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1 review
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Into week three after order being placed and not shipped I cancelled order and was told I can have an in store credit. I called and advised them that the credit was not acceptable since they failed to ship the order. One rep said she would approve a refund. (Haven't seen it yet) When confronted with the idea that a charge to my card without shipping the order was inappropriate, she said that my card was not actually charged, that just a hold was put on it. After checking with my bank I discovered that the card was charged the day after the order was placed. Problem 1 - failure to ship. Problem 2 - attempting to keep my money after failure to ship. Problem 3 - Lie about charges to my card. Problem 4 - Have yet to see the credit to my card.

Ask Greg about ExtremeRestraints
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

Be ware of their cancellation policy! I tried to cancel an order by calling them directly about 20 minutes after the order was placed. I explained I had simply selected the wrong item, and my wife did not like what I had selected. I was told that the order could not be canceled, as it goes "directly to their wearhouse." I also confirmed this with their manager. Also, as other reviews note, their shipping costs are inflated.

Ask Jason about ExtremeRestraints
1 review
1 helpful vote

their shipping policy is a SCAM. i'v bought plenty of items that other company ship to your door when you pay for shipping. these guys get ups to ship for an ADDITIONAL COST on top of their shipping cost. it a SCAM to boost prices of their items. their are better company's to shop for online selling the same products at better prices if you factor in the extra cost of shipping. DO NOT BUY from them unless you plan on paying extra for a item. their is no discount it's a FRAUDULENT SCAM.

Ask k about ExtremeRestraints
1 review
3 helpful votes

I purchased a toy, but what I got was NOT what was advertised. It was advertised as 4" fully inflated, but it was 5" DEFLATED. It was terrifying and completely unusable except as a weapon to scare of intruders. When I contacted them about it, they offered me a 15% refund FOR THEIR MISTAKE. I was expected to take the financial loss for them! DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE.

Ask Sierra about ExtremeRestraints
1 review
3 helpful votes

We placed an order for nearly $400. One of the pricier items was "discontinued," which they notified us of view email after they took our money. They don't issue refunds even when it's their fault the item isn't available. Instead they issue a store credit, which can only be redeemed over the phone. You can't use the store credit on the website. When you call to redeem your store credit, the representative clearly hates her job, hates you, and likely hates herself. Even in today's world of terrible customer service, this place takes the cake. Absolutely the worst. There are tons of other places to spend your hard earned money.

Ask Lex about ExtremeRestraints
1 review
2 helpful votes

The rudest customer service staff I have ever encountered. It is amazing that the management of this site seems to be oblivious to a vital economic rule: customer likes equals return business.

Never again will I part with a single Dollar with this site!

Ask Cam about ExtremeRestraints
1 review
4 helpful votes

DO NOT buy from this site - THEY WILL STEAL FROM YOU. I put in an order for about 35$, which was all I could afford at the time. I did not get a confirmation email from my order, but I did check very carefully and read the return information because money is tight for me right now. When I received my order, 3 items had been added to it (and charged to my credit card) to total well over $200. Again - $200 that I did not in any way authorize to be charged to my credit card. When I emailed several times and again when I called, I was told that there was "no way" this could have happened and I "must have" put the items in my cart (even though I had never put these items in my cart), and that they could not accept the items back (even though I had not opened or touched them and was ready to send them back immediately in their original wrapping) or refund my money. No one that I talked to was willing to listen to my story or even discuss options - I was basically told I must be incapable of reading a total before I enter my credit card number.

Ask Lirit about ExtremeRestraints
1 review
1 helpful vote

If everything works, this site is good. But when it fails? Oh, boy do they suck.

Like DL. below I ordered some items and chose the standard shipping, but when I looked at my receipt the site had changed it to express. Now I know that I didn't choose wrong because I was extremely careful about my choice because the same thing happened to me in September 2013, but I thought it was my fault back then.

So twice the site has changed standard shipping to express shipping at the last stage of ordering. And since you don't get a confirmation screen there is no way to stop is.

As soon as I noticed this I emailed them and asked them to change the shipping option. The answer I got was that this was not possible. I then asked them to cancel the order. This wasn't possible as well.

I then tried to get their "customer service" to acknowledge that there is a fault on their site (no such luck) and to refund me for the shipping charges. After fighting with them for a week I get told that I'd get store credit. That was a week ago and I've still not seen any store credit.

Oh, and since UPS sucks as well I haven't gotten my package yet and it would have been faster with standard shipping.

When Extreme restraints have your money they don't care $#*! about you. I would stay away from this company if I where you and go shop somewhere that cares about you as a customer.

Ask J about ExtremeRestraints
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered a couple items from this site and selected the snail mail shipping option that was supposed be 7-10 days or something like that. Items arrived in 4 days and I didn't think anything of it. When I checked out the system said it was going to bill my card for $40 and change. Turns out they billed me for the express shipping anyway and my order cost a little over $70. I just realized the problem when checking my account and would not have noticed otherwise.

I called and they were extremely rude to me. Basically told me that I was wrong and that I chose the wrong setting during my order. I know when I pushed the submit button that it said I was going to be paying $40 and change. This is BS. stay away from these scammers. 1 star only because I couldn't chose no stars.

Ask D about ExtremeRestraints
1 review
2 helpful votes

I had second thoughts about a purchase and wrote to them in order to cancel (within 24 hours). They wrote back and said there was nothing they could do.

Time passes and I receive nothing and now I they claim they sent the item by regular mail from the US to EU... no tracking. Scam company. Avoid!

Ask Emily about ExtremeRestraints
1 review
1 helpful vote

Do NOT buy from this company. They don't respect or care about their customers in the least. They are simply the greediest, rudest company I have ever bought from.

Ask F about ExtremeRestraints
1 review
3 helpful votes

This Junk Is Garbage ( With No Warranty ) , I Spent Over $400.00 @ 1 time, & 1/2 didn't work when i got it & 1/2 Of The Other 1/2 , I Used Maybe 5 Times & They Don't Work Either ( Take It Or Leave It , But I Say DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Ask Screwed about ExtremeRestraints
1 review
1 helpful vote

I purchase thousands of dollars a year online. This company is by far the worst! They don't even store their own products. They are drop shipped from other vendors. We tried to exchange a pair of boots, and they wouldn't allow it because the other vendor never contacted them back. Terrible customer service! Beware!

Ask James about ExtremeRestraints
1 review
1 helpful vote

Avoid this firm and keep in mind that they use many name on the Internet. Healthy and Active, XR. LLC, Extreme Restraints, Jennas Love Shop, Boyzshop

Once they have your money you are not getting it back even if they have sent you something that won't work or is the wrong item and not what you ordered. They get away with it thinking that consumers won't bother to complain about their shoddy junk and poor return policy.
Stay away from any of their companies - they are consumer unfriendly. See:

Ask b about ExtremeRestraints
1 review
1 helpful vote

I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THIS SITE AGAIN! This is by far the worst company i have ever dealt with in my life. Everything about the process was painful. My delivery never arrived and then i was informed weeks later that it had been returned to them. It took dozens of emails and numerous messages left on their phone before i had to finally speak to a manager to even get my order re-sent. During email conversations i had to repeat myself on many an occasion and the information provided from their so called customer service representatives continually contradicted themselves. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM EVER AGAIN!

Ask Ted about ExtremeRestraints
3 reviews
6 helpful votes

I ordered a few hundred bucks worth of stuff from them, and I had ordered from them before. They had a previously recorded address for me, which I tried to change, apparently, when it actually shipped they still shipped it to the old address anyway. Fine. Mistakes happen.
I contacted the company to try and resolve the issue, "Unfortunately your package was shipped. We are not able to make any changes at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you."
Ok. I called to say, now what? The package will be shipped back to you, and either I can have it shipped to me, or you can give me a refund, right?
Oh no. They can't be responsible for the package.
ARE you f**king kidding me?

Ask devlynn about ExtremeRestraints
1 review
3 helpful votes


I am a customer that recently purchased a defective device from your company. Please do your level best to offer me a solution. I chose to make my purchase with your company over many others that I had shopped. I noticed that you offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well.

I did purchase a male chastity device and I have only had it a little over 24 HRS. I purchased this for my husband. He tried to wear it briefly, but he complained that it was causing pain. I had to drive to his work location an hour away to unlock and inspect the product again. He said that it was cutting or poking him. I looked and the workmanship of the product is very bad. The metal where it meets to make the cage has unfinished edges that poke and rub. I would have never purchased this particular model, if I would have know that it had rough edges that could cause harm.

My husband is now horrified of this product all together. This is his first device, and I fear due to this horrible experience, it could be his last. I would like to request that in light of the situation, that you please allow us to return this so you can return it to the manufacturer. Since the quality of this device was so questionable, we would like to also request that you kindly allow us to not get this same device replaced. I would like to purchase a different device that has no chance of harming him again.

We would like to get a credit, or even a partical credit toward the curve chasity device instead. I know that the price is more, and I will have to pay for the return shipping on the defective one, so I would be trusting your company again with my next purchase.

Please reply to let me know how we can possibly work this out, so that it is a win win for us all.


Ask NEVER about ExtremeRestraints
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a variety of sex toys for myself and some women I was working with in a very remote community, they sent it via courier which of course make it impossible to get because there is no courier service here. 2 months later I get an email which states it was undeliverable at the previous adress, I had already told them this. Then they wanted an addition shipping charge even though the initial screw up was theirs. Being as they won't do refunds I was stuck paying the additional charge. I had moved so I gave them the adress where I am at now and told them no courier service, it has to be regular mail. Guess how and where they sent it, again! The only thing they can gaurentee is complete incompetence and I still don't have what I ordered.

Ask Dannette about ExtremeRestraints
1 review
2 helpful votes

I will never buy from this site again, nor will I recommend it to anybody else.

Their customer service is terrible. They provide a phone number and email address as a means of communication, but I called them several times, and their recorded message said they were closed, even at times they were supposed to be open. They have not answered my emails as of yet. They did not send me a tracking number or even a receipt, I was supposed to get my order 2 days ago and still have not received it, but yet I have been charged for it anyway. And without a receipt or a tracking number, I have no way of finding out what happened to it.

No amount of money saved is worth the shady business practices this company employs.

Ask Becca about ExtremeRestraints
1 review
1 helpful vote

Extreme restraints replaced a s**t product in place of a product I ordered , but obviously did not have in stock . they gave me no refund, or exchange . BUYER BEWARE , Very disappointing customer service , Terrible Company To Deal With Online!

Ask Rik about ExtremeRestraints
9 reviews
17 helpful votes

fairly large selection with reasonable prices - I like this site as it is one of those purely online stores with fairly good selection of gear. The best part of the site is the large variety of dungeon furniture which is hard to find at decent prices. Overall, I think this site has great bang for the buck. Merchandise is of good quality as well.

Ask Aaron about ExtremeRestraints

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Q: I order some item and still havent received them. I try calling Extreeme Restraints and no one ever picks up the phone. Now I tried to contact the company online and still no response. My order number 919297. I hope someone resend me the item or put my money back on my card.
A: my order was supposed to be here in 8-12 days im in the uk and its still not here nearly a week after it was due, no reply via email, im not ringing usa, have i been scammed out of my money???
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