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1 review
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Yesterday, I placed an online order at I went through the checkout process, put in my card, received a confirmation page (didn't have time to write down the number, thinking I'd get a confirmation email), and saw that the money was deducted from my account. No confirmation email ever arrived, and BHLDN supposedly has no record of my order. I told them that I had proof that my card was charged, and they said that cannot be the case. Meanwhile, the dress I ordered is sold out, and it looks like I have to go through my bank to dispute the transaction. BTW, here is a screenshot to prove that my account was charged for $316.35.

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Ordered 6 ties on April 27th for my wedding that is June 8th. 3 ties came in 6 days later and when I checked on the others it said they were on back order until May 23rd. I DIDN'T know this before I purchased them. I waited until that day and inquired about them. They said they were pushed back until May 30th. I called on the 31st and they said they were pushed back until the 6th of June. When I asked if they could overnight ship them so I could use them in my wedding, I was told just to cancel the order because it wouldn't be there in time. So a week before my wedding, me and my father & father in law will not have the ties we wanted. It's a damn shame. The WORST company to purchase anything from. I would avoid this company like the plague.

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I loved my experience at this store and this review is not a reflection of the store or of the dresses, rather a review of my experience attempting to exchange my dress for a different size. My story is that I found a dress I LOVE, with the help of very friendly staff, however I was just barely mis-sized. When I called to order a size up one week after I received the dress and firmly within the 30-day return window, I was told the dress had been discontinued so that it was not possible for me to order another size. Well, to my surprise, the dress popped up again on the BHLDN website available in ALL sizes recently (at this point, it has been about two months from the purchase date and from the time I attempted to exchange the dress the first time). When I called to request an exception, I was told that no one, including management, had the power to override their return policy... and my story was questioned, which felt terrible. My only option at this time is to return the dress and hope for an exception and also hope they mail it back without penalty if that exception is not granted. Bottom line: it may be helpful to ask them for a name whenever you talk with someone on their customer service line (per management today, they will only give you their first name and last initial, but this may be worth it just to have proof, as that seems important), to talk with multiple people if you are trying to return an item within the window and are told you cannot for ANY reason, and/or to go the paper trail route via email. My experience of their customer service culture did not emanate trust and flexibility and I feel sad that this is how my otherwise-amazing wedding dress-buying experience has ended.

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Returned a very expensive dress almost TWO MONTHS ago and still have not received my refund. Email EIGHT times and each rep has something new to say. Not helpful at all. Beyond disappointed a company like this would have such a terrible return process.

1 review
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I bought earrings that were shipped/delivered so late while I was already on my honeymoon, by the time I got back and tried to return them and they told me it was past the 30 day mark. Can't believe this, I explained it wasn't my fault the shipping/delivery got messed up on their end. Supervisor was so rude on the phone! Stuck with the low quality earrings that were way overpriced. Never shopping here again. Disappointed and frustrated.

16 reviews
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The description of the pearls were way off.
It's a good thing they were not for a wedding.
I ordered earrings. They were huge 10 balls with
long stems and ugly. Definitely not as described nor
do they look as in the picture.
I couldn't believe it.
They covered the entire ear.
So disappointed I was and are.
Sent back ASAP. Most companies give the refund
right away. Instead I was being stalled with the
refund. It took no time to take the money out, but to
get back a refund to purchase another pair through
another company? I was told it would be three
weeks later. Bad Business. It's a good thing I didn't
rely on these earrings for a wedding.
Over priced and no regard to the satisfaction to their

1 review
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I bought a dress online that was on sale for $220 I tried it on and didn't fit right so I returned it. In order to get your money back you have to wait 2-3 weeks and when I received the credit BHLDN deducted $75 and it only said Smart Label Fee.
I emailed customer service and they advised dress wasn't returned in its original condition. So I called them and customer service and they weren't sure on the specific issue why BHLDN was charging $75. I had to wait another 48 hours BHLDN to email me again saying that dress needed cleaning or repair before being restocked. I then call BHLDN and they advised that they found a hair on the dress but they couldn't provide proof. I had this dress with me for only 3 days and has caused me such a headache just because of single hair was on the dress when I returned it which I can't get a proof of.
Overall the service is have to wait 2-3 weeks to get your credit back, it took them almost a week to verify what was the issue with the dress and if there is an issue they are very vague with their explanations.
I will not shop anything for my wedding or future weddings I attend to from BHLDN.

1 review
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I did not have a good experience at BHLDN. I was not thrilled with the customer service because I felt rushed at the end of my appointment and pretty much pushed to the side. Regardless, I ended up ordering the wedding dress I wanted in the store and was assured it was an easy and full proof process. After waiting 2 months for my dress (they said it was on back order) IT NEVER CAME! I called to follow up a week after the "back order date," and was told it would ship in 24-48 hours. It didn't. Called back again, was told the dress was damaged and they would not sell it to me, but that I could pick something else for 30% off. I went online to look over the other dresses to see if that was something I would be interested in... and online it showed that my first choice dress was in stock. Called back the customer service line, got a different representative, and they said it was in stock and that they would overnight ship it to me. So I gave them my credit card again and placed the order again. And guess what, surprise, it never came. I panicked and went and found another dress at a local Seattle shop, beautiful and off the sale rack, that I was able to take home that day. Called BHLDN to cancel the order, since it hadn't even shipped yet, so no problem there. Blame the call center, blame the warehouse, blame whoever--the whole experience was bad and their communication in store and on the phone is not what you need when wedding dress shopping.

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Some styles and sizes sell out quickly, and are then discontinued. When bridesmaids are given the instruction to choose from 6-8 styles (in a particular color), there is a hope that each can find a style that fits their body type. In our case, two styles sold out within the first month of the shopping window, others sold out in particular sizes. If you are uncomfortable with a neckline shares far more of you body than you wanted to expose to family and friends you are out of luck for this wedding! Being told that a size 14 can be altered into a 10 is not so helpful (maybe the $280 dress, with $200 worth of alterations would work, but no promises there, right?). Not even a dress a different color in the store to try one on! What now? Tell the bride you can't be in her wedding, or ask her for the okay to wear a dress from a different designer? Brides beware : you don't really want to put your best girls through this stress, do you? Go with one of those designers that make each dress in 50 colors! By the way, customer service is not so great either. Order something to try on at home and "easy returns".... not so much. Tried that and they say they never got it... Not so confident about trying that again.
This was supposed to be fun....

1 review
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You get charged a $75 restocking fee if you return your dress. Do not order from this company! I returned my dress in perfect condition 5 days after receiving it-tags on and everything. $75 fee. Ridiculous.

1 review
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I cam in the BLHDN to find a wedding dress, and I did! I found the perfect dress, and the lady helping me out informed me that there were only four dresses of this style left, so I needed to order it as soon as possible. I ordered the dress, and in two days they let me know that the dress was now on back order and will be shipping out a month later. My wedding was coming up, so I decided to call customer support, and they told me that the size up in the dress was available to order, so I cancelled the first order and ordered the size up. Two days later, I got an email saying that this dress was now on back order and wouldn't ship out for another month! I decided to wait the whole month for my dress, and when the day came to have it shipped, I called in to customer service, and they again pushed back the shipping date! Without even informing me or anything, they had pushed back the date for the third time, even after telling me that they had it in stock! BLDHN is just a place where they continue to lead you on. Currently it has been 40 days on back order, and customer service just told me that I should probably find a backup dress. I don't understand this company, and I am severely disappointed in them. I will tell anyone interested in dress shopping to avoid BHLDN.

1 review
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This company is dishonest, and I would not recommend them at all. They don't list that items are final sale on their website and then expect you to interpret it from the end of their pricing on items. Even after a pre-purchase in-writing email from their support staff saying that I could return an item if I didn't like it, no listing on their product detail page saying that the item was non-returnable, and no mention in their return policy of the non-returnable items....they wouldn't let me return it. I would never use this company or recommend them. Plus, their dresses--even the expensive ones--are horrible quality.

1 review
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Dress was great. Store was great. Shopping experience was great. Customer service, via email and phone, totally useless!

I went with my daughter to the Chicago store. She couldn't decide between two dresses and the appointment was coming to an end. The consultant suggested that she order both dresses, get them home, and then decide. She kept assuring us that there would be no cost to us to return one of the dresses.

The dresses came. She picked the dress she wanted and packed up the one dress for return. Dress was worn for a couple of minutes; tags were intact; dress neatly in bag; all placed back in original shipping box including bubble like stuff on each side to keep it from moving around too much.

A couple of weeks later I got an email (because I was paying for the dress) that the dress had been received and instead of the entire $850 credit I was only being credited $775. ($800 dress plus $50 tax minus $75 for $775)

I started emailing and calling and have never gotten satisfactory answers.

The first email I sent, I asked why $75 was being deducted. I was told that it was a restocking fee. I kept asking and telling them that my email from BHLDN said I was being charged a "$75 Smart Label Fee". I kept asking what that was and always got none answers like like oh, that's just what we call a restocking fee. No one ever looked into that.

Then I was told that the website said they charge a $75 restocking fee; I countered with that it said there may be a fee.

After many, many emails again and phone calls they just kept telling me that they couldn't do anything about it but never once did I get an explanation.

Then I was told that the dress must have been damaged. I said that was impossible from the way it was packed and that if it truly was damaged they would have refused the return entirely.

During a phone call a rep told me that an inquiry was being sent to the returns department to find out why a restocking fee was charged and would take a couple of days and again my original returns notification email called it a Smart Label Fee.

Well, 5 business days later I still hadn't heard anything and sent another email asking why the decision was made to charge $75

Then yesterday I got: "Our financial corrections team has indicated the $75.00 restock fee can not be refunded. I apologize for the inconvenience." This was attached to my first email from the end of March, not even referring to the returns dept.

Customer service just gives the run around over and over and over again. One of the reasons this store was picked to shop at was because we were told dresses can be returned at no cost. Yes, I want the $75 credit but even more so I want proof of why they charged it not just being told basically that's what we do.

I will warn all future shoppers to not purchase unless you absolutely want the dress don't believe it when you're told it won't cost you a thing' and don't expect any answers from customer service.

1 review
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Here are the reasons BHLDN is horrible:

1. My first gown was days late and I paid for to be overnighted.
2. I was told by customer service that they'd refund the overnight charge & that never happened
3. When the gown came, it was completely too big for me (and I had gone in for a fitting)
4. Ordered 8 other gowns online & ended up picking one (ended up paying a non-refundable $15 for each dress and overnight charges which totalled over $200)
5. sent all but one of them back EXACTLY as I received them; they charged me a $75 fee for restocking because they said one of the dresses wasn't sent back the same; didn't tell me which dress or why
6. asked for the reason for the charge and they would not tell me
6. they didn't refund ~$8K for days over their return policy; i had to email them again to ask them to give me my money back
7. they don't care about their customers, they ruined the experience of buying my wedding dress which was suppose to be fun and memorable

1 review
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I ordered my wedding dress from this company. It took one month to arrive. I had to pay a huge cost to get it cleared from customs. When it arrived two weeks away from my first fitting they had sent me the wrong dress...

I got a lack of sympathy or compensation from the company. They literally couldn't care less in trying to rectify the situation. They said they'd let me know in 72 hours if they had the dress I ordered originally in stock. They didn't get back to me after 72 hours. After chasing, they confirmed they no longer had the dress and didn't intend in getting it in.

They are awful. Do not buy from this company. This has left me having to find something new with very little time left. Appalling customer service.

1 review
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I bought a dress online that I thought was from Anthropologie but it was from BLDN. It was for Christmas. It didn't work. I tried to return it in January but they told me they didn't extend returns for Christmas, so I was over the 30 days. No refund, no store credit either! I am stuck with that dress!!!! Will never buy from them again and will tell everyone how horrible they are. A supervisor never returned my phone call.

1 review
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Absolutely terrible experience, ordered a dress to be delivered in DUBAI, and it was delivered to the US. I first called the customer service and the agent told me the dress was certainly going to be delivered to me I just had to wait. I called UPS and they told me that for sure this is not an international delivery. So I called the customer service again, they were not sure if they can change the address or no and didn't seem to give a $#*! about it AT ALL. I ended up spending hours and hours over the phone (paying for international calls) to understand that they will never deliver my dress and never find a solution for their mistake.
I asked for a refund and that still didn't happen.
They are also extremely RUDE on the phone

It's the worst customer service I ever had to deal with

1 review
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I have had a time with my order! I ordered 2 sizes of a dress and the smaller one did not fit. I returned it within the 30 days and had only tried it on once. I tried the larger one on and still it did not fit my body type, so I sent it back. I received a refund on the larger one, but the email was stating that it was the purchase order # of the smaller one and I never got an email about the smaller one being refunded. Some kind of mix up. I then received the larger dress back in a box ( I received an email stating that it had already been processed for a return)...3 months later... stating that they needed more information before it could be returned. I was confused, so I emailed customer service. Then they told me that I would not be receiving a refund because the warehouse had decided that it had been worn, washed or damaged in some way. There was NO damage on the dress. I had only tried it on and sent it back. I called customer service to explain that I thought there was confusion and that someone just decided to make that decision without having cause and they pretty much said "hey, you have one dress and we gave you a refund on the other, what else do you want ?" I told her that I wanted a refund. The representative finally got very irritated and became quite rude so I asked for a supervisor. I was not going to stand for their decision when I knew that nothing was wrong with either of the dresses that I sent back. The supervisor was nicer, but he still said that the warehouse makes those decisions. I told him that someone did it because they couldn't explain the mix up in my returns and he said that he would look into it. I am waiting again to hear from him after he "looks into it". He said that they are supposed to take photos of the damage that they claim. I told him that I wanted to see those photos because the dresses still had the tags on them when they left my house. The dresses were nice. Return experience...not so much!

1 review
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I bought a wedding dress in October and then, in September, BHLD made a 3-day sale on your webpage, where my dress was included (20% discount). I had the chance to buy the dress again and return mine, but I decided to call BHLD customer service first to check if that was necessary. The person with whom I spoke said to me that they were able to refund me the difference (he checked and the dress was effectively on discount). That never happened. Now theya re telling me that my dress did not qualify for the discount, which is not true!! I am completely sure that the dress was on discount (the customer service person also checked it!!)

1 review
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I have never written a review for anything, but I feel like I need to given my experience at BHLDN. I traveled to Houston from Austin to find The Dress. All my sisters came with me and we made a weekend out of it. The in store experience was lovely. I ended up effortlessly finding the dress and to top it off it was on double sale! Score! My fiance wanted to pay for the dress, so there was an in store phone transaction between my fiance and the women checking me out. All was well when I left. I even received an order confirmation and a note card congratulating me on finding "the one." Several weeks pass and still no sign of my dress. It was back ordered so I was expecting it to take longer to arrive. I wait a month. Still no dress. I finally call BHLDN Houston to check on my order. The young women from the Houston store contacted customer service for me and informed me my order was CANCELED! why? They canceled the order because the name on the order(mine) did not match the card that was used to pay for it (my fiance). Customer service claims they sent me an email notifying me about the order. I Never got an email. I looked through every mail box and nothing, just an ORDER CONFIRMATION the day i bought the dress. After they didn't hear from me for about a week, they just canceled the order all together! No one CALLED ME to let me know what was going on! The young lady from Houston told me I could place another order and that she would honor the sale price i paid (thank you), but that they no longer have a size 4! What? I could get behind placing a new order, as my wedding is still 6 months away, but now i am told they don't have my size? I was devastated to say the least. That was THE DRESS and now because of their horrible customer service, I wasn't going to have the dress and will have start the process all over again. She told me I could get the size 6 and make alterations. This dress is all beads! alterations on a dress like this will be a challenge. I didn't know what to say to her other than cry that now this is my problem. I called my sister who is a district manager for a high end retail company and told her what was going on. She got on the phone with BHLDN customer service and ripped them a new one. She told them how she makes things right for her customers everyday and told them that they are going to do the same or she'll blast them on social media. At the end of the conversation, they offered us the dress for little to nothing in a size 6. I have received the dress and will need to make adjustment to make it perfect, but it should work. If not i'll just resell it myself. At the end of the day, its really not that big of a deal as it is just a dress. However, I couldn't believe how they tried to make this my problem and have me pay for another dress that wasn't even my size. The price I ended up getting the dress for makes up for it sort of.. as now i have wiggle room to get it expensively altered to fit just perfectly. These people deal with Brides everyday! I can't believe they don't go above and beyond to accommodate their customers and give brides one less thing to have to stress about.

1 review
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So annoyed that I have to take time out of my day to write about this, but I want to share my experience so others know what to expect when shopping with BHLDN. I ordered a dress via their website on 10/20. Their site states that orders are processed in 1-2 days. I received an email with tracking on 10/27. The tracking still doesn't provide movement. This shipment obviously never left their warehouse. I reached out to. CS to see what the hold up was - as yesterday marked nine days that my item wasn't shipped. The rep emailed me quickly stating that it takes 5-7 days to ship being that I selected standard shipping. Never acknowledged we were at ten days since the order was placed, which indicated to me that she failed to look up the order. I told her that it had been ten days, and we were beyond their promised time. I just needed the dress for this weekend - so if she could cancel it at this point so my money wasn't tied up that would be great. She told me I couldn't cancel because it shipped. Again, there has been no movement on the usps website for three days- please cancel. This went in circles so I wrote about it on their Facebook hoping for a resolution. Not a chance - as they repeated their shipping times to me (but added two days so now it's a 7-10 day ship time). Again I asked to cancel as it is now the fourth day it hasn't shipped. Again I was told I couldn't cancel.

I called and spoke to a CSR who couldn't help and I then asked for a supervisor. I spoke with jolly Jeff. At this point I had to question if they value their customers. I was beyond frustrated as this process should have never happened. If it were back ordered or whatever the delay, a customer should be notified. Jeff the supervisor told me he couldn't cancel and give me my money back because he couldn't file a claim with usps yet. Ok and this is my problem why? I told him to figure it out on his end a send a new dress. He said they couldn't but I could purchase another. He explained that they ship over 15,000 packages a day and it was the customers responsibility to track it as they do not have enough employees to monitor each order. Back and forth - until he "expedites my cancellation request" so I can be refunded. Thanks for your help Jeff, also thanks for trying to cut me off and explain that usps takes days to scan packages. BS - who's liable for something that goes missing ? A federal entity like USPS surely covers their bases when picking up good. Try again.

Well, now you have 14,999, and possibly less if people continue to have these experience. When in sales- you should never pass the buck onto the customer when something goes wrong on the businesses end. Also, you should offer alternatives if there are any issues. Most importantly, you should communicate if there are delays with an order immediately so you might accommodate the customer or they could take their business elsewhere. Why in the hell am I teaching your reps basic sales and customer service skills ? What a mess. Buyers beware.

3 reviews
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This was the best shopping experience I have ever had. The workers are so friendly and made us feel very welcome and were helpful without being pushy. The best part is that they don't only sell wedding dresses, they sell dresses for almost every occasion, so I'm pretty sure I'll be coming back.

2 reviews
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• Updated review

This is the worst experience in my life. My return package was delivered to the warehouse in April. I've followed up multiple times via email. They always assure you to wait a couple billing cycles for the refund to process. I've been patiently waiting. Upon my last inquiry last month, customer service has opened an investigation into the status of my refund. THEY CAN'T LOCATE MY GOWN AT ALL. Please believe it: All the negative reviews are true. Now I'm out of a huge chunk of money, AND they have the dress. Avoid this place.

“Returns are horrible; avoid this store”
• Previous review

BHLDN hosts an entire webpage about how to host an in-home bridal fitting. I thought it would be easy to order, try on, and return gowns so long as you're careful with them and keep a clean home. Wrong wrong wrong. I've returned three gowns, and I've had to send multiple emails to ask about refunds. Each time, a different agent replies and I have to explain all over again with my order number and the UPS tracking info showing I mailed the gowns back. This morning, I received a refund notification for ONE dress, with no mention of the other two. I'm now paying credit card interest for these gowns, and customer service is not forthcoming with what is going on with my return status. I would not recommend ordering gowns online from BHLDN.

Tip for consumers: Do not order online from BHLDN because the return process is not as easy as they make it sound. Save yourself the grief, anxiety, and credit card interest.

1 review
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Earlier this year, I ordered multiple items to try for my wedding and other events. Unfortunately, none of the items worked, so I sent them all back in one box. After reviewing my bank statement, the company shorted me about $300 saying I didn't return one of the items. The process took 5 phone calls (all of which lasted over 30 min each because I had to explain the situation all over every time I called) to the customer service dept over the period of 5 months. When I realized the company was never going to remedy the issue, I had to get my bank involved. Finally, AFTER my wedding took place, I received my refund 6 months after initially purchasing the items because of my bank representative! Needless to say, it was the WORSE customer service experience I've ever had to deal with. As a general manager for a women's clothing company, I will never ever recommend this company in the future and I've personally learned how to better my business by not being like this one!

1 review
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Found a dress at another store and BHLDN said they would price match my dress no problem at all, however I had to buy my dress at full price first then email the receipt at the discounted price from another store. Now customer service is telling me that they don't price match at all. So i was talked into buying a $420 dress and had it sent to my home, got all excited for my dress and then they won't honor the price match. THIS PLACE DEALS WITH BRIDES EVERY DAY... how could you possibly do that to a person. There customer service is TERRIBLE and now they said I have to send the dress back because they won't credit me the price difference and I won't pay that much for the dress. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! Don't shop here... EVER.

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There is nothing that can be called a "customer service" at BHLDN, just a bunch of rude incompetent people answering the phone, but that cannot be called a customer service for sure !

By Alicia M.
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