated set up for my new shower and customer service could help me find all the rights parts and gave me detailed instructions. They truly stand behind their products.
Recently, I ordered nebulizer attachments and filters. I bought it from that company as it is one of the few online medical equipment retailers that sells replacement parts for my Dynarex. I figured it's cheaper for me paying out of pocket and than using a provider approved by my insurance In all happy with my service.
A few weeks ago, I learned about Circle.com and its app. It offers free payments among friends and even free overseas payments. There is also a $5 bonus for signing up through a referral. So, I signed up but initially didn't use it much except for a small sum I transferred to a friend. Little did I know that a little money would alarm Circle. It began to ask me for my ID and a selfie. I provided that but then got a message that after a "careful" review my account got closed. And indeed, when I logged into my account, I could only see my profile pic, a message that my account is closed and worse, I didn't know what happened to my payment. I asked my friend if she got it. She didn't. I checked with my bank and see it's no more pending. So, Circle closed my account and kept my money. Fortunately, I got my money back but not after a week long struggle. Really, that company is a Circle of scammers you better stay away from.

PS: My friend's account got closed too but she says after

Tip for consumers: Don't even try it for the $5 bonus as you will lose a lot of time to recoup your funds. I recommend Zelle as an alternative.

Careful, if you did business with Gyft in the past and had a good experience and haven't used it for a long time, I want to warn you that the Gyft of today is totally different from the one a 2 or 3 years ago. It's slow, unreliable and it kept my money on hold for almost a week even though I did quite a few orders with that now lousy company. Worse is that one payment got even declined and customer service is harder to reach than a treasure somewhere hidden deep in the jungle. No thanks, with so many companies selling gift cards, I do not recommend Gyft any more. It's way faster to buy a good old plastic gift card.

Tip for consumers: Do you need a gift card fast, look somewhere else or go to a store. It looks like Gyft is using now dial-up modems.

I like it offers many superfoods at affordable prices. I'm paying bulk prices but don't have to buy bulk quantity. The shipping is free and I get my order fast. I bought several times and had no issues.
I like that Petco offers return delivery service. It's convenient and I get a nice discount. However, it doesn't always honor price matches. So, I left my feedback on the website. One day later, I received an unexpected call from Petco apologizing it didn't offer me the price match. In turn, I got $20 worth of points I gladly used for a new order. So, after all it wasn't bad after all for me.
Honestly, there's not much to say about Earn.com. It's very clear what to do. Fill out your profile as complete as possible. Share your social media accounts and tell your interests. Then you get invitations to answer emails for which you get paid at least $1 in Bitcoin.

You may say just $1 yet it takes less than a minute. Last week, I got 8 invitations and earned $10 in less than 3 minutes. Last month, I earned $60 and this month I accumulated $48 so far. Even better, there's no minimum cashout. So, Earn.com is like a hidden treasure as you spend very little time and get your earnings immediately after you finished your short task.

In case, you're new to bitcoin, there are now stores that do accept Bitcoins like Gyft, Microsoft store, Overstock.com and the Bitpay wallet exchanges your Bitcoin into Amazon gift cards instantly.

Tip for consumers: Fill out your profile as much as you can and join every mailing list you qualify to get lots of earning opportunities.

I've been a user of GnuCash for a long time. There are many features I like about this program and as it can import common formats of other accounting software like Quicken, the migration is not that hard. However, GnuCash uses strict accounting language and certain terms you are very familiar may have the opposite meaning. If you're an accounting specialist, then it's no problem. I had to get used to that and I recommend to first read the user guide. It's clear and easy to follow.

The interface looks a bit dated but it works and only crashed once. You may need to install Strawberry Perl to get additional features like automatic exchange rate updates and similar but it's worth it.

Tip for consumers: Become familiar first with the usage of this program before you start using it seriously. It's not for everybody and it doesn't like newbies.

Newegg is my go-to source to build custom systems and where I got all parts for my Debian server. Generous rebates combined with Premier and cashback, I get the best value of computer parts. On Amazon I barely can earn cashback.
I use Venmo on a daily basis almost. It's a convenient way to share a bill among friends. It's kind of social media for finances as I can like my friends transactions as well (if they are set to public). I don't like much that PayPal is behind this company but so far it's working smoothly. Yet, I wouldn't recommend to transfer large amounts of money, I limit to around $100, as it isn't bank.
I've been a customer since WaMu went out of business and my account got transferred into a Chase account. The service is excellent and the mobile apps work great. I can deposit checks via the app and so save many trips to the bank. One thing I don't like that much are the fees for incoming wire fees. WaMu didn't charge and outgoing wire fees were very low, even for foreign wires.

Tip for consumers: Use the Chase app for banking, it's fast and very convenient.

I've been using Cash.me (formerl Square Cash) for a while and I haven't had any negative experience with it. It's ideal to send money among friends or pay people you know for lunch etc. The feature I like most is that I can set it up that payments get transferred to my bank account immediately so I don't even have to log in to get my money into my bank. In all, it's an uncomplicated payment app which works well as mobile app and on any browser. Oh, and the Cash.me app has a nice notification sound of falling coins when you get a payment. Love it!
As I'm a lover of Tempeh but don't want to shell out big bucks at my local grocery store, I began looking for a reasonably priced starter culture. I know there is Culture of Health and similar sites but they're expensive too if you consume tempeh regularly. So, I tried to find a seller that offers original ragi tempeh culture from Indonesia. Fortunately, there are a few and they sell the culture very inexpensive. I decided to try my luck on Tempehstarterstore.com. The website is very simply designed, has contact information and a blog entry on how to make tempeh. On the other hand, the pages load instantly. So, I ordered 500gm (slightly over a pound) of tempeh starter culture. Fast forward almost 3 weeks, my culture arrived finally. It was tightly wrapped and the culture was double bagged. What I like is that the seller includes a "phytosanitary certificate" by the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture. I am not an expert but it looks legit and makes me feel confident the starter culture is safe to use. I compared it to certificates posted online and it looks real. I included a photo of the certificate in my review.

Alright, the starter culture works and produces wonderfully tasty tempeh, no matter what bean I throw at it :) I thought to give the store 4 stars because of the slow shipping but the starter culture works so well, I changed my mind and gave 5 stars. It's really worth the wait. The quality is excellent and the price is very low, so I can't complain about the shipping. Just keep in mind it takes up to 3 weeks for the culture to arrive.

Tip for consumers: Order well ahead before you run out of culture. Consider ordering in winter and freeze culture to extend shelf life.

I made a few orders with this company and I think it's safe to say Food to Live provides excellent customer service. My orders arrived promptly and my maca powder tastes very fresh. And customer service responds fast.
I buy mostly cables and wires from Monoprice because I couldn't find them cheaper elsewhere and at such a good quality
I bought a BP monitor last year and recently an oximeter. Both work reliably and provide me accurate results which are most of the time identical to my doctor's. So I know Gurin products are accurate. I haven't had any issues so far with any of my 2 products from Gurin. I definitely will buy again from this merchant.

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