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Bensons for Beds has a consumer rating of 1 star from 19 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Bensons for Beds ranks 382nd among Furniture sites.

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  • Shocking customer service, staff don't care and tell you there is nothing they can do.
  • Within a few months of buying a Simba mattress from Bensons For Beds I noticed it started dipping in the center.
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“Mirabel Bedroom Furniture”

Gary B.

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. We ordered in November 2019, with a delivery date of January. The product was delivered damaged and the delivery drivers refused to take it away. They have tried to deliver four other times and each time the replacement has also been damaged. The worst customer service that I've ever experienced, not returning calls or emails. I'll never shop at Bensons for Beds ever again... I urge you not to either!

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1 review
0 helpful votes
October 12th, 2020
DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. We ordered in November 2019, with a delivery date of January. The product was delivered damaged and the delivery drivers refused to take it away. They have tried to deliver four other times and each time the replacement has also been damaged. The worst customer service that I've ever experienced, not returning calls or emails. I'll never shop at Bensons for Beds ever again... I urge you not to either!
1 review
0 helpful votes
June 9th, 2020
Appalling service from the start sold the wrong bed, and then had to wait 40 nights in agony, with some stupid policy they have, ordered new mattress, which they cancelled 4 days before delivery date, then no communication about what is happening, trying to speak or email them is impossible. This strated in January still waiting for anything
1 review
1 helpful vote
January 23rd, 2020
Avoid. They are the worst. Terrible staff. Rats in the stores. Saggy cheap mattress. Just go to a real bed shop
1 review
2 helpful votes
August 19th, 2020
I stumbled across a review by a customer who had ordered their bed in feb 2020 just like we did and I thought I was reading my own story. On difference is we made sure we got our money back. The customer service we experienced was horrendous. 4 failed delivery attempts, being robbed off by the staff in store, multiple delivery dates changed on us. I cannot stress how bad this company is. You cannot discuss your delivery with the in store staff you have to go through customer services so you're constantly battling forth and back with the info from customer service and the in store staff. So the manager of the store on white city Manchester (lee) was caught basically bad mouthing us because they forgot to put up on hold so we got issued a refund straight away. Fight for your rights people!
1 review
0 helpful votes
September 30th, 2020
Very helpful when you're interested in buying but not at all interested once you've paid.
Bought an expensive bed from Bensons but they sold us the wrong mattress unbeknown to us. It was the same but the comfort they gave us was wrong as we wanted firm which was also recommended by themselves after doing checks on our sleep patterns. However the mattress we had was deteriorating quickly and during lockdown they weren't contactable after several attempts even though they were still working. They told us as it's outside of the six months warranty there's nothing they can do. Phone calls and Email after email They just copied and pasted their replies. Lumped with a poor mattress which is only good for the tip. Terrible unprofessional customer service. I would certainly look elsewhere for a more professional outlet other than Bensons who don't know how to treat their customers properly.
Don't waste your money...
1 review
3 helpful votes
July 20th, 2020
We bought our bed in February, had the delivery date changed several times by Bensons, lost the bed, given our bed to another customer, wasn't on the lorry when it was to be delivered, the bed frame is here, but we don't have the mattress. Etc. Went into the store and asked for a refund, they said they would have to take a 20% cancellation fee (That would be £250-£300) or wait till the 30th July for the bed. That was a two-month wait! Now we've been chasing and asking for a confirmation of delivery, they said the warehouse cannot locate our goods, so they have reordered it. So that will be another 3-4 month wait. Shocking customer service, staff don't care and tell you there is nothing they can do. Taken our money, but no bed. We will be taking legal advice and probably end up taking Bensons to small claims court. I will be giving Bensons negative reviews on every social media platform.
1 review
0 helpful votes
June 8th, 2020
We ordered a bed on 27. 02. 20 costing £1500, had I read these other reviews I wouldn't have bothered. Very pleasant sales girl. Was due to arrive 24 March but because of lockdown was delayed. Ok no one could help that.
On 1 May the bed with headboard was delivered.
On unpacking we discovered the headboard was the wrong colour, and also one of the drawer runners was broken.
Took photos and emailed Bensons same day,
Nothing happened, so tried to phone but impossible to get through one time there were 47 people in front of me in the queue. After phoning most days just stayed on phone for over half an hour only to be told parts and headboard had only been ordered on 15 May. I had sent 3 emails none of which were answered. Getting fed up by this time.
A customer services man rang once and said more or less there was nothing they could do and to stop ringing!
Anyway today the part for the drawer arrived in the post but can't get through to let them know so a person can come and fit it! Just keep saying no customer service available at the moment and to call back, but when.
Ombudsman can't do anything until 12 weeks after delivery.
Stalemate and no message on headboard. Also was told they couldn't take the bed back due to virus.
1 review
0 helpful votes
March 28th, 2020
On the 10th of March i had four drawer units delivered. Three units are so damaged you cant open the drawers, you have to leave a review on Trust Pilot to get a reply, will post another review with the outcome. Customer service zero, dont buy from them.
0 reviews
1 helpful vote
August 27th, 2020
I purchased and paid in full £1,540 bed, mattress, headboard in July, delivery agreed for 25/8/20 and pick up of old bed for £40
The day of delivery I received 3 text messages and 2 calls stating the order was on the way and would arrive within the hour so took my old bed down and placed in garden ready 10mins Before delivery I had a call saying my mattress was not there and to contact customer services. 45mibs on hold and totally dusgusting I was told nothing they could do and to buy a blow up mattress and ring at 9am next day. I explained I was an A/E nurse in resus and couldn't do this again told that's what I had to do. They never asked our age and when I told them my husband had spinal problems they were not interested I then went to the shop who were really helpful and even they couldn't help. They did get me a single bed for myself on loan after I broke down crying but my husband with 2 knee replacements and spinal problems aged 71 had to sleep on the sofa up to today (2 days later) this had still not been resolved and no sign of being done so far. Add insult to injury they never collected the old bed tills day after promised and it rained so they now refused to take that also. Arrrrrrrrr so stressed
1 review
0 helpful votes
October 11th, 2020
Same old story they can't even fulfil the orders they have, and yet every bank holiday there they are hustling for even more business. You want a guarantee here's one for you treat the mattress like a boxset where you binge watch it, actually use the mattress to sleep on while you binge watch a boxset for a maximum 13 days and I guarantee your be starting a return. That's when the fun starts they will blame Covid, they will reply but only with the company line within 10 working days were be in touch which they won't, then when you send a follow up message you will be waiting another 10 working days so already 2 messages will be 20 days, your calls will be cut off but an automated message, and when they are answered your be promised everything from customer services to a call back, to the return will be booked in, your even get a text from someone's granny to say the return will take place with a day and a time but they won't turn up. Then after 2 months you finally get the mattress collected, and do you get a refund after the 48 hours that they spout on about please today is a week already and counting. Always place your order online never in a shop your need the online buyer protection, and open a chargeback with your bank and see who returns you quicker.
1 review
0 helpful votes
August 6th, 2020
Purchased a bed in store in March before lockdown for delivery. We were told that deliveries had been paused which is understandable. Lockdown was over and we still had no news about the bed, until 4 weeks ago when we finally got through the customer service line and they told us delivery was expected at a specific date. The bed simply didn't show up, so rang again to clarify this and they just apologised and guaranteed delivery at a later date. They sent us a text 1 day before arrival with a delivery slot, the driver showed up 2 hours late only to tell us that they had our bed but NOT THE MATTRESS! We have had to sleep in a sofa bed since lockdown started and the only thing they offered was a £50 to purchase an airbed. Again they sent a text yesterday with a delivery slot, no sign of the bed and after calling them and being on hold forever they tell us THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENED and they need to open an investigation. This company is absolute jokes, the lack of professionalism and communication as to what's going on with an order that cost us almos 1000 quid, it is just appalling. 5 months waiting for something that is not arriving. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.
1 review
2 helpful votes
August 26th, 2020
Within a few months of buying a Simba mattress from Bensons For Beds I noticed it started dipping in the center. It got so bad I contacted Bensons with photos & they admitted they could see a fault. They sent a technician from FIRA who confirmed it had a defect. A replacement was ordered although I would've preferred a refund as I had lost faith in a new one doing the same. They said I couldn't have a refund as it had happened 30 days after delivery. This mattress has a 10 year guarantee, & didn't last 10 months before it started to dip.

When the replacement was ordered, it wasn't long after we all went into lockdown due to Covid. Understandably, this then put a delay on my replacement arriving. In the meantime I am having constant sleepless nights, having to take medication to help me sleep. Back pains, and horrendous hip pains caused by this mattress, to which the technician had put on his report.

In June once the rules has relaxed I contacted Benson For Beds again to ask when I would get my mattress. I was told it hadn't even arrived at their distribution centre & they would contact me once it had arrived.

One month on, at the end of July I contacted them again where I was told they had got it & gave me options of dates for delivery. I chose 24th August as I was off work.

I was sent a text message on 20/08 to confirm it would be delivered between 12pm-6pm on 24/08. Then another in the morning of the 24th August to say estimated time of delivery between 13:10 - 15:10 with a tracking link.

I sat & waited then once I realized it was getting nearer to the latest time of delivery I clicked on the link only to read "Delivery Failed - Taken Off Route"

I was obviously fuming. I've been sleeping or trying to sleep on this faulty mattress for months. There was no follow up or any explanation from Bensons For Beds regarding this "Failed Delivery" Ive tried to contact them on numerous occasions on social media & have only been fobbed off with "we'll get back to you"

I am absolutely furious with their shocking customer service. I have requested a refund as these mattresses cannot be stored in a box at a maximum of 3 months. Simba themselves have stated this. I don't know how long they've had this mattress of mine in the 1st place which is in a box. That's IF they had it anyway on a van which didn't turn up. They don't even stock Simba mattresses anymore in their shop so how am I to believe they did have one for me which didn't arrive. I originally told them I wanted a refund as I'd lost my faith. Who's saying the next wouldn't go the same.

Bensons For Beds are completely ignoring my requests for help. They're not responding at all. I put in a search on Twitter 'BensonsForBeds' & 'BensonsHelp' & I can see I'm not alone. There's plenty of people in the same boat. Paid for goods. Been given delivery dates which then haven't shown up. These people are also getting no response. Seems like Bensons For Beds are taking peoples money no problem but failing to give them what they've paid for.

I will be taking this matter further if I need to. Whether that's legal advice, ombudsman or even the media.

I would never have dreamt Bensons For Beds were so incompetent & a downright appalling company, but they are & I will never purchase from them again.

In the meantime I'm still having to try & sleep on a mattress that's affecting my health & life.
1 review
0 helpful votes
May 19th, 2020
ZERO STARS. Mis-sold me a bed on 5th January. I swapped in store on 6th Feb for a more expensive bed with delivery scheduled for 6th March. My brother died suddenly, funeral was scheduled for 4th March. Begged them for a PM slot so I could pay someone to come and swap the beds as I would be on my own and grieving - not an ideal situation. They kept promising to call me back. Never did. When I did manage to speak to someone, the day before the funeral, they refused to pay the £80 for said dismantle/assemble service despite admitting they mis-sold the bed. Sent me a text during my brothers funeral to say it had been rescheduled for the 24th March. No apology. No explanation. I was beside myself with stress.

Called them on the 5th, was told three different reasons why it was moved, initially BLAMING ME, saying I told them I wouldn't be available on that day?! Had to get my partner to deal with them as I couldn't cope. Kept date of 24th March.

I rescheduled this delivery for the 9th April because I had COVID symptoms and didn't want to risk THEIR STAFF getting sick. Delivery was then cancelled because of lockdown.

I get a text on 8th May to say it will be delivered on the 19th May. Tried calling to confirm promised PM slot. Could never get through. Sent two emails, which were completely ignored. Called twice yesterday, was PROMISED by Sam and Shawna it was on the truck and out for delivery today. Told them I have had no other confirmation bar the text on the 8th. Requested a manager to call and confirm PM slot, as promised the last three times. No call back.

Today, still no text or call. I phoned CS to confirm delivery time for today. Told by Danielle that NOTHING was actually scheduled to be delivered today. I said I was promised yesterday, please check the notes. They LIED yet again and said they told me yesterday it WASN'T on the van and there was a problem with distribution! I have AGAIN asked for a call back from management and NOTHING.

My partner is working 18-20 hours a day to ensure that healthcare patient safety systems are running to enable hospitals, care homes, and hospices around the world have adequate facilities to report on Covid-19, and he had to help me dismantle the bed yesterday, then SLEEP ON THE FLOOR and will now have to help me REBUILD IT when he wakes up before he carries on providing 24 hour support to front line services.

This is not acceptable. You have taken my money and keep LYING to me regarding the deliveries. The way we have been treated is beyond disgusting. The attitude is disgraceful. I want my money back NOW. I am now contacting the Ombudsman to make a formal complaint. I will also be making a complaint to the ICO over the lack of information provided in response to a SAR and the very late compliance of this request which was in breach of the ICO SAR regulations. I have added my order number so no excuses not to check my account and resolve this issue. Not holding my breath though.
2 reviews
3 helpful votes
March 12th, 2018
I bought a bed from bensons, they kept delivering the wrong bed, it took 4 deliverys over 3 months and numerous phone calls to get the bed delivered, no apology for all the days I had to have off for deliveries, and dont bother with ombudsman as that is a complete waste of time, they are obviously paid by bensons, all in all Ive never had such treatment from a business, when I ordered the bed they wouldnt let me pay by credit card, I assume this is because you have more protection paying by credit card
10 reviews
12 helpful votes
June 10th, 2018
I ordered a bed at £699 from Bensons and was told they would call back inside two hours. No call. It took me a day to get in touch with them and guess what? It woulld take 25 days to deliver. What? Nearly a month. Money back please. I emailed a cancel order as well as saying this over the phone. A week passed, no money. I phoned. We have not got your email or cancel order notification. I typed one up there and then, yes we have it now. Ok when do I get my money back? It takes a week to process then up to five days to pay it back.
I know this is a German/South African company, but we are talking from an order placed on 30/5 and no chance of a refund until at least 19/6. Not exactly German effiency is it? More like Shanty Town traders.
I bough the same bed delivery within five days £100 cheaper from Floors and Snores in Garforth, Leeds so it just goes to show does it not?
Bensons wanted £15 to unpack it and put it together and they do not take old beds away.
F and S free delivery, free assembly £10 to take old away unless you want to pay £20 to the council... You would be better off with Benson and Hedges at least you know where you are with lung cancer, unlike Bensons Beds, who I suggest should go back to South Africa.
1 review
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June 2nd, 2020
We entered the shop mid january 2020 we were looked after brilliantly through out the order process although it tooks a while to find any staff in the shop but when we did we were dealt with the store mnager as other staff had not turned up or were late, my wife and I decided on a otteman bed mattress and head board and was told that it would be at least a three month wait which my wife and i were fine about... we left the showroom and i immediatly left a google review saying how happy i was.
Around end of Febuary we were contacted by Benson for beds to say the bed was in STOCK and tht they would like to deliver new bed and collect old bed/matress on the 02/03/2020 ( we had paid to have all of the old bed removed) We were excited our new bed was arriving. We recived a call which i missed which went to voice mail and it basically said the bed had been delayed and would not be with us until the 10/03/2020... NO PROBLEM i thouht its not the end of the world. Along came the 10th March and my wife took the day off work and we had carried our old bed downstairs and put it in the green bag as advised, my wife thought as it got closer to midday bit weird not had a call yet, so called Benson for Beds in Milton Keynes and was told that the bed had been delayed until 24/03/2020, they were very sorry that noone had called us to tell us that the bed had been delayed... this was unacceptable as my wife had lost a days pay at work so asked to speak to the manager... after a little while we got through to who was supposedly a manager called LEO, he also was very apologtic and said that he would get his head office to call us and give us something as compenstaion... no problem we thought... this called never arrived... I emailed the complaints team and got an email back to say that someone would be back to us with 48 hrs. GUESS WHAT THIS NEVER HAPPENED EITHER... then COVID-19 struck and i held off with the complaint and we were again very understanding when B4Bs told us that they have to cancel the delivery... NO WE TOTTALLY UNDERSTAND... we move onto around the begining of May... we were contacted by WAKAS and was told great news beds in stock we can deliver 13/05.2020.>I asked him are you 100 percent sure the bed is defintaly coming and you have the full order including collecting the old bed... YES THE ORDER WILL BE THERE IN FULL... 12/05/2020 we recive a text saying the delivery will be with us between 12 and 5 OH ITS HAPPENING WE THINK...( we had spent over 1000 on this bed)... My wife then noticed that there was something missing off the order. THE NEW MATTRESS FOR THE NEW BED! She had had a missed call from a strange number earlier on in the day had tried to call the number back but no reply and checked to make sure that there was no voice mail left, there was not, She then called this am at 9am and got through to WAKAS again... oh he said in the notes it says Rebecca at the warehouse called you yesterday and left a voice mail to tell you the mattress would be delivered later (no date that they could give us.) We asked to speak to a manager as by now the patience had worn thin... we were put on hold while WAKAS got hold of his manager... he then came back to us and told us the manager refuses to talk to you or discuss this with you for 24-48 hrs... I work for a large motor company and have to deal with compliants all the time... THIS I FOUND DISCUSTING... I WANT TO POINT OUT THAT WE ORDERED THIS BED IN JANUARY BEFORE COVID-19 HAD ARRIVED AND WHEN B4BS CANCELLED THE DELIVERY WHEN COVID HAD ARRIVED WE WERE VERY UNDERSTANDING BUT THIS HAS NOW GONE TOO FAR.
1 review
2 helpful votes
November 28th, 2017
Do Not Buy from this company. Awful. Truly Awful.

The Guardian newspaper wrote about the Bensons For Beds scam in 2012 and sadly we had not read it. Look up 'Bensons for Beds mattress guarantee is giving me nightmares'. You'll find it online.

In essence, we fell foul to the same. Complained about a mattress we bought. B4B sent an 'independent' evaluator. He said that my son had sat on his bed. Shock horror! Whatever else. He may have even slept in it at one point!

That was their reason for not changing the mattress. It was 12 months old. My son has had to have chiropractor sessions to sort out his bad back. Not something a 14 year old should have to endure.

Avoid this company at all costs becasue their independent evaluators are not. Even when we approached the furntiure ombudmsan, they say that B4B cannot be evaluated independently because they are already independent. Eh?! Makes no sense. We then tried section 75, through our credit card, to get our money back. They wanted us to pay £250 for an independent evaluator. The mattress was only worth £330. There is basically no recourse.

3 words of advice; Avoid, Avoid and Avoid.
1 review
0 helpful votes
August 1st, 2017
What a rubbish company Benson for Beds is!
I ordered a double bed online 2 weeks ago with expected delivery of 1 to 3 weeks.
Got a text this morning saying bed was coming this Thursday between 7am and 1pm.
Unfortunately my wife is going into hospital Thursday morning for an operation and i am driving her there early morning and bringing her home late afternoon so called Benson for Beds and spoke to a rude woman named Sam who advised me if i do not accept Thursdays delivery date there would be a £39 additional delivery charge.
I said i was not happy about that and any other day for delivery would be fine except Thursday and she refused to change it.
I was then transferred to Internet sales and spoke to Annie who said she would put bed on hold and get back to me with a free alternative free delivery date which i agreed to.
A while later i had an email saying she had tried to call me but i didnt pick up ( which was a lie as i had my mobile with me at all times with no missed calls) and earliest delivery date was 21/8/2017 which was another 3 weeks on top of the 2 weeks we had already waited!
I telephoned my son to see if he could take a half day off work on Thursday to take delivery of the bed and his manager agreed to a short notice half day off so i emailed Internet sales dept back and advised to deliver bed on Thursday as agreed as my son could get a half day off work.
I was then told my order had been put on hold and i have lost the option of delivery on Thursday and i would have to wait 5 weeks for delivery.
Absolutely shocking customer service
I would never of ordered from Bensons for Beds if i knew how they operated and the contempt they have for their customers.
1 review
0 helpful votes
April 14th, 2017
I have bought the Sealy Melbourne Divan

I have bought the Sealy Melbourne Divan Bed from benson for beds. Looks amazing and in store felt really comfortable so i bought it. Costing over £1000 for a bed that states spin alignment, breathability properties, perfect pressure relief and offers full body support.
Within 4 nights it saged where i was sleeping. I reported this and was told too rotated the mattress every week for 6 weeks. I did this and still they is a dent where my body has been. It has been inspected by a technician and he told me that he only reports his findings and is up too bensons for beds too decide if it is faulty. And what a surprize. To them its not and wont change it unless i pay them 10% of the cost of the bed. So i will be over £100 out of pocket. In their letter they say that the technician has said it is not faulty. But is not the case. Seems to me they are just passing the book and constantly lying too me. I have also been told by staff that a bed of this kind should not sage where i have been sleeping and should reform back too its original shape. So it would seem customer care dont give a dam about their customers and just take the money and run so too speak and constantly lie. I had a bed 15 years and was in better shape than this. Really is a joke this company.
I have sweet in this bed, had no spine alignment at all and the bed does not reform to its original shape. But they wont do anything unless i pay 10%.
Seriously dont buy a bed from them. You will be messed about and ripped off and even if they do offer a exchange it will cost you.
I will not let the matter go.
Date now 14th april
Update. Benson for beds now confirm the mattress is faulty and will arrange collection. They wont do me a deal on another mattress even though they did one on this faulty mattress. They said some one will phone me too arrange collection within 2 days.
One week later and no phone call. I wont get a refund till the bed is picked up and they wont pick it up. I explained they is a bed i want too buy thats in a sale over the easter but wont do nothing till after the easter holidays. Im over £1000 out of pocket and cant buy another bed ive seen so they are costing me money as well as keeping hold of mine.
I will be taking this further.

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