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34 reviews
Categories: Hotels, Resorts, Travel
27/180 Chaofa Rd
Chalong, Phuket 83130, Thailand
Tel: +66 76 282 808

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1 review
1 helpful vote

Please don't be fooled by the response to my review dated 4/4/2016. The response to my review does not address the issue I stated. Based on my review, the hidden/undisclosed fee was from and not the hotel. I was charged the additional undisclosed fee when I booked the hotel on the website - one week before I went to the hotel. I've attempted to resolve the issue with the company and they refused to provide a refund for the foreign transaction fee, so at this point I just want other customers to beware of this undisclosed fee.

Ask Tia about
1 review
2 helpful votes

They don't refund your money 5 days prior to your arrival time. If anything happens and you try to change or cancel your booking they charge you for one night.

Ask Mario about
1 review
1 helpful vote

This motel was perfect, we have nothing but positive things to say about the motel, the room, the staff, the views, the wine and appetizers on Saturday night. The price was very good when you compare it to other hotels/motels in the area. Your on the beach and close to all the other beaches and only 10 minutes from Clearwater beach. We would definetly stay here again

Ask Brenda about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I had a last minute meeting in Washington and searched the web for a decent hotel price. After two days of looking I was ready to settle for a $250 room when I found a HT offer on Tripadvisor for $100 at the Comfort Inn downtown. I couldn't believe it so I booked online and called the hotel the following day to confirm. It was true and the stay was perfect, it even included breakfast. I will definitely try them again. Very happy.

Ask Barb about
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I booked medina apartments in sydney 29.30 31 dec . But had to cancel due to trip timing changes. I actually went to travelodge maquarie park to cancel well before time. But ever since i have been chasing the hotel and to find out " why i still have not been refunded my 1272. 48. The aust contact is rude and hung up when i asked her location . The travelodge ( who manage the the apartments ) have been trying to help . But they said i have to chase the third party for the refund . I got no proper authority number and they suddenly cant find my booking . But still have the 1272.48 . So i have now got my bank to investigate this scam. NEVER USE A THIRD PARTY . DEAL STRAIGHT WITH THE HOTEL . THIS LOT IN PHUKET JUST STEAL YOUR MONEY AND DONT PAY UP

Ask michael about
1 review
2 helpful votes

Other websites are no competition! This website has the lowest rate out there! Their customer service is excellent. They get exactly what I need when I make changes. Their changes reflect immediately and they are fast in their service. I can't say enough about this website! I tell every one of my friends and family about this site.

Ask Candy about
1 review
5 helpful votes

I booked a hotel in Phoenix, AZ through HotelTravel and then called the hotel a few hours later to verify my stay. They had no knowledge or confirmation whatsoever of my booking. The HotelTravel website said that my room was confirmed. With whom was it confirmed may I ask? The hotel had no knowledge of it, so I cancelled and booked with a reputable company. I have read other reviews on this site that had the same or similar problem. I had no idea that HotelTravel is based in Asia until after the fact. I am usually a smart consumer and take time to research companies that I do business with. This was my fault for booking a room in a hurry.

Ask karen about
1 review
0 helpful votes

The worst booking experience I ever had. First time and last time booking through them. Had booked on many booking engines before and never had much issue with amendments, changes and even cancellation of bookings. This is based on reading and ensure that I read the booking terms and condition correctly each time.

"FREE CANCELLATION (100% refund) if you cancel or amend this booking before 23:59 15th Jan. 2016 (destination time). Cancellations or amendments made after 23:59 15th Jan. 2016 (destination time) will be subject to a hotel fee equal to the booking amount for one night."

I initially booked and paid in advance for 3 nights. The above to me is pretty clear that if I change from a 3 nights stay to a 2 nights stay after 15th of Jan, I will still be able to get one night refunded to me as I still need to pay at least one night due to the amendment. Due to some unforeseen reason I needed to cancel the 3rd night stay, didn't want to refund me. I'd even called and spoken to the hotel directly today on this matter. The hotel staff pretty much thinks that HotelTravel simply just don't want to refund the money. As the money is paid directly to HotelTravel, the hotel itself can't do much. Never ever going to book anything through this unreasonable travel website again. Should have read the reviews before my booking.
Just got a reply from HotelTravel and stating I cancelled the entire booking?! What a joke?! I amended it to two nights stay instead of three nights! NOT cancelling the entire stay! I also spoke to the hotel this arvo... they mentioned something about if I booked directly with the hotel there would be no problem with the refund. oh well all about customer experience isn't it?! Well once and that's enough....

Ask Rex about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I just need help and I can't get a single person on the phone or online. I have never dealt with such terrible service and never want to deal with you people again!!

The only good reviews are from people who didn't need customer service help. I need help making a simple change and their many numbers will only ring and ring. No one answers. No one is available for their online chat. No one gets back to your emails. I tried to cancel and just re-book with a different site, but they told me I would still be charged the full price of booking. Per the cancellation policy that was mailed to me, I still have 3 weeks left in the 100% return cancellation window! This is fraud. Never book with this site!

Ask To about
1 review
2 helpful votes

I found a cheap price for a hotel that i wanted in wailea hi, which was so exciting. Went through and booked the hotel only to find out that even though they put a charge on hold on my credit card for the reservation yet the room that I reserved is sold out! Called them and they said they have another room available but it cost another $500 more. Ended up cancelling the reservation and now waiting to see if they will reverse the charges. Never again will i go through them.

Ask Caitlyn about
1 review
0 helpful votes

We booked 2 rooms in Sanur Bali through hoteltravel and did not have one problem received comformation of booking straight away had to change detailes on booking so contacted them and it was done without any problem thank you for a great service

Ask Andrew about
1 review
1 helpful vote

they double booked us at the hotel but we were able to cancel one of the reservations. the hotel charged us less than 200.00 for our stay but pocketed an additional 164.00 they refused to give back. They were extremely argumentative and rude. Will never ever use a third party reservation ever again. Thieves.

Ask m about
1 review
1 helpful vote

due to storm desmond our flights got cancelled at the gate. said the hotel would refund us. but its up to
they refuse to refund us. we have rebooked with ryanair who refunded us. so now we just want to change the dates. on live chat a member of customer service said this can be done free off charge i screenshot the chat for prove but they still wont do it without a cancellation fee.

Ask natasha about
1 review
0 helpful votes

I booked a stay in a hotel in the US and got charged by my credit card company with a Foreign Transaction Fee. I didn't realize that was a foreign company based out of Thailand, so the creditcard transaction is foreign for US creditcards.
Other than that, the website does not provide a lot of details about the hotel rate you're getting. For example, it did not specify if the room will be non-smoking or smoking. The customer service representative told me I had to call the hotel to make arrangements for non-smoking room directly with them.

Ask Jorge about
1 review
2 helpful votes

I booked 3 rooms with on Dec.2/2015 with an unbelievably low price compared to other websites. I was really hesitant at first because of all the bad reviews that I've read but I decided to go ahead and book anyway because I did see that in most reviews, a representative from hoteltravel would often respond, which to me, is a good thing because it means that a real person is addressing all these bad issues.

So anyway, I booked the rooms and on their website FAQs, it says "If you would like to contact the hotel to arrange transfers, etc., please inform us via email and we will request our business partner to forward your booking details to the hotel immediately. Once we receive a reply that this has been completed, we will advise you via email." I did exactly that and emailed the customer service support because I needed to add some requests to my rooms. I received a reply in a couple hours, with hotel confirmation numbers for all 3 of my rooms :) I called the hotel to verify that the reservations were actually there and true enough, they were. I am really satisfied with how fast their response was and with how cheap the prices are. Will definitely book through again!

Ask Marika about
1 review
0 helpful votes

Booked a hotel in Shanghai for this Friday. When i called hotel - there was no evidence of booking or of payment

My booking reference number is below.

# [3243324] Green Court Serviced Apartment at People Square Shanghai, Shanghai, 4th December 2015

Please refund my money now and cancel the booking. I will not be doing business with your company again


Ask Ben about
1 review
3 helpful votes

Booked a room through, payment withdrawn from my bank account next day. Called Hotel to check reservation status, was told no reservation on file and no vacancy for my reserved date. Called, which by the way is in Thailand and they do not have a 1-800 or stateside number, and was told reservation should show after 24 hours of booking on their site. Continued to call Hotel for 5 days in a row only to have same response. Finally canceled my reservation on the site...only to read the fine print and find out it would take 3 weeks to be reimbursed!!! I will never use them again!

Ask N about
1 review
6 helpful votes

I made a booking this afternoon for a Sydney hotel at the rate offered on the website. Submitted my credit card details and agreed to the amount of $275.32.

Received an email saying my credit card couldn't be processed so I immediately went back on to change the credit card to get the booking at the same price. I submitted the exact same credit card details for the exact same amount of $275.32, received a new booking confirmation number.

Two hours later I receive an email saying the room is confirmed and the price is $324.78 NOT $275.32 that I had submitted a booking for.

Total fraud in my eyes as you simply can't increase the price without advice to the customer. Also interesting that I submitted the exact same credit card details and it a higher amount!!!!

AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! Tried to call and sort out, however mo supervisor, tech support or complaints area to speak with to resolve the fraud committed on their behalf!!!

Will never book through again and agree that Hotels Combined needs to be aware of this activity

Ask Lee about
25 reviews
17 helpful votes

So far it is good site for me..My husband and I usually book here and almost a year now. :)

Ask lucya about
1 review
6 helpful votes

So in other words they took out the money for the reservation even though there were no rooms available at the hotel. Then I'm scrambling to figure out how to get my money back. No answer at the 24 hr service desk and no one available for the live chat. Good grief! Finally got through to someone who told me they were emailing me other choices, which of course were higher price options I'd already rejected. I said thanks, but no. They get one star for saying they would release my money. Here's hoping they do.

Ask Teresa about
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

AVOID WITH A PASSION- constantly over charges using their services. Do not deal with them, deal directly with the hotel motel in question and save 10-15% per day. They do not honour stated best prices, booked a room at the Sundower Hotel in Dubbo Australia, cost $161.08 from , found out to late best price from the hotel directly is $139.00.

Ask J about
1 review
8 helpful votes

Do not use this company! Upon trying to book a hotel through one of the results led me to Upon trying to book a room I received an error message telling me that the room was no longer available. That would all be fine except that they continued to charge my credit card. My Fraud Prevention department called telling me that the charge went through. Furthermore, they did not provide me with a confirmation email telling me that they have charged my card, and the customer service agent told me that she will not do so either. She would not transfer me to her manager, and the only working phone line available was in Thailand, so I had to make an international call at that. We then received an email from the company stating that they would reimburse us only if we gave them all of our credit card information- I don't think so. Do not get cheated out of money like I did. Stay away from this company.

Ask Nate about
1 review
7 helpful votes

don't use this booking site or you will get rip off. I book a hotel in Jakarta using this site for about AU $ 600 for four nights but when I check In at the hotel the price the hotel charge me $700, I realize after I made the payment. When I try to claim it back to the reception and show all my booking details with the price that I receive from hotel travel, they check it and said the price in their system is didn't match with the price I shown them. A they contact hotel travel and hotel travel said the right price is the one that the hotel receive ( of course because I already pay ) hotel travel won't take any responsible what so ever, I book the hotel because of the price and they can just tell you "what ever" the price you book was wrong and you must pay more when you check in. They said if I not happy I must contact them my self, but I knew I will never see my money again. Stay away from this site, it's a total scum!!

Ask Dona about
1 review
6 helpful votes

Booked a hotel through them - but when problems arose at the hotel, and I
tried to contact them by phone, none of the numbers listed on their website worked and the on-line chat did not respond. Avoid, even if they try to tempt you with low prices!

Ask Vittorio about
1 review
6 helpful votes

Don't bother booking with this website.
Terrible service and the images of their hotel they recommend are false. Go elsewhere!

Ask Nina about
1 review
6 helpful votes

I used HotelTravel out of desperation rather than common sense after reading the negative reviews. I was directed there via HotelsCombined. It was the only website offering a decently-priced hotel in Boston at the time we wanted to travel. I received confirmation as well as a hotel voucher, then contacted the hotel to make sure they had a record of our booking. They did not! I then checked my credit card statement and found that my card had not been debited, so obviously the booking did not go through. I contacted HotelTravel but don't expect to hear back from them. They are still offering the same hotel for the same dates, so it seems that their reservation system has a few problems. Needless to say I'll never use them again.

Ask Lucy about
1 review
7 helpful votes

Unfortunately I used through hotels combined who directed me to their site. Upon booking for the Marriott hotel in Sydney and charging my credit card an email was sent stating that they could not fulfil the booking as the hotel was booked out.
I have read most of the reviews on here and while spout off their customer service garbage giving their sincerest apologies and "this is not what the company stands for" and offering a 24 hour customer service in reality you emails get ignored and get hung up on or wont answer when trying to call them. I fear I have lost almost $1000 to these scam artists!! Hotels Combined and Trivago also need to really scrutinise who they conduct their business with.

Ask scott about
6 reviews
7 helpful votes

I have used HOTELSCOMBINED for years and have traveled all over the world and never encountered a problem booking through their room agent companies....then they started using HOTELTRAVEL as a room agency....The prices seemed good....but that the best comment I can make.....they sent me a voucher for an Embassy Suite stay....when I arrived Embassy Suite had no record of my reservation so I had to check in and pay Embassy separately (by the way their price was $8 cheaper than HOTELTRAVEL......OF course when I recieved my credit card bill , both charges were included........I have tried contacting phone (in Bangkok) they promised they would check into it.......a month later they sent my an email asking me what the dispute was , as if it was the first time they had heard of the discrepancy. I received their email on Feb. 9th demanding a copy of the hotel check in charge.....they did not include an address and wanted the response by Feb. 9th ........OK.......They are totally inept and probably a scam........DO NOT USE. I am so disappointed with HOTELSCOMBINED , that they would use such a lousy agent , I have quit using them until they discontinue using HOTELTRAVEL......there are other options out there and I don't need the headache.....SCG California

Ask Steve about
2 reviews
12 helpful votes

I booked a 5 star hotel in London through this site, and I believe it was a significant savings over other travel websites. I paid in U.S. dollars and received a voucher from the company, which I printed out and handed to the reception desk at the hotel. Easy! Another good thing about this site is that the quoted price includes the TAXES! I learned of this site a few years ago when my friend and I stayed at the same hotel in Los Angeles, and she got a really inexpensive rate. I would recommend this company based on my experiences.

Ask Antoinette about
1 review
5 helpful votes

Get flat USD 30 discount on a minimum transaction value of USD 200 per booking!:Once you select a hotel and room type, you will be taken to the ‘Traveller Information’ page where you can enter the discount code and then simply click ’Apply’.

Please note: that the discount will only be applied to your booking if all of the eligibility criteria, as well as the Terms & Conditions are followed.

Discount Code : 30HTDISC

Start Date : 20/6/2014

Expire Date : 25/7/2014


Ask Natalie about
1 review
4 helpful votes


I had such a bad experience with them. I booked a deluxe room with them but there was no information on bedding configuration, both on the website and on my booking confirmation. So I contacted their online support staff to verify. They told me I got a room with a King bed. I requested for twin beds instead. They claimed they have made the request to the hotel but refused to send me a confirmation.

I was a little nervous because someone else posted a review in the same hotel that they made a request to HotelTravel for a King bed but the hotel did not have rooms with a King bed when they arrived. They were forced to accept a room with twin beds. It is really questionable whether HotelTravel did contact the hotel, especially when they refuse to give confirmations.

Bedding configuration is one of the most important considerations when booking a room. Most couples do not want to sleep on separate beds and most friends are uncomfortable sleeping on the same bed. What kind of room reservation service does not tell you what kind of bedding configuration you are getting when you are booking a room?

And what kind of service does not give you confirmations on your requests?

Do you want to get a surprise when you get to the hotel and find out what room you are really getting? Do you want to argue with the service desk because HotelTravel did not contact them about your request?

This will be the first and last time I will ever book with HotelTravel. They aren't always the cheapest and their service really sucks.

Ask Catherine about
1 review
11 helpful votes

Absolutely I have had a negative experience with these scam artists.
I booked a 5 star hotel in San Diego, 5 days before my scheduled arrival date, for a bit under 200$ a night.
3 days before I called the hotel to confirm and they had not received my reservation. I e-mailed to verify, as I was concerned since it was my first time using them and they had already charged my credit card. They responded saying my room was "100% guaranteed" and not to worry, as the name would only be given to the hotel 24 hrs before so they did not know about my reservation yet because of that.
Reassured, I left it be until the day of my travel I received a last minute e-mail saying they no longer had this reservation and I had to chose between two other options:
1) a 5 star hotel in a different city
2) a 3 star hotel in san diego which I could instead simply book on expedia for 130$ myself
They offered no change in the price if I took these either of these absurd options.
I called, and after speaking to an incompetent woman reading her responses, I was put on with a supervisor. While he was very polite he stated apologetically he could do nothing for me. He also said very apologetically that it upsets him to hear of this situation because it happens so often with them, and he feels what the company does is wrong and manipulative. They tempt you to book with great deals they don't really have then try to switch you to bookings they have but haven't been able to sell.
Their own employee told me this, ashamed and embarrassed to still be working for these criminals.

Ask Michael about
1 review
11 helpful votes

I thought I found some bargains on their website for my upcoming trip so I searched them online to see what their reputation was. Needless to say I came upon a lot of bad reviews for them.

I thought maybe some of these people that were writing bad reviews were overreacting so I decided to contact one of the hotels directly regarding the price I found for their hotel on before I purchased.

The reply that I received was that hoteltravel was not accurate in the pricing that they are showing and that the hotel would never honor the price that was listed no matter how many 'vouchers' I showed up with. The hotel, which is a well known 5 star hotel, has been trying to contact to get them to correct the information they are advertising on their website but has not been able to reach anybody at .

So the lack of communication I have read about with goes both ways.. they dont communicate well with their clients or the hotels either. Thank god i checked them out ahead of time because i would have been totally screwed if i had trusted them.

Ask josh about
1 review
10 helpful votes



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A: Dear Judy M.,

Greetings from!

We will send a request to the hotel to ensure you are able to keep the same room over both bookings, and the hotel will do its best to ensure this. Please be sure to provide the hotel the confirmation from and Air Miles at the time of check in, to ensure they have both confirmations when providing the room at check in.

Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via reply email to the confirmation email we have sent you.

Best regards,

The Team
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A: Dear Agne L.,

Greetings from

In order to provide such low rates, secures our rates via various local business partners which pre-purchase rooms from hotels in bulk. As such, your room is confirmed under this allotment. However to avoid confusion with ongoing booking changes, guest name details are not normally forwarded to the hotel until closer to the check in date.

From reviewing your booking, we can see you have emailed us about the issue and our Customer Service team is currently having your details forwarded to the hotel right away. Once we have received word this is complete, we will update you via email with the hotels internal confirmation number which you can then use to cross check your booking directly with the hotel.

We hope we have been able to give some clarity to the situation, and thank you for your patience while we work to secure the hotels internal confirmation number for you.

Best regards,

The Team
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