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Beds.co.uk has a consumer rating of 4.1 stars from 749 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Beds.co.uk most frequently mention customer service, fast delivery and good quality. Beds.co.uk ranks 1st among Beds sites.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 66.7%
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Positive highlights

  • Really professional and excellent customer service experience
  • Sarah identified my needs, I placed an order, agreed delivery date and payment all under 5 mins.

Critical highlights

  • Really poor service as far as I am concered, The mattress I ordered has non-existent memory foam.?
  • Reported to Trading Standards This company has failed to respond to my complaint in a reasonable time.
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Top Positive Review

“I can personally recommend Beds.co.uk”

Abigail S.

I can personally recommend Beds.co.uk Their range of beds is extensive and they offer excellent value for money. Sarah has excellent customer service skills. She handled my enquiry in a patient and professional manner and went out of her way to fulfil my requests. Thank you so much!

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Top Critical Review

“Load of cheap rubbish”

Linda H.

On assembling my new bed, one of the straps broke on the mattress. I emailed both of the two contact email addresses several times & also tried calling & using the online chat facility to report this & request a replacement or refund but Every attempt at communicating has been ignored. This is by far the worst customer service I've experienced for many years. Seems like once they have your money they don't care. I wouldn't touch them again with a barge pole. Next stop, trading standards!

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1 review
0 helpful votes
July 24th, 2020
On assembling my new bed, one of the straps broke on the mattress. I emailed both of the two contact email addresses several times & also tried calling & using the online chat facility to report this & request a replacement or refund but Every attempt at communicating has been ignored.
This is by far the worst customer service I've experienced for many years. Seems like once they have your money they don't care.
I wouldn't touch them again with a barge pole.
Next stop, trading standards!
2 reviews
0 helpful votes
September 10th, 2020
I ordered my Mattress in June this year! (2020) now it is September 10th 2020. Still no mattress. 7 deliver dates missed. So NOT happy. Have now asked for a full refund. Which includes Extra postage as we were JUST outside the delivery area. Watch this space to see if we get our full refund! (added note: On 20th September I did get a full refund with in the time they said I would get it) But I will not use them again.
1 review
0 helpful votes
February 28th, 2020
I can personally recommend Beds.co.uk Their range of beds is extensive and they offer excellent value for money. Sarah has excellent customer service skills. She handled my enquiry in a patient and professional manner and went out of her way to fulfil my requests. Thank you so much!
1 review
2 helpful votes
May 18th, 2020
I ordered a 4f6 double ottoman bed on 22nd April everything went through ok, got a phone call a week later saying the Bed was delayed, can't be delivered till the 14th may I said that was ok, got an email saying that Something went wrong with our bed so they have upgraded our bed at no extra cost which was nice but sent an email saying that would be fine my sone moved back in on the 10th I said he had to sleep on a blow up bed for a few days.
Haven't received the new bed have called about 10 times emailed with no reply if I can't get through by Wednesday will have to go back to PayPal to get a refund.
I was told if you start this process and cancel the refund with PayPal you can't get it again so if I start the refund you have to get your money and sauce another bed from somewhere else.
Just want the bed my sons been on air bed now for 8 days I think that's long enough
1 review
0 helpful votes
January 11th, 2020
I called up to ask a few questions about the bed I was interested in, as the price was excellent, but personally I prefer talking to someone when purchasing, especially larger items. I find it just makes things easier.

The lady I spoke to, Sarah C (Support Team) was extremely helpful and friendly. In fact without her input I probably wouldn't have bought the bed I did today. She took the time to explain the details, offered to check stock etc. asked if I wanted to do the sale over the phone, and was really patient with me while I sorted out my banking details.

Nice one Sarah really appreciate the help! If anyone I know is looking to buy a bed in future i'll send them your way.

Kind regards, Luke (A fellow aol user) x
1 review
0 helpful votes
May 26th, 2020
Good quality, looks smart, Sarah great help with the order and delivery. No problems, even one person could assemble it, although that took longer. Would order again.
1 review
2 helpful votes
July 6th, 2020
Do not buy a bed from this company unless you want to end up sleeping on the floor after 5 months when it breaks and have a rude manager say "well your not on the floor you can still use the mattress". I would say bed is made of cardboard but that would be an insult to cardboard as it's not even that thick. Awful bed, awful customer service, never again.
1 review
3 helpful votes
April 12th, 2019
Once bed bought, no communication about when delivery will actually happen (in order email, says they will "try" to deliver on chosen date). Takes 30 mins to get through to customer service.

Delivery people left the bed outside the apartment block and won't bring it up 4 steps into the ground floor flat, one delivery man citing "health and safety". Only problem was the other delivery man then said they would bring it in for a tenner.
1 review
0 helpful votes
May 18th, 2020
Sarah was very helpful. Very happy with the service.
Had to send a bed back and exchange as would cost £49 to return.
1 review
1 helpful vote
September 22nd, 2020
This site is a con!
I purchased a bed from them + memory foam mattress for my mother. They sent a broken, poor quality mattress, that had 0 memory foam in, and the worst "bed"( if you can call it that), that looks like 2 cheap cubes that separate when you are sleeping and you need to push it back together every morning. Same issue with the headboard, it falls all the time. I had to order another bed and mattress from IKEA. I emailed them complaining about the poor quality of their items and when i said that i wish to return the products, they stopped answering. It's been more than a month now, still no reply from them.
Save your money and don't purchase from this fraudulent online store.
I am very surprised they don't have very low ratings here. The order number is *******7438.
They stole my money. I thought I bought something else, and they sent some garbage. Plus, they are not letting me return their garbage so i can get my money back. This is theft and fraud. I will be reporting them everywhere.
1 review
2 helpful votes
May 23rd, 2020
Ordered a bed on 14th May for delivery on 22nd May. Received email on 21st spouting Covid 19 blah blah. Can't supply my bed, gave other suggestions. Emailed straight back to see when new stock would be in. No reply. Sent another email stating I required a refund. Spent ages on the phone, eventually got through & was promised a call within 24hrs to sort out refund. No call! After 18 attempts on 23rd May I had the pleasure of speaking to a rude condescending female. Still no closer to a refund. Small claims court it is.
1 review
0 helpful votes
February 1st, 2020
Excellent service and bed is ideal for what we need and when on the phone to Sarah she helped with every aspect. Will purchase again.
1 review
2 helpful votes
April 25th, 2020
I received a bed 24th april 2020. It's not fit for purpose. The drawers dont fit. The mattress is coming away at the seams and the to is clicked in several places I've emailed them the pictures. No answer on the phone from them. The bed is shambolic to say the least avoid this firm at all cost. I will be taking legal advice.
1 review
1 helpful vote
May 21st, 2020
Ordered the 3PC Corner Sofa Rattan Set - Brown online 21st may 2020, and had a follow up call the same morning offering a prompt delivery date 26th May with Sarah C excellent customer service so far, will await confirmation on delivery for full review!

Mr H wakefield
1 review
0 helpful votes
January 20th, 2020
I had to phone and cancel an order, not their fault mine. Spoke to a guy called Maz in customer service. Within 10 min everything was sorted, so quick and efficient. If only all customer services where as good. Thanks Maz you did a very good job today
1 review
0 helpful votes
May 23rd, 2020
Bought a dual spring memory foam mattress for my son, £109 with free delivery.
I then get contacted as apparently Carnoustie is not part of the UK mainland and therefore there would be a delivery charge.
Eventually this fee is deleted as a 'good will gesture'.
5 days later the mattress arrives. It is the most poor quality, cheap piece of rubbish, no memory foam, no padding, with springs almost poking through the cheap fabric.
After 1 hour trying to get hold of someone I am told I can get a refund but there is a £50 uplift charge.
1 review
0 helpful votes
August 12th, 2020
Excellent service. I was unable to complete my transaction on line and Sarah was able to explain why and then went on and placed my order over the phone within minutes.

Everything was explained to me clearly including my delivery options. Will certainly use beds.co.uk again in the future.
1 review
0 helpful votes
August 18th, 2020
So I ordered a brand new mattress about a month ago. All of a sudden, I have bed bugs. I rang this morning and they completely denied the fact that it could have come from them. It's a brand new flat with a brand new bed and mattress and the bugs wouldn't have come from anywhere else as I've never had bed bugs in all the places I've lived. Do NOT buy from them - they're negligent and most of all, you'll get bitten!
Maria F.
1 review
2 helpful votes
January 12th, 2019
Ordered 3 divan single beds online on 26/12 delivery was as scheduled and quite quick. Ordered on Visa. Once I'd unwrapped one, drawer fronts came apart from rest of bed and tear in leather surround, quality very substandard so didn't open the other 2 and rang up to report faulty one and request full money back for all. Collection slot made for 2/1/19 but they didn't turn up to collect. I rang and was told driver had had an accident..and they had rebooked collection for the 4/1. However they did collect on the 4/1 and my money refunded in full 5 working days later.
All I will say is always look at reviews before purchasing, pay by visa, and take photos of everything and document/screen shot everything and you'll have every eventuality covered...i did so i was happy id get my money back in the end.
1 review
0 helpful votes
May 21st, 2020
My bed delivery was delayed due to Covid-19, I spoke to Sarah who could not have been more helpful. She arranged an immediate despatch on an alternative bed for no extra cost. Really professional and excellent customer service experience
1 review
0 helpful votes
July 17th, 2020
Excellent service from Sarah on phone to order bed and mattress she was polite and well manored so pleased with my call
1 review
0 helpful votes
October 17th, 2020
Where to start... so I decided to purchase a bed from this company and put the bed up no issues, until around a week later the bracket broke on the one side leaving to bed on an angle. Resulting in myself and my partner sleeping on a mattress on the floor. So I asked the company for a replacement bracket which to my dis may came rusty with scratches which was clearly unfit for purpose! So I sent this back and requested another bracket, this one was slightly bent but after sleeping on the floor for over a week I struggled again with my partner to put this up as I am 8 months pregnant, due to covid we cannot allow people in the house to help. The bracket then broken again on my side and although pregnant I weigh no more than 12stone and same for my partner so this is not due to a weight issue. Again back on the floor for another week, and after arguing for my money back with this company they then told me they will send a third bracket out! To which I refused. Finally after many emails they told me I have to put the whole bed down package it up and return to them for my money back which is disgusting! Being pregnant and trying to do that is not an easy job... no compensation was offered for the fact we have been made to sleep on a floor nor the fact the bed being unfit for purpose which could of caused harm or injury to us. I would never buy from this company again. And when emailing them for some kind of response or compensation I had an email back that said sorry for the inconvenience and was the bed collect by the courier for return that was it. Disgraceful! I have attempted to upload photos however the files are too large.
1 review
0 helpful votes
January 21st, 2020
Had an issue with my bed - one of the parts was damaged after 2 weeks of use. Spoke with Sarah C in customer support and she immediately sent out a replacement - along with spare parts in case any others become damaged. Very happy with the bed and the customer support received. Would highly recommend.
2 reviews
5 helpful votes
February 8th, 2017
Bought a spring memory foam mattress, said it bounces back to shape, and good support, only had for two months and it's sagging and is not good if you suffer with a bad back. Beds.co.uk have now exchanged my mattress and the new one is much better. I have to say personally I will never buy a mattress online again as you never know what it is going to be like, will go into a shop so I can try it first from now on.

Beds.co.uk attempted to help this customer through the Sitejabber Resolution Center, but the customer did not respond

Beds R. – Beds.co.uk Rep
I am surprised to hear your mattress is sagging, if you would be willing to send over an image via private message or provide your delivery postcode we can get this rectified as soon as possible.
Kind regards,
1 review
2 helpful votes
July 20th, 2020
I called to cancel my order as I was told I had to pay £49 as I was not in the area for free delivery Sirah was very pleasant and helpful dealing with my call I was very pleased when she told me I could have delivery charge dropped and would receive the bed in a few days I was really pleased as I liked the bed I had ordered Thank you Sirah for all your help I am now one happy customer

Q&A (50)


Hello, Thank you for your enquiry. I can assure you that the items we sell are very good quality and we do sell over 1,000 items per day to people all over the U. K. We have recently been struggling with our review sites due the fact that we have not spent much time collecting positive reviews from happy customer, and it tends to be the unhappy customer who leave reviews. We do our best to resolve any problems presented to us by customers, and have spent a lot of time and investment on our staffing and products. Our customer service team are there for the customers from beginning to end and continue to support customer up to twelve months after purchase. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us on 0121 526 7305 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm or send us another message. Kind regards, Terri

By Beds R., Advisor
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You should be suspicious

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Absolutely not! It's cheap & nasty with appalling customer service.

By Linda H.
See more answers (2)

Hello there Im Really sorry that some of the negative feedback that has been written on here has put you off from purchasing from us. Please see our updated reviews here. https://www.trustpilot.com/review/beds.co.uk We are a multi million pound company and we dispatch over 5000 deliveries per week and we hold our hands up to slight complications on a handful of the orders. But we really hope you give us a chance to show you that we are a very efficient company with very nice reasonably priced high quality products. Kind regards Charlotte Beds.co.uk

By Beds R., Advisor
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Once a refund has been authorised it will take 2-5 working days for the funds to return to your account. Kind regards, Terri

By Beds R., Advisor
See more answers (2)

Hello Ennesia, Sorry for the late response, I have been away due to personal reasons. Do you still require further assistance? If so please provide a delivery postcode or a reference number to locate your order details.

By Beds R., Advisor

Hello Jame, If the item received is as not as described, it is best for you to contact our After Sales Care Team on 0121 5686 7126 option 2. Once you have contacted them, they will request images of the item received, and will then advise you on the following steps. Hope this information has helped.

By Beds R., Advisor

Hello Mel, I can confirm, customers are eventually happy with there products. Majority of the time it is down to a personal preference that the customer does not like there product, but as soon as we find a product suited to the customer, the customer is then satisfied. Customer satisfaction is always our number one priority. Kind regards Jamie Beds.co.uk

By Beds R., Advisor

My mattress was fully sealed but the strap broke when putting it on the base. Cheap & nasty goods & they ignore all attempts at communication to resolve issues, my advice is don't bother.

By Linda H.

Takes well over 20 minutes at times. Disgraceful!

By Lou M.

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