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1 review
2 helpful votes
Someone named Aaron Campbell is trying to get me to sign up right now so he can use his credit card to pay me. The whole thing sounds like a scam since he claims he has no way to pay me except through this site. He also says he will reimburse me for my sign up fee.
1 review
0 helpful votes
These idiots charges you upfront for a payment gateway then they send you bunch of affiliate links to merchant accounts so even if you get denied they still charge for you for the gateway lmao they are bunch of scammers and losers.
1 review
2 helpful votes
I wish I read these reviews before dealing with this company. I don't know how they're still in business with all of the bad reviews. The customer service is terrible, they suspended both my accounts for no reason. I still haven't received payment from them and it's been 6 months. Again, STAY AWAY!!!!
1 review
2 helpful votes
This company is a fraud they charge you after you close your account with them and tell you they will refund you but don't do it. Then after they finally refund you 3 months later they try to charge you again. This company is a team of scammers. Use any other merchant service except these frauds.
1 review
2 helpful votes
Don't waste your time with these clowns. They don't even have the wherewithall to answer a simple email or phone call. I have wasted weeks trying to get my account switched over to my new company from my old one.
1 review
2 helpful votes
Do not use them! Horrible customer service!! It's been over 2 months since we got approved for Authorize.Net but my account is still on test mode. I have tried to call to get help to activate it over 6 times no one HAS EVER PICKED UP!!!! Each time I have waited over 45 minutes! It was easier to find another company and do another application than waiting for someone to help from Authorize.Net!!! I do not recommend them at all!!!
1 review
2 helpful votes
First off they connected me with a terrible merchant that was hiding my profits and claimed to charge 10% that theyd give back in 6 months which they never do, they just charge you 10% ontop of all of the other fees. Secondly when I cancelled with them because I had to, they randomly started another recurring payment of 19.95 even after I got the cancellation confirmation in my email... How does that make any sense, f***in frauds...
1 review
1 helpful vote
Skip this one and try using stripe/braintree, literally anything but this crap service. Save yourself a lot of pain.
1 review
1 helpful vote
Business Information
808 E Utah Valley Dr
American Fork, UT 84003

Complaint Summary
Complaint Type: Business to Business Complaint
Nature of complaint: Billing or Collection Issues
Problem description:
I am an online store. I signed up with to be my gateway/payment processor/merchant. Initially upon completion of my sign up, I received a phone call from a man claiming to be with the company. At this time I was told the way they issue the funds so I was clear on what to expect. I was told the money would be held for a week before releasing to my account. I was told after some time I could get a review to have them released sooner. I did not like that one bit clearly because I would have orders that could not be fulfilled until I was paid out. I was not ok with that but understood we were new to your company so went with it. I waited a full week and still did not receive anything in to my account. At this point they are holding back just shy of $7000.00. Today I decided to call and see what was going on and I was informed my merchant had closed us down. The woman I initially spoke to sent me the email in regards to the issue. Mind you I was not notified this happened without me calling in to address the issue, not via email/letter/phone call nothing!!! I was informed that the funds could be held UP TO 120 days!!! I DO NOT understand why they would hold the funds for so long!! As they know the funds go toward fulfilling my customers order which without the funds they paid me for the products, I clearly have no way of fulfilling there orders! .So I seem to be stuck in a almost impossible situation. I want longevity with my website and will most def have a ton of negative reviews and charge backs if I cannot fulfill my orders in a timely fashion. I am new to drop shipping and do not have upfront money to fulfill my orders. I should not need to when I have a website getting me orders. I should be funded within days so iI can get my customers what they paid for!! Obviously I had no idea I was going to run into this issue. I called back again spoke to a woman named Tony who refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor she said she is the only one I can deal with at this time. I did ask if I could have a phone number or email address to a supervisor so I could get clear answered as to what I need to do and she over and over refused to help me get in touch with anyone other than her. My questions were clear and simple. 1. Since is holding my funds and I have no way to fulfill my orders how do I refund my customers? 2. What do I do in regard to her saying the money can be released at discretion after 30 days as long as I do not have chargebacks, but I will most definitely get chargebacks if after 30 days I cannot fulfill the orders. 3. If my account with the merchant did not block till yesterday why was I not paid out anything up to that point? I was given no help at resolving my issue it her then responding to a email. I asked if I can see the policy guidelines so I clearly know what I can do to get my money released asap to take care of my orders. Tony refused to give me that info she just kept saying I cant tell you anything more than Ive told you. Tony told me when the chargebacks start to happen THEY WILL START TAKING MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT! How will they take money from me that I have never been given???? Why would they not just take it from the customers money of mine that they are holding?????? I cant close my account to prevent this fraud because then whenever they are ready to give me my money I wont get it!! I was told they at there discretion can release the money after 30 days if they want to and if we do not have any charge backs! But that is just them setting you up to steal your money!!! They know your going to get a ton of charge backs because they will not release YOUR MONEY TO FULFILL YOUR CUSTOMERS ORDERS!!!!! I asked for documentation as to "what there discretion means" in order to get my money released. Tony refused to give it to me!!! After looking this company up as a whole I must say that they need to be SHUT DOWN!!!!! THEY SIGN YOU UP AND THEY STEAL ALL OF YOUR MONEY "FOR UP TO 120 DAY, AT THERE discretion!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am reading review after review after complaint!!!!! Just this year alone they have had MULTIPLE BBB complaints! They also had a news station 2 KUTV on Sep 28,2018 cover this story with multiple people with the same complaints!! THIS COMPANY ARE SIMPLY MODERN DAY THEIVS AND I WANT MY MONEY RELEASED TO TAKE CARE OF MY CUSTOMERS ORDERS!!!!!!! I Have contacted my attorney and will also be reaching back out to the news station!!!!!
1 review
2 helpful votes
I am a home inspector and just started on my own. Several clients asked to pay credit card because they couldn't attend inspections. I set up an account with Every thing seemed great until after four transactions, I received an email stating my account would be closed and all funds would be held for 120 days. I called the support number and spoke with David B. ( he wouldn't give me his last name), he stated that he doesn't have to give me a reason because it's proprietary information. What does that mean?, I said. He refused to give me any information. I immediately went to my bank and had them call. My banker stated she was shocked to hear what was doing and how they wouldn't even give a reason. I had to close my business account to prevent them from stealing my money. I also have attempted to refund the money to my clients. If that doesn't work, my clients will have to claim fraud at their bank and wait for repayment through fraud department. I wish I never set up an account with them. Please beware. I will be filing with the FTC and the attorney general.
1 review
3 helpful votes
I have been in business for over 7 year and have never dealt with a company so corrupt and dishonest like I opened an account with them and they approved the account after making several transactions. I received an email from them saying that my merchants account will be closed with absolutely no explanation. I requested in writing the reason for why the account is being closed and they couldn't even give me a reason. They said all funds may remain on hold for up to 120 days from the last processing date. This corrupt company wants to keep my customers money and not refund them back. We requested a refund to our customer and this company also denied to do that. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE SCAMMERS.
1 review
1 helpful vote
Been a long-time user. When I did have a problem, I couldn't get a hold of a human. Wasted a lot of time on hold before giving up. Cost me thousands$$ Business is about customer service. Answer your phones and SERVE your loyal customers!
1 review
1 helpful vote
My merchant account was closed suddenly and i was told that all processed payments would be released after 120 days. Ok, annoying but that's fine. After 120 days I call and they said there are no funds associated with my account. WTF?!

Stay away from this company.
1 review
2 helpful votes
I am a business owner, I started with PayPal, Stripe, Square, ProPay, etc.
Authorize.Net is probably the only credit card processor around with full customer support, 24-7. You speak with real people. You don't speak to a computer or you don't need to send thousand of emails in order to get an answer, you speak with real people/ real customer support 24-7. You don't find this support anywhere else.
1 review
3 helpful votes
If you need to change info on your account, be prepared to wait months. They do not email you and even if you send the required info, they do not respond promptly.You will have to call them to follow up on your case or just sit there in limbo, thinking they are working on your problem when they are not. Good luck.
1 review
4 helpful votes
I previously entered a 1 star review for this company, but wanted to come back and change this after they resolved my situation. To avoid too many details, there was a payment processing error and was calling to obtain a refund. Apparently, I called "Evo Payments" who handles some of their payment processing. They are who the "1 star" review should be given. They are the WORST company I have ever done business with. If they continue to do business this way, they will not be in business very long. The last representative I spoke with at Evo actually new what he was doing and forwarded me to customer service. These guys were excellent, and were able to handle my query in a matter of seconds. They also provided me with their contact info so I can contact them directly instead of going through the "Evo Payment" customer service line. Thanks again Authorize for making this so helpful! You guys may want to do business with a company other than Evo they are absolutely terrible, and probably a reason for so many negative reviews.
1 review
3 helpful votes
I stopped service with this company even had to have my bank step in to stop them from take no money from my account . Then they have the nerve to turn our company into a collection agency! They will be hearing from my lawyers!dont use this company for any services if I could give them a zero rating I would.
1 review
2 helpful votes
I signed up with in March as I needed to accept payments for my new online stores. I never sold anything in my stores and 4 months later I realize that autorize never provided any services. They are still "approving" my account and it's in test mode. However, for these months they have charged my account monthly. I have also had to pay monthly fees for the online stores and other fees (eg Amazon). I have lost ca 1300 $ on this.
2 reviews
6 helpful votes
Horrible company ! I stopped using the service and they restarted it up withought my permission and started taking funds withought my permission and said not their problem . Fill out a form req it be stop . Absolutely unacceptable. I will be filing claims with consumer board and atty generals office .
1 review
8 helpful votes
I created an account a month ago. never provided the requested service. I attempted to close my account 4 times but was not successful. withdraws funds from my bank account without providing any service whatsoever. I have never even logged into my account.

I have been in touch with my attorney about and they are more than willing to create a Class Action Law Suit against If anyone is interested in joining a class action lawsuit against, please contact me via this thread. I will also continue to monitor this thread for interests.
1 review
2 helpful votes
1/9/18 made it easy for Pampered Whiskers to accept payments on our BigCommerce website. Every time I have reached out to their customer service team, they have been very helpful. Each time I have called, I am able to get a live person within less than a minute. They are very efficient and empathetic. I would highly recommend
1 review
5 helpful votes
I've got great credit, no debt, and am starting a new business where I'll need to take credit cards over the phone. Thru Wells Fargo's merchant services, was recommended and they'd waive most fees. The local rep couldn't tell me what my rate would be until I spoke to a man named Roberto. He asked me lots of questions regarding what I would be doing with the payments received, and if I didn't give him the answer I was supposed to, he'd say he had to put me on the phone with someone else. All this and still no rate was quoted. It took 2 hours in the bank, on a Wednesday, including docu-signing which was NOT working properly. I was told I would hear from them 2-3 days but by Friday, nothing, so I left Roberto after calling his phone only to find out he doesn't have an office at that number. I sent an email on Friday morning, with no reply until Monday afternoon calling and leaving messages as to the status of my set up. I left a message saying I didn't want to deal with Roberto anymore, after 3 doses of lips service and no follow-thru. When the supervisor called me back for the first time, she just said I was NOT approved, no reason or questions from any underwriting or approval department!
What? Due to Roberto's POOR fast-talking communication skills and made me feel like I was dealing with a gang banger who didn't kept my business from taking credit cards thru their service. The only reason I chose them over SQUARE was they offer 24/7 customer services and said SQUARE has on-line only support. At that time, that made the difference.

Tip for consumers: Do not go thru Roberto in Phoenix, unless you have a gang banger accent and deal with sleezy lying sales reps who give you no options and tell you what you want to hear until you sign the line which is dotted!

1 review
4 helpful votes
Authorize set me up an account with the processor EVO International Payments, which I was totally unaware of. Then I had to go through a NIGHTMARE of a process with PCI compliance (so technically advanced that even computer experts were having trouble even comprehending the questions required to get through it), getting any help whatsoever, and then trying to close my accountS when I ultimately switched to Stripe. Now because of the ridiculous 60-day-notice requirement with EVO I'll be paying two more months on an account I didn't set up and didn't want and didn't approve. This really feels like I was scammed and I would recommend avoiding Authorize and their shady business practices and partners.
1 review
4 helpful votes
Authorize has been nothing but a big head ache for me. I applied for a merchant account, $99 USD, and got an email stating that someone from First Service Merchants would get back to me in 2 business days. I waited and waited. Nobody got back to me. It is really difficult to get in touch with a human being. They charged me for the application without providing any service for me. I see that I was being charged on my account. I finally was able to get in touch with someone to cancel my account. A month later. I still see that they are charging me. I am disputing this with my credit card company, the cc company's rep after awhile (with trouble of getting a hold of someone from Authorize on the line to resolve this issue), was finally able to get someone on the line with all three of us to try to see if they can issue me a refund for services non rendered. The rude lady from Authorize said "NO" they will not give me a refund. My credit card company's rep said even he had difficulty getting a hold of someone from Authorize. He had to pretend to be a customer signing up for a new merchant account to be able to speak to somebody. Authorize is a disgrace. It has been very frustrating with them. It is obvious that they will charge you not a small amount for an application, not provide you service, just walk away with your money, and still charge you after the fact that you closed down your account. Since they are such a big company, they have the power to get away with this $#*!. They are screwing the little guys (small merchants). Save yourself time, stress, and your hard earned money by not going with this company.
3 reviews
7 helpful votes
Back in May of 2017 I cancelled my merchant account with and their affiliated company called Electronic Payments. Each were cute not telling me its a bifurcated process of knocking both of them out. I got this service in Massachusetts by some guy named Barney Kalman of BK Merchant Solutions, my "rep". Well he just up & vanished one day leaving me to deal with this myself. When I told Electronic Payments I needed to change my bank account, now using a new processor for my credit card sales they said "fine, we'll cancel your acct". I left a minimal balance in my old bank so some auto drafts to my gym & EZ Pass would go through. What really happened was after I told both Elect Payments & to cancel my acct each slammed my bank acct as fast as their thieving hands could work racking up over $600 in bank fees plus the funds they swindled me out of. I said to myself "well I'm done with these scumbags & Its not enough $ to get in a twist over". Today I got a call from some collection agency demanding I pay whatever amount. They were yet billing me again for a July after I cancelled them in May. They just kept stealing every penny they could until I stopped them. I was furious & called where I spoke to an "Anthony". I recalled clearly this was the SAME PERSON I cancelled my acct with. He claimed I had done no such thing. That's an outright lie! What their racket is to tell you they cancelled your service & then raid your bank acct as fast & as hard as they can until you physically pry them off your wallet. When they can't steal anymore they go straight to extortion. What I told "Anthony" was "You owe ME $ & if I find some negative remark on a credit history I'll drag your ass into court so fast your head will spin". I hope he didn't take me serious & I have them get a free trip to Massachusetts-in handcuffs!. Mass takes a dim view on unscrupulous co's stealing from their tax payers. To other merchants; be super careful with these people & don't use or Electronic payments to process your sales. I processed 100's of K's each year & they would hold my funds for 2 days while collecting interest out of me & all their customers. I now use Elavon. I have a great rep who's always just a call away & I so far believe they are honest. We'll see but avoid like a disease.

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Stay away from these crooks they will rob you.

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